A/P Down Payment Invoice error....

Hi all....
Please Help me...
I done all setup relevant to Vendor/Supplier for Business Partner Data...........
But whan I am creating A/PDown payment Invoice I got error...
In Vendor AP Down Payment Invoice I got error i.e "No Matching Records Found"
so what is the solutions.....
I am not getting error for my customer... when I am creating A/R Down Payment Invoice...
Please help me...

Hi... Nagesh ......
Dear Please... see here  What I done....
First I done...
Admin--> set up --> Finance -> G/L Acct .. determination
Set control Account for Sales & Purchase.
Then I assigned Control Account in Accounting Tab of Business Partner Records...
3) I created AP Down Payment Invoice for Vendor Based on Goods Receipt PO ....... After adding that ... Then I go for AP Invoice .....
Whn I click on DPM Tab It gives me error....."No Matching Records Found"
Ok .... If you have solution plz tell me....
Please ! do in your system .... and chk where I do mistake ?
Note :  For Customer I am not getting error

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  • Error in creating document series at A/R Down payment Invoice

    Dear All,
    One of my client has 4 Regional Offices,one in Delhi,one in Mumbai,one in Chennai and one in Gurgaon.
    For all the other RO's I have created seperate document number series for A/R Down payment Invoice but when I am trying to create a new series for Gurgaon RO, I am receiving an error message as"Another User is Modified(NMC1) ".
    Please put your valuable thought on this issue and help me to resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Close the Document Numbering Screen and Open again and Update the Series.
    Ensure that the Series Nos don't overlap

  • Error in joining Total A/R Down Payment Invoice with A/R Invoice.

    Hi Everybody,
    After creating a sales order for a customer, with the help of that sales order I had created the A/R Down Payment Invoice.
    But while making A/R Invoice, when I browse for A/R Invoice down Payment It shows  me the error,
    No down payments found  [Message 439-96]
    I am using SBO 2007B PL-08
    Please help me  and  reply ASAP

    Hi Niraj,
    You should create an incoming payment on the A/R Down payment first. then you can add it on the invoice.

  • Customer Down Payment invoice (from delivery) not automatically assigned

    If I create a Down payment invoice from Sales Order (and I paied it) on the final invoice the sistem automatically assigne the down payment invoice on the final invoice for the order.
    If I do the same think but crerating the Down payment invoice from the delivery (and I paid it) when I create the final invoice I need to assigned it manually.
    SBO 8.81 PL 06
    I haven't found any set up for this, so I think is an error the sistem must work on the same way if the document is copied from the Sales order or delivey.
    Someone know if there is some set up? or I need to open an error message to SAP?

    My question is:
    If I make a sales order.
    I create a down payment invoice using copy from SO.
    I make the incomuing payment for the down payment invoice.
    I create the delivery from the SO
    I create the invoice from the delivery
    The system apply automaticaly the down payment invoice to the invoice (because I select a delivery that is linked to the so that I used to create the down payment invoice).
    If I make a sales order.
    I create the delivery from the SO
    I create a down payment invoice using copy from delivey.
    I make the incomuing payment for the down payment invoice.
    I create the invoice from the delivery
    The system DO NOT apply automaticaly the down payment invoice to the invoice (even if also this document is linked to the delivery that I use to create the down payment invoice).
    I know that I can select it manually. But I can select it manually also if I use the SO to create the down payment instead of the
    delivery. Why if the situation is the same in the firs case the system do it automatil^cally and in the second case I need to do it manually?
    Of course if I create a Down Payment invoice without selecting any document (SO, delivery..) the system don't know if you want to apply the payment to the final invoice.
    But If I select the delivey to create the down payment (the same if I select the SO): I want to apply the down payment to the final invoice of this delivery and not to another delivery.

  • How to block a delivery when an A/R Down Payment Invoice is not paid?

    1. Create and add a Sales Order
    2. Create and add an A/R Down Payment Invoice based on the created Sales Order (set DPM % to 50)
    3. Create and add a Delivery based on the created Sales Order
    The delivery is not blocked.
    Is there an easy workaround/alternative to ensure goods are stopped from being delivered when a customer hasn't paid a certain amount upfront?

    Hi Suda,
    Unfortunately my usage of the sql queries is a bit rusty and am not sure if I am doing this correctly.
    Next to that I don't exactly see how it should work (hence my comment being rusty - haven't used this very often). I see that it checks the AR Down Payment Invoice document and lines, but how it checks to which sales order it is connected to stop the delivery.. Plus I always want it to stop any delivery when an AR Down Payment for any percentage hasn't paid in full untill it has been paid/approved by someone to be delivered. If no AR Down Payment has been done, there is no issue.
    Anyway I have copied your query to the Query Generator and saved it.
    I created an approval procedure based on delivery documents and based it on the saved query.
    Added a sales order and created a Down Payment Invoice based on the sales order with 40% that has to be paid upfront. Created a delivery based on the sales order and added the document. I only gotten an internal error (it went so quickly I can't see the actual whole message because I get the created message straight after), but it created the delivery anyway.. (same as you described maybe?)
    I'm missing something obviously, let me know what to do.

  • A/R Invoice with freight Linked to A/R Down Payment invoice

    Hi All,
    SAPBO 2007 SP1 PL 12
    A/R Down Paymenti invoice  100 + tax20 = 120 (it is paid)
    A/R Invoice :
    80 + 20(freight) + 20(tax) = 120
    When I linked the a/r down payment invoice  the system returns this error:
    "Total amount of this payment must be less than amount of invoice"
    because It compares 100 with 80 not considering the freight of 20.
    I tried in SBO 8.8 SP0 PL 14 and it works correctly!!!
    Any idea???

    Hi Simona,
    New version has changed certain process based on users request. If 8.8 is working for you, upgrade 2007 version soon.

  • A/P Down payment invoice cannot be drawn to credit memo

    Hi Experts
    When i try to draw a A/P down payment invoice into a A/P credit memo, it gives me an error like Basetype mismatch what could be the reason for this ?
    Thanks & Regards
    Kanishka Wickrama

    You need to use Copy From option to book Credit Note on Down Payment. Also, if your Down Payment is Reconcilled (Payment Done) you need to cancel the payment first. Make sure the Downpayment is in OPEN status.

  • How to create A/R Down payment Invoice

    I am trying to create A/R Down Payment Invoice through DI API by using the below mentioned object but the system is giving me the following error "Invalid Value. {DPI1.ExLineNo} {Line No. 1}".
      SAPbobsCOM.Documents oDoc SAPbobsCOM.Documents)x.CompanyObject.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDownPayments);
                oDoc.CardCode = "C0001";
                oDoc.Lines.ItemCode = "Test";
                oDoc.Lines.Quantity = 2;
                oDoc.Lines.UnitPrice = 10;
                oDoc.Lines.ActualDeliveryDate = DateTime.Now.Date;
                oDoc.Lines.BaseType = 17;
                oDoc.Lines.BaseLine = 1;
                oDoc.Lines.BaseEntry = 1;
                int oRetVal = oDoc.Add();
                if (oRetVal != 0)
    Please suggest me how I can create AR Down Payment Invoice along with Incoming Payment and then wanted to link AR down payment invoice with AR invoice.

    Try this code
    'Create DownPayment Invoice Object
            oDPM = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDownPayments)
            'Set Down Payment Header Values
            oDPM.CardCode = "Some Card code"
            oDPM.DocDueDate = "Suitable Date"
            oDPM.DownPaymentPercentage =" Numeric value (Double)"
            oDPM.DownPaymentType = SAPbobsCOM.DownPaymentTypeEnum.dptInvoice
            'Set Down Payment Line Values
            oDPM.Lines.ItemCode =" Some Item Code"
            oDPM.Lines.Quantity =" Quantity"
            oDPM.Lines.Price =" Item Price"
            lRetCode = oDPM.Add ' Try to add the invoice to the database
            If lRetCode <> 0 Then
                 oCompany.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg)
                 MsgBox(lErrCode & " " & sErrMsg) ' Display error message
                 MsgBox("Down Paymeny Invoice Added to DataBase", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Invoice Added")
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

  • Down payment Invoice and AR Invoice

    Can anyone please advise the details of this note for PL44 - I am unable to find reference to this note on the SAP notes page?
    Error 'Down Payment sum cannot be greater then total sum', note 1244893
    We have PL42.  We have created an AR invoice and a Down payment seperately.  Both IN and DT are appearing as positive figures in the incoming payment window - how can we reconcile these transations?  
    Thanks Lisa

    Note 1244893 - Error 'Down Payment sum cannot be greater then total sum'
    In Tax Groups for output documents, you define a tax code. You
    create a sales order with this tax code. You create a partial A/R down payment request and pay it. You copy the A/R down payment request
    into the A/R down payment invoice. You open a created sales order and
    copy it into the A/R invoice, and then attach an A/R down payment invoice. You try to add the A/R invoice and get the following message:
    Down Payment sum cannot be greater then total sum [3703-3].
    The A/R invoice cannot be posted.
    Other terms
    JDT1, OINV, Financials
    Reason and Prerequisites
    Application error
    This issue will be fixed in a future patch. See the info.txt file
    on SAP Service Marketplace to verify when the fix was included.
    Header Data
    Release Status: Released for Customer
    Released on: 15.09.2008  08:29:58
    Master Language: English
    Priority: Correction with high priority
    Category: Program error
    Primary Component: SBO-SD-INV A/R Invoice
    Secondary Components: SBO-FIN Financials
    Affected Releases
    Component Release From
    Release To
    Release And
    SAP-M-BO 2007 2007 A 2007 A  
    Related Notes
    1294071 - Overview Note for SAP Business One 2007 B Patch 09
    1257957 - Overview Note for SAP Business One 2007 A Patch 44

  • Create AP Down Payment Invoice

    Dear All,
    I have a problem when I creating AP Down payment Invoice using SDK SAP2007. Error message like this
    "Chosen BP is not customer  ODP1.Cardcode line: 1, 'v181'"
    When i check in SAP B1 2007, V181 is already set to VENDOR.
    Here is the code :
    Set oCompany = New SAPbobsCOM.Company
        With oCompany
            .Server = "T9\sql2005"
            .CompanyDB = "blive"
            .UserName = "n2301"
            .Password = "n7hfd8sd22"
            .DbServerType = dst_MSSQL2005
            .language = ln_English
            .UseTrusted = False
            .DbUserName = "sa"
            .DbPassword = "23dsasdh8d"
        ierr = oCompany.Connect()
            If ierr <> 0 Then
                Call oCompany.GetLastError(lErr, sErr)
                MsgBox sErr
                MsgBox "OK"
            End If
        End With
        Set oDP = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDownPayments)
        With oDP
            .CardCode = "V181"
            .NumAtCard = "Ticket 001"
            .DownPaymentPercentage = CDbl(100)
            .DocDate = Now
            .DocDueDate = Now
            .DownPaymentType = SAPbobsCOM.DownPaymentTypeEnum.dptInvoice
            .Lines.ItemCode = "C1"
            .Lines.Quantity = CDbl("10")
            .Lines.Price = CDbl("200")
            .Lines.VatGroup = "ZI"
        End With
            lErr = oDP.Add()
            If lErr <> 0 Then
                Call oCompany.GetLastError(lErr, sErr)
                MsgBox sErr
                MsgBox "OK"
            End If
    Thanks before
    Edited by: Lunatic on Jun 25, 2009 6:24 AM

    Use the BoObjectTypes.oPurchaseDownPayments for A/P Down payments (purchase).
    oDownPayments object is a A/R  Down payment for (sales)
    Edited by: Janos  Nagy on Jun 25, 2009 9:32 AM

  • Issue Reg Down Payment Invoice/Request

    Dear All,
    I have  a scenario where in i have created Purchase Order with CENVAT Components (i.e. BED @8, [email protected], and [email protected] along with VAT @4) the total value including tax is say about Rs140000.00. Now i want to pay full Amount as  advance i.e 140000.00 (say 120000.00 basic value and 20000.00 tax value ).
    When i am trying to create A/P Down Payment Invoice against that Purchase Order as a Full Advance (100%) system is showing error for CENVAT Components, as we can not consider this in A/P Down Payment Invoice.
    Can any body tell me any work around ? or alternative way of doing it ?


  • Can not void a check win paid from a down payment invoice

    I am working on a problem where we can not void a check to adjust the posting date of the payment.
    It would seem that the issue lies with the AP down payment invoice since the error message is
    "Cannot cancel a document with down payment that was drawn to invoice {3703-6]"
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    Please first check whether the payment did select some down payment or not.
    If it did, for your issue, I am sorry to say that we don't have workaround from the point of view of system. We would like to recommande customer to consult with his accountant in order to by-pass the mistake he had done
    using standard application processes.
    After double confirmed with development,this issue is currenct system behavior.The reply is:
    1) payment for the down payment invoice cannot be cancelled if it was
    withrawn to AR invoice. It can be done after the AR invoice will be
    However, we have another problems:
    2) the invoice cannot be credited if it closed/reconciled.
    And one more:
    3) cancelling of the manual reconciliation does not open the invoice.
    So according all these information the system behaviour is correct and we can do nothing here.

  • How to cancel an AR Down Payment Invoice

    I could not find any documentation on this, but it may happen that an AR Down Payment Invoice has been created twice on the same Sales Order.
    What should you do to ensure you disable/correct/cancel/delete an AR Down Payment Invoice from SBO?
    Edited by: Marc Riar on Feb 14, 2008 9:39 AM

    Hello Suda,
    Unfortunately I am not known with the SBO_SP_TRansactionNotification Stored Procedure.
    I have done the procedure below, but no result (no block/error message) like described..
    I did the following within SQL Server 2005. Selected folder 'Databases' and then the database for which the block is needed.
    Selected folder 'Programmability'
    Selected folder 'Stored Procedures'
    Right mouse click on dbo.SBO_SP_TransactionNotificiation
    Selected option: Script Stored Procedure As>Alter To>New Query Editor Window
    Then copied the query mentioned in the other tread in below:
    --     ADD     YOUR     CODE     HERE
    Like below:
    ALTER proc [dbo].[SBO_SP_TransactionNotification]
    @object_type nvarchar(20),                     -- SBO Object Type
    @transaction_type nchar(1),               -- [A]dd, <u>pdate, [D]elete, [C]ancel, C[L]ose
    @num_of_cols_in_key int,
    @list_of_key_cols_tab_del nvarchar(255),
    @list_of_cols_val_tab_del nvarchar(255)
    -- Return values
    declare @error  int                    -- Result (0 for no error)
    declare @error_message nvarchar (200)           -- Error string to be displayed
    select @error = 0
    select @error_message = N'Ok'
    IF @transaction_type = 'A' AND @Object_type = '203'
    dbo.DPI1 T0 INNER JOIN dbo.ODPI T1 ON T1.DocEntry = T0.DocEntry
    WHERE T0.BaseEntry = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del
    -- Select the return values
    select @error, @error_message

  • A/R Down Payment Invoice requires payment in full

    My client is testing SAP B1 Version 8.8, SP:0, PL:2.  When an A/R Down Payment Invoice is entered and you click the Add button, the Payment Means form opens and an error message appears which states: "Invoice & receipt must be paid exactly", message ID 10000102.  I cannot duplicate it in a demo database or in version 2007 A.  I am expecting the form to save so that the A/R Down Payment Invoice can be printed and forwarded to the customer.   Is there a setting that would cause this to happen?

    If you cannot duplicate it in a demo database, chances are: the data from your client might be the reason (is this db upgraded from 2007?).  You need to use client db in the test environment to find what is wrong.  If no reason could be found, report to SAP support.

  • Creation of A/R Down Payment Invoice  based on Sales Order not logical

    When creating a A/R Down Payment Invoice based on a Sales Order you
    have the option to create multible ones. Which by itself could be
    usefull to create one of 50 % for a certain day and decide they need to
    pay another 25 % at a later date.
    But SBO does not track what already have been posted. Therefore you can
    create a sum more then a 100% without warning or blockage.
    Tested this in SBO 2007 A SP:00 PL:00
    Sales - AR>Sales Order
    Create and post a Sales Order
    Sales - AR>A/R Down Payment Invoice
    Create an A/R Down Payment
    Select the BP and copy the Sales Order
    Set DPM to 40%
    Post the A/R Down Payment
    Sales - AR>A/R Down Payment Invoice
    Create an A/R Down Payment
    Select the BP and copy the Sales Order
    Set DPM to 100%
    Post the A/R Down Payment
    Sales - AR>A/R Down Payment Invoice
    Create an A/R Down Payment
    Select the BP and copy the Sales Order
    Set DPM to 70%
    Post the A/R Down Payment
    Making the total for the Sales Order 210% worth of Down Payment
    Invoices without warning/blocking. I would expected that you would only
    be able to set the rest sum %. For instance first scenario I entered
    60% therefore setting the second Down Payment Invoice to a max of 40%
    Untill you have used up the 100% and you cannot select the Sales Order
    in question..
    If multible users do the same work, SBO doesn't show that it has
    already been done. Same if you forgot you already created it you can
    still create one. Plus sometimes it will happenyou create the Down
    Payment Invoice and not paying attention you create the first one with
    a 100% and later with the intended percentage..

    Hello Petronella,
    you are right that B1 is not checking the total value of DP created from the Sales Order.
    The logic and checking procedure here is only between Sales Order -> Delivery/Invoice.
    DP Invoice is considered as transaction related to document the receipt of the money (parallel to the sales process). Between the moment of basing of DP to Sales Order it is still possibility to adjust Sales Order as there is no posting behind Sales Order.
    The question is what would be a checking  procedure in case that on Sales Order there is based Delivery and DP? What would be the system priority to take into a consideration?
    Martin Slavik
    Regional Solution Manager

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