30" Cinema display graphics card recommendation

Pathetic apple customer service refused to supply me with a recommendation since my G5 is out of warrantee date. So perhaps this forum can help. I have a Dual 2GHz Power PC G5 running 10.4.10 with a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro card. This will only go to 1280 x 800; I need 1280 x 1600.
I do mostly photo work and scientific processing- almost no video
I will not add a second monitor
Recommendations please?
many thanks in advance...
btw, I bought two of these monitors, one for home and one for the office. Having spent almost $4K , how can apple refuse to speak with a customer unless he pays for support?
Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.10)   4.5 GB DDR SDRAM
Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   4.5 GB DDR SDRAM

The AGP cards Apple sold that have dual-link DVI ports needed for 30" are:
ATI Radeon 9650 XT (one single-link, one dual-link DVI)
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT DDL (two dual-link DVI)
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL (two dual-link DVI)
Apple doesn't sell these as retail items, but you might find some at
There are two new graphics boards that will work:
ATI Radeon® X800 XT MAC Edition RoHS 256MB AGP (one ADC, one dual-link DVI)
ATI Radeon® 9600 Pro PC & MAC Edition RoHS 256MB AGP (one single-link, one dual-link DVI)
The ATI cards may also be available at

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  • Need graphics card recommendation

    So I've just ordered a new model MBP 15" Retina, upgrading the 2.0 ghz i7 quadcore to 2.3, and doubling the RAM to 16 gb.  This includes the 256 gb flash HD, and the new default config Intel Iris Pro graphics card (no NVIDIA graphics card).  FWIW, I'll be plugged into my thunderbolt display (already own) for video editing.
    The new MBP is of course a hefty hit to my pocketbook.  Yet, I'm still torn by the notion that for $250 (I get the educational discount) I could go ahead and add the NVIDIA 750 2 gb card, not to mention doubling my HD (mainly to future-proof it - I only use about 122 gb right now).
    Is it worth it or is Iris Pro good enough for FCPX, and presumably some Motion 5, Compressor etc?
    I haven't edited in years, but I have just returned from Nepal, where I shot several hours of HD footage that I'm going to be editing together with stills for a doc.  I'm a writer-filmmaker, so if it comes out as I hope it will, this will be a professional sample and festival submission.  I have no clue how much use of Motion or After Effects I'll need to use - in fact I have no clue how to use these, but presumably I'll figure it out.  Some of the footage has issues, it was all shot run and gun, so it could be I'll use that stuff a lot.
    Do I need the NVIDIA 750 card or can I rest easy with just Iris Pro?  
    Thanks so much for advice either way!!

    I have a 2TB backup drive and a 6TB RAID network storage.  I load new video directly onto the backup drive to save hard drive space on the iMac, then copy it to the RAID for safekeeping.  I can wipe it from the backup when I'm done with it, and still have two copies on the network RAID.  I consider this to be the minimum for HD.
    I ended up with about five hours of AVCHD footage that I had to sort through to pick out the little morsels I needed, along with some .MOV files from a DSLR.  I'm not sure how much space it took up when I converted the AVCHD into .MOV files, but I started out with about 650GB available (after clearing it off) and now I have about 150 GB.  That includes what FCPX generated as I edited.  I don't want to go below that 150GB level, as the processing performance drops.  I keep the .MOV files on the main hard drive because that's the quickest access.  I keep a sharp eye on the capacity.
    Fortunately I did well enough on this project that it got me a lot more work.  Unfortunately, if I decide to pursue it more seriously I know I'll have to get a better system.  I'm already looking at the new Mac Pro with at least 32 Gs of RAM, the biggest internal hard drive available, and a massive Thunderbolt RAID.  With the deadlines I've run into, it's the only way I'll be able to get things done without staying up until 4 a.m. waiting for stuff to transfer (I got this iMac just before they started coming out with Thunderbolt, darn it).  If I had to choose, I'd get more hard drive storage versus more RAM.  In my experience, 16GB does OK, but then I haven't  had to render anything longer than ten minutes in HD.
    If you use Time Machine for back-up onto the 1TB external drive, you're probably going to have to get an additional drive.  I would recommend one to two TB depending on how big your final files are.  If you decide to RAID that second external drive-- highly recommended-- then you'd need to get double that.  Get a Thunderbolt splitter so you can run both of them at the same time.  If you need to convert the RAW files, keep those on the second drive.
    Very best of luck, and send us a link to the piece when you are done.  -JB

  • Need 30" Display Graphics Card Advice

    Hello! For the 30" display, any advice on the graphics card need for a G4? Here is the CPU info from the "More Info" button ...
    Machine Model: Power Mac 3,5
    CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (2.1)
    Thanks in advance!
    eMac   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    You need a video card that will support the 30" display.
    This one is, AFAIK the least expensive card that will work with the QS and the 30...

  • Graphics card recommendations

    Hi, I have an HP Pavilion Slimline s5120y on Windows 7 64-bit with default specs and I cannot seem to find the right graphics card for playing newer games like Civ 5. I assume it is the nVidia GeForce 6150se that is causing it to lag a lot, even on minimum settings in the options. It if helps, here is all the specifications on my computer:
    I had tried another card today (GeForce 8500GT, didn't fit -_-), but being the unsavvy person I am at this, I need help getting the games to go faster, please.
    Thank you.

    JB, welcome to the forum.
    The truth is, Slimline models are not meant to be upgraded.  The small cases don't allow for good airflow.  Newer mid-level video cards develop more heat than can be vented in the case.  Can it be done, yes.  Would I do it, no.  A video card that would handle the games that you mention would require more wattage than the 220W power supply unit (PSU) can handle.  I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but I don't like to recommend upgrades for these computers.
    HP TouchPad - 1.2 GHz; 1 GB memory; 32 GB storage; WebOS/CyanogenMod 11(Kit Kat)
    HP 10 Plus; Android-Kit Kat; 1.0 GHz Allwinner A31 ARM Cortex A7 Quad Core Processor ; 2GB RAM Memory Long: 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM (1600MHz); 16GB disable eMMC 16GB v4.51
    HP Omen; i7-4710QH; 8 GB memory; 256 GB San Disk SSD; Win 8.1
    HP Photosmart 7520 AIO
    **Click the Thumbs Up+ to say 'Thanks' and the 'Accept as Solution' if I have solved your problem.**
    Intelligence is God given; Wisdom is the sum of our mistakes!
    I am not an HP employee.

  • Dual Monitor Graphics Card Recommendations

    Hello, I have a HP 6005 pro small form factor Desktop PC with AMD Athlon II X2 Processor, 8GB Memory, 2TB Hard Drive and Windows 7 Professional. Key Features: AMD Athlon II X2 processor 3.0GHz8GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory (expandable to 16GB)2TB SATA hard driveDVD-RW optical drive10/100/1000Base-T EthernetIntegrated graphics Additional Features:    10 x USB ports, 1 x microphone jack, 1 x line-in jack, 2 x audio out jacks, 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet port, 1 x VGA port   1 x low profile PCI slot (x1), 1 x low profile PCI Express (x2) slot, 1 x low profile PCI Express (x16) slot, 1 x external 5.25" bay, 1 x internal 3.5" bay   16.7 lbs, 13.3" x 4" x 14.9" I would like to get a graphics card that can support dual monitors, can you recommend any cards that would be compitable with this system? 1GB if possible or more? I believe the slot can handle upto 25 watts so I would need a graphic card along those lines. I appreciate your help in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Hi,  The below HP OEM graphics cards are available for your PC.  Nvidia NVS 300 Graphics CardNvidia GeForce 310 DP Graphics CardNvidia Quadro NVS 290 Graphics CardATI Radeon HD 4550 Graphics CardATI Radeon HD 4650 Graphics Card MT models onlyAMD FirePro 2270 (512 MB)AMD Radeon HD 6350 (512 MB)AMD Radeon HD 6450 (1 GB) MT models onlyAMD Radeon HD 7450 (1 GB) These HP Quickspecs will give your more detail.  Check with HP Sales for further information.  

  • Need a Graphics Card Recommendation & Help

    I am currently using a Radeon x1900 512MB card. It seems to work well for video editing, and I've enjoyed it. But I am really wanting to get into gaming on Windows with Boot Camp (flying and racing simulations), and although I have a lack of knowledge with video cards, I believe I can do better with what I have right now.
    I know that the nVIDIA 8800GT is available. I just have a few questions about possible configurations. Please answer them all if possible.
    [*] Does gaming work well with the 8800GT on Windows even if there is no official driver for it on Windows? (this is what I have read)
    [*] Would I see a decrease in performance with things like video editing, etc, if I got the 8800? Does it work well with video editing?
    [*] The Mac Pro has more than one slot for video cards. I am not against using more than one if possible! What do you recommend, and which cards can have two in the machine?
    [*] Is it possible to use 2 8800's in the machine? Would both PC games and the Mac recognize a total of 1GB to handle gaming and video editing better?
    [*] Is the Radeon 3870 a better fit than the 8800?
    [*] What's the best solution in your opinion with my needs and requirements?
    I do appreciate your time and feedback! Thank you.

    1. 8800GT is great for Mac games, can't tell ya on Winderz.
    2. A graphics card is almost irrelevant for video editing. It's the absolute last place to look for a bottleneck. Google "video editing bottleneck" and what you'll get is arguments about 2 vs. 4 cores, and how many HDs you have. Not what video card to use. Incidentally, if you want to buff your video editing speed, put 3 or 4 HDs in your Pro and set one or both pairs up as striped drives (RAID 0), then put all your software on one and use the other as a scratch/render disk. Drives are too cheap to be the thing slowing you down.
    3/4. At this time I don't think multiple video cards can get you anything besides more monitors. The Crossfire/SLI setup, where two cards share the load of generating graphics for one monitor, isn't possible on Macs that I know of. Might be a hack for Winderz bootup, you'd have to research that, but you'd probably have to monkey with it each time you rebooted.
    5. A bit of research on Google sez that the 8800 is a better card unless you have an older slow processor. Which you do not. So for gaming especially I'd take the 8800... although it's overkill for most non-gaming apps. You're paying for 3D power.

  • Graphic card recommendations?

    I have posted a thread about issues I have with a new MSI R9 270X card, so hoping to RMA it for something else, but could do with advice.
    I don't use my PC for gaming, but need a graphics card for rendering in video editing. Don't really mind if it is AMD or nVidia based.
    I would like it to be quiet with at least 2GB VRAM. Mid range in price about the same as the R9 270X.
    It need to be Haswell friendly.
    Any suggestions please?

    Quote from: geek450 on 06-February-14, 22:40:45
    Thank you Svet,
    I will consider that one you suggest. Here (UK) it is more expensive than the R9 270X, but if it works that might be worth it (The R9 270X has given me a lot of problems). I hope that the problems I have had are based on that card and not the MSI version.
    I appreciate that this is a forum for MSI users,  but is there much to choose between different makers of this type of graphics card?
    depends on what you mean!
    some makers have some differences (Custom PCB's and/or coolers) and some have non really (use the stock board and Cooler) most use the stock VBIOS supplied by the GPU maker just with tweeks for the Memory and power delivery components!

  • Graphic card recommendation - S20 is dying

    Hello All,
    I have S20 which I recently-3-4 months ago- bought it. It's SATA type with the following specs:
    Intel Xeon W3520 Processor (2.66GHz 1066MHz 8MB L2) - 130W
    4GB ECC DDR3 PC3-10600 SDRAM (2GBx2 uDIMMS)
    NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 32-core (512MB,DVI + DP)
    SATA 250GB HDD
    When I run sketch-up application with 20MB and put one model on top of another model
    When I open-up a CAD file with a size of 40-50MB
    The machine is dying. Sometimes It's giving response after 1 minute, 2 mins when I am using sketch-up
    Today, I upgraded winXP from 32bit to 64 bit, but the result is still same.
    I would like to know your opinoins how can I increase the performance of this workstation?
    The max graphic card I can install is limited to 1.5GB which is available on lenovo.com or there are some graphic cards available on the market at 2x1024 MB.
    Will it help me if I upgrade to 1GB or Can I upgrade to 2GB? Motherboard will support?
    Upgrading to SATA SSD would be another solution?
    Please provide some feedback if you have any experience about increasing the performance of this workstation may be you have done it before?

    I think the problem is not because of the computer memory. When I run Autocad, the memory goes up to 1.3 from 0.3GB. And then continue to open a sketchup then It goes up to 1.7GB although the computer has room for 4GB.
    Additionally, when I watch the CPU usage, one of 8 core goes up to 100% for some time and then goes down when the program continues to respond.
    I think still the problem might be because of low graphic card memory. Because of that, It's using the main processor longer time and I am waiting to see responses from the program
    It seems, there are better/higher memory graphic cards than FX3800/4800 on the market. Would it be better if I go one of them? 2x1024=2GB Memory cards?
    This resource has also quite good data on various graphic cards: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/charts/gaming-graphics-cards-charts-2009-high-quality-update-3/3DMark0...
    Would you go with Nvidia or ATI?

  • Graphics Card Recommendation?

    I have a 30" Apple Cine Display connected to a dual 2.5 GHz G5 with the ATI Radeon 9600XT which will only drive the display to 1280 x 800.
    I need a card that will drive it to the 2560 x 1600 max resolution (it's being used for Kodak's Virtual Matchprint).
    Anyone have a suggestion of a card that will work in a G5?

    Starting with the fastest:
    ATI Radeon X800 XT 256MB (ADC, dual-link DVI)
    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra 256 MB (Two dual-link DVI)
    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB (Two dual-link DVI)
    ATI Radeon 9650 XT (Single-link, dual-link DVI)
    ATI Radeon® 9600 Pro PC & MAC Edition RoHS 256MB AGP (Single-link, dual-link DVI)

  • Graphics card recommendations for different OS(s)

    Mainly for Photoshop CS5 --
    I've an '08 with 8800gt, what's the recommended upgrade for Leopard?
    For Snow Leopard?

    Save your money and go for 5770, but seeing that they aren't shipping, there is no hurry.
    What you may need even more: RAM and maybe SSD. There is no real CUDA-engine to ATI and there isn't a current model of Nvidia 400-FERMI to off load and handle GPGPU work. The 5770 only needs one of your (very limited set of two) aux power connectors so you can continue to use 8800GT.
    Plus, guess only, but I think the ATI drivers need more work.

  • AGP Graphics Card Recommendations anyone?

    I recently purchased soem software that my 128 MB AGP 8X card is not worthy of. I have spoken to Apple and they are not offering anything that is 256 MG AGP 8X, I have an early 2005 dual 2.0 Powermac... so my questions are....
    1) Is there a way to adapt a PCI Express video card?
    2) What would be the best card to use in regards to an 256 MB AGP 8X card that would work with my Mac?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hello! Look HERE to decide on a card. tom

  • Macbook pro A1286 display/graphic card issue

    I have a macbook pro model no A1286 that started having issues a few days ago:
    1) first symptome, in Chrome when using youtube or other flash/graphics intensive tools the imagine would break into 2, leaving the pointer movable, but nothing else worked, so restart was necessary. After installing Firefox, the issue continued, but with no reason. Finally, i upgraded to OS 10.8 and for some days it looked fine.
    2) just a few hours ago, when starting the mac, the loading looked crazy, partly green, partly purple, and once the loader finished, it either gave me a white screen for minutes and then shut down, or simply shutdown after 1-2minutes.
    Has anyone seen this issue before ? Any comments, suggestions ?
    Thank you!

    OK, it's likely an Early or Late 2011 model, then. There is a long thread here -> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4766577?tstart=210 - about problems with the 2011 (mostly, but not always, on the Early 2011 models) about problems with the discrete GPU (which would kick in whenever you launch Chrome).
    Really the only thing that you can do is to take your machine into your local Apple Store or AASP and have them diagnose the problem and get an estimate for repair.
    Just be aware that the problem usually just continues to get worse and that a logic board replacement doesn't always 'fix' the problem. Many users report going through 3-4 logic boards and still having the problem. The only 'real' solution seems to be having the GPU 'BGA reballed' - which isn't as expensive as a new logic board.
    So have your machine diagnosed and if it comes up with a faulty GPU (which it probably will) think about having it reballed to actually fix the problem, rather than having the logic board replaced.
    Good luck,

  • Moisture or Humid weather can affect my display / graphic card?

    I did not use my macbook for 2 days (I left it in sleep mode). its been raining here for 2 days straight (Humid Summer in Seoul, Korea maybe more than 80 humidity). Yesterday night, the weather was too humid, a paper homework assign that I left on my desk for 3 hours was almost wet of absorbing humidity (like when you dry a paper who had a few drops or water before).
    When I woke up my mac, the screen was distorted, with a mosaic-like square lines acroos the display. I restarted it several times and nothing. I couldnt access to my computer at all, because the distortion affected the computer since the booting stage.
    Today I went to a friends house and tried to check the hardware with the diagnostics tool. After a few failed attempts, the computer spitted out my disk, restarted and the distortion problem was gone.
    Since then, my mac is working as nothing happened. I still need to know why this happen and I just can blame the weather.
    Please advice me.
    my mac: macbookpro (late 2006) gen3, unibody (aluminium). Display, 15" Ati x1600 256mb.

    Hi g,
    The X1600 GPU in that model has had more than a few issues, and it's five years old now. It could be on the way out, perhaps aided in this situation by the humidity. Enough humidity can affect any circuitry.
    Did you run Apple Hardware Test? That may be about the best you can do. "Repairing" a GPU means replacing the logic board.

  • 24" display/Graphic card

    Would an ATI 9000 Pro (64 MB) and a GEForce4 MX (32 MB) be able to handle a 24" LCD?

    Either will support 1920 x 1200 resolution.
    What's the optimal resolution of the 24" monitor?
    If 1920 x 1200, then Yes.

  • IBook support for cinema displays

    I have a 1.2 G4 iBook with an Nvidia Go 5200 graphics card. Does anyone know if this card will run either the 20 or 23 Apple cinema display at the recommended resolutions?
    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    You wrote: " Is there any way I can connect the iBook to an Apple Cinema Display"
    Yes, but you won't be happy with the results.
    1. Your new iBook has: "Video mirroring supports VGA video out to an external display". In English, this means:
    a. Analog (not digtial) video out.
    b. The external monitor will only show (i.e., mirror) what is on your iBook screen.
    2. All LCD monitors (laptop or standalone) have a native resolution. Trying to use them at any other resolution results in a poor quality dislay. Everything is slightly fuzzy.
    a. Your iBook has: "Support for millions of colors at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution".
    b. The Apple Cinema Display (20-inch) has: "1680 x 1050 pixels (optimum resolution)".
    So, we have an incompatibility.
    3. The iBook has analog video output while the ACD has "DVI (Digital Visual Interface)".
    This means you need an adapter to convert analog to digital. I could not find one in the Apple Store. But, I ma sure they exist.

Maybe you are looking for

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