27 LED Cinema Display Audio and Brightness when powering MacBook Pro

When my 27 LED Cinema Display is powering my (or another) 2009 13" MacBook Pro, I have experienced three issues:
1. The dropped audio problem other users have mentioned. Shutdown, then disconnect power/usb/displayport, then wait ~15s, then reconnect and reboot temporarily fixes the problem.
2. I also have the sluggish keyboard behavior when adjusting the volume that others have mentioned.
3. I have experienced shifts in display brightness which are obvious when the display is dimmed. I have disabled the ambient light sensor as well as any interfering power management or energy saver settings. Opening apps, scrolling and other normal activities seem to aggravate this behavior.
This last strange behavior inspired me to try using a power adapter for the MacBook Pro instead of display's laptop power connector. *Doing so seems to have resolved all three issues.*
It seems that this may indicate an underlying problem with the display's power supply. Can anyone confirm?

mmayo wrote:
I am having the same issues & with a 1 day old display. I am using a 15" MBP. The screen is killing me when it dims down when no lights are on. I didn't notice the issue when the screen is brighter with the lights on. Anyone know if this is a hardware or software issue? I'd like to utilize the ambient light sensor but not if its going to make my screen flicker when it is dim....
(1) I have never had any deaths associated with my screen, but on rare occasions my display's brightness will flicker when I manually adjust the brightness. The fix I have found for this is to increase the brightness one more setting or decrease it one more setting. Changing the screen from full dim to full bright and then setting the brightness I want sometimes helps, too.
(2) You can check whether this software update has been applied to your 27-inch:
(3) Your Apple Service Provider could tell you whether your problem is related to hardware or software.
Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz Mac OS X (10.6.4); MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.4)
LED Cinema Display; G4 PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11); iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9); External iSight; iPod touch 4.1

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    Never mind, I solved it.  Didn't know the converter needed a power source to operate (duh!)  Now I have that, it works just fine.......

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  • 27" LED Cinema Display – noise and buzz

    I recently purchased a second hand 27" Apple LED Cinema Display, and I now started to have some issues.
    The first issue started today, it is some kind of buzz that comes out of the right speaker whenever I lower the brightness of the screen. I have about the opposite happening for other people – whenever the brightness would be above 3/4, a buzz sound would come up. For me it's when the brightness is below 1/4. The lower the brightness, so higher the pitch of the buzz. How weird is that?
    The second issue is that, whenever a sound is played, some kind of white noise starts coming from I believe both speakers of the display. Even if I just adjust the volume on the keyboard (which makes a sound as well), this white noise would come up. It would last around 15-30 seconds, and then it would disappear. If headphones are connected to the Mac Pro, it doesn't happen (and it can't be heard in the headphones either). I once hooked up the Mac Pro to a Panasonic TV to test, and there was no buzz coming from the TV either.
    Now I just noticed that the white noise is constantly here since the buzz appeared today (when I lower the brightness). Something is failing here I believe. It could also be the graphics card I guess?
    Sometimes I get a very quick weird flash on the screen (black & white stripes I believe) for half a second, then they're gone. It's quite rare so it's hard to troubleshoot. Maybe it has to do with the Cinema Display as well. Or perhaps it is my graphics card (It's a Sapphire HD 7950 3 GB – the Cinema Display is connected with Mini DisplayPort). Or it might just be bad drivers for this card – they were never that good apparently.
    Perhaps someone knows more than I do
    All helps is appreciated…

    No ideas?

  • Re:  Not getting audio from TV when connecting MacBook Pro with all correct cables.

    How do I get audio from the TV when connecting MacBook Pro with all the correct cables?

    Hi Lynn,
    If you're positive you have the correct cables, and positive they work, they must be plugged into an input on the TV made for that purpose, then that input must be selected on the TV's menu.

  • Apple 23" HD Cinema Display no longer working with new Macbook Pro

    I bought a 23" used HD Cinema display the other day along with the ADC-DVI and DVI-Mini Display adapters. I had it hooked up and it was working perfectly for 3 days. Today my wife tried to connect her Macbook accidentally via the USB that is part of the ADC-DVI adapter which didn't work (why is that USB there anyway?). Then when she went to connect the external display back to my Macbook Pro it did not wake up after being connected. I have tried resetting the PRAM on the MBP and have disconnected and re-connected all connections but nothing will get the display working with the MBP anymore. When I connect and disconnect the mini-display plug into the MBP the MBP flashes the blue screen as it appears to be reacting, but that's it. I can't detect any display when I go into the display system preferences. Does anyone know how I can get the Apple Cinema display working again? Thanks for any help.

    Ryan Nagy wrote:
    Upon reflection, I think my issue is different. Probably should not have posted it here. As it turns out sometimes my display works, sometimes it does not. I think the power adapter has gone bad. A common occurrence here in Mexico where the power can fluctuate quite a bit. - Ryan
    There are couple of long threads in the display section about problems with the power supplies on the 23" HD DVI. See this one for instance: https://discussions.apple.com/message/17981683#17981683
    Mine one day just wouldn't turn on -- connected to an old G4 MDD and the Mini -- a bit of fiddling it would occasionally start up, sometimes not. Similar to what you described, the Macs would see it in System Profiler, but it just wouldn't turn on.
    Based on that thread, I figured the problem was mostly likely the power supply. A local authorized repair place didn't have a spare for me to try, but the tech sniffed it and mentioned it the burnt electronics smell. LOL, I sniffed it and sniffed the power supply for my 20" DVI Cinema display -- indeed a weird smell.
    Based on that thread, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a beefier 150" power supply for the 30" Cinema display, which Apple says in compatible with the 23". See: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2803
    I hooked it up, crossed my fingers, and it fired up right away. It's been working fine for about 3 months now. Cheaper than buying a new monitor.

  • 17" Cinema Display doesn't work with new MacBook Pro

    I have used a 17" Cinema Display with a MacBook Pro without problems for the last year. I just bought a new MacBook Pro and a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter. Hooked it up and no display. Reconnected to my olf MBP without the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter and it still works great. Any thoughts?

    I have the same machine and the same drive (for about 6 months) they work fine.
    The first suspect is the internal SATA cable, replace it.

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard is lagging and disconnecting when using Macbook Pro via Bootcamp

    Hey guys,
    I am using my Macbook Pro (I think from 2009) with an external monitor and the apple wireless keyboard (connection via Bluetooth).
    First when I set up Bootcamp everything worked fine. But now suddenly the keyboard is lagging (letters sometimes appear after a few seconds or get stuck and typed 20 times or something) and randomly completely disconnecting.
    I already downloaded the newest drivers for Boot Camp 64bit from the apple website, but this didnt solve my problem.
    I tried disconnecting the keyboard on mac and then reconnecting on the Windows 7 partition again. Also didn't work.
    Of course I had to reconnect the keyboard when on the mac.
    But it's not that it's not working. I'm using the keyboard via Bootcamp right now. It's just that it's randomly doing this...
    Now I don't know what to do. Do some of you have the same issues or have any ideas that might help?

    Hey guys,
    I am using my Macbook Pro (I think from 2009) with an external monitor and the apple wireless keyboard (connection via Bluetooth).
    First when I set up Bootcamp everything worked fine. But now suddenly the keyboard is lagging (letters sometimes appear after a few seconds or get stuck and typed 20 times or something) and randomly completely disconnecting.
    I already downloaded the newest drivers for Boot Camp 64bit from the apple website, but this didnt solve my problem.
    I tried disconnecting the keyboard on mac and then reconnecting on the Windows 7 partition again. Also didn't work.
    Of course I had to reconnect the keyboard when on the mac.
    But it's not that it's not working. I'm using the keyboard via Bootcamp right now. It's just that it's randomly doing this...
    Now I don't know what to do. Do some of you have the same issues or have any ideas that might help?

  • Photoshop issues with MBR and LED Cinema Display

    I have my MBR 15" connected to a 24" LED Cinema Display. In Photoshop, when dragging windows to the secondary display (the Cinema Display) they turn immediately black. If I drag them back to the main monitor (the MBR) they will show up normally.
    Now, if I change the main and secondary displays (1st-CD; 2nd-MBR), this will happen again on the secondary.
    I really need to have both displays working with Photoshop. Does anyone know a workaround to this? 
    Thanks in advance,

    Sorry, forgot about that. It's Photoshop CS6, already updated to be Retina capable (version 13.0.2).
    I'm going to check for further updates.


    I haven't been able to find any straightforward answer as to why this is happening and it's becoming one of the most infuriating things in my life, impeding my workflow and costing me unmeasurable time in waiting, rebooting, screwing with cables, etc.
    I use my MBP as a DAW for multitracking live audio events to ProTools through a digital console where I work. Here's my gear list that I use every day:
    Mid-2012 MBP - Yosemite, 8GB, i7 quad 2.5, mechanical hd
    HengeDocks dock for my exact model machine - has set-screw jacks for CinemaDisplay power, Tbolt, FW800, USB, USB, SDcard, headphones, etc
    USB wired keyboard
    Anker 1x4 USB3.0 hub - I have a TimeMachine 1TB drive, 3TB project backup drive, audio interface and MIDI I/O or PT iLok, depending what I'm working on
    Magic Mouse (BlueTooth)
    Here's what's happening:
    SCENARIO 1 - I insert the CinemaDisplay (cD) power connector and TBolt plugs into the dock, tighten the set screws, close the lid of my MBP (already logged into Yosemite & linked with MagicMouse [mM]) and stick the MBP into the dock... everything comes up on the cD and I can go about my day. At this point, I can plug the USB hub into the back of the cD and the system sees the hub & all peripherals listed just fine.
    SCENARIO 2 - Install cD powercon, TBolt connector, USB3 hub, USB keyboard into the dock, close the lid on MBP (again, logged in), insert into dock... cD comes up, looks great for about 15 seconds then goes completely blank. No response from key presses, mouse clicks, threats with a hammer, etc. Then, of course, I have to yank the MBP out of the dock, which hard-disconnects the external drives (backup and TimeMachine... good for them, right?) and causes the MBP to flake, thinking it's still in the dock, then not, then logging me out & requiring a password (not a big deal- I deal with copyrighted stuff, so passwords aren't the issue).
    It seems like the MBP freaks out when the lid is closed and there are USB/FW peripherals plugged in while using a secondary TBolt display as the main output... seems stupid... if I need a closed-lid dock, the MBP shouldn't care what I have plugged in while the lid is closed. I had the same issues with Mountain Lion & Mavericks and now it's being repeated with Yosemite.
    My goal in this exercise is simply to free up the USB jacks on the back of the cD for two reasons - #1) from time to time, I have extra things to plug in and I don't want some massive USB 1x8 hub on my desk... looks stupid; #2) the bottleneck created by plugging in the hub to the back of the cD (another hub via TBolt) almost triples the time required to back up/copy files. I move files from system drive to backup drive & back VERY often due to the nature of my job... speeding up this process would greatly improve my efficiency in the matter. Why would Henge create a dock with all the jacks on it to allow someone to plug into a cD that won't frickin work with said cD? Every other dock I've found makes the user stick the MBP on a slanted, goofy-looking stand and have the lid open or something dumb like that... what I have is the setup I need... just need the USB stuff to work while lid is closed and everything from powercon & cD to USB3 hubs will work without making the cD freak out.
    Any ideas out there?

    Have now taken the 27" display into the repair shop and after 24 hrs got the phone call - "appears to be nothing wrong with it, will check again on Tuesday and let you know".
    I can't seem to find anything on the net describing a similar problem. Everything is working fine right now with the Mac Pro connected to the older 20 inch Cinema Display. In fact, everything seems to be working about a second faster.
    I was told by the local retailer that Apple no longer makes the 27 inch LED Cinema Display product and the new display, the "Thunderbolt" will not work with my 13 month old Mac Pro.
    ***??? In 20 years of owning Mac equipment, this is my first major "uh-oh".

  • 24" LED Cinema Display not working on new MacPro with GT120 graphics card

    Dear All,
    I have recently purchased a new Mac Pro Quad (2.66 GHz, 6mb DDR3 1066 MHz RAM) with a 24" LED Cinema Display. When powering up the computer for the first time, the display was blank. I swapped it out with a 23" Cinema HD Display, and it worked fine, so I thought it might be the LED Cinema Display itself. However, when I tested the LED Cinema Display on my MacBook (Model 5,1; INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz), it worked like a charm.
    Has anybody seen this behaviour? I'm assuming that it's a software issue (since the GT120 DVI adaptor works with the Cinema HD Display, so the mDVI adaptor should be good). [I also rebooted and wiped the PRAM and NVRAM, to no avail.]
    Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply--I've done that before, for sure.
    An odd thing did happen when I reset the PRAM & NVRAM a second time--it worked. Maybe I did it wrong the first time? Anyway, it's working perfectly now. Many thanks.

  • How to connect multiple Apple LED Cinema Displays to MacBook Pro

    I have an Apple 24 inch LED Cinema display that I run from my MB Pro. I mainly use the MB Pro+ screen for document editing.
    I would like to run a second Apple 24 inch Cinema display from the MB Pro. I am presently running another monitor successfully via a Dynalink USB splitter but would really prefer to run a second Apple monitor. I have enquired at two Apple Stores and browsed lots of sites. Multiple monitors from MB Pro seems ok (as long as it's not two Apple monitors). I would be surprised if Apple is content to pass up the opportunity to sell more of these superb screens.
    Grateful for any advice and suggestions

    In addition to the one from Atlona, there are:

  • Foggy LED Cinema Display

    I just came back from the Holidays, booted up my computer connected to my LED Cinema Display screen, and within 15 minutes, a large gray blurring blob was projected on my screen. It takes up nearly half of the screen. I've never had any issues with the screen prior to this. The odd thing was that the screen was fine initially and then boom, the ghostly blur appeared. Has anyone else had these issues? Reading past inquiries, someone declared it could be due to possible condensation.  My computer isn't in a moist environment so I don't see this as a possibility.

    could be either display cable or display itself, unsure how to figure out between the 2, though

  • Annoying Screen saver/Login window/Apple LED Cinema Display Bug

    Hi all,
    After upgrading to 10.6.4 I have a really annoying problem.
    First the relevant setup information: MacBook Pro 17 inch (2009 model), 8 GB RAM, 10.6.4, Screen saver activates after a few minutes with password protection and a few minutes thereafter the screen is put to sleep.
    Here is what happens: whenever I have an external Apple LED Cinema Display connected and I move the mouse while the screensaver is activated, I am able to type my login and password, but after that in just a matter of seconds (usually 3-4 seconds) the both screens become blue and all my programs close and Mac OS X jumps to the login screen (all data that was not saved is gone, all open windows also gone). This bug does NOT happen if the Apple LED Cinema Display is not connected.
    Anyone else experiencing this issue?
    Best Regards,

    Hello guys, thank you for answering.
    Yes, the USB cable is plugged.
    At the moment I'm avoiding to flash the VRAM. But I found out that restarting my system gives me access to the controls again. It does randomly stop working. Sometimes I can adjust the cinema display settings but not the macbook screen settings. In my opinion it is definitely a bug.
    There is any way to submit a bug somewhere?

  • 27'' LED Cinema Display flickers when powering MBP and dimmed down

    The 27'' LED Cinema Display flickers (backlight flickers) in the following situation:
    * The display powers an MacBook Pro (e.g. later 2010).
    * The MacBook Pro is fully charged (i.e. power is not used for charging).
    * The MacBook Pro performs some GPU intense task (moving the mouse over the dock with magnification enabled).
    * The brightness of the display is dimmed down to one of the lower settings (one or two "bars").
    The problem disappears if the MBP is powered by an independent charger.
    We reproduced the problem with two different MBPs (13'' and 15'') and two different displays.

    Same problem here! I bought two brand new 27 inch Cinema Displays, one for work and one for my home office. Both showed the problem. I returned both, go replacement displays and both show the same problem. I am using them with a 13 inch MacBook Air late 2010. I use them with the MacBook's display lid closed and powered by the Cinema Display. The problem only occurs when the display brightness is at 1 to 5 bars. From 6 bars on everything is fine. I also noticed that the flickering is stronger when I USE the computer, i.e. dragging around windows, typing, etc. When I just look at the screen, the flickering occurs more sporadically. The flickering looks like a short switching off of the display light (a few milliseconds).
    I just tried the hint suggested in this thread and indeed, when I open the lid and have the MacBook running on batteries (not powered by the Cinema Display), the flickering is gone! So it really seems to be dependent on that.
    Please fix it, Apple! This is not acceptable for a premium-quality display! We have already done a good job narrowing down the conditions under which the problem occurs. You should easily be able to reproduce the issue like this:
    - use a MacBook (e.g. new MacBook Air) and turn it on
    - plug in all three cables provided by the 27" Cinema Display (power, DisplayPort, USB)
    - close the lid of the MacBook and re-awake it with an external keyboard so the Cinema Display will be the only display in use
    - wait a few hours for the Cinema Display to become warm (not sure if this is a necessary condition but it could be)
    - then, use the computer under low-light conditions and ensure the brightness is at 5 bars or less
    --> You will see the problem.
    By the way, the recent Cinema Display firmware update (to address the audio issue) did NOT solve this problem.

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