1st ical sync with iphone...all events off by 2 hours

Why? All ical events got transferred to my iphone but the time is off by 2 hours...all iphone events are showing up 2 hours later than when I originally scheduled them in my iMac ical program (the ical events on my iMac are still displaying at the correct time)
Also, on my iphone, my 5 different ical calendars all synced, and all have a different color next to them, but the colors do not match the colors for the calendars created in ical on my iMac (ex: I created my dissertation calendar in red on my iMac but it shows up as orange on my iphone; I created my travel calendar in green on my iMac but it shows up as blue on my iphone, etc).
Does anyone know why this happened and how to correct?

Hey that worked! I was unaware of that setting on my iphone. Actually, I left time zone support turned on, but set the time zone for Denver (I'm on mountain time) instead of the Washington, DC zone it was set for.
As far as the colors being off, we'll see if anyone else comes along with an idea for that one. (Too bad there's no setting to turn on for "keep the calendar colors the same!")
In the meantime, THANKS!
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    There is no such thing as a Mac or PC formatted iPhone. Follow the directions here if iTunes for Windows does not see the phone:

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    Go to Apple - Support - MobileMe> and select the appropriate country/language>Syncing with MobileMe>Troubleshooting MobileMe Sync issues>"Chat Now."

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    Are you using MobileMe? If so, try the Troubleshooting iOS devices link in MobileMe: Troubleshooting MobileMe Calendar issues.

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    I'm having the same problem.  won't update at all from ipad on ios 6.1.3 to iCal on imac using Mountain Lion (forget Outlook 2011 for mac), on iphone does not update imac iCal but puts a duplicate on the phone.
    This is a totally frustrating issue, come apple you are losing any credibility you had!!

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    Reminders in iCal works well and iPhone 4s has a pre installed app called Reminders but they do not sync together. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to sync them?

    Yes, they will sync from the iphone to ical via iCloud.  Show the reminders list in iCal > View > show Reminders.
    Visit the options in iCal > preferences.. > Advanced tab  for options.
    Now tell Siri on the iphone to "remind me to get a haircut in four weeks".  It should appear in the reminders list on the right.

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    Hey Thanks for your suggestion, however, and this may be part of the problem, I
    accidentally deleted the software a little while back thinking I did not need it.
    So, any suggestions on how I can get a download of iSync. I do not have Time Machine
    running currently, so, that option is gone. So, do you have any other suggestions.

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    I live in Canada.  Each time I travel to the US, I lose all calendar entries.  I have to erase all data, then restore from an iCloud backup.  Tedious.  iPhone 4, iOS 7.1, sync set to all events.  I only use the default calendar.  Do I have an incorrect setting?

    I did find another point worth mentioning. 
    I use my iPhone 4 with a corporate Exchange email account.  I had deleted the account from my phone just before I did this backup/restore process...and I thought my battery drain was much, much better (if not outright fixed). 
    Later in the day, after seeing my battery life improve to near-new behavior, I re-added my Exchange mail account.  Considering I have 1 yahoo account and 3 gmail accounts, the Exchange account adds a 5th email account.
    What happened?  Battery drain back to "worst case".  Removing or re-adding the Exchange account is like toggling between decent and terrible drain conditions.
    Bottom line is that I re-added a couple dozen applications and battery life didn't change.  By far, the Exchange account drains the battery worse than any other app and setting.  This account must be polling very frequently and since people tend to send very large file attachments to that account, perhaps those effect the battery drain even though I have the account set to not download attachments.
    Anyone running Microsoft Exchange might be able to confirm what I see?  If so I can open an enterprise ticket with Microsoft and bug them on this issue.

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    I just looked at topic called "Outlook 2010 - Outlook does not sync with iPhone / iTunes and used the fix suggested in that string of posts. It appears to have worked!!! My happy camper.

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    cant get ical to sync with iphone after installing OSX

    I too was a mobileme user and have just migrated to iCloud on mackbook pro w/OS 10.7.4. Transition caused my sent mailboxes to rearrange themselves so that I have no comprehensive 'sent' mailbox as I did previously and the view on both incoming and outgoing mailboxes keeps rearranging itself no matter how many times I set preferences. One result is that search function no longer works.  Is anyone else having problems like this?  All was fine for a week after transition but after having an evening when my password was repeatedly rejected I had to log in and out of iCloud (as directed by tech support) and w/in an hour or so the mailbox problem began.

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    How can I sync my various email accounts into an iCloud account.  Example.  I have an embarqmail.account.  How can I get it to sync with iPhone, iPad, iMac so that I don't have to read or review eMails on all 3 devices.  Thanks

    You need OSX 10.7.2 or higher in order to access icloud.  The mobile me account is now defunct (it closed down more than a year ago).

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    My ical won't sync with iPhone 4 after IOS 6.0.1 update. The "sync calendars" option is no longer available after I installed this update. Any ideas???I have tried a few times to sync, and nothing has changed on my calendars. I have had so many troubles with this update. Grrr...

    I tried the same but it did not worked. But, i got a solution. I accessed gmail on my laptop. Went to gmail settings. There is a option to add a device. A iPhone was already listed. I clicked Revoke to remove it. Then i clicked add new device and gave it iPhone name and a new 16-20 character password was geenrated. I used it to configure gmail on my Iphone and it worked beautifully. So glad i have been able to fix this. That password is a one time password to authenticate that device.


    I was just wondering if other iphone users are dissappointed apple have not made the todo list in ical sync with ical on the iphone. I find this the most annoying thing. What is the main reason apple will not make this upgrade. I had hoped it would feature in 3.0 but it is not there. Just so dissappointing. I have emailed the suggestions site and wonder if this is a waste of time.
    How do we get crucial feature implemented.
    I don't want to use todo why should I have to get another program when its already on my laptop

    I only buy maybe 5-10 laptops a year, so I'm not a major purchaser of Apple products (though I did buy two copies of FCP last year, and have a variety of minis laying around) -- but as a business owner and solutions developer (we have almost 10,000 sq. ft. of data facility) -- people tend to receive my input on technology, especially on the "non-Windows" side (UNIX, MacOSX, etc.)
    People are usually pretty stunned that I don't have an iPhone.
    Aside from the sad AT&T network in Seattle -- the primary deal-killer for me, beyond everything else is that the iPhone has no Todo support. I run my business on the principles of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" -- and I'd likely consider purchasing iPhones for everyone in the company that has a principle stake in productivity ... but not if we need to use separate Todo applications.
    I'm one tiny business that has consciously opted to forgo purchasing their product line because it doesn't support Todos.
    I wonder how many more like me exist?

  • Text on ipad not syncing with iPhone at all times

    text on ipad not syncing with iPhone at all times

    Same with me. It used to be that Books would sync with my iPhone, but it seems that since IOS 5 came out they don't sync any more. Everything else syncs fine through iCloud; iPhone 4s & IPad 2.

  • Issue with Calendar not syncing with iPhone 3g

    Issue with Calendar not syncing with iPhone 3g.
    Create backup of your entire mailbox before starting (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
    Create offline folder (.pst file) Check windows help on how to do this for your version.
    Open folders view on Outlook
    Right click on Calendar in tree view and 'copy to' offline .pst folder
    Go back to main calendar view and delete all entries in your calendar.
    Create simple cal entry and sync test with iphone
    If this works then start dragging cal entries back from the offline folder into the main calendar then sync after each step....
    I moved events in this order
    -Yearly recurrences (ie Birthdays)
    - Monthly recurrences
    - weekly recurrences
    - Daily recurrences
    All appointments from the beginning of this year >> to the end of time!
    If all these sync then the issue is with an older cal item and you have to decide if you actually need these in you current calendar.
    I chose to leave these in the offline cal and if i need access them from there.
    If at any point the sync fails then you know you have a corrupt cal entry in the block you just transferred. Move the offending items back into the offline folder and try again in smaller chunks until you identify the offending items and delete them and manually recreate them in your real calendar.
    Also smart to run the inbox (.pst /.ost ) repair tools for your OS/Outlook version.
    Fixed so far
    XP Pro / Outlook 2008
    XP Pro /Outlook 2003

    I just updated the firmware to iPhone 2.0.1 and the syncing works great both ways.

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