8.2 iPhone 6 + bluetooth issue

Up until 8.2, my bluetooth connectivity with my VW Passat was just fine.  I could stream music, make calls using the steering wheel controls, etc.  When a call came in, music would cut out, caller id would show on the phone and I could answer the call using the steering wheel controls.
This worked for my iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6+ up until this latest iOS update (8.2)
Now, when a call comes in, my car will ring, the phone stays with a black screen.  After 2 rings, my iPhone 6+ begins to ring and the caller id shows.   If I was using the music app, the music will cut out when the phone rings (as it should), but as soon as the phone is answered, the music begins playing again over the call.
I can no longer make a call using the steering wheel controls.  After saying 'call' then the name, the car disconnects the phone.  Again, this has never happened with any of the iterations of iOS with iPhones and this car up until 8.2
I can, however, make calls using the iPhone 6+ and Siri, using the car speaker and mic.
I've noticed other glitches in iOS 8 (all versions) but this bluetooth issue is most annoying and dangerous.  It has now removed Hands Free from my car and forced me to use the handset if calls are made or come in.
Has anyone else seen similar issues on 8.2?  I've cleared the Bluetooth settings and restarted the phone many times and I can't seem to get it to work correctly.

Yes, I have exactly the same problem with all our VW & Volvo at work. iOS 8.1 iphone 6 & 6+ Bluetooth 4.0
now, we have bought some other smart phone with latest 4G+ technology : no more problems good connectivity
we used old iphone 4 with iOS 5.1.1: the Bluetooth connectivity was fine, but no 4G+!!
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    I am useing the Iphone 3.0 beta and I wanted to see if anyone who is on it is having the same issue. I was using my phone and the bluetooth function is not working anymore. I have tried all troubleshooting steps as possible and the bluetooth won't work with the phone. So what would be the problem??? Is anyone else experiancing the same issue??

    Your probably going to be better off asking this in the dev forums

  • IPad and iPhone Bluetooth issues

    I have an iPad2 and an iPhone4s and neither of them will discover the other.
    In addition they won't discover any other Bluetooth items, although my iPhone will pair with my car Bluetooth for some reason and will find other car Bluetooth devicesIt's all very odd!
    I have a Bluetooth keyboard but my iPad won't discover that either. I've tried turning off but make no difference.

    4. Once you do this, your keyboard will show up under Devices and say Not Paired. - See more at: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/5772/ipad-how-to-pair-connect-any-bluetooth-keybo ard/#sthash.FZlCTbkx.dpuf
    I have 2 Ipad 4th Gen tablets.. neither will discover anything. I turn on Bluetooth and it just searches forever, but never discovers anything. I can turn both tablets Bluetooth on and neither one even finds the other.
    I tried turning off the airdrop thing, and still nothing.
    Is there a config file or something? Im actually an experienced Windows/Linux developer, never used Apple products before now and am suprised there is really nothing that can be done to anything. I feel like Apple is treating us like untrusted kids lol

  • BMW & iPhone bluetooth issues

    I just got a new 2008 BMW 328i this weekend and am trying to sync up my iPhone (original one - not 3G, but has the latest software). The directions seem easy enough, but I can't even get the iPhone to recognize the BMW bluetooth signal to enter the passcode to sync up. Am I doing something wrong? Your help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

    I managed to get my wife's new iphone upgraded to 2.2, and then got it to "pair" with her 2000 X5. Not quite sure exactly how, I had to "fumble" around a fair amount, but as soon as it did "pair", I quickly quit!
    It will work - just that there are mis-matches in the instructions/display texts between BMW owner's manual, BMW display, and iphone documentation is, charitably put, sparse.
    Not sure if I could repeat without fumbling around again.

  • IPhone 6 BlueTooth issues with iOS8

    Ok here is my findings:
    Tried 2 iPhone 5 units before iOS8 and no issues with Bluetooth (1 I had for 2 years and no issues in my car). Once updating to iOS8 the bluetooth didn't work well at all for phone calls but music connects fine. Strange issues with the unit automatically start dialling but not able to cancel call until you disconnected bluetooth.
    Also incoming calls ring but unable to answer and seem to lock up so you have to disconnect bluetooth to hang up.
    I tried everything listed in the forums here and what the Apple reps told me. It works for a short while until the phone gets turned off or synced with iTunes. Now I have a new iPhone 6 with iOS 8 and it worked initially before I started setting things up.
    I did not restore from a back up, I started as a new phone. Once I installed all my apps (Not in iTunes, rather manually over the air) and changed settings on the phone (not sure if it because of changing settings or turning the phone off) it would not connect to bluetooth in my car anymore, well it does just for music. I have tried my wife's iPhone 5c and it seems to work fine with my bluetooth so it definitely has nothing to do with my vehicle.
    Apple there is a definite issue here. Stop telling me and other people to contact my car manufacturer to fix the issue. It all worked fine before iOS 8. Something needs to be done ASAP or I will be returning my phone and jumping ship to an Android or Windows phone as much as that may pain me. I have been a loyal Apple customer for the last 7 years. If this is how you are going to treat me and other loyal customers, you will not keep us for long.
    I am hoping someone from Apple is reading this. If so I am expecting to be contacted. We expect a resolution fast!

    I had same Bluetooth issues with iOS 8 on my iPhone 6; no phone/no music streaming although showing as "connected" with my 2 vehicles (VW and Audi).
    Apple telephone technical support team solved issue with both cars as follows:
    1. Delete the phone from handsfree memory in the Bluetooth car settings.
    2. "Forget" the handsfree device (car) in the iPhone Bluetooth settings.
    3. Reset ALL settings in iPhone (not just network settings)!!
    (note: I had to reset ALL settings twice in a row for this to work.)
    It worked in both cars! (Hope it stays working.....?)
    You will have to reset wallpaper, and most other settings, as well.  Certainly worth the trouble to get car Bluetooth up and running properly.
    Good luck.

  • IPhone 4:  Bluetooth Issues - Hands Free Phone in vehicle

    This is my first Apple post.  I usually go out and Google and find/figure things out on my own, but I am stumped!
    I recently upgraded my wife to an iPhone 4 16gb Black from an iPhone 3GS 8gb.  With the 3GS, we were able to pair the phone with our 2011 Toyota Highlander with bluetooth capability, giving me nearly 9 month pregnant wife the ability to stream audio to her stereo, but more importantly she was able to make/receive calls in her car using the hands free.
    We were able to go through the setup like we did with the 3GS to pair it.  It pairs up just fine.  However, the only thing that works is the audio streaming.  She cannot access the phone for calling/receiving calls with the vehicle.  When a call comes in, I remember the 3GS having a bluetooth headset option that showed up, but as long as the bluetooth was on in the car, the stereo would automatically pick up the call and she could talk to the car and hear the call through the speakers.
    I have read that the iPhone 4 had bluetooth issues with older IOS versions, but she is on 4.3.3 currently.  Again, audio streaming her music works, just not the phone.  What gives?

    Hey Shane!
    You could always try going to Toyota and see if there is a firmware upgrade available for your car.  Even though your car is new, there are always firmware releases available.
    New Phones don't always work with older firmwares in new Car Stereos.  With Technology changing everyday you want to make sure your always update on all devices involded.

  • Bluetooth issues w/ IPhone 6 & Chevy Traverse

    I Had the iPhone 5 and my Bluetooth worked great in my Chevy traverse. Now that I have the iPhone 6 I am experiencing constant issues with the Bluetooth and traverse functions.  The phone number shown on incoming and outgoing calls does not match the actual number, the vehicle buttons don't answer incoming calls, the Bluetooth connection seems to drop after you make the 1st call once connected (2nd call made requires disconnect and reconnect to work).  Is any one else experiencing Bluetooth issues with their vehicle or with the Chevy traverse?  Anyone know how to fix these issues?

    Hello Rjshimanek3,
    I have an issue with bluetooth on iPhone 6 Plus not working properly with my car as well.  My iPhone 5 worked fine with the car.  My iPhone 5 used to have iOS 7.1 and it worked.  I upgraded my iPhone 5  to 8.0 (a few days before iPhone 6/6+ available in the store) and it also worked.  Now my iPhone 6 plus did not seem to work with my car BT properly.  If I play music, I can hear the sound through my speakers.  However, when I placed a phone call using BT in the car, it dialed out but as soon as the call is connected, the audio source (as seen from the iPhone 6 plus screen) switched from car BT to just "iPhone".    Most of the times now when I tried to connected my iPhone 6 Plus to the car BT, my car menu is frozen like the phone is dialing out, which it is not doing.  So I have to turn off BT of the iPhone 6 Plus in the car.
    Here are a few things that I tried
    > I tried to delete the bluetooth device from my car and repaired it and it did not work
    > I tried to reset network settings from the iPhone 6 plus and repaired it with the car BT and it did not work
    > I tried to restart the iPhone 6 plus and repaid it with car BT and it did not work
    >  I upgraded iPhone 6 plus to latest iOS 8.0.2 and it did not work with my car BT
    > I tried my iPhone 6 plus on another car (same make though, different model) and similarly can't make phone call and car menu frozen with "dialing" on the screen.
    I would like to try my car BT with another iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 + which I don't have so I can see if it's my particular iPhone 6 plus or the car.  At this point, I am thinking.
    I'd like to hear if others are having issue with Bluetooth on iPhone 6/6+

  • Bluetooth issues....with Iphone 4

    I was with Tmobile for 9 years and less than 2 weeks ago I switched to AT&T. Great Iphone 4 we both got and a good plan.
    The problem is the bluetooth being dropped all the time and muffled sound and or hearing every other word. This is a HUGE issue with me being in the medical field and using 5 to 6000 min/month all on bluetooth. Never had a problem with my 3G. After looking in the Apple site and finding this IS a issue ...I am open to any way to resolve this? I am very good with resolving issues, however, after two new Jawbones and reading the complaints...it is not me or the bluetooth.
    People should be advised of this issue when purchasing.
    Thank you for your time and pleae advise!

    Hi, I am an old ATT customer new to the Iphone 4 on 4.2.1. I LOVE THIS phone BUT....I am on my third one in less than three months because of this bluetooth issue. I have a BlueAnt Q2 (my fav), an old Motorola 720, a new Motorola HD 17, and none of them works right consistently with this phone. I reset, I pair and repair the bluetooth headset, I reset the network settings, I turn the phone and headset on and off, I restore the phone, and it still does work as good as my old LG Shine (the original version) or my old Samsung Propel Pro. This makes me very sad because I live on my bluetooth so that I can talk and use my hands at the same time. If Apple fixed this my life would be immeasurably better.

  • Bluetooth issue in ios 7.1

    I am facing the Bluetooth issue in ios 7.1 iphone.In ios 7.0 it works fine without any problem.I am using the EA framework for reading/writing the data in my application.Still I have not got any correct solution for this scenario. I am having a doubt that this issue is happening as because of EA framework which I am using it or do i need to change any settings.Could someone tell me the solution for this problem?

    1.I am using an external Bluetooth kit by which I will send the command through my iphone application.I will communicate with the external Kit through a command that writes and reads the data using External Accessory framework.In lower version except IOS 7.1 i was able to communicate properly without any issues.In EA framework implementing a delegate method I could able to write/read a data.
    2) Right now I am facing an issue only in ios 7.1 where I was not able to read any data from the external Bluetooth Kit.I have researched regarding this issue in all the sites I got to know some information that because of EA framework issue in ios 7.1 where I am able to communicate.But still I have a confusion that its happening because of EA framework or any other ios issues.

  • TS1559 my iphone bluetooth is not working

    Hi i am Ishrat.I like to let you know that my iphone bluetooth and safari is not working .

    Perhaps if you explain your issues, then someone here could help.

  • Bluetooth Issues: Echo + Other Problems

    I have the iPhone 3G and an Infiniti G35 with an integrated Bluetooth system. Like everyone else who has commented on Bluetooth, I get the standard echo. I didn't get that before on my Moto Q.
    This other issues occurs 100% of the time also. Whenever I get an incoming call, I press the steering wheel "answer" button and the call picks up. I see the time count up as if the phone line is connected. About 5 seconds goes by, then the call disconnects. About 4 seconds later, it picks up again (without me hitting any more buttons)and both the caller and I can hear each other.
    This 10 second lag happens every time and I end up saying, "Hello, hello, hello...," etc. for 10 seconds until they can hear me.
    Besides the echo problems are many of you having this Bluetooth problem?

    how old is your bluetooth system? Bluetooth has changed recently (it is somewhat like wi-fi in that it does undergo frequency updates and things like that). If the bluetooth system is older than the iPhone bluetooth system, that could be at fault.
    Also, are you able to connect to other known good bluetooth devices?
    It could be a problem with the phone or with the device in your car. I would suggest trying to have someone with a 3G iPhone attempt to connect to your car stereo bluetooth.
    Hope that helps!

  • HT5569 iPhone WiFi issue. I enter a password, click join, and get a message back that it is the incorrect password. I have several computers and two other iPhones connected using the same password. Any clues?

    iPhone WiFi issue. I enter a password, click join, and get a message back that it is an incorrect password. I have several computers and other iPhones connected using the same password. Any ideas?

    Hey there Gordo456,
    It sounds like you are not able to join your Wi-Fi network with the correct password on 1 out of many devices. I recommend the troubleshooting from the article named:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    Restart your iOS device.
    Update your device to the latest version of software.
    Update your Wi-Fi router to the latest firmware2. For AirPort Base Stations, install updates using the AirPort Utility.
    If that troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, I would next try these steps from further down the article:
    Unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network
    Verify that you're attempting to connect to your desired Wi-Fi network.
    Make sure you're entering your Wi-Fi password correctly. Passwords may be case sensitive and may contain numbers or special characters.
    Reset network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note: This will reset all network settings including:
    previously connected Wi-Fi networks and passwords
    recently used Bluetooth accessories
    VPN and APN settings.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • HT1222 Is anyone having problems with iPhone Bluetooth to BMW s since iOS 6.1

    Is anyone having problems with iPhone Bluetooth to BMW s since iOS 6.1?

    Yes. I had an iPhone 3G and when upgraded to 6.1 the bluetooth connectivity failed progressively and eventually the phone just wouldn't connect. I broke and reestablished the pairing am few times and each time it would work for a while then disconnect to the extent I thought the bluetooth hardware in the car was failing. I then got an iPhone 5 and the same issue remained. In the last few days I've paired an old Blackberry with the car kit to rule out the BMW hardware. Blackberry is fine so it has to be iOS incompatibility.

  • Does 4.0.1 fix all iPhone 4 issues?

    I got a call from AT&T and they said the iPhone 4 I ordered has arrived. I am afraid to go and get it because of the problems reported by early adopters. The "death grip" issue doesn't bother me because there is an easy and reliable fix for it. The proximity sensor issue does scare me, but I have seen some posts that say 4.0.1 fixes it. But what about the bluetooth issue?
    http://www.zdnet.com/blog/apple/add-bluetooth-to-the-iphone-4-list-of-woe-update d-2x/7588
    By the way, the proximity sensor issue just got some press, just as Apple fixed the problem:
    http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2010/technology/1007/gallery.iphone_problems/3.ht ml

    gizzys dad wrote:
    I think the poster is referring to some reported bluetooth issues after the 4.0 upgrade. Some people report that certain vehicles that they have been unable to pair then phone to the bluetooth system.
    I am talking about the Jawbone issue. According to ZDNet (see link posted in first message), the maker of Jawbone made this statement:
    +We are aware of and concerned with the user frustration surrounding the issues affecting all Bluetooth devices (headsets, car kits, and speakers) connecting to the iPhone 4 and iOS4 updated phones. We know users have come to expect the freedom of hands-free and we are working night and day with our partners, Apple and AT&T, to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.+

  • Iphone bluetooth headset won't answer

    anyone have this problem?
    i wouldn't call my bluetooth headset "dead", but when a call comes through and i push the botton at the top, it no longer connects me to the caller. i can't hear them, although they claim to be able to hear me. i have to call them back in order to have a converstation.
    i bought it at the apple store online back in may/june. if i bring it to the apple store, will they give me a new one?

    Hello Joolader. Posted below is an Article that seems based on what it is your doing. I have also posted a couple other articles along with Damon's, As well as some additional troubleshooting steps.
    iPhone and iPhone Bluetooth Headset: About auto-pairing http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305665
    iPhone Bluetooth Headset troubleshooting http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305777
    How to pair iPhone Bluetooth Headset http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305664
    Additional Troubleshooting.
    1. Turn iPhone off then back on. Simply hold down the Sleep/Wake button and slide to power off, When the screen turns dark. Press the Sleep/Wake Button for 3 seconds till you see an Apple Logo. Once the iPhone boots backup, Now try Bluetooth again.
    2. Reboot the iPhone. Press Sleep/Wake and Home button together, Let go once you see Apple Logo. iPhone will Reboot and come back, Now test Bluetooth
    3.Go to Settings- Toggle Airport Mode on, Then Off, Retest Bluetooth
    4.Go to Settings- General-Reset-Reset Network Settings, Retest Bluetooth
    5. Now that we covered all the basic settings without touching data. If you still can not get Bluetooth to work try the last couple steps.
    6. Find another Bluetooth headset see if the iPhone sees it.
    7.Backup your Data, Restore iPhone, Test Bluetooth
    If this all fails. Take your iPhone and Bluetooth headset to an Apple Retail store, Where they can attempt a couple more last min troubleshooting steps on iPhone.
    If another Bluetooth works with your iPhone then you had a Bluetooth headset issue. But taking your Bluetooth headset into Apple Retail will allow them to test it on other iPhones to rule out an issue with your hardware.
    Please book an appointment at your local store before going in.

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