Access Custom Attributes in JavaScript and in Transactions

I try to work with custom attributes. I've problems accessing the values in JavaScript and in transactions, but it works fine within .irpt pages.
What's the trick?
For a custom attribute called PLANT, can I write something like this in JavaScript?
var p = ;
Is there a way to access custom attributes in the Link Editor of an Action Block?
Kind Regards,

Hi Matthias,
it is not possible to integrate that kind of MII variables in JavaScript like you discribed before.
You are right that this kind of expression is possible in the .irpt file. The reason why it is working in the .irpt
but not in the .js is, that the MII script parser is only replacing in HTML content. Everywhere you have
scripting the parser will not replace the {...} markings (since the curly brackets also show start/end of functions aso.).
Variables to JavaScript
The easiest Way to get those variables is to create hidden fields in the .irpt file that you can access via JavaScript.
For example:
<input type="hidden" id="hidden_plant" value="{PLANT}" />
This will be parsed to (e.g.)
<input type="hidden" id="hidden_plant" value="Karlsruhe/DE" />
Now you can access this value in JavaScript via:
document.getElementById( "hidden_plant" ).value;
Variables to Transactions
To parse custom variables to a transaction you first have to specify corresponding transaction variables in the
transaction itself. After saving the transaction you can map those variables to Parameters in the Xacute-Query-Editor.
Including this transaction to your webpage you can simply assign the required value to the corresponding parameter.
For example if you mapped the Plant variable of the transaction to Param.1 you can specify the information in the .irpt
<applet id="trx_test" ....>
  <... />
  <param name="Param.1" value="{PLANT}" />
Another possibility is to set the value dynamically via JavaScript if you use:
document.getElementById( "trx_test" ).getQueryObject().setParam( 1, "Karlsruhe/DE" );
Native access to user variables via the BLE is not possible (as far as I know).
I hope this is what you wanted to hear?
Best Regards
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    Are you sure this is the right namespace? The default namespace is
    You can get all namespaces and the names of all attributes defined for a user using methods getAttributeNamespaces and getAttributeNames : [Interface IPrincipal|].

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    Use the user.api jar in your appln.
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    if you are still facing the problem paste your code here for analysis.

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    SEQUENCE = "211"
    "XXCSR1 Payroll Timecard Layout - Day Scope Building blocks for worker timecard matrix"
    BEGIN HXC_LAYOUT_COMP_QUALIFIERS "XXCSR1 Payroll Timecard Layout - Project"
    "XxcsrProjectId|Projects List|RESULT|N"
    QUALIFIER_ATTRIBUTE26 = "Projects List"
    QUALIFIER_ATTRIBUTE27 = "Attribute1"
    QUALIFIER_ATTRIBUTE28 = "Projects List"
    # CSR Project List
    # CSR Task List
    BEGIN HXC_LAYOUT_COMPONENTS "XXCSR1 Payroll Timecard Layout - Task"
    SEQUENCE = "212"
    "XXCSR1 Payroll Timecard Layout - Day Scope Building blocks for worker timecard matrix"
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    Hi Arshad,
    The fields suppl.1 to suppl.4 and Addit.text 1 to Addit.text 4 are the reserve fields available in additional data tab of shipment.
    If those fields are not being used already, u can utilise those fields for your purpose. Please check the documentation for the fields ADD01 to ADD04 and TEXT1 to TEXT4 in VTTK table.
    The description of the fields can be modified from CMOD transaction.

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    Thanks and regards,

    Hello Amey,
    You need to access the variable by "wd_this->g_mymessage"
    Since wd_this attribute in each controller refers to interface of local controller. you could read the description of that attribute in attribute tab.
    Anurag Chopra

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    The method you describe before can only added those CQ bulid-in attribute.
    For those custom attribute, how can I added it?

    How can I customize the /bin/wcmcommand or how can I make use of [2] to create a custom WCMCommand?
    I think the "formUrl" is to post those input value to the jcr repository?
    var createDialog = {
            "jcr:primaryType": "cq:Dialog",
            "id": CQ.Util.createId("cq-createdialog"),
            "title":CQ.I18n.getMessage("Create Page"),
            "formUrl": CQ.shared.HTTP.externalize("/bin/wcmcommand"),
            "params": {
    I have added a field called "starred"
    Moreover, when I using the firebug to trace the post command, I can see that the starred value is posted also.
    However, when I go to the crxde to view the node's attribute, the properity starred is not created
    Are there anything I did wrong or missing?
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  • LDAP Sync is not working on custom attributes

    I have installed and configured OIM 11g release 2. While configuring OIM, i have enabled ldapsync to OID.
    Created a custom attribute in OID and also on OIM. But when I change this attribute in OIM, that change is not going to OID and vice versa. There are not errors in the logs.
    Please throw some light on this.

    While creating a custom attribute in oim, you will give label, name right..At the same time there will be an option to provide ldap attribute name. You need to provide the name of the attribute that you created in OID here. Then only ldap sync will work on custom attributes. without specifying ldap attribute name, ldap sync wiill not work.
    Give a try and post your results here.

  • Programmatically create custom attributes in KM

    Hi all,
    We are implementing an application which uploads/downloads files to/from KM content of a portal user. The application will also display the list of files for the portal user. The file list displays the standard file attributes: filename,  created_date, size.
    Additionally to these attributes we want to store  some custom attributes (e.g. last sent to, received from...) for files in the KM.
    We need to create these custom attributes programmatically at runtime, if the file is stored/updated in the KM content.
    How can we programmatically create these kind of custom attributes in KM and read/write these custom attributes at runtime?

    General example on how to code KM
    Coding custom attributes, look into Properties section
    Coding custom renderer.

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    please provide me help

    I look deep into my crystal ball, and ... let's see... the haze is starting to thin... now the image is forming.... it says:
    "Post some code where you think the problem exists and ask specific questions about what you think may be the problem. Also post any error messages that occur and use code tags when you post any code."

  • Export Custom Attribute Mapping

    Hello Gurus!
    I'm migrating a xMII 11.5 project to MII 12.1 and the migration tool was fine on creating the Custom Attributes and Custom Attribute Mapping. However, what I need now is to export Custom Attribute and Custom Attribute Mapping from MII 12.1 DEV to QAS and PRD.
    My question is: When exporting Custom Attributes from Configurations menu, it will export Custom Attribute Mapping too? How can I export and import Custom Attribute Mapping from DEV to QAS and PRD?

    have you tried the following:
    - open System Management / Configurations
    - unmark the "Select All" and only mark the "Custom Attributes"
    - click export and save the zip file
    The exported zip file should include all the settings. In your follow up systems QAS and PRD you can import the zip file.
    See also SAP Help on [MII 12.1 Configuration|]

  • Edit OID Object Class to Add custom attributes

    Has anyone edited an existing object class( in my case orclADUser ) and added custom attributes to it?
    If so
    1) what is the best way to add it (oidadmin Schema management ? )
    2) what is the impact on such custom attributes ?

    Yes and no.
    I've done this but I created my own classes in the oidadmin. Then I populated them.
    My application searched through these attributes (in a separate part of the OID). One attribute pointed to the DN of the user.
    Doing it in this way will ensure that standard software and updates will not break your setup.

  • How to access custom property for attribute and control in .vm file?

    I have created custom properties in OPM for attribute and apply also that properties to attribute.
    But if how to access that value in .vm file?
    I accessed using
    $attribute.getProperty("ScreenProp", "default value")
    but it's not working but same is worked for screen custom property

    $control.getProperties().get("PropertyName") works for custom properties on a control
    If you output $control and $control.getProperties() to the html you can lookup the API for the used classes.
    I can't give an example of the html because it's stripped in this forum
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  • How do I access the name of the file stored in a custom attribute?

    I have created a custom attribute based on a file type and am using it in a custom page type. However, the value stored in wwsbr_folder_attributes is a sequential number rather than the name of the jpg file entered into the attribute. How do I access the true filename, as this seems to be what I need in order to reference it in an <IMG SRC=> tag?

    Hi Francis -
    You should be able to use this relatively use this sequential number in an image tag in the following way:
    <img border="0" src="docs/1/211800.GIF" width="470" height="108">
    Hope this helps,

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