2 questions from a new Mac owner

Hello everyone,
I just recently purchased my first Mac (Macbook Pro) and am really enjoying it. I have 2 questions that I cannot seem to find an answer for.
1: Is there a way to reverse the FN keys ( I dont like having to hit FN + F9 to use expose, i hardly ever use the those keys except for volume). Is there a way to make it so when i press the keys i get the normal key and if i want to use the features of the key hit FN + Key? I cant find any way to do this, weird because the documentation for Leopard never mentioned anything about me having to hit FN+F9 etc to use the features
2: Whenever i reboot into bootcamp and start to play a game, the notebook fans start going crazy and it heats up considerably fast. I usually stop playing after half an hour out of fear i will overheat. Is this normal behaviour for this to happen or could there be something wrong with my notebook?
Sorry if these sound silly, I am new to all this

1. I don't think you can since the keys serve two purposes. However, an intrepid programmer may have written a utility for that sort of thing. One never knows. Search at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.
2. Yes, that's normal because Windows does not have any fan control implemented. I don't think there's a solution for this common problem.

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    Hello. I have an icon on my computer that says time machine and when i select the open time machine preferences, it takes me to my set up for my airport extreme.. is this correct or is time machine something additional that i would purchase to set up?

    Thanks for the star and no problem, I would recommend that you get yourself an external drive though for backup. With any computer not having a backup system is gamble and sooner or later you will lose. If you do decide on a TM backup drive it would be wise to get one that has Firewire or Firewire 800 connections (for speed) and it should be about 2x the size of your interal drive if possible. Once you connect one TM will automatically back up your system and continue to back up every hour only backing up changes and addtions. So for example if you keep music and pictures and are continually adding material to your computer those are memories that you don't want lost if your machine has a failure, TM will help prevent that from occuring. It is one of the coolest features of Leopard. Two pieces of good news, TM is simple and external hard drives are fairly inexpensive these days.

  • May be slightly simple question from a new Mac user: Why can't I quit safari? I cannot quit it from top menu bar neither to do it from dock? All other apps are working normally.

    May be slightly simple question from a new Mac user: Why can't I quit safari? I cannot quit it from top menu bar neither to do it from dock? All other apps are working normally.

    Or you can actived the right button on your magic mouse and click on they icon in the dock. then you select "stop" and it's out of your dock.
    *update: Sorry, my mistake! I didn't read your message correct! Sorry for the inconvience!

  • Really embarassing questions from a new Mac user

    Okay, I have my new Mac Mini up and running and thought I'd test drive it by creating some simple holiday cards, recipe cards, gift tags, etc.
    What application do I use for this? I found text edit, but that doesn't seem to have any graphics or clip art so to speak and I don't want to use photos.
    Am I stupid? Or is there really no program for this sort of simple thing?
    If I need to purchase additional software, what should I get?

    I'm not sure which stationaries you're talking about, although it's been a while since I used Microsoft Windows in a production environment. I know that Microsoft Works includes quite a few of them, but while it is bundled with many PCs, it's not part of Windows.
    I think iWork features templates for CVs and so forth, and it's supposedly very good for creating stylish documents. FWIW, iWork is usually released at MacWorld San Francisco in January, so you may want to hold off to see if iWork '07 is released (after all, it's just a month away).
    Also, while Pages can import and edit MS .doc files, it's not as good as some other applications. NeoOffice, which is based on OpenOffice.org, is free, Intel-native, and has good compatibility with MS Office documents.

  • Basic questions from a new mozaic owner

    I have some very basic questions about how to use the new mozaic 2G mp3 player. I bought the Mozaic because it has a speaker and sleep timer, but I'm finding it to be much harder to use than other mp3 players that I have had (Ipod shuffle, clix etc). This may reflect my failure to look in the right place but I have to say the "help" section isn't much help.
    Here goes:
    . I download podcasts to listen to during my morning run. WMP provides an easy to find place in its program, "recently added," which allows the user to just work with those files. As near as I can tell, Creative makes you wade through all of your tracks. Is there some way to create a file to which "recently added" tracks, or specific tracks, can be dumped? How about automatic tagging of these added files?
    2. I have several thousand pictures on this hard dri've. Apparently, the Mozaic Centrale
    Is going to copy all of them, which strikes me as a waste of space. Is there a way to shut this function off? I couldn't care less if a single photo was added to the centrale program (or whatever it's called). Is it really going to duplicate all of the jpg files?
    3. I have the Zen Stone plus speaker which has served me very well. I had similar problems working with whatever Zen was calling its media player and wound up using WMP instead. I"d like to take a run at using the dedicated Zen media player....
    I apologize for the basic nature of these questions, but the answers weren't obvious to me from the materials I was able to locate.

    sineadholly wrote:
    Problem with speaker. I read you need to do a firmware update to get the speaker option on your product's menu so i've completely updated it, but still no option to switch speaker on, and won't just come on when i unplug the headphones, any ideas?
    what exactly is the model of your Mozaic? Is it EZ 00, EZ 300 or plane ZEN Mozaic?

  • Some question from a new N97 owner

    Hi all,
    So I just got my new N97. I have a few questions:
    - Configure home screen: So far I can add 2 shortcut bars (each can contain 4 application). I want to add more short cut bars, is there anyway? In the selection list when choosing the bar item to place on the home screen, there is no "shortcut 3" item.
    - Screen saver: So far my N97 locks key and screen becomes black and locked very fast (about 10 seconds) no matter how I try to change to settings. Actually there is nothing displayed (back screen) at all. And to wake up, I have to use the lock/unlock slide on the side. Is this normal? I can't touch the screen to wake it up? I got to Menu > Settings > Phones > play with settings there but no use. Do I need an application to have the screen saver feature? Is this a device flaw or do I have to change settings somewhere else?
    Thanks in advance.

    hmm i have a n85 as well hence my response to you in regards to the screen saver. yes it shows those options but eventually it does go all black. unless i missed something with my phone. which is possible as i no longer use it as my primary device. the only option right now for you to customize home screen is to wait for n97 app MyPhone that hopefully will soon be released for your model. nokia phones have never nor will they ever behave in a iphonish fashion hence no possibility to set apps up as you would like. n97 is full of customizations just not exactly how you would like them to be who knows perhaps with future updates it will become even more flexible but for now its either that or waiting for MyPhone to be released. sorry. 
    ps. i am greatly surprised that n97 would not have a screen saver options at least similar to the n85 that worries me as i am also awaiting arrival of my brand new n97. so hearing all kinds of news makes me a bit concerned about this new phone. time will tell. sorry i dont have anymore news for you.  
    You know what I love about you the most, the fact that you are not me ! In love with technology and all that it can offer. Join me in discovery....

  • Questions from future New Mac User

    I am planning to get a Mac in the following month.
    However, I read the reviews about Leopard and got kind of mixed feelings.
    Are there really a lot of problems atm? or those problems just simply caused by misuse?
    Another question is, is iWork a replacement for Microsoft office (really dont want to touch micrsoft products anymore)?
    Thank you for your time

    I agree with everything Kappy said, most importantly Macs are great. I have two, a MacBook and an iMac, and have few minor problems on occasion. I can always find a solution though, there's usually a fix. I love iWork, although it does not take the place of Office, it's much more enjoyable. Any document, presentation, or what have you, can be exported in all the popular formats. This includes, Word, PDF, HTML, RTF...Pages, the word document app in iWork is excellent, I write on it exclusively. Keynotes will make the best presentations you could imagine. Numbers, I barely use, it's more for spreadsheets, (work stuff) overall, the experience between the two is beyond comparison. iWork is the better product, and half the price. This is only my opinion, and I write at least 5000 words a day.

  • I am a new mac owner and want to purchase Office for Mac.  Thought I was told it could be purchased thru the mac store for approx $80 (word, excel, powerpoint).  It is priced at $150 at the mac store.  Any advice?

    I am a new mac owner & want to purchase Office for Mac.  Thought I was told I could get it through the mac store for approx. $80 (word, excel, powerpoint).  However, it looks like the cost is actually $150.  Is there a better deal?

    Here it is from a trusted vendor of Mac goodies for US$100:
    Microsoft Office 2011 Mac: Home/Student Edition. Single User License.
    I also see the Mac version offered about every other week at Staples for about the same price.
    Understand that the 2011 "Home/Student" edition does not come with a mail client.MS dropped Entourage with the 2011 version.
    I am running Office 2008 on a Late 2010  i7 Quad iMac and a Core 2 Duo MBP (both are at OS 10.6.8) and I have no complaints. If you want the Entourage Mail client, you can still get Office 2008 from the vendor I linked.
    I wonder if someone quoted the US$80 price thinking of Apple iWorks.

  • Are there any classes Apple store offers for new mac owners

    Are there any classes Apple store offers for new mac owners, Are there any classes Apple store offers for new mac owners

    One to One is just $99 for a full year and is available only at the time you buy a Mac from the Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store

  • How do i play pandora and hulu on apple tv from my new mac book pro?, how do i play pandora and hula on apple tv from my new mac book pro?

    how do i play pandora and hulu on apple tv from my new mac book pro?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Unfortunately that's not possible.

  • Why can't I post a question from my new system?

    Hello All:
    I was just trying to post a question from my new mbp but it wouldn't allow me to do anything.  It continually gave me a message highlighted in 'red' that i was;t allowed to modify or post anything.  I've been asking questions for quite a while and have never seen this.  I also happen to have my older bmp, also logged onto the 'Apple Discussions' site, open beside me.  Can anyone explain this to me please?  BTW, my new system obviously has Yosemite on it while my older bmp has Lion.  Thanks in advance, to all those who respond.

    ChitlinsCC, I'm adding your reloaders to my article on how to make using ASC easier.
    Here is my ASC work flow...
    1) I login.
    2) Block the automatic 30 minute logout.
         Unless you do something every thirty minutes you get logged out.  The forum software waits to tell you this as long as it can to keep you in suspense  ;-) . Filling out a reply is the exception to the thirty minute window.
            Start an auto reloader.
    Safari = SafariTabReloader
    Firefox = ReloadEvery: "Reload web pages automatically"
    Others = Reloaders | Cerberus - Support Center
      You need to pick a page that will reload over time without stalling out. It's ASC.  I've found my profile display the best to use. I get my Profile page after some  logins.  It's ASC.  Change rccharles to your apple id.
    Reply technique
    Open a new browser window.  Pick some discussion.  Open a reply window.  As long as this reply window is open, you will stay logged in.  The 30 minute times is reset as needed by the ASC software.
    3) I open another window to do my normal ASC browsing.
    4) I have a FireFox bookmark to goto the discussions that I have participated in. I've modified it to add on the content stuff.
             turingtest2 recommends. Change rccharles to your apple id:  
    https://discussions.apple.com/people/rccharles/content?filterID=participated~obj ecttype~objecttype%5Bthread%5D
    5) Use turingtest2's generated links with the /content suffix as browser bookmark to the ASC discussions: 
    Site map of Communities and Categories
    6) Adjust the ASC web page layout.
    For FireFox
    I run with Hiroto's modification to user content.  This is the only way these forums are readable for me.  How to adjust the format and layout of ASC Web Pages:
    For Safari
    "ASCPowerTools is a Safari Extension designed to give more control"
    7) Read and answer my old posts.  I kind of memorize the time I last posted. ( It's way bad that apple eliminated the last poster to a thread. )
    8) I use tabbed browsering.  From a list of discussions, hold down the command key then click on the link. You get two tabs this way. The original window will keep where you have been.

  • How do I set up my Mac mini to read iTunes and iPhoto files from my new Mac mini server?

    Want my old Mac mini to read iPhoto and iTunes files from my new Mac mini server.  Old Mac has no more room to store files.  How do I do this?

    Have you tried enabling iTunes Sharing & iPhoto Sharing on the Server?
    Or maybe...
    http://www.apple.com/itunes/inside-itunes/2011/02/how-to-move-your-itunes-librar y-to-another-hard-drive.html

  • I participated in getting the free download of Mountain Lion for new Mac owners. It took me three days to finally get a code to do it and when I tried downloading it, the estimated time was 74 days 17 hours. Now an error occurred. What do I do?

    I participated in getting the free download of Mountain Lion for new Mac owners. It took me three days to finally get a code to do it and when I tried downloading it, the estimated time was 74 days 17 hours. Now an error occurred. What do I do? I am very frustrated and just want the great software to download in a resonalbe time!

    Take your Mac to a location with a fast, relaible Internet connection that will be all yours during the duration of the download.
    If you want to complain, PLEASE call Apple and do so.
    Internet only downloads of OS X is completely stupid, it assumes everyone has reliable Internet everywhere and /or no data caps.

  • I copied iPhoto library from old Mac to NAS. I cannot access the library from my new Mac

    I've a nice new MacBook Pro (OS X 10.9.5) with iPhoto version 9.5.1. I decided to move my iPhoto library from my old MBP (running iPhoto 7.1.5) to a Synology NAS and expected I'd be able to open it from the new Mac.
    I can see the library on the NAS from the new MAC. Unfortunately when I select it using option key on iPhoto launch or trying to open directly from the library in Finder, I end up with iPhoto open and showing "No photos". I've tried using iPhoto Library Manager and this can't select the library either.
    I can open the library on the NAS from my old Mac OK.
    Does anyone have an idea what I'm missing here?

    iPhoto Libraries cannot be located on a NAS driver. Read this Apple document, iPhoto: Issues with FAT32-formatted drives - Apple Support, and note the last sentence of the first paragraph.
    They must be located on a drive formatted OS X Extended (journaled) with ownership set to be ignored (if an external HD).  A NAS is a headless computer with a file system and file access requirements that are not compatible with iPhoto's Library structure.

  • When watching my Apple TV (3rd gen) the picture jumps a few frame every few seconds, this happens when I rent a film or play back from my new Mac Pro, my Wifi is the Airport Express.

    When watching my Apple TV (3rd gen) the picture jumps a few frames every few seconds, this happens when I rent a film or play back from my new Mac Pro, my Wifi is the Airport Express.

    These may be different issues, but lets look at rentals first.
    Poor motion can result from mismatched output. If your source is 24 or 30 fps you should set the output of the Apple TV to 60 Hz, for 25 fps content use 50 Hz.
    Additionally motion software on the TV itself can cause the picture to jump, check your TV settings and turn off any motion settings in use,

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    This is getting really annoying as syncing my iPad 1 now take forever. It says it is syncing and goes through all the motions, and it does sync my apps, but none of my musi, photos, books or podcasts, even though it's only half full so it has plenty

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    hello ,   pls let me knwo the procedure of balance carry forward , i have set up the retain earnings acc, what the accoutnts invloved in carrying forward the balance. thanks very much.

  • Red Missing File Warning

    Hello to all- Getting the missing file icon when the original files are in place. Verified it by "reveal in finder" and reveal in browser". Nothing has changed on the drive where the project and events folder are located. I had some FxFactory effects

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    A client submit by email a file with extension *.book. I know is an iBook Author file but I don't understand why I cannot open it. Any help will be appreciate it. Best regards,

  • Keine installation von photoshop 11

    ich habe photoshopelements 11gekauft , heruntergeladen, installiert. aus versehen gelöscht. anschliessend neuer download. versucht zu installieren - fehlermeldung. support advisor kann keine fehler feststellen.