24" cinema display flashes when plugged to an imac

I have a 24" cinema display and a 20" apple display connected to an iMac 2011 27" with an ATI Radeon HD 6970M 1 GB. The 24" Cinema display starts to flash quickly after the boot of the computer. Apple technician told us however that this configuration should work without problems.
I plug the 24 "cinema display on my Mac Pro rev 1.1 with an ATI Radeon HD 4870/512 MB. ​​I have no problem of display even after a long time of use.
I plug the same screen on a MacBook Air late 2010 with a NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB using it as the main screen, the laptop cover down. I also have no problem. I have not tested this configuration with the 24" as a second screen.
The iMac motherboard has been changed once. Whenever I talk about this problem to Apple, I have no answer. Does anyone has experienced this kind of situation or know enough about this kind of problem tell me from where it may come?
Thank you

Hi there tomchr9
According to the technical specifications for the 24-inch LED display, the display is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro systems with Mini DisplayPort. Use of these displays with non-Mac hardware is not supported by Apple.
LED Cinema Display - Technical Specifications
Hope that helps,
-Griff W

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    Is there any way to hook up a 30" Cinema Display to a flat-panel "lampshade" iMac? There is no DVI input on the iMac.

    No. There is a VGA output, and (expensive) VGA to DVI converters, but they won't work with a 30" display.

  • My ipod is stuck on do not disconnect, and it won't respond when plugged in to imac or wall.  Is there a way to restart it without using the computer?

    My ipod is stuck on do not disconnect, and it won't respond when plugged in to imac or wall.  Is there a way to restart it without using the computer?

    You can reset your iPod with these instructions:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1320

  • HT2844 When I plug my LED cinema display into my macbook Pro, the video switches automatically but the audio still plays via the macbook speakers by default. Is there any way to make the audio default to the display audio when plugged in?

    Pretty much as the tital says really. I'm fed up of having to manually select my audio output every time I plug my macbook pro into me LED display. Can I make it default the audio to the display when plugged in?

    yeah- I think so, AlexGrady.  see if your machine supports hdmi audio out, it should say under "about this mac"
    then  buy the correct adapter to your LED display.  I think you also have to enable audio out via HDMI, and the adapter has to support HDMI audio passthrough
    sorry, that's all I have for now
    John b
    oh, and this forum is for Mac Pro's (just sayin')

  • Only displays apple logo, only displays that when plugged in.

    When plugged in my iPod touch 3gen only displays the Apple logo. When not plugged in it does not turn on.
    I have tried the reset method of holding the home and lock button.  When pluged in the logo dissapears and comes back,  when not plugged in the screen flash black for a second.

    Next try the remaining actions of:
    - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    - Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings
    - If not successful and you can't fully turn the iOS device fully off, let the battery fully drain. After charging for an least an hour try the above again.
    - If still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar       

  • 27'' LED Cinema Display flickers when powering MBP and dimmed down

    The 27'' LED Cinema Display flickers (backlight flickers) in the following situation:
    * The display powers an MacBook Pro (e.g. later 2010).
    * The MacBook Pro is fully charged (i.e. power is not used for charging).
    * The MacBook Pro performs some GPU intense task (moving the mouse over the dock with magnification enabled).
    * The brightness of the display is dimmed down to one of the lower settings (one or two "bars").
    The problem disappears if the MBP is powered by an independent charger.
    We reproduced the problem with two different MBPs (13'' and 15'') and two different displays.

    Same problem here! I bought two brand new 27 inch Cinema Displays, one for work and one for my home office. Both showed the problem. I returned both, go replacement displays and both show the same problem. I am using them with a 13 inch MacBook Air late 2010. I use them with the MacBook's display lid closed and powered by the Cinema Display. The problem only occurs when the display brightness is at 1 to 5 bars. From 6 bars on everything is fine. I also noticed that the flickering is stronger when I USE the computer, i.e. dragging around windows, typing, etc. When I just look at the screen, the flickering occurs more sporadically. The flickering looks like a short switching off of the display light (a few milliseconds).
    I just tried the hint suggested in this thread and indeed, when I open the lid and have the MacBook running on batteries (not powered by the Cinema Display), the flickering is gone! So it really seems to be dependent on that.
    Please fix it, Apple! This is not acceptable for a premium-quality display! We have already done a good job narrowing down the conditions under which the problem occurs. You should easily be able to reproduce the issue like this:
    - use a MacBook (e.g. new MacBook Air) and turn it on
    - plug in all three cables provided by the 27" Cinema Display (power, DisplayPort, USB)
    - close the lid of the MacBook and re-awake it with an external keyboard so the Cinema Display will be the only display in use
    - wait a few hours for the Cinema Display to become warm (not sure if this is a necessary condition but it could be)
    - then, use the computer under low-light conditions and ensure the brightness is at 5 bars or less
    --> You will see the problem.
    By the way, the recent Cinema Display firmware update (to address the audio issue) did NOT solve this problem.

  • 27" Cinema display flickers when woken from sleep

    I've noticed that my 27" Apple Cinema display flickers briefly when woken from sleep.
    I have had the display for 8 months, and haven't noticed this before.
    It flickers (or flashes), just once when the display wakes when the computer is woken from sleep. It only affects the bottom third of the display.
    Once it has properly woken, and flickered once, it then works o.k.
    Has anyone else had this?

    Yeah - I'm trying to verify that 100% right now. I know that I won't get full functionality from the TB dispaly (no TB, FW or ethernet on the back of the monitor) but if I can get video and USB between the Mac and the displays, that would be enough. I haven't seen any docuemtnation anywhere deatailing wether or not that TB displays will work with existing video cards / Mac Pro's, or if I'll have to do a full round of upgrades including my Mac Pro and the ATI 5770. And as you know, there are no TB video cards on the market at this time. My timing basically *****...
    My plan was to return the Cinema Displays while I still can, fall back to a spare Dell 21" that I have lying around the house for a few weeks (yukkkk..), and then figure out what to do with the TB diplsay as they get closer to release. I'm contempling upgrading my Mac Pro, but if I can stick with what I have, it would save me some cash.I woudln't even mind upgrading my video card, but I just dropped $2000 on these 2 Cinema Display's last week, and I feel like they are already outdated.
    PS - I am constantly selling gear, so resale value and having the "latest and greatest" are pretty important to me, hence the interest in the TB displays.

  • Cinema display 30" power plug caught on fire

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 30" Apple Cinema display (A1083) purchased in 2008. Recently, it's power cable/wire came slightly unplugged from the 150w power supply while the monitor was on. The wire was still plugged in, but it was at a fairly severe angle. Spontaneously, sparks flew between the power supply and power cable/wire and fire shot out of the power supply melting the plastic around the cable. Needless to say but the monitor went dead at that moment.
    I had another power supply laying around so I plugged that in to see if the power cable/wire would still work. The monitor came on for a while but then more sparks and the monitor went dead.
    Apple no longer makes this monitor and apple care is expired (of course). Therefore, I figured I would fix this myself. By some miracle I found the entire set of cables on eBay and purchased them.
    My question is:
    Should I replace the entire set of cables, which would involve opening up the monitor? Or, should I just replace the power cable/wire at the end which would involve some soldering, etc.
    Also, are there any tips, directions, pointers that anyone has for doing any of this? I found one guy online who opened up the case but that is a risky move.http://www.eliteweblabs.com/recent/cinema-display-cable-fix/
    I'm upset my beautiful monitor isn't working and really need some help getting it back, if possible. What do you guys think?

    Amazon 1
    Amazon 2
    Amazon 3

  • IOS8: Ipad Air Display Flashes when opening photos or music

    I have upgraded to IOS 8 recently on my Ipad Air. It works fine but sometime I see display flashes once when I try to open photos or Music.
    Dont know if its happening to others as well.

    Hello, Murali Muthyalu. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    Intermittent issues such as this can be difficult to troubleshoot.  However, try forcing all applications to close in multitasking and restart the device.  Once this is done test to see if the behavior persists.
    iOS: Force an app to close
    Turn your iOS device off and on (restart) and reset
    Jason H.

  • How can I stop the display dimming when plugged into a powersupply. Cannot read playlist in car using music player.

    My new ipod seems to dim after a short time, even when plugged into a power supply, unlike my previous ipod, which used to stay illuminated
    when plugged into the car stereo and external power
    Now in order to see the playlist I have to swipe or touch the home button, using the music player. However using  a GPS app, the screen stays
    fully illuminated......as it should!
    Is this normal now for playing music?
    Also, the new grey on white menu display for music is very hard to read in the car in bright daylight.......unlke the old white on black. Nothing I
    can do about that sadly except complain to apple directly :-(

    Hi Diavonex. Yes I was aware of this option.
    Subsequently I have done a litle research and downloaded a music app called "Track 8" which has a much clearer interface (larger type) and the abillity to change the background colour to dark or light.
    This is much more readable in the car in bright light, and much better at night too.
    You can also turn off auto-lock within the application, which is great, as it doesn't affect other apps.
    Although this app is really only an interface sitting on top of the music app, it offers a much better experience
    in my opinion that the stock player which seems to have devolved rather than evolved.

  • Satellite P55t-B5340 Display Flashes When Unplugged

    I bought Satellite P55t-B5340 ultra 4K laptop from Costco several days ago. It is an overall decent laptop except that under some circumstances the display flashes by rapidly switching between the desktop and a screen-full array of repeating small graphic icons. The flash always happens when the power cable is unplugged even when the battery is fully charged. It does so without failing when the power cable is unplugged right after the laptop has been powered on and used for a while. Otherwise, the flash happens randomly when the power cable is unplugged. My first concern is whether this is an inherent problem of the Toshiba 4K display, given that this was the very first 4K laptop and the technology was still new. If it is, I would have to consider a different laptop as I won't be able to afford the disruption caused by an unstable computer. Please let me know if you have a simiar experience, especially if you are one of the early adopters since the laptop came out in April. Any advice on how to fix it or whether I should give it up altogether is very much appreciated. 

    I also see this issue on the same model purchased at Costco last December.  More specifically:Only occurs when running on batteriesOnly occurs at full resolution 3840x2160Only happens when you stop moving the cursor for more than 1/4 second.Screen displays correctly as soon as you move the cursor.  As long as the cursor is moving the display is correct.  The garbage display is an undiscernible pattern repeated across the screen 15x and down the screen 68x. The only solutions I have figured out it never run it except on batteries in full resolution.  When running it on batteries chnage to lower resolution. Very annoying problem.

  • After ML upgrade, MBP mid 2010 crashes or freezes when connecting/disconnecting apple cinema display, specially when is put to sleep.

    After upgrading to ML, when I connect my MBP mid 2010 to my Cinema Display system crashes, if I close the mac to put it to sleep, it freezes, if I pull the power cord and then disconnect the cinema display,  it freezes to black. 
    Bottom line... MBP + ML + Cinema Display = Useless aluminum can.
    Any Help??? .... Please????

    I have exactly the same problem.  I found that unplugging the Cinema display (both from the MB and power) and re-connecting did exactly nothing, but that the MS Windows solution works:  Reboot your machine.
    Note:  the problem comes up when the display sleeps, not the computer.
    We are really making progress here with the evolution of OSX!  NOT!

  • Cinema display flashing to black on Yosemite - temporary fix

    Since upgrading to Yosemite (2010 MacPro with 24" Apple LED Cinema Display) my Cinema display has been randomly going to to black for a second. My secondary display (an older LG LX40) doesn't flicker and is fine. Sometimes it happens a lot and sometimes less so. It's driving me crazy. And I've seen that other people have had the same/ similar issues.
    I've tried re-installing Yosemite, PRAM and NVRAM resets etc. Nothing seems to work however I have found a temporary fix for anyone  - like me - who is desperately trying to finish a job. I have been disconnecting the Cinema Display display port cable from the Mac Pro and connecting it to my 13" 2012 MacBook Pro and wait for it to display the laptop desktop. I then take it out of the MBP and put it back into the Mac Pro. This seems to clear something and stops the flickering for most of the day (but it will start up again at some point).

    Has nobody come across this? I've still got the same issue. My temporary fix works for about a week and then I have to do it again. Any advice/ ideas would be welcome!

  • Cinema DIsplay sleeps when I use Boot Camp with Radeon 5870 through DVI connection

    I just created a bootcamp partition on my Mac Pro (1,1) with Radeon 5870 and XP Professional so I can play Train Simulator 2012 with maxed out settings. Well after hours of installing Windows XP and updating it (via Parallels so I could do other things while waiitng for Windows) I got Train Simulator 2012 installed, Windows XP Professional fully upto date and reboot to bootcamp. I see the Windows screen and then my monitor goes to sleep (best guess). I am using an Apple Cinema Display 20" and is of course connected to the DVI port. One guess (and I hope I am totally wrong about this) is I think I remember reading the DVI port id display 3 not 1. I hope this isn't the problem (requiring me to buy a $40 Mini Display port for DVI adapter.
    Any ideas as to why this is happening? I was so looking forward to playing Train Simulator with maxed out graphics via Boot Camp with the Radeon 5870 1GB. Don't get me started as to why my line out is not being detected by XP Pro.
    I also have the latest Bootcamp drivers for XP (3.2).

    Never used XP and on Mac Pro I wanted to use all 4-cores and more than 1.9GB RAM but often it seems that in the past and with Fusion anyway you would need to install Windows updates and drivers natively not thru or in the VM.

  • LED Cinema Display (27-Inch) and the new iMac (late 2012)

    Does the LED Cinema Display (27-Inch) work with the new iMac (late 2012) as a second monitor, and if so, which cable do I need?

    It will work.  Plug its Mini DisplayPort plug into the computer's Thunderbolt port.  No adapters needed.

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