A white line in the bottom of Safari when in full screen mode

I'm running 10.9.2 but I've had this issue since I got my MacBook Pro (2012 retina display), When I launch Safari it isnt there, but when I switch tabs or open the tabs card-like viewer thing it appears and it's really annoying and I have to get out of full screen mode and back in for it to go away.

Here's a pic..

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  • How do I get the titles to show when in full screen mode

    Hi I'm having a hard with my title showing when in full-screen mode for imovie.  It shows up on the edit screen but not in full screen. Why and how to I change it?

    yours is showing all the time? mine only shows when my mouse is at the bottom of the screen.
    However it also shows for me in non-fullscreen mode after i've switched to a different Space (in Leopard) and back. Have to go into fullscreen and then out of it to make it disappear.

  • Large gray 'band' along bottom of monitor when in full screen mode

    No doubt this is something that's very simple to resolve but...
    For some reason I'm having a large gray empty 'band' (i.e. rectangular strip) appear along the bottom of my monitor's window in "Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar."
    This has only started happening in the last couple of days and I don't recall it ever happening before (no matter what screen mode I've been in).
    The only way I've been able to temporarily eliminate this is to replace my Photoshop preference files from a backup.
    Again... probably some very simple setting... but even then... I don't see what I've been doing recently that I haven't done thousands of times before that would cause this.
    The last time it occurred I had simply dragged a layer from one file to another file and BAM... the gray strip appeared again when I went to full screen.
    Any suggestions?
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    Are Photoshop and OS fully updated?
    As with all unexplainable Photoshop-problems you might try trashing the prefs (after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved and making a note of the Preferences you’ve changed) by pressing command-alt-shift on starting the program or starting from a new user-account.
    System Maintenance (repairing permissions, purging PRAM, running cron-scripts, cleaning caches, etc.) might also be beneficial, Onyx has been recommended for such tasks.
    Weeding out bad fonts never seems to be a bad idea, either. (Validate your fonts in Font Book and remove the bad ones.)
    If 3rd party plug-ins are installed try disabling them to verify if one of those may be responsible for the problem.
    Does turning off OpenGL in the Performance Preferences and restarting Photoshop have any bearing on the issue?

  • How to remove status bar at bottom of browser when in full screen mode

    We have an application that runs in full screen mode for public display, so having the status bar pop-up at the bottom of the screen is distracting when it moves between pages is distracting and detracts from the user experience.
    How do I disable the status bar so that it no longer pops up when the browser is in full screen mode?

    Or do you mean the floating message that describes the current activity of the browser (for example, Waiting...) or shows the URL of the currently hovered link?
    That can be suppressed using custom style rules. Here is an example of a past thread on how you might do that:
    [https://support.mozilla.org/questions/976248 How do I disable the link address popup at bottom of the page?]
    That was as of Firefox 25. Does it still work in Firefox 30?

  • Some times the "x" to close tabs won't appear in safari when in full screen mode. Is this a Bug?

    I put Safari in Full screen some times, and open some tabs to navigate in all off then togeter, jumping betwen then.
    But the x on the tab to close one by one, won't apper some times, and i need to click on other tab and then come back to the one i want to close to appear the x to close that. This is a bug?

    You can try to '''Reset toolbars and controls:''' and '''Make Changes and Restart''' in the [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Safe%20Mode Safe Mode] start screen.
    If the problem persists, please try a [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Managing-profiles?s=profile&r=0&e=sph&as=s new profile]. You can later copy [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Backing%20up%20your%20information?s=backup&r=1&e=sph&as=s needed data] from the old profile to this.
    [http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder_-_Firefox Firefox Profile Folder & Files]

  • My downloaded film has a white line at the bottom

    My download of Guardians of the Galaxy has a white line at the bottom of the film.
    This has also happened with some other rental films recently.
    How do I get rid of the line?

    If it's still under Warranty have Apple look at it.

  • Random thin white line at the bottom of my picture

    Okay i have 344 pictures in total on my iphone 4s that i synced from my computer, the problem is some of the pictures have this very thin white line at the very bottom of the picture but when you click the button edit the white line just dissapears or if you set it as background the white line is gone and sometimes by it self the white line dissapears then later on reappears. Is this a software or hardware issue and how do you fix it?
    Oh also when i shut my phone off then on the pictures that have white line at bottom doesn't have it anymore then later on it just randomly re appears and i know the pictures isn't suppose to have a thin white line at the bottom because on my computer when i open it its not there.
    So please if anyone know if this is a software or hardware problem and how do i fix it thank you .

    So you only see it in QT Fullscreen mode?
    The reason I'm pressing this is that I've seen green lines LIKE this with issues resulting from what seems like a very hot video card.
    Usually they 1) aren't that crisp and 2) don't always show up each time you view it.
    And this is AFTER compression, yes? For sure this isn't on the original material? Make sure you set your canvas in FCP to 100% size to see all of the lines.

  • When safari is in full screen mode and I move the mouse to the top of the screen to bring up the menu bar and the bookmark bar, it does nothing.  Is anyone else having this issue?

    When safari is in full screen mode and I move the mouse to the top of the screen to bring up the menu bar and the bookmark bar, it does nothing.  Is anyone else having this issue?

    I just tested that since I hardly ever use full screen mode, this was the first time since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, and it worked fine for me.
    Try shutting Safari down and see if that changes anything.
    If that doesn't change anything, try shutting down and then rebooting.

  • Keep the editing controls at top + bottom when in full screen mode??

    hey all,
    so... is there a way anyone knows of to keep the editing controls at the top and bottom when in full screen mode? i know they slide away so i can see the whole image, but what if i don't want to?!
    20 2GHz iMac G5; 15 1.5GHz Powerbook; Airport Express; Wacom Intuos 3; Motorola RAZR   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    never mind, just figured it out, duh. o, um, go to the top, the menu bar will appear, under View, click on Show Toolbar.

  • I can't see the double arrows to access to full screen mode

    I have a imac (the pretty big one) with OS 10.7 and i can't see the double arrows to access to full screen mode in any application. Even Safari or other native software don't work. Did anyone have a clue for me please ?
    The combiantion Ctrl-Cmd-F doesn't work neither.
    I have a macbook air with the same OS and it works perfectly.
    Thanks in advance.

    Ok, that didn't work and only closed out this window in discussions. After it closed this one I tried again doing the same but nothing. Makes sense though because if it closed this one out it would close everything else out on my desktop too. This is like a giant screen saver. All my other .jpg icons are still on my desktop over the top of this big pic. Is it possible this is what it is, just a screensaver? I did the same with another pic from the same website and it didn't do this. I clicked on my mouse to save a pic to the desktop and this monstrous thing appeared.  My dock is still there and the top bar that has the apple, Safari, edit, etc., but not anything else that you would normally click on to close a window. 

  • My bookmarks bar and toolbar do not drop down when Safari is in full-screen mode.

    I just updated to Safari 5.1.5 this morning as well as OS 10.7.3 and when in full-screen mode, the bookmarks bar as well as the toolbar will not drop down.  Once I escape then I can see them fine.  I'm also having issues with dragging or dropping ANYTHING. A gost image of what I am trying to move shows, and will not go away unless I force quit Mail or Safari. Needless to say, what I ws attempting to drag and drop does not take effect.

    I just updated to Safari 5.1.5 this morning as well as OS 10.7.3 and when in full-screen mode, the bookmarks bar as well as the toolbar will not drop down.
    Click the title bar one time. The gray area of the window at the very top of your screen in full screen mode.
    Not sure what you mean by, "anything", when dragging and dropping. Right or control click the content. There may be an option for saving that data for you from the menu.

  • I just received my iPhoto book.  It is horrible.  The colour is faded, and the pages are cut on an angle showing a crooked whit line on the bottom of the page.  Who do I contact?

    I just received my iphoto book.  It is horrible.  The photo colours are faded and the pages have been cut on a angle (showing a crooked white line at the bollom of each page.  This is not the view on my home computer.  Who do I contact to get this fixed?

    Contact Apple support
    what does your preview show? -
    Before ordering your book preview it using this method - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1040 - and save the resulting PDF for reference - the delivered book will match it.

  • Can I change the transition animation in Preview's full-screen mode?

    When moving through a PDF file in Preview's full-screen mode, the pages slide off to the left/right when using arrow keys (up when using the space bar). I discovered that I can skip this animation by holding down the option key when I hit the arrow key, or by using a four-finger swipe.  But I'd like to use my remote to advance pages in the PDF, and I'd like to get rid of the transition animations permanently.  Is there a way to customize the transition animation preference? I don't see anything in the Preferences to do this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Just as an update, Ralph explained (here) that in Snow Leopard, the iChat application no longer gets it's speed values from QuickTime.

  • Why is one of my dual screen grayed out when in full screen mode on the other?

    I just added a second monitor for an extended desktop. When I go into full screen mode on one the other greys out. Is there a way to fix this or am i stuck? thanks!!!

    No that is just the way it is. Apple still can't figure out how to do full screen apps. When you put any app into full screen mode it make a second desktop to run that app on. When that happen the second monitor, in a dual monitor setup, has nothing to do as everything is on the main monitor in different desktops.
    You'll have to just expand the app to the max window size instead of going into full screen. Then you can drag/place different apps on each monitor.

  • TV picture has a white line in the bottom and side

    I connected the iTV to my TV via a DVI/HDMI converter. It is an older Pinoneer TV with only a old DVI jack. It plays fine but after a few minutes a very thin mostly white line appears at the bottom and side sometimes the top and side on the TV.  If I turn it off and back on it goes away but only for a few minutes.  Can I do anything to fix this?

    I solved the problem last night.  Since it took take a few minutes for the line to show up on the screen, we thought it might be the screen saver function on the TV.  We turned off the TV picture rotation setting and it works perfectly now.

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