5800 xpress music free Bluetooth software.

Hi there....i jus bought a new nokia 5800 xpress music edition with my vodafone contract and i've been thinking 2 use Bluetooth 2 transfer stuff frm ma Vaio lappy (vista)....but it wasnt successful..so later found out that i might have 2 buy n use a doggle 2 enable the bluetooth in ma laptop. But when i was checking out the nokia website softwares 4 ma 5800 i happn 2 see a free buetooth download option but that is just an info file so i wanted to know whether i can get a bluetooth software for ma vaio laptop from the available nokia free applications or do i have to buy a bluetooth doggle 2 use....ohh n actually i dont knw if my laptop has an in built bluetooth...because there is a "Bluetooth devices" icon in control panel but when i open its blank.....so please help me and tell me if my assumptions correct......n if i need to buy the doggle please lemmi know where n which one 2 buy.....PLZZZZ
Thank u

You should check if your lappy has built-in Bluetooth. If it's there, open control panel-> bluetooth-> options-> enable visibility, so you can pair with your phone. You don't need additional software. All the Bluetooth stacks are Vista drivers. You can also buy a Bluetooth dongle. Their cheap and well supported in Vista.
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  • 5800 Xpress Music - Supporting software install fa...

    I'm using Windows XP SP3 and the latest version of PC Suite downloaded on Nokia website. My phone is a 5800 Xpress Music and I did upload the firmware yesterday.
    I'm running into trouble to connect my phone to the PC and transfer data (any kind). I made a clean install of the latest version of PC Suite, then connected my phone to one of the USB ports of my PC and selected "PC Suite" on the phone when asked for connectivity type. Windows recognized the device and installed drivers successfully. When I started PC Suite, it recognized the phone too, but it said that it needed to install some "connectivity supporting software" or something like that. There was also a message saying that I should accept every request appearing on the phone. However,after a few seconds, the installation window said "Failed to install supporting software" without any further explanation. There was absolutely nothing appearing on the screen of the phone. I've tried to install the supporting software again by right-clicking on the phone icon, selecting options and chosing the appropriate action, but the installation keeps failing.
    Therefore, I cannot sync any data between my PC and the phone. Also, if I start Nokia Music and choose  "multimedia transfer" connectivity mode, the phone appears in the interface, but when I try to drag and drop any song on the phone icon, the transfer immediately fails.
    Please tell me what I should do next (I already uninstalled and re-installed the whole Nokia PC software suite twice, which is quite boring and time consuming)
    Thank you for your help.

    Hi there. Unexpectedly things started working better (but not yet perfect).
    I HAD been trying updating the drivers related to the phone yesterday, to no effect. But after giving up and disconnecting the phone I saw a disabled/broken device driver in the device manager tree (under portable devices) and deleted it. Then today I attached the phone by bluetooth and saw NOS start up and say that it HAD installed the supporting software!
    In the System event queue there are a few messages about drivers being installed:
    Event Source: WPDClassInstaller
    Drivers were successfully installed for device WPD_NOKIA_73fd2114_0d73_49c3_9c65_1a2b2c7f6eba.
    Event Source: WPDClassInstaller
    Media player and imaging program compatibility layers were successfully registered for device WPD_NOKIA_73fd2114_0d73_49c3_9c65_1a2b2c7f6eba. Layer bits 0x00000003 were requested, layer bits 0x00000003 were registered.
    Event Source: WPDClassInstaller
    Autoplay registration was skipped for device WPD_NOKIA_73fd2114_0d73_49c3_9c65_1a2b2c7f6eba.
    Event Source: WPDMTPDriver
    MTP WPD Driver has started successfully.
    Photos, music and messaging seems to have synchronized nicely. Contacts have synchronized with Outlook, but the Calendar is failing to synchronize. After a Sync All I'm getting the message:
    "Sync cancelled//Completed syncing the following content types: Contacts and Photos and Messaging.//Failed to sync the following content types: Calendar and Notes.//Reconnect the USB cable to your device or connect vis Bluetooth. Then try syncing again."
    I get a similar message syncing calendar alone, with the error code 80043bd4 attached. 
    Same results if I'm using USB or Bluetooth.
    Got reckless and upgraded to Ovi Maps 3.0, which proceeded cleanly.
    So partly solved, but calendar (important for me) still not syncing.

  • 5800 Xpress Music Software Update Problem

    hello,Dear nokia support team
    Well when i try to update my 5800 xpress music phone on the nokia software updater it Gives that i have Version 21.0.025 And leatest is 21.0.025 And i see that there is V40 my Phone code Number is 0588668
    Demon!.JPG ‏111 KB

    This is what your product code says: 5800 RM-356 Middle-East_North Africa AE Ramadan Arabic Nav Red v1.
    It seems to me that you have bought a 5800 ramadan version which is a special edition device with some ramadan apps. These phones are often stuck with the fw it came with, and will probably not get any updates.
    So what you could do is to take your phone to a Nokia care point and ask them if they could update it for you.
    You can find nearest care point here: http://europe.nokia.com/support/repair-and-recycle/repair/care-points

  • Updating NOKIA 5800 Xpress Music!

    Hello everybody!
    I've got problems with updating my fabulous Nokia 5800 Xpress Music! Well, I've got still installed 31.0.101 firmware version. So I wanted to update my phone to "41" or latest versions, but nothning happens! I run my "Nokia software update" and it says that "there is no update available" or "your phone is already up to date"! Thing is the same if I press all know function *#0000# and try to update there.  Also the same in Nokia PC Suite...
    So, Nokia fans and employees, please help me with some tricks, that I can improve performance of my Nokia... Thanks a lot!

    Reasons why a phone cannot update:
    1. It is a country variant - country variants often get the updates later, or have updates skipped altogether. A Turkish country variant product code for example, skipped v40 and updated from v31 straight to v50.
    2. It is network branded - phones acquired from network providers or these providers' stores SIM free are branded, and will not get updates until the networks approve and modify the updates to their liking.
    3. Special editions - These special editions are chartered editions and may never get updates unless taken to a Nokia Care center.
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  • Help Me! (Nokia 5800 xpress music)

    I know that is my fault but i getted some viruses on my nokia 5800 xpress music! I do not know the type of the viruses but all i know is that is eating my memory! Even if i erased all things, i still have at sis aplications to much memori in phone so i have 0 kb memory in C at phone! Can you help me? I tryed to put again the software but i only get a new version on it or the same version and the viruses remain there! Help me please because I started to miss my phone...
    Go to Solution.

    Do this:
    A hard reset (x6, 5800 and 5230 only) is done by the following (warning, this deletes all data on your phone):
    1.) Turn off the phone and remove battery for 5min
    2.) Reinsert battery
    3.) Press and hold the green, red and camera buttons. DO NOT LET GO.
    4.) While holding the three buttons, press the power key to boot the phone up.
    5.) Keep on pressing until you see the country selection screen.
    A correctly done hard reset would show you that everything on the phone (contacts, messages, calendar entries, etc) would be deleted. So it is advisable to back them up. Upon restoration, do not restore settings or files if possible.
    Also, format your memory card. Just make a copy of your songs and pictures on your PC.
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  • 5800 Xpress Music speaker function

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any solution on the issue that when the speaker function on 5800 Xpress Music is activated the microphone of the phone makes the interlocutor hear the conversation interrupted or with large differencies in volume. Can the phone be used on speaker at all? Thank you.

    Hi sarahdolker,
    Getting "Expired Certificate" message while trying to install some application or games is due to Symbian security consideration
    1. Try re-setting phone clock back by 2 years or so. But this often does not solve the problem in most cases.
    2. There are 3rd party tweaking tricks to make ure fone to install using hack method, however, Nokia forums does not entertain this and will never guide u in the negative side of the road.
    My best solution is, for u to have a visit at http://store.ovi.com and download some free and also purchase apps and games, even widgets for ure usage. The items from OVI store are pre-signed legally by vendors, so u do not need to worry about 3rd party signing issues.
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  • 5800 xpress music.Clock is running slow.

    The Time in my 5800 xpress music changes aautomatically.Its running slow.I had corrected the time 2 weeks back and now its 10 mins slow. Automatic Time update option is turned OFF.Pleaase help me...

    It's a well-known bug in the 5800. In fact a cursory search on these forums will probably return many hits.
    Google for a piece of software called FreeTimeBox. You can set it to sync your clock using NTP protocol whenever you switch the phone on.
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  • 5800 xpress music issues....!!!!!!

    Hi All
    My 5800 xpress music doesn't run videos (movies , format: MP4 & others). It gives the below msg & runs only audio.
    Unable to perform audio or video ..., what could be the reason. My file size is 800 MB, which was in memory card.
    and also every time it shows memory problem. how do solve this. do i update the software..? if so, how can i update the software in 5800 xpress music..?
    Awaiting responces here please. 
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi hi,
    I cannot remember the exact settings and using which program, but the problem is the conversion. I've tried a few coders which had suggested settings for 5800 but output on PC can view, transfer to 5800 comes with audio only (well, it did suggest that the 5800 is the first Comes with Music phone ) .. ok ok.. lousy joke..
    Anyway, having audio only means the conversion settings is wrong. I'm not a expert in what is the settings..  even the screen size output  must be compatible..
    Hope it makes sense..

  • WLAN Wizard for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

    Can someone please tell me where can I get the WLAN Wizard for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music?

    xsb91 wrote:
    What WLAN Wizard?
    If you want to connect to WLAN, just go to the connections in settings, and choose WLAN. Refresh the list and connect to any which is available. If you see none, you're in a wireless-free area.
     Near enough what i posted mate, so why bother 
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  • 5800 xpress music shuts down during sw update

    Hi everyone,
    I am experiencing very annoying problem with my 5800 xpress music. Currently it's software version is 51.0.006 and i want to update it to a new release 52.0.007. But when i start the Software Updater and when the installation of the update begins my phone shuts down and after approximately 1 minute turns on again, but the installation says that it lost connection with the device and that i should turn off then turn on my phone again and reconnect it with usb... I did that but the some thing repeats. When update started it noted that it is normal for a device display to go blank.. But mine turns off and installation stops..
    Can anyone help?
    Go to Solution.

    @lots of numbers:
    Hi, do you have any troubles updating through FOTA or aren't there any update available through it? Remember that you will have to diall *#0000#
    If there aren't any updates available for you through FOTA it's worth checking with both Ovi suite and Nokia software updater (both computer programs).

  • I Can't update Nokia 5800 Xpress Music --plz help

    Hay all ,,
    plz help me
    I can't use Nokia software updater to update my phone
    Nokia 5800 Xpress Music
    I want to update it with my Pc
    Not by Phone
    That's the error massage
    PLz help me
    My FW is 11 !!!!

    What operating system are you using on your PC and what version of the software updater?
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    Im having issues with the internet on my 5800 Xpress music.
    I connect which is fine, but then 3 pages into browsing, it freezes the internet, phone and all the menu screens. Then I have to reconnect to the internet and start all over again.
    I have already sent one handset back to my network provider, with the same problem, got a new one and now have the same problem.
    I have tried to restore factory settings, with no luck!
    Please Help!!!

    Would suggest that you try deleting E:\cities +.qf file (if present) and re-open Ovi Maps which should re-initialise application and re-create necessary folders to download regional mapping.
    Presumably you have the latest version of Ovi Maps installed:http://nds1.nokia.com/files/support/global/phones/​software/ ovi_maps_installer_3.06_11wk23_b05_s60_5...
    Ovi Maps v3.06 uses different map set to v3.04 which can lead to issues and corrupt map data is one of the commonest causes of this application crashing upon opening.
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  • New 5800 xpress music battery problem

    soo here goes...
    i got dis new new 5800 xpress music just 2 days back...i fully charged it and didnt insert da sim yet....so da phone was actually just on standby mode continuosly.....and yet only after 24 hours it showed battery dead....i again recharged it fully....and again after 24 hours it showz battery dead....wat am i supposed to do?? i faed a similar problem wid my n95 and hence changed da phone and nw dis thing;s again acting up......HIGHLY IRRITTATING!!
    wat am i supposed to do....fight with da dealers for giving me a problematic battery or sumthin??

    Here is a strong possibility of what the problem is - I have noticed how easy it is to leave some application still running when you shut it down by using the slide switch.  Maybe maps or bluetooth - anything really.  Before you use that slide switch; display the main menu and look carefully for any item with a little circle near it.  Any you find should be turned off by clicking onto that item and then exiting from it by clicking "exit".  Now check that menu again to make sure that all items are now turned off.
                   As a separate precaution; if you keep your 5800 in a flexable pouch; you will find that there is plenty of room for a spare battery (only about £5).  The spare would be needed on a long flight or when using the unit as a satnav if not plugged into the cars cigar lighter

  • 5800 Xpress music - no more appointments on the ho...

    When I bought the phone 5800 Xpress music, i could see my appointments of the day directly on the home screen.
    I don't know why but now, i don't have it anymore, and i can't find how to have it again.
    Could you help me please?
    Thank you

    Most likely you changed your Home Screen them from Shortcuts bar to Contact Bar or Basic.  Go to Settings > Personal > Home Screen theme and change it to Shortcuts.
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    Nokia N8-00 (NAM, Product Code: 059C8T6), Symbian Belle, Type RM-596, 111.030.0609
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (NAM, Product Code: 0577454) Software v51.2.007, Type RM-428

  • N_gage in nokia 5800 xpress music

    why nokia 5800 xpress music dont has n-gage but nokia n97 has it and they are nearly to each other and they are from the last phones

    After gathering information from various sources I have finally managed to compile a decent guide to install NGage on the Nokia 5800XM using the files which have been circulating the web for the past week.
    If you have any questions please PM me on the forum or reply to the topic and I will try my best to help.
    Installing NGage
    Step 1
    Download the NGage Install Package which I have compiled below:
    - http://www.1filesharing.com/download/RIROTQGS/NGage%20-%20Nokia%205800.rar
    Step 2
    For this to correctly work, you will need to have your phone hacked, this should be no problem providing you have a little confidence and common sense. I can confirm that using HelloOX does work as it is the method I used and I can use NGage fine. If you're phone is already hacked with HelloOX and you're having trouble, ensure that all patches (open4all etc. are applied and set to auto using ROMPatcher.
    Step 3
    Copy the file "NGage 2.0 Installer.sis" to your phone and install it. You will need to sign the file using SignSIS GUI or a similar application, you should already have a certificate if you have hacked your phone as you need to sign HelloOX to hack successfully. The install process will take quite some time and you will be prompted to press "Yes" to various warnings. I can confirm that no harm has come to my phone from this process, however, proceed at your own risk. I take no responsibility.
    Step 4
    Once NGage has been installed, you will be able to find it under "Applications" on your phone. The icon will be an orange "N" and it will say "Games" underneath. To play NGage games they must be copied to "E\N-Gage" with "E\" being your memory card.
    Controlling NGage
    Since NGage is designed for phones with a keypad, and the Nokia 5800 is almost completely touchscreen, the controls must be customized. I have so far come up with two solutions, they are as follows.
    Control Method #1
    This is the most stable and easy to configure control scheme, I can confirm this works OK.
    Step 1.
    Sign and install "Virtual Keyboard.sis" which can be found in the "Control Method #1" folder of the Install Package.
    Step 2.
    Run the virtual keyboard application from your "Applications" menu and then start the NGage application. You can use the Virtual Keyboard to control your games.
    Control Method #2
    This control scheme is still a work in progress but, with some fiddling and a varying degree of luck, you may be able to get it to work. Some people have confirmed it working with different settings. I feel that this setup, if working correctly, would be the best way to control NGage on a Nokia 5800. I would like to request feedback from anyone who has this method working!
    Step 1
    Sign and install "Virtual Keyboard.sis" and then "Virtual Key.sis", both of which can be found in the "Control Method #2" folder of the Install Package.
    Step 2
    Start up "Virtual Keyboard" so that you have it running on screen and then proceed to start up "Virtual Key".
    Step 3
    In the Virtual Key application, choose "Options" then "Load Mode" and choose "Custom Mode 1".
    Step 4
    Press "Options" then "Add". Highlight "Original Key" and then press the Right arrow on the Virtual Keyboard application you loaded earlier. Then highlight "Mapped Key" and hold down the "Volume -" key then press the "Volume +" key. If all has worked correctly the mapped key should change to "Vol+". Then do the same for the following
    Vol+ .................. Left
    Vol- ................... Right
    No ..................... Up
    Yes ................... Down
    Camera .............. K
    Then press "Options" and save your "Custom Mode 1".
    Step 5
    Set the Virtual Key application to run in the background and completely exit the Virtual Keyboard application.
    Step 6
    Start up the NGage application and try to play a game. Hopefully the Up/Down volume keys will control Left/Right when holding the phone horizontally, and the other keys should do what you mapped them to above. You may have to use the volume keys in the same way you had to set them (Hold down Vol- and press Vol+ etc. So now hopefully you can play NGage. Let me know of any other control schemes you guys come up with!
    The installer and key mappers are freeware, but you need to purchase the games legally at www.n-gage.com.
    I'm an Xploit - Please feel free to post your issues, feedbacks in this discussion forum and I'll do my level best to help, otherwise my knowledged friends whom are around willing to help you. Thank you !

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