A/R Alternative Payer Issue

I have a unique problem that I need advise on ..please.  Situation:  Customer A has an alternative payer assignment value of Customer B in the customer master.  The receivables process of posting the payment from B to A works correctly.
Here's my problem.  If I perform a check refund for the posted amount to A, a check is produced with B's name and address information.  I want the check refund to go to A, even though B originally submitted the funds.  How do I exclude the alternative payer information for outbound payments (refunds)?  Or is there an alternative way to make a payment?
Many thanks. David

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  • Open items has to be appear in the names of Alternative payer while receivi

    Please can any one help on the below issue..
    I have 10 customers belongs to different company code. Here Customer1 is the alternative payer for all remaining customers. For this I have assigned customer1 as a alternative payer in all customer master general data.
    While receiving the payment(F-28), I need to receive it from customer1. Means customer1 should have the invoices of remaining customer.  Or give me any other alternative solution how customer1 can make the payments of other customers.
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    I know that on the basis of priority ,i can select the required component for confirmation but please tell me how i can select material on the basis of stock available.because suppose in bom i maintained 110022 material as first prioriry and i want to select 110023 at the time of confirmation .
    I know user can change the component 110022 to 110023 on confirmation screen manually .
    also if we dont want user to change this manually .
    Is there any solution that all alt items will appear on the screen and user can choose as per requirement.

  • BAPI or Function Module to Update the Alternative Payer  (KNZA) of Customer

    Hi Experts,
    My client requirement is to update the Customer Permitted Alternative Payer during creation of BP
    Would you please let me know the any BAPI or Fictional Module available to UPDATE the u201CPermitted Alternative Payer (KNZA)u201D of Customer Master.
    iam trying  SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL function module, its failed to update the  KNZA tables. please help to close the issue. 
    Thanks in Advance.
    Venkatesh M.

    Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    The Function Module, what you are given is BTE. it will not trigger when creating of contract.
    My Requirement is when creating the contract for the particular BP, we need to UPDATE the Alternative Payer of Customer.
    Here i required BAPI or Function Module to change or Update the customer master Alternative Payer (KNZA).   
    Venkatesh M

  • Alternative payer/ bill toparty

    Hi gurus,
    can u tell me how many payers we can define for a customer.My client has requirement that they want four payers. So that if the primary payer does not pay then they can bill the seconday payer & so on But I am not sure how to configure it. Should I use Alternative payer or partner function(bill to party)
    points will be awarded.

    Yes invoices are being generated in SD. So if we use partner function. can we create 4 bill to party.

  • Alternative Payer Address information stored in REGUH table

    Is there a setting that would tell the system to use Alternatine Payer Address information to be used and stored in table REGUH?
    Whenever there is a Payer that has the Alternative Payer set, the system is using its Address information instead of Address from Original Payer.
    Any help on this topic is very much appreciated.
    Best regards, Maikol M.

    Alternative payers are maintained in the vendor master data or can be entered in a document from the list maintained in vendor master. Payment program uses the alternative payer instead of the original vendor info while creating the check.

  • Alternative Payer

    Can u tell me the process of alternative payer.'
    I have a ticket that user needs the Alternative Account in Payment Advice.
    So first, i would like to know how to make the transaction with alternative payer.

    first you create  a master for the Alternative Payer .
    Then you give thi snumber in teh Maaster record.
    then normal payment process ,
    once you make teh payment  for teh normal master, system automatically system will pick the Alternative Payer.

  • Error "No alternative payer/payee defined" when reversing invoice via MIRO

    Dear experts,
    we have created an invoice via MIRO, but we need to reverse it. While we try to reverse it using MIRO, we get the following error:
    "No alternative payer/payee defined"
    We have reviewed possible causes of this error, as explained in several posts in this forum, that suggest the error is related to One TIme Vendor settings. However, we are not using One Time Vendor, neither we have alternative payers defined in the vendor master record.
    The strange thisng for us is that we get no error while posting the invoice, but we get this error while trying to reverse it.
    Any help is welcomed.
    Thanks a lot in advence for your time and advise.
    Kind regards.
    Marcos Suárez

    thank you for your answer.
    The strange thing in our case is taht we do not have have an alternative payee informed in XK02 for our vendor (neither at general level, nor at company code level). Is there any other possibility?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Kind regards.
    Marcos Suárez

  • Automatic debit / data carrier with alternative payer

    Does anybody know how to configure the data carrier to have a file with data records per alternative payer and not per main payer? Example:
    Payer 1: Markt 10
    Payer 2: Markt 11
    Alternative Payer for both: Head Office 20
    The postings are in the payers. The automatic debit uses now the "alternative payer" and its bank, but generates a file with one data record for each "payer". Our client requests one single posting per Head Office (alternative payer). I am looking for a solution to have the data carrier program add up the items and generate a file with single records per "alternative payer". Postings in the Head Office are not possible.
    Does anybody know if there is a user-exit for this? PMW? Any ideas?   Many thanks!!!!

    A customer who pays on behalf of another customer is known as an u2018Alternate Payeeu2019 (or Alternate Payer). Though the alternate payee pays on behalf of another, the system maintains all the transaction details in the account of the original customer. Designating u2018alternate payeeu2019 does not absolve the customer of his/her obligation for payment.
    The u2018alternate payeeu2019 can be maintained in Client-specific data or in the Company Code area. When maintained in the Company Code area you can use that payer only in that Company Code; if defined at the Client level you can use it across all Company Codes.
    There are three ways to u2018selectu2019 the alternate payee when an invoice is processed:
       1. The alternate payee (say, 1000) entered in the customer master record is the one selected by the system as the default.
       2. When there is more than one alternate payer (say, 1000, 1900, 2100, etc.) defined for a single customer in the master record (you will do this by clicking on the u2018allowed payeru2019 button and create more than one payer), you may select a payer (say, 2100) (other than the default, 1000) while processing the invoice. Now the system will ignore the alternate payer (1000) coming from the master record.
       3. If you have put a check mark in the u2018individual entriesu2019 check box in the u2018alternate payer in documentu2019 section in the customer master record, then this will allow you to propose a new alternate payer, say, 3000 (other than those already defined in the system). Now, after defining this alternate payer you can use it to process the invoice. In this case, the alternate payer (3000) takes precedence over the payers (1000 and 2100) in step 1 and 2 above.

  • Alternative payer/payee_Document level

    Hello Friends,
    can we assign alternative payee/payer at document level?
    If yes, what are the required settings for that?
    Please guide me.

    We can give alternative payee/payer at document level.
    If you check Individual payee field in General data\payment transactions tab in vendor master data
    You willl get the field Individual payee in payment tab while posting the document. 
    Check that and enter the data.

  • Alternative UoM issue

    Hi Gurus
    material A - Base UoM = LB
    component B - Base UoM = LB, Alt UoM = PC (conversion 1PC = 10 LB)
    I am trying to create a BOM (CS01) for material A: with components B.
    And I'm receiving this error:
    Unit of measure PC not supported for material B in plant 000X
    Message no. 29175
    You have entered a unit of measure for a component or variable-size item which is not defined.
    System Response
    The unit of measure entered is checked against settings in the IMG (Global settings -> Unit of measurement). This table contains all the units of measure that are supported in the system.
    If the item is a material, the system also checks whether the entered unit of measure corresponds to the unit of issue or base unit of measure in the material master.
    For variable-size items, the item entry screen and the overview also allow the you to enter the unit "piece" (Var-size item unit).
    Check your entries.
    Delete your entry for the unit of measure.
    If you have entered a material as an item, the system enters the unit of issue from the material master, if there is one. If not, the base unit of measure from the material master appears.
    If no material is entered in the item, the system takes the unit "piece" as a default.
    Can someone please help me in resolving this issue? Thanks

    dear friend,
    you could run MM02 for your component B on plant 000X and add the unit of measure PC (in 'Units of measure' TAB)
    good luck

  • Table alternative fills - issue

    I have small doubt regarding the above image
    Is there any way to create these alternative table fills in indesign in this method? this one i created manually. i hava large document contains full of tables, my client asking like this.
    can anyone help me with this?

    Alternatively, use this Javascript. Had some fun working around merged cells too (try it!).
    var currTable = null;
    if (app.selection.length == 1)
              currTable = app.selection[0];
              if (currTable.hasOwnProperty ("baseline"))
                        currTable = currTable.parent;
              if (currTable instanceof Cell)
                        currTable = currTable.parent;
              if (currTable instanceof Row)
                        currTable = currTable.parent;
              if (currTable instanceof Column)
                        currTable = currTable.parent;
              if (!(currTable instanceof Table))
                        currTable = null;
    var swatchlist = [];
    for (i=0; i<app.activeDocument.swatches.length; i++)
              swatchlist.push (app.activeDocument.swatches[i].name);
    swatchDialog = app.dialogs.add ({name:"Set Alternate Table Fill",canCancel:true});
    with (swatchDialog)
              with (dialogColumns.add())
                        with (dialogRows.add())
                                  staticTexts.add ({staticLabel:"Top left swatch"});
                                  listbox1 = dropdowns.add ({stringList:swatchlist, selectedIndex:0});
                        with (dialogRows.add())
                                  staticTexts.add ({staticLabel:"Next swatch"});
                                  listbox2 = dropdowns.add ({stringList:swatchlist, selectedIndex:0});
                        if (currTable != null)
                                  with (dialogRows.add())
                                            with (radiobuttonGroups.add())
                                                      justthisone = radiobuttonControls.add({staticLabel:"Just this one table", checkedState:true});
                                                      allofem = radiobuttonControls.add({staticLabel:"All tables", checkedState:false});
    if (currTable != null)
              try {
                        listbox1.selectedIndex = getSwatchIndex(currTable.cells[0].fillColor);
              } catch (_) { }
              try {
                        listbox2.selectedIndex = getSwatchIndex(currTable.cells[1].fillColor);
              } catch (_) { }
    if (swatchDialog.show())
              if (justthisone.checkedState == true)
                        doTable (currTable, app.activeDocument.swatches.item(listbox1.selectedIndex), app.activeDocument.swatches.item(listbox2.selectedIndex) );
              } else
                        for (st=0; st<app.activeDocument.stories.length; st++)
                                  for (ta=0; ta<app.activeDocument.stories[st].tables.length; ta++)
                                            doTable (app.activeDocument.stories[st].tables[ta], app.activeDocument.swatches.item(listbox1.selectedIndex), app.activeDocument.swatches.item(listbox2.selectedIndex));
    function getSwatchIndex (swatch)
              var i;
              for (i=0; i<app.activeDocument.swatches.length; i++)
                        if (app.activeDocument.swatches[i] == swatch)
                                  return i;
              return 0;
    function doTable (table, swatch1, swatch2)
              var c;
              for (c=0; c<table.cells.length; c++)
                        table.cells[c].fillColor = ((table.cells[c].parentRow.index ^ table.cells[c].parentColumn.index) & 1) ? swatch2 : swatch1;

  • Alternative tree issues for Time dimension

    Hi, there. I am developing a purchase system. We have two types of date one for goods receing and one for settlement date.
    I plan to create two alternative trees in Time dimension one for receving date and the other for settlement date.
    For each alternative tree, there would be four levels (Year->Quarter->Month->Date). Does Essbase support this kind of design?
    I would like leaf note be date format therefore I could use pre-defined Time function such as YTD, MTD etc.

    I'm just kibbitzing on this one -- I like Glenn's suggestion the best because of its simplicity (elegance?).
    One dimension to maintain versus two has to be the better approach. With that View or Type or whatever dimension you don't (I think) lose any analytic capability unless you specifically need to crossdim the two calendars, but that would be an almost herculean task for a given intersection given all of the potential nonintersections. And that requirement isn't in your post, so his suggestion would work.
    Cameron Lackpour

  • Error no permitted payer/payee defined - Message no. F5747

    I am facing an issue while posting vendor invoice through FB60. The issue is as follows-
    I have assigned Permitted payees in the general payment transaction screen in the vendor master data.
    So When we post an invoice entry through FB60 then a field is available
    during invoice entry on the Payment tab to select permitted payee. If we click F4, then  a second screen appears that allows to select relevant permitted payees from multiple selection.
    Here i am getting an error that No alternative payer/payee defined even though i have maintained it. We are using ECC 5.0 version.
    Message no. F5747
    Can anybody help me out on this.
    With regards,

    You have maintained alt payee for automatic payment run, not for specific document entry, hence if you run F110 you'll then see that alternative payee as the 'payment recipient' automatically.
    If you want to do individual specifications upon FB60, you should assign it on the 'alt payee in docment'
    Hope it helps, thnx

  • Issue with printing program Z_RVADIN01

    Hello Experts,
    I am facing a funny issue and ask your help/ opinion on this:
    I created a new window/ element "payer" within the form for billing-docs (output type RD00).
    In this new window "payer"  the address of an alternative payer should be shown.
    Existing program has been amended at subroutine entry with corresponding logic.
    So far everything is working for Billing-docs with upto 3 pages.
    If a billing doc bears more than 3 pages, the new window will not be printed.
    I adjusted the form to display/ print the new window on every single page.
    Result is that the window will be printed on every page with exception of the first page.
    Does anybody have an idea? Program code contains a fair number of subroutines.
    For this reason I do not copy it to this post.
    Regards an thanks in advance for your input.

    Hello all,
    this was a very rare thing.
    Coding should not be placed after itemprint coding.
    then it worked.

  • F-58 Error. vendor name printed but not Alternative payee

    Dear group members
    _Vendor name printed but not the name i entered in Individual set_
    I followed Thread vendor name changed at the time of taking cheque printing
    I made the below Transaction
    1. I made the changes in vendor master under the head Payment transaction tab, in Alternative payer in document i selected check box of Individual entries
    2. Posted in FB60 vendor invoice under payment tab check box Individual payee is selected, i entered alternative name so that check is printed in this name
    3.In payment F-58 post & print i selected open item for payment after simulation i saved .The check is printed as per the
    Name in Vendor master data but not the name i entered in Individ.setin fb60
    I am not able to make to make payment, guide me 
    Your advice on this will be highly appreciated

    I entered the bank details in the individual payee while entering FB60, the name coming in indiviid .set
    In F-58 I made simulation Pk 50 QNB -Checks Payable & PK 25 vendor name, when i double click on the 2nd line item i found the name what mentioned in the Individ.set
    I saved the transaction but the check was printed in the name of vendor master but not in the name i entered in indiviid set
    Help me out to get the  check printed in the individ set

Maybe you are looking for