651 return delivery - WM stock is not available

i posted this in pp but thought i may get more responses here.
at some point a a return delivery was done with a 651 movement. i dont think the 651 was completed correctly for WM because when an attempt to do a 453 to take the return stock to unrestricted is done, no quantities are available. there are open post changes for the stock available qty is zero but you can see that the amount exists in "stock placement qty" how do you place the stock into available qty or can you reverse the 651 to start over?
When the return 651 was done it went to interim WM 904 bin with the return delivery number. What movement/transaction should someone use at this point? I think that is where this is failing.

the problem is that instead of completing post changes and TR's, 999 movements were used from LT01 so now there is stock for putaway and pick in WM LS26
TYPE     AVAIL     PUTAWAY          PICK
R     0          1          0
     1          0          0
R     1-          0          1

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  • Blocking of delivery if stock is not available

    How to do Blocking of delivery if stock is not available ?

    You can control this via availability check control
    In the transaction OVZ9
    Select your Checking Group ( 01 or 02 ) and the Checking Rule  B  ( SD Delivery)
    and inside this mark the following
    1) Check without RLT
    2) Include Deliveries
    Then in that case the system will create the delivery only if you have physical stock. and also the system will take into consideration whether any open deliveries exist for the stock for ex . if the physical stock is 10 Pieces and you have already created a delivery note for 8 Pieces but neither nor pgied. then in that case the next delivery will only be created for 2 pieces and not more.
    Check this out and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Why some times delivery  will created through vl10c even sale order stock is not available?

    why some times delivery  will created through vl10c in batchmode even sale order stock is not available?

    the correct english name is : Replenishment leadtime
    Check with Replenishment lead time - Supply Chain Management (SCM) - SCN Wiki

  • Drop Ship the item if stock is not available

    We have a requirement where,
    A item is about to get expire (No more demand) but organization is having some stock of the item. So Purchase team has stopped procuring the item.
    Now, when we receive any order for the specific item, client wants to look at the present stock and ship it if its available. If not, create drop shipment.
    Does anyone aware of this functionality where a single item will behave as a stocked item if the stock is available and drop ship item, if stock is not available.
    Any help will highly appreciated.

    A given item CAN be procured internally or externally.
    But that attribute is set when the sales order line is booked.
    So you need some kind of a personalization that will look at the available qty of the item being ordered and then set the Source type to External if enough qty is not available.
    Hope this helps
    Sandeep Gandhi

  • Determination of batch whose stocks are not available in system

    Hi SAPgurus,
    During batch determination , the system is determining a batch whose stocks are not available in system .(The stocks of that batch has been received and has been sold out 1 week back , In MMBE also the stocks of that batch is nil and another batch is available) .
    One imp thing to note that after determination , system is giving error message while performing PGI.But the question is why it is determining at all.
    Thanks in advance,

    Kindly check the Storage Location against that Material & Plant as might be stock is available with that Batch in some different Storage Location.
    Best Regards,

  • Automatic PR if stock is not available

    Hi dudes
    i want automatically to PR to be generated if the material is not available in availability check. The material is a trading good (HAWA). should this be done as processing similar way as individual purchase order or any other option is there. when i am trying to change tan to tab.. it is saying item category TAB is not defined for this item

    Hi Venkatesh
    the entry for Or type + Itm cat grp + --- + -
    = TAN and here manual itm cat as TAB i have defined. Even then the error is coming.
    is there any other process where if stock is not available automatic PR is created.

  • While Creating PM order If component stock is not available shld thr error

    Dear All,
    At the time of PM order creation, If assign component stock is not available system should through error and order shold not save

    Hi Mr Honyal,
    This is not possible in Standard.
    You need to configure it throught user exit.
    You can use user exit - CNEX0009.
    The exit is called from PS, PM, PP, so while coding please use a specific transaction code like IW31, IW32 etc.
    The exit is called material by material. So if you have entered 5 material in components screen,
    the exit will be called 5 times.
    At run time you need to check the availabel stock of that material and give error if the stock doesnt exist.
    Take help from your ABAPer & MM consultant for coding and finding tables of stock.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Return delivery for stock transport oder

    I need better clarity on the following Return delivery process for STO.
    Step 1)Creation of intra company stock transport order with document type UB.
    Step 2)Goods issue from the Supplying plant (Movement type 641)
    Step 3)Goods receipt at the Receiving plant( Movement type 101-To quality inspection stock )
    Step 4)Posting return delivery at Receiving plant. (Movement type 122)
    On performing step 4) , the stock quantity and value are getting reduced at the Receiving plant, but the stock updating does not happen in the Supplying plant automatically. (i.e. Goods Receipts )
    Do we need to perform any other movements ( Goods receipts ) in the supplying plant so that the Returned stock will be updated with the return delivered quantity ?
    Please clarify.
    Gobinathan G

    Thanks for your feedback.
    It worked well. On posting 122 , the stock was posted to "stock in Transit" of Receiving plant.
    When I reversed the goods movement by VL09, the stock was posted back to stock of supplying plant. ( Movement type 642 posted )
    Gobinathan G
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    Hi Friends,
                     I have an issue in APO.i have a stock of 360 for material m1.when i tried to create a sales order in r/3 the apo confirming 324 for first time.But when i tried to create another sales order again apo is confirming 324 for second time.Again i tried to create another sales order again APO is confirming 324 which is totally wrong.it has to confirm 0 for that particular order.
                            Ordered quanity        confirmed by apo       available stock
    sales order1        360                             324                          360
    sales order2        360                             324                          360  -
    > (wrong)
    sales order3        360                            324                            360----
    can any help me to sort out this problem.
    Thanks & regards,
    Manoj Kumar thatha

    Strange, Unless you see a blank APO screen.
    Just see the following.
    -The order created is for a BOM item but the check is happening for a component.
    -RBA is active and ATP is confirming the component which is available in plenty at the same/another locaton.
    -If there are substituiton procedures mainatined within RBA and some other product is confirmed.
    -If there is a material determination happening at the order document level and that is getting confirmed because stocks/receipts are available
    -The material is available at an alternate location and a location determindation procedure is maintained in the rule maintenance.
    -Product interchangability is active at global master data level. .and made valid for ATP and is active but may be you have not taken note of it
    i.e you are probably checking for the stock of original product at original locaiton and that is not availalble but by virtue of BOM, or MDIC or Rules based ATP check confirmation is happening.
    Dont see any other reasons.
    Pay special attention to the receipt /requiremens tabs in scope of check. Do you see zero figures there ?
    In that case some combination of business event and check mode is not calling GATP..

  • Return delivery against PO does not open up qty's?

    We are working through a new WM process for having tighter control of returns. 
    PO line is created for 120 pieces.
    Inbound delivery created for 20 pieces, received with movement type 101.
    Return delivery created to send back the 20 pieces.  Posted with mvmt 122.
    So far so good, on the PO History tab the return cancels out the receipt and the net qty is zero - but the return delivery and it's 20 pieces are all by themselves and now there are only 100 pieces open on the new PO - creating a new inbound delivery only proposes 100. 
    Shouldn't the entire qty of 120 pieces be open now?  That's what we want!  What did we do wrong??

    Hi miller,
    Kindly cancel  inbound delivery using t code VL09 for 20 pcs .

  • Material should be determined when then the stock is not available

    Dear All,
    One of our scenario is to do material determination. But the alternative material should be determined only when the actual material is not in stock.
    Kindly suggest the solution.

    As rightly said by friend Anirudh V B,
                     its possible through Material Determination. But not possible without ABAP coding.
    With the help of ABAP with min coding you can achieve this,
    let the ABAPer write coding to check the stock availability of the entered material before triggering "material determination" records.
    To do this availability check , then can jsut use the existing Function modules : BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY (OR) AVAILABILITY_CHECK.  if the stock found zero / nil, let the "materail determination should trigger, else process as normal .
                its already available, doenst need / take much time , but ABAP involvement is needed to fulfill your requirement.
    Reazuddin MD

  • Customer consignment stock view not available at Ship-to party level

    We have moved our stock to customer consignment stock using order type KB (Consignment fill-up). When we view stock situation using MB58 (Consignment at customer) the stock shows up under customer sold-to. However, we would like to see how much consignment stock do we have under each ship-to location. Is there any view or report in the system which shows consignment stock at each ship-to level?
    We have tried the following:
    1) We thought of making ship-to party equal to sold-to party thus using the same output (MB58) but we have several ship-to's (sometimes 50) per sold-to which will make sales analysis and pricing maintenance difficult (as our pricing is based on sold-to).
    2) We looked at table MSKU (Special Stocks with Customer) and in it stock is stored at the sold-to level and MB58 pulls out stock from this table only. We thought of using user exit to move ship-to number in MSKU table at the time of stock movement but then we will have to change ATP logic (user exit again) also for consignment issue orders and we would like to avoid all that in case there is a simpler solution.
    This seems to be a requirement which lot of customers would have, Are we missing something obvious. Please help.

    Thanks Buddi,
    Partner function SB works the way we wanted it to.

  • What does "Sorry, delivery dates not available right now." mean?

    I am trying to order a TV and I keep getting this error message.  Does this mean that the TV is completely out of stock in my area or does this mean that the TV delivery team is completely booked for the foreseable future?  I tried another zip code in a different part of the US for the same TV and I don't get this error message.  Thanks...

    Hello SRZ, 
    This Samsung TV looks amazing and I'm glad to hear you were able to snag it! To my knowledge this message may be received if we do not have any delivery appointments available or if stock is not available. 
    I apologize for any concern this message may have caused you, and for any disappointment you may have encountered when you received a distant delivery date. If you should have any questions, please let me know! 
    Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Return Delivery- Move type issue

    Hi frnds
    I have an issue i have not been able to resolve.
    The client wants to scrap the material when receiving the return delivery(LR) on a return order(RE). Initially 657 mov type was asssigned to DN schedule line category in VOV6, so i changed it to 551 but when i ran the return delivery i got error that the update control for this move type does not exist.
    I then copied the mov type 657 in OMJJ and renamed it (999) and in the update control kept the ref mov type as 551 but on running return delivery the stock is still going in the blocked area instead of getting scrapped.
    Does someone have any suggestions for me.... I think i am missing something but am not able to figure it out. I hope i can scrap the material form a return delivery.!!!!
    If i use move type 657(GR-blocked stock) and then use 555(GI-scrap from blocked stock) in Move type step 1 in transaction VOV6, will it work ?????
    Will award points..
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    The movement type for Return Delivery is 651. Pls make use of this movement type to first post the goods as Returns goods.
    Then using 453 you can post them into unrestricted stock.
    Reward if this helps.

  • Vendor return delivery form Quality Management on inspection type 08

    Dear all.
    I have a query regarding vendor return delivery. The issue is on a transection when one of our user has wrongly post the material to restricted stock after rejecting it on an inspection lot (Orign 01), that actually has to return to vendor and lot is the second return delivery to vendor on the same P.O. and line no.
    To correct this i have done a transfer posting and transfer the material back to quality inspection by using movement type 322. Now i have an inspection lot with 08 orign but this time the system is not allowing me to post a return delivery and showing "PU Qty deficit" error.
    Any one has any idea! please advice.
    I am very thankful for your help.

    Dear Tahir,
    Have checked the scenario and is working fine, I think  there is some i found in  your  3rd communication in this thread. Gajesh has given you right path, you are trying it differently  so there is a error. Just do following and revert back:
    You have applied 08 insp type  and lot i generated again and you have posted it to block stock correct no???  and you have already removed 08 type now fine.
    Now go to migo >> *select return delivery  against  original material document, put reason for movement  and select stock type as block stock *  and post the document.
    You were trying to do reverse GR instead of return delivery hence system was not allowing, pl check and revert it works 100%.

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