3 questions about fan of NX8800GT OC 512mb.

1. If i use Rivatuner to adjust fan speed to, say, 40% direct control, will it stay fixed at 40% and not adjust to
    higher temps?
2. Is the default 29% auto speed fixed? or does it adjust to higher temps?
3. Which do you recommend?

My iBook's fan has come on maybe six times in the 2+ years I've had it.
I wouldn't worry about it. If the iBook overheats, it will shut down. This is not good, but it will let you know that the fan isn't working and it keeps the iBook from burning up.
If you see the iBook slowing down a lot or acting strange, it could be a sign of heat buildup and you can shut it down to avoid it automatically doing it.
Of course, it's always best to use it on a hard surface rather than a soft one (like your lap or a pillow or sofa). The rubber feet on the bottom of the iBook are there to hold the iBook just far enough up to allow for heat dispersion. If you use it on a soft surface, that feature is negated. An acrylic cutting board makes a good, cheap laptop surface if you want to use it on your lap.
If you do see a spontaneous shutdown, there is a chance of hard drive damage and you should repair the hard drive, either by booting into Safe Mode or starting up from the Mac OS X Install Disk by inserting the disk and restarting your computer, holding down the C key at the end of the startup chime. Then choose Installer>Open Disk Utility and select the disk in the left column. Choose the First Aid tab. Click Repair Disk to test and repair the hard drive. Once you have repaired the hard drive with either Safe Mode or the Install CD's Disk Utility, then start up normally and repair permissions from Disk Utility in the Utilities folder on your hard drive.

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  • Question about fan control MSI MPower

    Hi, Cosimo from Italy, sorry for my bad english.
    I have a question about fan control with the MSI MPower.
    The MPower site says: All 4-pin PWM fan connector Onboard
    But the manual says: SYSFAN1-4 pin 4 No Use
    My question is: the Control Center Fan Utility support the fan connect SYSFAN1-4 3 Pin voltage controled or 4 Pin pulse width controled or both?
    Thanks Cosimo.

    Quote from: Bernhard on 03-October-12, 01:55:19
    The fans will run as per your percentage setting in the BIOS.
    I can't find the percentage setting in BIOS... 

  • Equium M50-164: Question about Fan usage & battery timer

    Hi !!
    Just got hold of my equium m50-164 laptop today and I wanted to clarify a few issues
    I flashed my bios with the latest version and upon the reboot the fan kicked in at full power and didn't turn off until i put the laptop into standby mode, this seemed to of rectified the problem but the fan seems to be kicking in a lot more than compared to before, luckily the fan isn't kicking into 100% speed but more like 15% - 20% every 30 secs or a minute then goes into silent mode, the fan hasn't hit 100% unless i do a reboot :),
    I know the fan will speed faster based on the cpu usage etc (thermal) but is this normal? I spoke to support and they wanted me to have an instant replacement but I said I would wait a few days to see if it would calm down :)
    and finally looking at the power meter and other software tools there seems to be no battery calibration, with previous laptops i noticed that numerical calculations are made based on battery usage and time left [i.e a timer] but with this laptop i kind find a timer - i would of thought tha every laptop has this facility nowadays !
    any advice would be helpful
    Ephid0r UK

    Please dont be mad on me but I really dont understood why your first step is BIOS update. The unit is delivered with actual BIOS and it is really not necessary to make it before you notice some problems. I just hope that you have enough experience with it because I have read a few postings on this forum about BIOS damage while BIOS update and to make it good again costs a lot of money.
    Your BIOS is updated and there are new values that should be used by Power saver utility (responsible for cooling fan monitoring). I recommend you to remove preinstalled power saver, restart the unit and install it again. I hope that the result will be better.
    Battery calibration I dont know what you want exactly but the battery usage can be control by power saver tool. On the task bar there is symbol for power saver and if you move the mouse pointer on it the battery capacity and left time will be shown.

  • Question about fan

    Why is my fan running more than usual?  Seems like it is overworking.

    It's quite embarrasing when I want to watch a video in public. I try to avoid vidoes in public because the fan causes too much attention to my mac lol

  • Question about graphic card

    Question about graphic card
    my friend has Macbook pro 13 with intel HD 3000 he upgraded his ram from 4 to 8gb and his graphic card updated from 384mb to 512mb why ?
    and i have macbook 2010 and i upgraded from 2gb to 8gb and my graphic card didnt upgraded why ? its still 256mb
    can someone till me whats the trick !!!

    You have a Core 2 Duo MacBook and not a  i7 MacBook Pro.

  • Questions about free Download Oracle 10g, Database and Developer suite

    Hi everyone, got some questions..
    1) Is it possible to download free Oracle 10g and Developer suite? is a 30 day license trial or something like that?
    2) On windows systems which are the minimun requirements?, for example in a Pentium 4, 512Mb RAM, Windows XP Home edition is OK?
    3) Should I download Standard Edition? Personal?
    4) If I am trying to update my Oracle Developer knowledge (I was developer on 1999 with Oracle 7.3 and Developer 2000) what products do I have to install?? Oracle DB 10g, Developer Suite,Application Server too?, what else?
    Thanks guys!

    My answer you could find here Questions about free download Oracle 10g, Developer Suite

  • Hello am using ios 7.0.4 I have a question about messages that it does not show the time of a particular message after first message that I recive form a paricular person so please in the next version change this and with every message show time and date

    hello am using ios 7.0.4 I have a question about messages that it does not show the time of a particular message after first message that I recive form a paricular person so please in the next version change this and with every message show time and date

    How is everything going? Have you checked this issue from OWA? If so, please let me know the result.
    In adition, please also try to use the following powershell commands to check if the assistant has right permissions:
    Get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity
    CEO’s email address:\Calendar -User assistant’s email address
    Also check with:
    Get-Mailbox -Identity CEO’s mailbox
    | fl *GrantSendOnBehalfTo
    Please let me know the result.
    Best Regards,
    Steve Fan
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  • [SOLVED] Question about CPU temperature

    Hi everybody,
    I just want to ask a question about "standard" CPU temperatures because my laptop (a Dell Vostro 3700) is permanently hot with the fans on even when I am not doing anything special.
    I have CPU freq scaling active with the conservative governor, and I use Gnome Shell 3.2 with an nVidia using the nouveau driver.
    Here are "stable" temperatures while writing this post:
    # sensors
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +72.5°C (crit = +103.0°C)
    Adapter: PCI adapter
    temp1: +78.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Core 0: +73.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    Core 2: +73.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    And this is the output of mpstat
    # mpstat -P ALL
    Linux 3.1.6-1-ARCH (fm) 01/04/2012 _x86_64_ (4 CPU)
    10:16:50 PM CPU %usr %nice %sys %iowait %irq %soft %steal %guest %idle
    10:16:50 PM all 1.59 0.18 0.54 0.02 0.00 0.02 0.00 0.00 97.65
    10:16:50 PM 0 1.88 0.15 0.72 0.02 0.00 0.01 0.00 0.00 97.22
    10:16:50 PM 1 1.64 0.21 0.40 0.02 0.00 0.01 0.00 0.00 97.73
    10:16:50 PM 2 1.47 0.15 0.67 0.02 0.00 0.06 0.00 0.00 97.64
    10:16:50 PM 3 1.36 0.20 0.39 0.02 0.00 0.01 0.00 0.00 98.01
    The fan, of course, is full speed (very annoying)
    I think that these temperatures are quite high, but I don't know what's really causing all this heating because my laptop is basically idle.
    Any suggestion?
    P.S.: Running Linux fm 3.1.6-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 22 09:11:48 CET 2011 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
    Last edited by fm (2012-01-06 09:32:01)

    samuvuo wrote:
    fm wrote:Just to wrap up this topic, I "solved" the issue by adding these parameters to the kernel:
    Just curious: what are the temperatures now? Sensors output after the "fix" would be nice.
    It's in the previous posts:
    Before (idle)
    # sensors
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +72.5°C (crit = +103.0°C)
    Adapter: PCI adapter
    temp1: +78.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Core 0: +73.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    Core 2: +73.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    After (idle)
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +63.5°C (crit = +103.0°C)
    Adapter: PCI adapter
    temp1: +68.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Core 0: +62.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    Core 2: +64.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    After (after playing 8 min youtube video)
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +74.5°C (crit = +103.0°C)
    Adapter: PCI adapter
    temp1: +78.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Core 0: +73.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    Core 2: +75.0°C (high = +95.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
    Fan spinning is better (less noisy) after specifying the kernel parameters.
    Last edited by fm (2012-01-06 13:43:05)

  • A few questions about the ka790gx and dka790gx

    i have a few questions about the ka790gx and dka790gx , how much better is the dka790gx compaired to the ka790gx ? . how much difference does the ACC function make to overclocking etc , i plan on getting a phenom II 940BE or 720BE . i already have the ka790gx so would it be worth building another system using the dka790gx mobo , or should i keep what i already have and just change the cpu ?

    It's largely irrelevant what other boards had VRM issues other than the KA790GX - the fact is it died at stock settings. Since there is little cost difference between the more robust DKA790GX (or Platinum if you really need 1394) why bother with the proven weakling? There are other examples around of the KA not having a robust power section.  There's no way I would use even a 95W TDP CPU in the KA and absolutely not O/C.....!
    As for the credentials of Custom PC, I have generally found their reviews accurate and balanced, and echo my own findings where applicable. If a little too infrequent.
    The fact that the KA has such a huge VRM heatsink leads me to my other comments on the Forum, particularly regarding the "fudge" aspect:
    """Henry is spot on - the notion that adding a heatsink to the top of the D2PAK or whatever MOSFETS is effective is virtually worthless. The device's die thermal junction is the tab on the device back - which is always against the PCB pad. The majority of heat is therefore dissipated in to the board, and the fact that the epoxy plastic encapsulation gets hot is simply due to the inability of the heat to be conducted away from the device die via the tab. Not sure when Epoxy become an effective conductor of heat.... Good practice is to increase the size of the PCB pad (or "land" in American) such that the enlarged PCB copper area acts as an adequate heatsink. This is still not as effective as clamping a power device tab to an actual piece of ali or copper, but since the devices used are SMD devices, this is not possible. However, the surface area required to provide sufficient PCB copper area to act as a heatsink for several devices isn't available in the current motherboard layouts. Where industrial SBC designs differ in this respect is to place the VRM MOSFETs on the back of the PCB on very enlarged PCB pads - where real estate for components is not an issue.
    Gigabyte's UD3 2oz copper mainboards sound like a good idea, on the face of it. However, without knowing how they have connected the device tabs to where and what remains a mystery. I suspect it is more hype than solution, although there will be some positive effect. From an electrical perspective, having lower resistance connecting whatever to whatever (probably just a 0V plane) is no bad thing.
    The way the likes of ASUS sort of get round the problem is to increase the sheer number of MOSFET devices and effectively spread the heat dissipation over a larger physical area. This works to a degree, there is the same amount of heat being dissipated, but over several more square inches. The other advantage of this is that each leg of the VRM circuit passes less current and therefore localised heat is reduced. Remember that as well as absolute peak operating temperature causing reduced component life, thermal cycling stresses the mechanical aspects of components (die wire bonds for example) as well as the solder joints on the board. Keeping components at a relatively constant temperature, even if this is high (but within operating temperature limits), is a means of promoting longevity.
    For myself, the first thing I do with a seperate VRM heatsink is take it off and use a quiet fan to blow air on to the VRM area of the PCB - this is where the heat is. This has the added benefit of actively cooling the inductors and capacitors too....
    Cooling the epoxy component body is a fudge. If the epoxy (and thus any heatsink plonked on top of it) is running at 60C, the component die is way above that.....
    It's better than nothing, but only just."""

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    Thank you for coming to Expert Day! The event has now concluded.
    To find out about future events, please visit this page.
    On behalf of the Experts, I would like to thank you for coming to the Forum to connect with us.  We hope you will return to the boards to share your experiences, both good and bad.
     We will be holding more of these Expert Days on different topics in the months to come.  We hope to see you then!
     If you still have questions to ask, feel free to post them on the Forum – we always have experts online to help you out.
    So, what is HP Expert Day?
    Expert Day is an online event when HP employees join our Support Forums to answer questions about your HP products. And it’s FREE.
    Ok, how do I get started?
    It’s easy. Come out to the HP Support Forums, post your question, and wait for a response! We’ll have experts online covering our Notebook boards, Desktop boards, Tablet boards, and Printer and all-in-one boards.
    We’ll also be covering the commercial products on the HP Enterprise Business Community. We’ll have experts online covering select boards on the Printing and Digital Imaging and Desktops and Workstations categories.
    What if I need more information?
    For more information and a complete schedule of previous events, check out this post on the forums.
    Is Expert Day an English-only event?
    No. This time we’ll have experts and volunteers online across the globe, answering questions on the English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean forums. Here’s the information:
    Enterprise Business Forum: January 14th 7:00am to 12:00pm and 6:00pm to 11:00pm Pacific Time
    Korean Forum: January 15th 10am to 6pm Korea Time
    Simplified Chinese Forum: January 15th 10am to 6pm China Time
    Looking forward to seeing you on January 14th!
    I am an HP employee.

    My HP, purchased in June 2012, died on Saturday.  I was working in recently installed Photoshop, walked away from my computer to answer the phone and when I came back the screen was blank.  When I turned it on, I got a Windows Error Recovery message.  The computer was locked and wouldn't let me move the arrow keys up or down and hitting f8 didn't do anything. 
    I'm not happy with HP.  Any suggestions?

  • Have questions about your Creative Cloud or Subscription Membership?

    You can find answers to several questions regarding membership to our subscription services.  Please see Membership troubleshooting | Creative Cloud - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/membership-subscription-troubleshooting- creative-cloud.html for additional information.  You can find information on such topics as:
    I need help completeing my new purchase or upgrade.
    I want to change the credit card on my account.
    I have a question about my membership price or statement charges.
    I want to change my membership: upgrade, renew, or restart.
    I want to cancel my membership.
    How do I access my account information or change update notifications?

    Branching to new discussion.
    Christym16625842 you are welcome to utilize the process listed in Creative Cloud Help | Install, update, or uninstall apps to install and evaluate the applications included with a Creative Cloud Membership.  The software is fully supported on recent Mac computers.  You can find the system requirements for the Creative Cloud at System requirements | Creative Cloud.

  • Questions about using the Voice Memos app

    I'm currently an Android user, but will be getting an iPhone 6 soon. My most used app is the voice memos app on my Android phone. I have a couple questions about the iPhone's built-in voice memos app.
    -Am I able to transfer my voice memos from my Android phone to my iPhone, so my recordings from my Android app will show up in the iPhone's voice memos app?
    -When exporting voice memos from the iPhone to computer, are recordings in MP3 format? If not, what format are they in?
    -In your opinion, how is the recording quality of the voice memos app?

    You cannot import your Android voice memos to your iPhone's voice memo app.  You might be able to play the Android memos and have the iPhone pick up the audio and record it.
    Here is the writeup about sending voice memos from the iPhone to your computer (from the iPhone User Guide):
    App quality is excellent.

  • Re: Question about the Satellite P300-18Z

    Hello everyone,
    I have a couple of questions about the Satellite P300-18Z.
    What "video out" does this laptop have? (DVI, s-video or d-sub)
    Can I link the laptop up to a LCD-TV and watch movies on a resolution of 1080p? (full-HD)
    What is the warranty on this laptop?

    According the notebook specification Satellite P300-18Z has follow interfaces:
    DVI - No DVI port available
    HDMI - HDMI-out (HDMI out port available)
    Headphone Jack - External Headphone Jack (Stereo) available
    .link - iLink (Firewire) port available
    Line in Jack - No Line in Jack port available
    Line out Jack - No Line Out Jack available
    Microphone Jack - External Micrphone Jack
    TV-out - port available (S-Video port)
    VGA - VGA (External monitor port RGB port)
    Also you can connect it to your LCD TV using HDMI cable.
    Warranty is country specific and clarifies this with your local dealer but I know that all Toshiba products have 1 year standard warranty and also 1 year international warranty. you can of course expand it.

  • Some questions about Muse

    First of all, I would like to say that I am very impressed with how well Muse works and how easy it was to create a website that satisfies me. Before I started a daily updated website I thought I would encounter many problems I will not be able to solve. I have only had a few minor issues which I would like to share with you.
    The most problems I have with a horizontal layouts (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/dig-t-r-3-cylindrowy-silnik-nissana-o-wadze-40-kg-i-mocy-400- km.html). Marking and copying of a text is possible only on the last (top) layer of a document. The same situation is with widgets or anything connected with rollover state - it does not work. In the above example it would be perfect to use a composition/tooltip widget on the first page. Unfortunately, you cannot even move the cursor into it.
    It would be helpful to have an option of rolling a mouse to an anchor (like in here http://www.play.pl/super-smartfony/lg-nexus-5.html and here http://www.thepetedesign.com/demos/onepage_scroll_demo.html).  I mean any action of a mouse wheel would make a move to another anchor/screen. It would make navigation of my site very easy.
    Is it possible to create a widget with a function next anchor/previous anchor? Currently, in the menu every button must be connected to a different anchor for the menu to be functional.
    A question about Adobe Muse. Is it possible to create panels in different columns? It would make it easier to go through all the sophisticated program functions.
    The hits from Facebook have sometimes very long links, eg.
    (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/mclaren-p1-nowy-krol-nurburgring.html?fb_action_ids=143235557 3667782&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582). If such a link is activated, the anchors in the menu do not work on any page. I mean the backlight of an active state, which helps the user to find out where on page they currently are. The problem also occurs when in the name of a html file polish fonts exist. And sometimes the dots does not work without any reason, mostly in the main page, sometimes in the cooperation page either (http://www.leftlane.pl/wspolpraca/). In the first case (on main page), I do not know why. I have checked if they did not drop into a state button by accident,  moved them among the layers, numbered them from scratch and it did not help. In the cooperation page, the first anchor does not work if it is in Y axle set at 0. If I move it right direction- everything is ok.
    The text frame with background fill does not change text color in overlay state (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/nowe-mini-krolestwo-silnikow-3-cylindrowych.html). I mean a source button at the beginning of every text. I would like a dark text and a light layer in a rollover, but  the text after export and moving cursor into it does not change color for some reason.
    I was not sure whether to keep everything (whole website) in one Muse file (but I may be mistaken?). I have decided to divide it into months. Everyone is in a different Muse file. If something goes wrong, I will not have any trouble with an upload of a whole site, which is going to get bigger and bigger.
    The problem is that every file has two master pages. Everything works well up to the moment when I realize how many times I have to make changes in upper menu when I need to add something there. I have already 5 files, every with 2 masters. Is there any way to solve this problem? Maybe something to do with Business Catalyst, where I could connect a menu to every subpage independently, deleting it from Muse file? Doing so I would be able to edit it everywhere from one place. It would make my work much easier, but I have no idea jendak how to do it.
    The comments Disqus do not load, especially at horizontal layouts  (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/2014-infiniti-q50-eau-rouge-concept.html). I have exchanged some mails and screenshots with Disqus help. I have sent them a screenshot where the comments are not loaded, because they almost never load. They have replied that it works at their place even with attached screenshot. I have a hard time to discuss it, because it does not work with me and with my friends either. Maybe you could fix it? I would not like to end up with awful facebook comments ;). The problem is with Firefox on PC and Mac. Chrome, Safari and Opera work ok.
    YouTube movie level layouts do not work well with IE11 and Safari 7 (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/wypadki-drogowe--004.html). The background should roll left, but in the above mentioned browsers it jumps up. Moreover the scrolling with menu dots is not fluent on Firefox, but I guess it is due to Firefox issues? The same layout but in vertical version rolls fluently in Firefox (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/polskie-wypadki--005.html).
    Now, viewing the website on new smartphones and tablets. I know it is not a mobile/tablet layout, but I tried to make it possible to be used on mobile hardware with HD (1280) display. I mean most of all horizontal layouts (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/2015-hyundai-genesis.html), where If we want to roll left, we need to roll down. Is there a way to make it possible to move the finger the direction in which the layout goes?
    On Android phones (Nexus 4, Android 4.4.2, Chrome 32) the fade away background effect does not work, although I have spent a lot of time over it (http://www.leftlane.pl/lut14/koniec-produkcji-elektrycznego-renault-fluence-ze!.html). It is ok on PC, but on the phone it does not look good. A whole picture moves from a lower layer instead of an edge which spoils everything.
    This layout does not look good on Android (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/nowe-mini-krolestwo-silnikow-3-cylindrowych.html#a07). The background does not fill the whole width of a page. There are also problems with a photo gallery, where full screen pictures should fill more of a screen.
    Is it possible to make an option of  scroll effects/motions for a fullscreen slideshow widget thumbnails (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/2014-chevrolet-ss%2c-rodzinny-sedan-z-415-konnym-v8.html#a06)? It would help me with designing layouts. Currently, it can go from a bottom of a page at x1 speed or emerge (like in this layout) by changing opacity. Something more will be needed, I suppose.
    Sometimes the pictures from gallery (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/2014-chevrolet-ss%2c-rodzinny-sedan-z-415-konnym-v8.html#a06 download very slowly. The website is hosted at Business Catalyst. I cannot state when exactly it happens, most of the time it works ok.
    I really like layouts like this (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/2014-chevrolet-ss%2c-rodzinny-sedan-z-415-konnym-v8.html#a03). On the top is a description and a main text, and the picture is a filled object with a hold set at the bottom edge. That is why there is a nice effect of a filling a whole screen- nevertheless the resolution that is set. It works perfect on PC, but on Android the picture goes beyond the screen. You can do something about it?
    In horizontal layouts (http://www.leftlane.pl/sty14/dig-t-r-3-cylindrowy-silnik-nissana-o-wadze-40-kg-i-mocy-400- km.html) holding of a filling object does not work. Everything is always held to upper edge of a screen regardless the settings. Possibility of holding the picture to the bottom edge or center would make my work much easier.
    According to UE regulations we have to inform about the cookies. I do not know how to do it in Muse. I mean, when the message shows up one time and is accepted, there would be no need to show it again and again during another visit on the website. Is there any way to do it? Is there any widget for it maybe?
    The YouTube widget sometimes changes size just like that. It is so when the miniature of the movie does not load, and the widget is set to stroke (in our case 4 pixels, rounded to 1 pixel). As I remember ( in case of a load error) it extends for 8 pixels wide.
    Last but not least - we use the cheapest hosting plan in Business Catalyst. The monthly bandwidth is enough, although we have a lot of pictures and we worried about it at first. Yet we are running out of the disk storage very quickly. We have used more than a half of a 1 GB after a month. We do not want to change BC for a different one, because we like the way it is connected with Muse. But we do not want to buy the most expensive package - but only this one has more disk space. We do not need any other of these functions and it would devastate our budget. Do we have any other option?
    I’m using Adobe Muse 7.2 on OS X 10.9.1.
    and I'm sending Muse file to <[email protected]>

    Unfortunatley, there is no way to get a code view in Muse. I know quite a few people requested it in the previous forum, but not really sure where that ended up. Also, you may not want to bring the html into DW unless you only have 1 or 2 small changes 2 make. Two reasons. First, it isnt backwards compatible, so if you are planning on updating that site in Muse, you will need to make those changes in DW everytime you update. Second, by all accounts the HTML that Muse puts out is not pretty or easy to work with. Unlike you, I am code averse, but there was a lenghty discussion on the previous forum on this topic. I know they were striving to make it better with every release, just not sure where it is at this point.
    Dont think I am reading that second question right, but there was a ton of info on that old site. You may want to take a look there, people posted a ton of great unique solutions, so it worth a look.
    Here is the link to the old forums- http://support.muse.adobe.com/muse

  • HT201303 hi just got my new apple ipod touch i need to update my security information other wise it wont let me download apps it says to enter three questions about myself and i get to the third question and it wont let me enter the third question

    hi just got my new apple ipod touch and to download apps it wants to add questions about myself for more sercurity information. i get up to question 3 and it wont let me select a question but it will let me write an answer so i just pressed done and then it says i cant carry on because ive mised out information when it wont let me do a question!

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    You might try to see if you can change your security questions. Start here, change your country if necessary and go to manage your account > Password and Security.
    I'm able to do this, others say they need to input answers to their current security questions in order to make changes, I'm inclined to think its worth a try, you don't have anything to lose.
    If that doesn't help you might try contacting Apple through Express Lane (select your country, navigate to iCloud help and enter the serial number of one of your devices)

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error while loading text data from R3 to BW

    Hi, After mapping my DataSource created in R/3 system to my Infosource, I was taken to the maintenance screen of the transfer structure. I proposed the transfer rules. But my traffic signal of my transfer rule is not turning green. If I continue to a

  • Powerbook G4  HD SMART Status: Failing

    My powerbook G4 (1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM, OS 10.3.9)recently runs very slowly, sometimes freezed up during power off process. I checked the activity monitor to see none program hogging the cpu and memory, There are about 37GB free space on the hard drive. Ch

  • HT1657 why is a movie that I rented on my iMac not identifiable on my Apple TV?

    why is a movie that I rented on my iMac not identifiable on my Apple TV?

  • Keynote Tutorial Video Clips

    Apple's video tutorial clips are not working. I assume quicktime and I get nothing in the viewing window or a Quicktime question mark at www.apple.com/iwork....... in their support area. Thanks for some reason why Apple's videos are not working.

  • IPod library doesn't display on computer

    Hi, When I plug in my iPod now, I get a summary but I can't see the contents of the iPod. I use windows, is there anything that I need to do differently? Thank you.