A few questions before I buy a new iMac/Mac mini and sign up for Creative Cloud.

Hello Everyone,
I am looking to purchase a new Apple computer and sign up for Creative Cloud within the next week and I have a few questions that should be answered before I proceed.
My wife and I own a business and we will be using the CS6 apps to create brochures, Constant Contact mailings, product package inserts, edit product photography for print and web use, and short HD how-to videos. We are not graphics professionals or power users and wont be doing anything too complicated.
Any help and answers will be greatly appreciated.
I will start with the hardware questions first:
I am trying to decide between the iMac and the Mac mini.
The iMac is a 2.7Ghz Quad-core Intel core i5 and comes with 4GB of memory that is expandable to 16GB, which I will do for sure. It comes with a Radeon HD 6770M graphics card with 512MB of GDDR5 memory(not upgradable), and a 1TB HDD that runs at 7200RPM. This unit meets the specs required.
The 2.5Ghz Mac Mini comes with 4GB of memory that is expandable to 8GB, I will also do this. It has a Radeon HD 6630M graphics card with 256MB of GDDR5 memory(not upgradable), and a 500GB HDD that runs at 5400RPM. This unit meets all the spec(I think) except for the speed of the HDD.
Question: Will the mini run the software without too much of an issue considering the speed of the HDD?
Question: Will the iMac run the software significantly better to justify the price difference?
I already have 1 mini(purchased 4 months ago, with the same specs listed above) and will be purchasing a second computer for my wifes desk. If the mini will run CS6 fine, that is great and we can save a few bucks. If my mini will not run CS6 well, I will get the iMac for her desk as she will be doing the bulk of the work in that regard anyway.
Now a couple of software questions.
After reading hundreds of reviews and forum posts over the last few days I have seen many people having this or that issue. It seems to me that most of the issues are because of upgrades from Lion to Mountian Lion after installing CS6 first or trying to open CS3,4,5 files in CS6.
If you want to know what issues have me concerned take a look at just this one forum:
Similar issues are discussed in the Apple forums as well as many other places around the web.
I am not a computer professional but I know enough to maintain my systems and keep them running smoothly.
We do not have any Adobe software installed on my mini and will not be opening any files from previous versions of Adobe product in the new CS6 software. These will be a clean installs on pristine systems running fully updated Mountian Lion OS's on both machines and creating new files from scratch.
Question: Should I be expecting any issues like the ones I have read in the forums and blogs or are these just the normal things that happen when upgrading to new software with multiple hardware configurations?
My feeling is that we will not be having too much of a problem due to the clean installs and no files from previous versions.
Next up, the Creative Cloud(CC) FAQ states that you can install on 2 machines but can't open stuff at the same time.
Question: Does this mean we can't be using any CS6 apps at the same time or just not using the same app at the same time?
Example: PS and PS on both machines at same time = No, PS on one and Dreamweaver on the other at the same time=Yes?
The CC FAQ page says Adobe will add Lightroom 4 later in 2012 while the main CC page lists it as available now.
Question: Which is true?
My mini is registered to me, with my name, iTunes account, Apple ID etc.
Question: Do I need to do the initial set-up of the new machine with all my information to ensure the CS6 suite works on both machines? Do the computers need to be registered(as far as Apple configuration is concerned) to same person for them to work on one CC account or can I install CS6 on any 2 machines regardless of how they were initially set-up?
This may seem like a silly question but I want to avoid any problems before they happen.
Well, those are all of my questions at the moment. To anyone who made it this far in my looooong post, Thank You so much for your time. I appreciate your expertise and knowledge and hope that you can help me make this decision.
Alex Bogdan

I'll try and answer your questions as best I can.
Qn 1 Which Mac.
Ans:- As I understand it both units will run Adobe CS6.
          Which one really depends on what you wand from CS6. If you are looking for high end demand and performance, then I would go for the IMac
          Your Specs for the Imac are right. However if you buy your IMac straight from Apple there are even higher specs.
          You can get:-
                              3.4 GHz i7 processor rather than the i5
                               2GB video card as opposed to a 1Gb video card.
                               Of course such a model will cost you more.
          In the end it is needs compared with money to spend. That is only a decision you cam make.
Q2:- Will the higher cost for the Imac justify copst.
Ans:- Again it depends on what demands you intend to make on the hardware and software.
          But I note you have a business and if that businees expects to high demand and high speedy performance then I suspect the Imac would be more able to provide your needs.
          Again only you will know the answer to that.
Q3:- Questions about CS6 reliability
Ans:- I have been with Adobe for way over 10 years.
         Speaking, only for myself, it is the most reliable software on the market.
          It is true that if you look down this form, like any other and I am thinking about the Apple discussions forum, you will find numerous instances of problems.
          Again this is only my opinion, but although all these problems are real for the individuals:-
          First it is not clear why they have the problem e.g. what have they done or not done.
          Second, they are in the minority of the total users using the hardware / software.
          The only problem I am aware of with CS6 is Acrobat X. I understand it has been sorted Adobe, however it cost me so much work I have removed it from my system and reverted to Acrobat 9
          So what I am saying is that there are only two comapnies I rely 100% on: They are Adobe and Apple.
         So if you are happy with my opinion I would not worry about Adobe CS6
Qn 4:- CS6 0n 2 machines.
Ans:- Yes you will not be able to run the same program similtaneosly.
           I believe, if it is important that you do run the same program together, that you can acquire a further licience from Adobe to do that.
           You would need to contact Adobe about that.
Qn 5:- Lightroom 4
Ans:- Lightroom is now available as part of Creative Cloud.
Qn 6:- Set up for individual machines
Ans:- I do not believe you do. Once you have set up your Creative Cloud account you go to the apps site and download the apps for each machine.
          Each machine downloads the apps and your machine and the apps are registered by Adobe.
         Here is something that you may want to know:-
          Because I was so unhappy loosing all the Acrobat data with Acrobat X I ended up deleting Acrobat X
          However as far as Creative Cloud is concered Acrobat X is still on my machine.
          It is not a problem for me because I am happy with Acrobat 9, it fullfils my needs and has not crashed and lost me all my bookmarks.
          However here is the point:-
          Adobe, when there was a problem with Acrobat X requested that no-one deletes the application.
         Though I do not know for certain I believe registration of the apps you have with Creative Cloud are registered with Creative Cloud in their database. Therefore were you to delete an app, it will still be registered with Creative Cloud and you will not be able to download a further copy even though the app is no longer on your    machine.
          Therefore it maybe not a good idea to delete an app when you no longer have a use for it. If you want it back I suspect you will have to contact Adobe Support
Personal Comment:-
          It is true many unfortunately have had all sorts of problems, including me with Acrobat X.
          That said, Creative Cloud in my view has been a major advance in how Adobe delivers software. I have no regrets with signing up to Creative Cloud and I expect to remain with it.
Hope all of that goes some way to answering your questions.

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    I've spoken to a sales rep at the Apple store, and at 800-MY-APPLE. They both say this is no big deal just connect the camcorder to the Mini and away we go.
    Capture the video in iMovie, and then copy it to the external drive. OK, I'm no Guru here, but most of the information I've found on the www strongly discourages trying to capture DV to a 5400RPM drive, ESPECIALLY a system drive. I REALLY would like to hook up the External drive AND Camcorder at the same time.
    Once I have the video captured, I have a decision to make about editing software. Since my Camcorder doesn't have a mic input, I frequently capture my sound with a ZOOM H2 digital recorder. When I edit, I then have video, camera audio and a wav file from the ZOOM. To sync this audio track with the video, I need to slide the wav audio around the timeline with pretty fine resolution to match the video with good tight sync. In my experience with several PC editors, I've found this really difficult to do since most of them limit the editing of audio tracks to one frame accuracy, or 1/30th of a second, which is WAY too coarse to get really good sync with the picture.
    So, I'm wondering if iMovie would allow me to slide my audio around the timeline freely, or should I be considering Final Cut Express instead?
    After years of PC ****, I'm looking forward to the new Mac. Just want to make the right choices. . .
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    All the intel chips have the turbo boost. No MacBook Airs have quad core chips. They are only duo core. You need the pro book for the quad cores. As a school laptop the air is great because of the SSD. It opens quickly after moving while studying here and there. You can buy a pro book then eventually put a SSD in it if that is what you are looking for. But because apple makes all of their parts and software, you do not need as big of a cpu as you would need on a PC.

  • A few questions before I buy Logic Pro (also anyone use M-Audio Ozone w/it?

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    -Do I need an audio interface to use the program?
    -Does anyone use the M-Audio Ozone with Logic? If so, do you recommend it? I know USB isn't as fast as Firewire
    -If the Ozone isn't a good audio interface, which M-Audio interface do you recommend? (i might be using Protools M-Powered as well so that's why I want M-Audio)
    -Is there a plugin similar to McDSP Filterbank for Logic?
    I won't have too much hardware so I don't need too many ins/outs.

    Ok well do you have a piano? If you take courses you probably need a full piano unless you only want to do synths and pop music, the Ozone will not do. Do take this into consideration, 25 keys is very very small. The cheapest best piano IMHO is the Yamaha P60; piano playing needs weighted keys.
    The audio interface converts analog sound to digital and transfers it to the computer. The latency comes from the transport (firewire, usb, IDE), from the computer (software, operating system and drivers) and from the analog/digital conversion. The audio interface also does the reverse, it provides many outputs for speakers and headphones. It can also optionaly provide MIDI I/O.
    There are MIDI only input/outputs too, which allow you to plug in any MIDI device, such as a Yamaha P60 piano for instance.
    The controller is usually a piano like device (some aren't, they provide only buttons) that sends MIDI information to other MIDI devices (like Logic, via the computer's MIDI I/O). Synths can act as MIDI controllers but provide much more (such as the ability to generate sound).
    The Ozone is both, it displays itself as a MIDI controller through it's keyboard and 8 control knobs, as well as an audio interface with 2 inputs and 1 output. That's why it's good at what it does, it's cheap and compact and does all basic IO. But if you won't record anything, a normal MIDI controller is enough. But if you have monitors, maybe the output from the Mac isn't good enough. In terms of sonic quality the Ozone is okay.

  • New 2010 Mac Mini and LG 37" Full HD (via HDMI) query..

    Hello all! I have just bought the new Mac Mini which I want to use along with my LG 37" (LH5000) full HD LCD TV.I have hooked them both up together via HDMI. When I first turned the Mac Mini on it detected various resolutions and choose 1080p. However, on this resolution the menu bar, dock finder windows etc all look too small when im sitting on the couch. Im only around 3 metres away from the TV.
    Ive changed various resolutions, in fact the 720p resolution looks bigger and better....but surely I should be using 1080p? I was wondering if any one else out there has a similar setup and what res you would recommend I should use? There are other resolutions but I assume the other ones are all Mac (computer LCD) base.
    Thanks in advance

    Yes, this is a significant issue. And since Apple doesn't allow adjustment of type sizes throughout the OS, it can be very problematic.
    One solution is to do as you have done and run the display at a lower resolution.
    Another solution is to use the magnification tools that are provided in the Universal Access control panel (system preferences).
    Screen zoom works with any scroll mouse (you do not need to buy the MS mouse that was mentioned). Just hold the Control key on the keyboard and turn the mouse's scroll wheel. I use this a lot on my Mini connected to an HDTV.
    I also have the size of the mouse pointer arrow increased twofold using the universal access controls.
    In the Finder, you can set the Finder preferences so that file names are listed as 16 point type (and click on the set default button). Of course the menus and sidebars are still small and Apple really needs to start offering more versatile adjustments for these other interface areas (like, dare I say it… Windows allows for).
    When web browsing, you can magnify the web page in question using the COMMAND key with the + key. You can zoom back again using COMMAND and - . I use that a lot. And yes this shortcut key combo works in both Safari and Firefox.
    Lastly, make sure that the sharpness adjustment on your TV isn't turned up significantly, as this will hurt the legibility of type on the screen. The lower the sharpness is set, the more readable the text will be. You'll have to strike a balance that you're happy with between text sharpness and a satisfying sharpness for the video content you watch. On my sony tv, I have the sharpness set at about 25%.
    I should also mention that the type on the screen being to small to read is a sign that your screen size to seating distance ratio is outside of the ideal range. In other words, you're sitting too far from your current TV, or you could stand to have a bigger TV for the room in question. To better understand viewing distance versus HD display size, read this:
    http://www.crutchfield.com/S-L3GoEoljGNL/learn/learningcenter/home/TV_placement. html

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    hi all its me again asking more questions.
    so here it is, i cant afford to buy a brand new camera looking at either the panasonic ag-dvx100 or the sony pd150/170 models which ever i can get for the cheapest
    ive seen quite a few for sale but most of them are ntsc which are for sale in the uk i will be using all FCS 2 etc would it be best to wait for a pal model or would it be safe to go with a ntsc model.
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    simple answer....if u live in the UK....get PAL, if u live in the US....get NTSC.

  • A few questions before I buy an AirPort Extreme card

    My house and every house on my side of the street is just 10 feet shy of the "recommended" range of all DSL providers in my area. So, I have to stick with Dial-Up until I want digital cable, satellite, or until any one provider moves their office closer to my house. Since I don't want the first two, I've been thinking about buying an AirPort Extreme card, but I'm not 100% sure that it'll do what I want. If I buy one without a Base Station, will I be able to "piggyback," so to speak, onto one of my neighbors across the street's wireless network, providing they don't require a password form an outside source? My cousin has a MacBook G4, and he has AirPort Extreme already installed in the laptop; he's able to piggyback onto his girlfriend's network via her wireless router (I'm not positive what brand it is). I'm just wondering if I can do the same with my outdated, though reliable, computer.

    Hello Scrumptious Matt. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    I've been thinking about buying an AirPort Extreme card, but I'm not 100% sure that it'll do what I want. If I buy one without a Base Station, will I be able to "piggyback," so to speak, onto one of my neighbors across the street's wireless network, providing they don't require a password form an outside source?
    The AirPort Extreme is 802.11g/b-compliant, and should be able to connect to any open Wi-Fi wireless network that is within range. For 802.11g AirPort base stations, the range is 50' for 802.11g, and 150' for 802.11b.

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    Could I put DVD movies on this? How?
    Are there any real TV shows on podcasts?
    Are any better models coming out in the future(within a year)?
    Do the songs and videos I put on have to be from iTunes?
    Is this worth $400?
    iPod   Windows XP  

    You can put your DVD movies on your 60 GB iPod. I use Movkit-- you can download a free trial version. It's a one-stop converter from DVD to your iPod.
    I like the 60 GB. I use the extra space to keep a complete backup of my itunes library (obviously this is would not be of help if the whole ipod got lost or trashed, but is convenient for backups.) I also use the iPod as an off-computer backup for some of my other files.

  • Can I buy a new iMac with mini display connection instead of thunderbolt?

    I have a 2009 MacBook Pro which I would like to connect to use the display & am aware that a 2009 MacBook will not connect to a Thunderbolt Display. My husband has a new MacBook Air which has thunderbolt, but I think he can get a thunderbolt to mini display connector for him to use.

    I want to be able to connect my 2009 MacBook Pro to the display on the iMac. The reason I asked about the display is because I know thunderbolt is not compatible with a 2009 MacBook Pro.
    From reading other posts I understand that the Cinema Display connections are compatible but not the Thunderbolt Display connection.
    I am presuming that the display that comes with the iMac is the same as the Thunderbolt Display which can be purchased separately, but maybe I am wrong?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Are both new 15-inch MacBook Pro models OK for Creative Cloud?

    The "cheaper" version of the new 15-inch MacBook Pro released 10/22/13 doesn't have discrete graphics, only Iris Pro. Is the integrated graphics card enough to run Creeative Cloud, or should I buy the more expensive one with discrete graphics

    I have the same question. With a fully maxed system (2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) there's no price difference. However the discrete graphics card seems like it will run down the battery quicker.
    It seems Photoshop will be able to use the IrisPro 5200 to offload certain processes. The previous versions of Intel HD Graphics chips are on the list of suported video cards.
    I am leaning towards getting the onboard graphics (Iris Pro 5200)

  • I just bought the new 2014 Mac Mini 2.6 8Gig for $699 at the Apple Store Online. I want to use it for light editing in iMovie making video's for YouTube, I couldn't afford the higher priced models. Is this going to work for me? I hope so..

    Will this do basic video editing for YouTube Video's in iMovie, I hope so.  It's all I could afford.
    Just under $800 with tax and Applecare.
    It's stock 2.6 8gigs 1 terabyte hard drive.
    I have two monitors DVI that I plan to hook to it.
    I know it's weak but will it get me going without too much hardship.
    I want to grow into the more high priced computers and Final Cut Pro later on.
    I know I will need a bigger computer then.

    There are many people using the basic (i5) 2012 MacMini and even older ones to edit complex films in FCP X so you should have no problems.
    I have been using FCP 7 and FCP X since they came out on my 2008 iMac Core 2 Duo and am thinking of getting the same model as you rather than pay the astronomic price for a new 27" iMac.
    The performance won't be quite as fast but it will be at least 4 times faster at rendering than my old iMac.

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