5 days ago I bought a 13" mac book air from an apple store.  It does NOT have Maverick on it!  I paid full price for it but since it has the old operating system-.I kind of feel like I purchased a "clearance" item but payed full price!  any advice?

5 days ago I bought a 13" MacBook Air from an apple store.  It does not have Maverick on it!  I paid full price for it, but since it has the old operating system I kind of feel like I bought a "clearance" item but payed full price for it!  Does anyone have any advice, wisdom etc.  This is my first Mac and I'm really bummed that it's not the latest and greatest.  I know I can download maverick for free.....but are there other differences?  Maybe something else that I thought I was getting but didn't?  Thanks.

There is no difference, you didnt get "shorted" Mavericks is a FREE DOWNLOAD
Open the APP store and download Mavericks.
You didnt buy a "clearance" item, you just got an Air that was there at the shop before Mavericks was released.
There is no difference other than a 40 min. download.

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