#2 monitor flashes static image

I am running two monitors and the #2 monitor connected via its DVI-D port from the mini dv port is flashing/blinking with brief pulses of pixelated bars. I would best describe them as what you seen when you run a TechTool video test...lots of varied colored pixels. The monitor is a Acer X223W set to 1680x1050, 60 hertz and colors set to millions.
Any ideas or suggestions as to what's going on?

turn the monitor off and back on again until Apple issues a fix.

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    Is it possible to put a static image or a recorded video (instead of a live video feed) into Flash Media Live Encoder to air while broadcasting a live radio show online?

    FMLE will work with all devices which have direct show based drivers and give data in raw format. Here is a list of devices which have been tested and certified with FMLE - http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flashmediaencoder/FMLE_DeviceMatrix3.0.pdf

  • Flash animation appearing as static image

    I created a banner ad in Flash 8 and we have loaded it on our
    site. Some people can see it and it works great, others only see
    the first frame (it looks like a static image).
    How can I fix this?

    Post url.
    You may have the movie jumping to a location before it exists
    (not loaded yet). Try preloading everything first, or like I said
    post the url so we can check it out.

  • Drawing static images in flash 8

    Hello Community !
    Does anyone here know what the steps and tools that are used
    to draw static images in Flash 8? Once drawn I would like to import
    them into Dreamweaver 8 nad Illustrator 8. Not to be used as a flah
    movies of Jif or gif.
    Any books you may know about and ofr videos would be great,
    preferably "books" on the subject.
    ATj The Flow

    Thanx Albee!
    albee wrote:
    > you need to define i explicitly:
    > _root.createEmptyMovieClip("fundo",1);
    > fundo.loadMovie("image3.jpg");
    > var fotosArray:Array = ["image1.jpg", "image3.jpg",
    > var i:Number = 0;
    > function fotosRotativas() {
    > i == 2 ? i = 0 : i++;
    > loadMovie(fotosArray
    , fundo);
    > }
    > setInterval(fotosRotativas,5000);

  • Optimize php page for browsers lacking flash, so that it replaces flash objects with static images

    I basically want to have my php pages with flash swf objects to be smart enough to replace the flash swf's with static images or other content for the non-flash user (iphone, ipad, etc.) who visits the website.  I guess this would be an option or perhaps a script that just sent the visitor to a version of the .php page that is tailored to them, a version of the page designed for non-flash users.
    I've done a little bit of reading up and have found that some people like to use DOM scripts like
    Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v3.22
    or what seems to be the successor:
    SWFObject 2.0
    What is better?  Is there a better script out there to use at this point?  Advice would be much appreciated.

    I guess I will reiterate this.
    I would like someone to tell me which one of these scripts that I have mentioned above would be best to use.
    What am I trying to do?  Well from my understanding these scripts allow me to have multiple versions of the website, so that it loads up with static images in place of the flash swf's for... NON FLASH USERS.
    The script will be able to detect whether the flash capabilities of the browser are sufficient, and if not display the web page accordingly.
    SO.  I'm looking for an answer as to what is the best script to use, if it's not one of the scripts I am asking about.
    @The Shocker.. if I wanted to research it on the net by googling, which I already have, I wouldn't be using this forum.  I'm looking for someone who is knowledgeable in this area of expertise to give me a recommendation, based on information they can give me that is logical and clear.  And then I can do further research once I feel I'm being sent in the right direction.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who would like to offer me some direction on this.

  • Displaying Static Image of a page in an application

    Hi All,
    Ultimately I'd like to design an app which displays a PDF, however I only really need a static image of the page... no toolbars, etc...
    I've successfully written the app with the Adobe Reader ActiveX component, but there are a few things left to desire.
    1. I can use setShowToolbar and setShowToolbar to disable them and get a fairly static view of the PDF (+/- the annoying tab bar on the left), however when it first renders the object, I see both the scroll bars and toolbars, then it flashes and removes the toolbar, then flashes again and removes the scrollbars. It doesn't seem to matter in what order I call loadFile, setShowToolbar, setShowToolbar... or the delay afterwards in which I wait to show the object. Any way to get rid of this?
    2. I've tried toying with the IViewObject::Draw method with no luck what so ever. I've tried numerous ways in my WM_PAINT message of my window to call this method in hopes of a static rendering to appear. The method returns S_OK, but I get nadda. I've followed examples of using the IWebBrowser object in this way to get a static web page, other than the fact that I call loadFile in the IAxAcroShim object first to give it something to show... This is my first app using an ActiveX component, so any help here would be appreciated.
    3. I noticed a lot of posts on how to remove the tab (nav) bar that appears on the right, and most peeps say "not possible". I tried the approach of finding the window by looking for "AVTabStripView", and just hiding it, and resizing the window with the doc in it to fill in the gap... works ok... The doc window being "AVPageView".

    Well, the ActiveX control is exactly what I want... to view a PDF in my app just the way it is. I was only trying to produce a static view to get rid of the annoying flashes that happen when the toolbar and scrollbars are disabled. I don't care that the user can re-enable them, or do what they want, I'm only showing it initially with the toolbar off since the window is small and I want to maximize the document in the window for the users benefit. So, perhaps "static" wasn't the best word for it.
    The purpose of the app is simply to display Adobe Reader as a child window inside of a full-screen app so that the user doesn't need to alt-tab continuously to compare data. The parent app runs in full-screen, with no "windowed" mode available. I'm using ActiveX instead of the app directly so that the PDF can the displayed in a portion of the screen that makes sense. And all the PDFs being displayed are single page... i.e. displaying a manual for a game, from within the game, but the window itself is decorated to go with the game...

  • Capturing live stream to static image on server

    As part of a kludge we're working on to get around showing inline video (from cams) on devices such as iPhone which isn't supported by flash, we're planning to use websockets to stream data instead.  We've seen a few other similar services do something similar as a kludge.  There is no audio but at least something is visible to the user on devices that don't support flash or where inline HLS is not available (iPhone!).
    Capturing static data on the FMS seems like quite a common request (e.g. to make thumbnails or whatever) but is there code available to do this?  I have looked but found nothing as of yet.  As part of the solution, streams will need to be saved to static images e.g. every x seconds, on the FMS server.
    Any help or pointers welcome

    As part of a kludge we're working on to get around showing inline video (from cams) on devices such as iPhone which isn't supported by flash, we're planning to use websockets to stream data instead.  We've seen a few other similar services do something similar as a kludge.  There is no audio but at least something is visible to the user on devices that don't support flash or where inline HLS is not available (iPhone!).
    Capturing static data on the FMS seems like quite a common request (e.g. to make thumbnails or whatever) but is there code available to do this?  I have looked but found nothing as of yet.  As part of the solution, streams will need to be saved to static images e.g. every x seconds, on the FMS server.
    Any help or pointers welcome

  • Using swf file for very large static image

    i have a large photo that i need to use as a banner image in a website.  i have tried optimizing it for the web in fireworks -- to reduce the file size obviously -- but the client isn't happy with the resolution.  i haven't had this issue come up before but i see his point (to a degree), as the detail and sharpness of the original is far superior.
    i have almost no familiarity with creating with flash, but i remember reading somewhere that swf files do not have the same sizes as jpeg images.
    would it be feasible to include the single static image as a swf file to preserve its original resolution?  i mean, would that image as a swf file be smaller than the image as a jpeg?
    mille grazie.

    There are two things at play here... image quality (often harmed by compression) and image resolution (# of pixels width by height). What is the real problem?
    Whether you render your image as a GIF, JPG, PNG or SWF file, they will all have the same resolution.
    Packing an image in SWF should be a last resort as not everyone has Flash installed. For example, iPhone users cannot see SWF.

  • Saving flash player images

    is it possible to save flash player images. when i put my
    arrow to it the adobe flash player settings appear, when i right
    click i am only able to select (rewind,forward,play, stop,
    settings, zoom in and out,etc.).

    Finally found the answer. Using Flex Builder:
    If in Flex you are receiving the following error:
    1061: Call to a possibly undefined method save through a
    reference with static type flash.net:FileReference
    Go to Project Properties >> Flex Compiler, and set
    “Required Flash Player Version” to 10. That should
    clear it up.

  • My secondary monitor flashes and blacks out after the 10.7 install.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

    I have installed 10.7 and the secondary monitor flashes and blacks out.  I downgraded back to 10.6 and the problem went away.  I reinstalled 10.7 and the same problem happened again.  The monitor blacks in and out especially when the pointer is placed in the dock area, but it still happens all the time.  My secondary monitor is a ViewSonic 22 inch that is connected to a DVI to display adapter.  Any solutions??

    Talked to AppleCare and it's most likely the fact that my MacBook has 3.0 USB ports and my non official charging cable can't support that. So yeah, I'll try a new cable, hopefully that's the fix.

  • I have an aluminum MacBook with Lion OS. I have hooked up a Samsung external HD monitor, but the image is slightly blurry.I also see a message for a second which says Analog.What to do??

    I have an aluminium MacBook and have just connected an external Samsung HD monitor. The image is blurry and I cannot seem to fix it.
    The MacBook display is 1280x800 but the maximum for the external monitor is much higher. Also the external monitor sometimes displays a (rapid) message implying that it's getting an Analog signal.
    How can I fix this??

    FWIW, reformatting a USB disk is almost never an issue, and it's quick.
    Buy a cheap external USB disk (regardless of the provided Windows or OS X or other disk format) (that's larger than your internal disk by some measure) and preferably buy a disk from a vendor that offers the right to return the disk if it doesn't work, connect the disk to your MacBook, wipe the disk and reformat it with Disk Utility, perform the backup (probably also using Disk Utility from the Utilities menu, while your MacBook is booted from the installation DVD), and then commence with the OS X upgrade. 

  • My external monitor flashes random colors after waking up from sleep?

    Whenever I wake up my Mac Mini, the monitor flashes thru many different colors..... red, blue, greeen..... maybe some other ones. Sometimes it does this for a few seconds and then gets to the log in screeen and sometimes it does if for 30 seconds or longer. I have a Samsung Monitor hooked up via HDMI cable. I have had this computer for close to a year and it only started doing this over the last month. Once I can log in I don't seem to have any performance issues, I'm just woried it will get worse over time..... Maybe never stop flashing.

    Hi, installed any software/updates in the last month?
    I wonder if it's a variation of this, of which I've seen many different symptoms...
    Move the mouse or trackpad cursor over the center area of the login window so you can see the user icons. Click on the icon of the user that you would like to login as, type in the user's password, and press Return.
    If the login window is configured to show only the name and password fields, type in the user's name and password into the fields, and press Return (even if you cannot see the rest of the login window).
    Additional Information
    This issue will not occur if the display is not sleeping when the account is logged out. Use the steps below to confirm that the account is not configured to log out automatically while the display is sleeping:
    Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.  Click the padlock to unlock the preference pane and enter your admin password. Click the Advanced button at the bottom, then see if the option "Log out after N minutes of inactivity" (where N is the number of minutes) is enabled.
    Open System Preferences > Energy Saver and configure Display Sleep to occur after the account is logged out, by dragging the slider to a number of minutes that is greater than N was set to in the previous step.
    Important: If automatic log out is not needed, disable "Log out after Nminutes of inactivity" in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. This will also prevent the issue.

  • Flash video image problem with newest nVidia driver

    I've got a very weird display error since the last update. Basically, whenever I play flash video and afterwards close the browser (chromium), any purely black surfaces will display the full flash player image. The effect is only visible in the "first" window of a xmonad tab, that means if I cycle the window positions it will be in a different window. The others are not affected. When I restart X, I can see the flash video image flashing up shortly on the black screen. Restarting X fixes the issue. I cannot take any screenshot of the problem because the error is NOT visible on the screenshot. Therefore I suspect that some frame buffer used for the flash player is not getting cleared properly after exiting the browser, but it's really little more than a wild guess.
    As there are multiple components involved, I'm at a loss of where this might be coming from. I hope someone might be able to shed some light on this situation. Please post here if you have the same problem or have any idea why this happens!
    My setup:
    -nvidia 260.19.36-2
    -chromium 9.0.597.94-1
    -xmonad 0.9.2-1
    -xmonad-contrib 0.9.2-1
    Last edited by Natanji (2011-02-15 11:33:11)

    Natanji wrote:Thanks, that seems like it helped. So this is a flashplayer bug? Was it already reported?
    if you asking about a bug reported on arch linux bugtracker, then you are doing it the wrong way.
    flash and nvidia are closed source, we can't do anything. A better place is to submit bugs to nvidia and adobe.
    Now i see that nvidia 270.26 was released. Maybe you want to check that out:

  • Unable to upload static images and files

    Hello everyone. I configured Oracle Apex 3.2.1 with apex listener. The problem is that I can not make the upload of a static image in the table wwv_flow_files. Thanks to those who will be kind enough to give me a hint

    If i upload a static image from shared component>images i get an error from apex because it is unable to find the file even if i selected it with the browse button.
    I apologize for my English.

  • Problem printing static images vs camera tool snapshots

    This question might be a matter of formatting instead of a developer question but since it is related to some VBA code I am using I thought it would be appropriate to post here.  If it isn't, can someone let me know which forum would be more appropriate?
    Here's the situation.  I have a workbook that has many tables on separate worksheets.  Then I have couple "summary" type of worksheets which contain camera tool snapshots of tables from different worksheets for easier viewing/printing. 
    Because of the heavy lag in recalculation time created by using camera tool snapshots, I have turned the snapshots into static images by removing the source range from their formula.  Instead, after making whatever changes I need in the data, I use a
    VBA macro to loop through each snapshot and briefly restore the source range formula so that it updates to reflect the latest table changes then clear the source range formula again, returning the snapshot to a static image.  This seems to work fine when
    I view the worksheets and makes the recalculation of the tables much faster when changing the data.
    However, I have encountered a new problem.  If I print the summary worksheets with the static images, each table is printed as smaller than when they are snapshots.  In other words, when the source range formula is set to the appropriate range
    and I print the sheet, everything looks fine.  When I clear the source range formula and print the sheet, each table is now horizontally smaller and some information in the last column is being cut off.  The images/snapshots have their size set to
    100% of the original and I have tried keeping "Relative to the original" checked and unchecked with no difference.  Does anyone know why this is happening?

    It may not be the images.  It may be the print options are set to auto scale the worksheet.  Try manually printing a one test page and try different print scale options.  Use Print Preview which will allow you to scale page sizes. 
    Often issues like this occur when you are trying to print more than one page at a time.  The scale on one page may be different from a second page.  Sometimes adding page breaks (horizontal and vertical) helps solves these issues.

Maybe you are looking for

  • IMovie text styles keep reverting to default

    I've altered type styles in iMovie, finalized the video and exported to youtube without issue, but the next day, when I reopen the Project, some of the type styles have reverted to the default styles, and I have to restyle text. In some cases, I will

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    EDIT: this post got removed the first time for not being constructive enough. I've now edited the post. This is going to be a lengthy post, so bear with me. 2 months ago, I suddenly noticed my MacBook Pro (medio 2009, 15", 4GB RAM, GeForce 9400M) hea

  • Only one Apple ID possible?

    Hi I had initially set up my Apple ID with a wrong email, and when it did not verify yet, I realized my error and corrected it. If there's a chance that the email I punched in exists, can they now access my iPhone? I currently have an Apple ID (with

  • Any idea on how to change this application to an applet!!!!

    Hi i was just wondering if it is possible to change this simple application into a applet. It is for my coursework. I have done what they have asked me to but i want to go one step further. This applet is like a television, it has the same functions

  • Setting up a WAP4400n as a repeater

    I am trying to setup a WAP4410n as a wireless repeater in a remote area of my property and having much difficulty getting this accomplished. My wireless router is a WRVS4400N. Any help would be appreciated.