A tax code as default in FB60

Hi all,
I'd set a certain tax code as default in t.code FB60. Is it possible?

Hi Umberto Gandalf,
For that u go through this way
In Fb60 there w tax code field name WT_WITHCD 
Path In Fb60
Syetem-user profile -own data
there select parameter tab and giv the parmeter id  WT_WITHCD
Give parameter value whichever u want (Tax code) and save it
it will come defalut tax code in that field value automatically.
May be this information is useful to you

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  • TAX code requires default cost center

    There is an error coming while posting the MIRO Invoice with tax code ( need to be charge to PL Account) " put the cost center " for GL Account for tax code. This is  a cost element & hence requires cost center but the field for entring tax posting. Issue we are facing is that we are forced to default the cost center as screen is not input enabled(greyed) for cost center in tax calculation screen & it is also not picking up the cost center from purchase order screen.
    Need to know any solution for this issue.

    Kindly refer to the thread to resolve your issue here.
    Table for user attribute data
    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Tax Code Determination - default tax code for sales

    Under the tax code determination window i have set the default tax code for sales as [email protected]% and I have save it.  but when I open the sales quotation , order or any other sales document the tax code is not appeared.  what could be the reason?
    SV Reddy

    Is ur "Determination Type" is 'Material Type'?
    FYI from Help file,
    When you enter item information in the marketing documents, system will check the item master data. If the item classification for the tax is:
    Material Item
    The tax code determination for material will start.
    Service Item
    The tax code determination for service will start.
    When you enter service information in the marketing documents, the tax code determination for service documents will start

  • When creating a travel expense, an incorrect input tax code is defaulted

    Dear experts,
    I'm new with SAP customizing in Travel Management. I have an issue that I cannot solve and I've tried almost all possibilities.When an employee tries to create a travel expense in PR05, him being from Belgium, the default input tax code for any expense type is, for example V3. This code exists in FI and will be transferred correct into accounting. But, if the employee wants to change the the country key in the field Country of Receipt (found in additional info section), anything other than the domestic country (BE) will automatically change the input tax from V3 to V0, which we don't even have in FI.
    I tried the following:
    - checked under global settings and for Belgian trip provision variant there was always Input Tax per Travel Expense Type flagged and V3 with cocd BE;
    - checked each and every expense type for the default input tax and all have V3.
    I had to create a country grouping EU for all European Countries. All maximum rates for different expense types have been defined using this EU code. Might it be this grouping?
    Any new expense type, similar to any of the ones I have problems with, will keep the default V3 tax code no matter if I change the country of receipt.
    Thank you in advance guys,

    No need anymore for an answer, I found out what I was looking for under Define Country-Dependent Default Values for Expense Types

  • Tax Code Default in Financial Transactions

    Dear Friends,
    I wanted to have Tax code "I0" as default in financial transactions like FB50, FB60, FB01 etc. I did configuration "Assign Tax code for non-taxable transaction" and also did maintained USER paramenter for "TAX = I0" but still it is not showing me tax code default in sap screens.
    Please let me know if anyone have done this on your project or have expereince with this issue.

    Thanks for your reply. This is really very help full. It resolved my problem by 50%.Now I get my tax code as default in FIAP, FIAR trasnaction, but for FI, still not getting it. when you go to FB50, i am not getting it default.
    Just check in your system, does this works for FB50 or FI-GL Transaction?

  • Default tax code

    Dear all,
    Could we put one tax code as default when entry a customer invoice or vendor invoice using fb60 & fb70 ?

    You can give a default Tax Code for only vendors for a particular material thro' automatic account determination only by assign the vendor a tax code in Purchasing info record. But for Customers default Tax code cannot be given even in automatic a/c determination. But as for as manual postings are concerned you cannot do that.
    assign me points if its helpful.

  • Default tax code in PO from Condition record :::::::

    Hello experts
    If a condition record for a plant vendor material combination  is maintained for a particular tax code , is it possible to default the tax code maintained in PO from the condition record??
    Pls give ur valuable inputs

    from Note 214151 - Tax processing in purchasing
    . Determination of the tax code
    The tax code is defaulted from the purchasing info record in the purchase order item, however, it can also be determined via the conditions. During the determination via the condition technique an access sequence is assigned in the standard system of condition NAVS. With the latter, different tax codes can be stored via the normal condition maintenance depending on tax indicators (material, plant, account assignment, origin). Basically this access sequence can also be assigned to other condition types. The tax code is only transferred to the purchase order if class "D" (taxes) is the condition type. If several condition types of this type exist in the purchase order item, the first one that contains a tax code is transferred.


    제품 : MFG_PO
    작성날짜 : 2003-04-23
    PO,PR document의 Tax Code를 Defaul 값으로 setup 할 수 있다.
    Purchasing의 다섯곳에서 Default Tax Code 값을 지정해 놓을 수 있다.
    STEP 1.
    a) Ship-To Location
    : Location Setup window에 입력되어진 Tax Code가 default 값이 된다.
    b) Item
    : Master Item이나 Organization Item window의 Purchasing region에 입력
    되어진 Tax Code가 default 값이 된다.
    c) Supplier Site
    : Supplier Site window의 Invoice tax region에 입력되어진 Invoice Tax
    Code가 default 값이 된다.
    d) Supplier
    : Supplier window의 Invoice tax region에 입력되어진 Invoice Tax Code가
    default 값이 된다.
    e) Financial Options
    : Setup의 Financials Options window에 입력되어진 Tax Code가 Default
    값이 된다.
    STEP 2.
    Purchasig Option Window의 Tax default tab에서 check 하고자 하는 각각의 tax default source에 ranking number('1'부터 시작)를 입력한다.
    예를 들면, Item, Supplier Site, Supplier에 각각 3,2,1을 Check했다면 Purchasing Documents의 defaul tax code 값은 Supplier에 있는 값이 보여진다. 만약 Supplier에 Tax 정보가 없다면 Supplier Site에 정의된 Tax 정보를
    찾고, 이것도 없으면 Item에 정의된 정보를 찾게 된다.
    현재 PR/PO를 생성하게 되면 위의 rule이 적용될 것이며 "Tax Code" region에 default 값이 보여지게 된다.
    유의할 사항은 만약 user가 Purchasing Option Window의 Tax Defaults tab region에 아무런 값도 선택해 놓지 않으면 아무값도 default 값이 되지 않는다.
    추가 정보
    현재 어떤 값이 PR의 Tax Code region의 default value로 가정되었다 해도 User는 다른 값으로 변경할 수 있다.
    이것은 Profile Option Tax: User allowed override set to = "YES" 로 setting 되어 있을때만 가능하다.
    Autocreate를 통해 PO를 생성하는 경우 Purchasing Option Window의 setup은 적용되지 않으며 PR에 기정의 되어진 값만이 PO의 default 값이 된다.
    즉, PR의 Tax Code region에 아무런 값도 정의되어져 있지 않았다면 autocreated PO엔 어떤 값도 default값이 될 수 없다.
    요약하면 어떤 값이 PR의 Tax Code region에 있든 autocreated PO엔 같은 값이 default가 된다.
    Reference Documents

    Use the menu path, Material Management > Logistics Invoice Verification > Incoming Invoice > Maintain default values for
    tax codes > New entries > enter Company Code > give tax code.

  • Default tax code in MIGO

    I am getting a default tax code in MIGO a/c document even thou the tax is different in PO. In MIRO tax code is correct.
    can anybody have any clue from where this tax code is picking. best of my knowledge, i have define default tax code for asset in AA not in FI.
    please reply.

    We can maintain Tax code in GL Account master which will default to line item whenever you post to that GL Account.
    If you maintain tax code in GL master, than no longer you can change the tax code at line item level. The below is Help (F4) on the field tax category in GL Master
    Tax-relevant G/L account?
      You decide whether you want to use the account as a G/L account to which
      you make tax-relevant postings.
      Define the tax code which can be used to post to the account. When
      posting to this account, the system then checks whether the tax code in
      the line item is permitted for this account.
      This is useful if you always post to this account using the same tax
      rate. When you post to this account, the tax code is defaulted and can no
      longer be changed (for example, the account "Domestic trip costs taxed
      flat rate" in Germany).
    Since we are not knowing configuration settings fully in your system, We can  only suggest you to check the relevant  configuration what we thought relevant.  There is many so many reasons/settings for problem/error in your system

  • Default the Tax Code on a Shipment Cost Document

    How do I set the tax code to default in the Shipment Cost Document under the Tax tab?  We're seeing different behavior depending on whether we're shipping from US to Canada or the other way around.  It must be configurable but I can't find it.  Please help as I've read many existing posts and can't find a resolution.
    Here's what's happening:
    B/L 122252 was shipped in Company 2000 from CA to US.  When I settle the cost document for these types of shipments, I have to delete the Tax Jurisdiction (US0000000) before I can complete it.  The Tax Code is also blank, when it should be I0 (Tax Exempt).
    2.    B/L 122325 is in Company 1000, and is the reverse of the one above (US to Canada shipment). It has a Canadian Tax Jurisdiction with the Tax Code of I0, and it works fine. The Jurisdiction does not have to be deleted.
    It seems that the issue with the Company 2000 shipments would be the Tax Code of I0 not being populated, when the shipment cost document is created.

    I was able to add a record to the Condtions' table that solved half my problem.  The Tax Exempt code (I0) is now being added to the Canadian record like it is for the US record.  However, the Tax Jurisdiction field is still being populated and we want it to be blank.  Where does this field come from?    It's not in the condition record, and it's something different for the US ship cost doc than the Canadian record, so something's telling it what to put there.

  • Transaction FOV1 - Create Lease Out - Default Tax Code

    I was hoping someone could help.  When I create a new Lease-out I have noticed that within the "Pay Data" tab that the tax code always defaults to the same tax code.   Now that we have changed to 20% VAT does anyone know where the default tax code is maintained.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Danny,
    please check the following customizing:
    - Real Estate - Rental - Lease-Out - Determine Number Assignment For Lease-Outs
    Specification for Rental agreement, Number Assignment Rules
    Predefined Entries for Creating Rental Agreements
    There you can define Sales tax indicator in lease-out per company code.
    Hope that helps.
    Regards, Franz

  • Tax Code in case oF ERS for shipment cost

    We are using Shipment cost documents to calculate the customer freight.
    In shipment cost document, we need to transfer the amount to accounting.
    In that case system will create PO automatically.
    We need to activate ERS for all the vendors, in that case when we transfer the shipment costs to accounting, system is asking to enter Tax code.
    We are not using Tax determination at all in shipment cost document.
    Can't we use ERS without Tax code?
    Where does this Tax code come from into the PO? is it through Tax determination condition technique?
    is there any way we can deactivate Tax code?
    Please suggest.

    For Standard Materials, Tax code is defaulting from Info record.
    As freight is a service, we only have Short text in the PO not the material.
    Is there any way i can create info record for service materials? so that i can enter tax code in info record and that defaults into PO.

  • How the system calculate the tax code in MIRO ?

    I made PO in SAP  for material X and Entered the Tax Code I1 but When, i doing the MIRO in SAP, system automatically taking the another Tax code.Also i am trying to change the tax code in MIRO but s/m not allow to change the Tax code.
    I am not also maintained info record also.

    While doing MIRO the tax code will defaulted from PO for each line item , but to adjust the tax at last you should enter the tax code manually at header level in MIRO and post it.............
    In PO it will be defaulted if you maintain the tax code in Purchasing inforecord aor you should enter it manually.....

  • Filtering of tax codes-segmentation

    Hello Experts
                        I have branches in different states(i am using segmentation) .VAT codes for each state has to be different since it is related to VAT returns.But in marketing documents  VAT codes  for all states is displayed in the  choose list.Is there any way in which for a user in a particular state ,we can display VAT codes for that state only.
    Edited by: Manoj K Tharakan on Feb 17, 2011 12:02 PM

    In version 8.81, there has Tax Code Determination functionality which will meet your requirement. This version will unrestricted shipment in Q2, 2011. Visit this link: [https://websmp208.sap-ag.de/~sapidb/011000358700000988852010E/B1_881_WhatsNew.zip]
    In sales and purchasing documents, you must specify a tax code for items and services that are liable for taxes. SAP Business One proposes a tax code by default, which depends on the localization you are using.
    For all localizations except Brazil, India, Israel, and Puerto Rico, you can set up tax code determination rules that take precedence over the tax information in the business partner or item master data, and G/L account determination. When you create a sales or purchasing document, the application proposes a tax code for each item line based on the rules you defined, but you can overwrite this proposal.
    Hope this helps

  • Calculation of Tax Issue from FB60 (Tax Code Issue)

    Dear All,
    Normally when we purchase or received any services we post following entry.
    Purchase Ac Dr   1000
       To Vendor                   900
       T o Tax                         100
    But our requirement is that
    Purchase Ac Dr   1100
       To Vendor                  1000
       T o Tax                          100
    System should add cost of TAX  in purchase instead of reduction form vendor balance as we have to give 1000 RS to vendor.
    Can we create TAX code in this manner.
    This is not even possible form function available in Edit Option in FB60 (Calculate tax on Net Amount)
    Not even from TDS (Withholding tax)

    Apologized for that Atif.
    Withholding Tax Type does not control Vendor line item.
    My issue is that system should not reduce value enter in vendor  amount field.
    System usually reduce amount which is payable to vendor
    Please see my example once again. I also mention that it is not working from Withholding Tax nor form Tax code(FTXP)
    Edit option in FB60 is also not useful in this case.

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