Access Enterprise Service as CAF External Service

Hi All,
Has anybody used Enterprise Service as CAF External service (in CE 7.1.1) and got the proper result after doing the external service config.? If any body used it please share the External service config part. Because I am getting stuck here. In CE7.1.1 the external service config is not same like previous version as I think.
Thanks in Advance

Hi Chandan,
For Ehp1 you can take a look at:
[Configuring Consumer Applications|]
[Configuring Individual Web Service Clients|]
[Configuring Groups of Web Service Clients|]
Hope this helps.
Best Regards,

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  • Accessing BAPI web services from CAF External Services

    We have wsdl files that corresponds to BAPI calls.  Using CAF, we want to create an external service using those wsdl files and then create an application service which will be in turn used by web dynpro for developing our composites. We did the following steps:
    1. Created a new  Composite Application Service project
    2. Then right click on the External Services, select import, choose Web service.
    3. Select 'Local File System or URL' option. Copy the URL from the wsdl file and pasted the URL in the 'Browse' text field and click Next. Got an error in loading the web service.
    4. Removed the Proxy Server settings in Developer Studio but in vain. Tried all possible combinations with the URL also (such as with and without the wsdl key at the end of the URL and using the 'UDDI or URL' option under the Proxy Definition of the External Services Import and also with the Window => Preferences => Proxy settings).
    5. Since the above options failed, copied the wsdl files to the local drive and then choose that WSDL from the file system. Able to import.
    6. Created the application service and provided the custom code for the request and response.
    7. Registered the external service in the CAF browser -> Administrative tools -> External Service Configuration
    8. Tested the service through the Developer Studio.
    The error I get is: ERROR: IOError while working with the message. Check the nested exception: Connect Refused: connect:
    Any idea on what needs to be done to resolve it?

    authentication is required at design time to read the wsdl from bapis. did you provide username and password when importing the web service.
    you can always add the username and password to the url to see if you can successfully get to the wsdl. Like that http://<webas_abap_servername>:<portnumber>/sap/bc/soap/wsdl11?services=BAPI_PO_CREATE&sap-client=<clientnumber>&sap-user=<username>&sap-password=<password>

  • Access Enterprise Search via ABAP Web Service

    Hello ES experts,
    I am looking for more information on how to access Enterprise Search via ABAP web service QSDispatcher, using processQuery operation. I created a client proxy and need information on structure of input and output parameters (query and query result)
    Thanks, Srdjan

    Hi Srdjan
    You can access the SAP ABAP system by configuring it in the NW ES admin console, any system with version > 4.6C can be integrated in the search engine.
    The UI for NW ES is a WebDynpro via Web Browser (In the future will be integrated in Widgets and Portal, etc) but i'm not sure if you want to use the WS to access the results of the ES searching or if you want to integrate a WS from ABAP as part of the searching area...
    Please clarify.
    Best Regards,

  • CAF external service consumption nwds7.0

    I am trying to consume enterprise service in caf nwds7.0 by importing the backend wsdl of hu2 system.I done external service configurations from caf administrative tools also.Still i am unable test the entity service from service browser.I there any further configurations to be done apart from external service configuration?

    Please go through this article
    Please check out whether you are missing any configurations.

  • Which permissions required for using CAF External Service Configuration?

    I have written an application service which invokes an external RFC. To this end, I have imported the desired RFC as external service and wrapped it as an application service.
    However, when invoking this application service I get an error message that the external service has not been configured. I have learned that I have to use CAF's External Service Configuration tool.
    Unfortunately, this tool complaints that I don't have the required administrator permissions. This happens even when I log in with the administrator account.
    What do I do wrong?
    Best regards

    I just have found the required role. It is role SAP_CAF_ADMIN.

  • NW 04s SP 7: CAF, External Service Configuration Error

    i get an error by calling the <i>Service Registration</i> for External Services (CAF Runtime) in the <i>External Service Configuration</i> Admin Tool.
    At the moment i have n external services deployed. The error appeared when i've called the Service Registration for the first time.
    The installation was finished without any errors.
    The first lines of the exception:
    Against the link for the <i>Business Entities</i> in the <i>External Service Configuration</i> works fine.

    Hi Wolfgang,
    I am getting the same Problem ? Have you got the Solution ?
    Thanks in Advance

  • SneakPreview 2004s SP7 CAF External Services - Web Services Problem

    I would like to use our web services in our CAF (Composite Application Services) Project. So I selected External Services and in the popup menu selected Import.
    After filling WSDL location und clicking on Finish Button. I got following Message:
    Cannot load WebService WSDL from URI:
    Invalid wsdl.
    WSDL is ok and I have already used it in the Web Dynpro Project SneakPreview SP15. If I copy the show this Link  in the Internet Browser, I see the WSDL.
    Can anybody help???

    Thanks Jan, for your response.
    I still cannot import my WSDL.
    I have just tried my example with the same result
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
                   <xs:import namespace=""/>
                   <xs:import namespace=""/>
                   <xs:import namespace=""/>
                   <xs:import namespace=""/>
         <wsdl:message name="clsMain.HalloWorld">
         <wsdl:message name="clsMain.HalloWorldResponse">
         <wsdl:portType name="clsMainSoapPort">
              <wsdl:operation name="HalloWorld">
                   <wsdl:input message="wsdlns:clsMain.HalloWorld"/>
                   <wsdl:output message="wsdlns:clsMain.HalloWorldResponse"/>
         <wsdl:binding name="clsMainSoapBinding" type="wsdlns:clsMainSoapPort" >
              <soap:binding style="document" transport=""/>
              <wsdl:operation name="HalloWorld">
                   <soap:operation soapAction=""/>
         <wsdl:service name="T1" >
              <wsdl:port name="clsMainSoapPort" binding="wsdlns:clsMainSoapBinding" >
                   <soap:address location="http://DOLEZAL/FEST_WEBS/T1.WSDL"/>
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  • CAF external services

    Hi All,
    in a previous version of NWDS the external services could be consumed by creating entity services. In de current version we use, there's no such thing anymore (or not that I can see). How do I consume these external services now? Do I just create an application service of them and add the new operation that combines several services to this application?
    kind regards,

    Hi All,
    in a previous version of NWDS the external services could be consumed by creating entity services. In de current version we use, there's no such thing anymore (or not that I can see). How do I consume these external services now? Do I just create an application service of them and add the new operation that combines several services to this application?
    kind regards,

  • Web Service and CAF Application Services - How to return a table

    I'd like to build a CAF Application Service and expose it as a Web Service. This service should return an array or table which I'd like to display in a Visual Composer model.
    I understand that there're limitations at CAF regarding supported data types.
    Does anyone know how to get a workaround?
    Any information is very appreciated.
    Kind regards

    You can return a list.
    The standard way to do this is you have to create a complex data type for response.
    Configure the cardinality of this data type to 1..n so as to accomodate a list.
    In your implementation add your list to this response message and return the list.
    This waly you can return collections.
    Hope it helps.
    Srinivasan Subbiah

  • Copy Header discounts to Service Items In External Services

    Can any body let me know the following,
    PO is created with mateial as 1st line item and service as 2nd line item.
    Header discount 25% maintained against condition type KR0P
    Two services are maintained in the PO.
    Now please let me know how to have the 25% header discount (maintained at header) for the two services maintained in the PO.
    Sridhar Thota

    If the condition type is an header & item condition then it will flow to your PO service line, not sure if you are asking about individual service line item under one PO service line item.  If your service line items have individual pricing determination at service item level then you need to define a condition type for discount in service item pricing procedure.
    There is no direct connection b/w service pricing procedure and claculation schema, pls clarify..

  • Generate Entity Service from External Service / Web Service (CAF)

    is it possible to generate an Entity Service from an External Service in the CAF-IDE? Or do I need to create each attribute manually which the External Service provides?
    (in worst case by using an api?)

    Unfortunately there is no possibility to create Entity Service based on another service. You have to do this manually for each attribute and method. Sorry ...

  • Call external service in a Application service created from ES

    Hi Experts
    I have the follow situation:
    I've modeled a new service in Enterprise Service Builder. This service i'll implement in caf application. In the method create by application i'll call one method of external service.
    I imported this modeled service in Create Web Service Provider option in external package, select the Enterprise Service Repository source option and choice the respective Service Interface.
    In this moment the caf created a new application service, with methods of modeled service. That's all right.
    Now i import a external service of esworkplace. All the step are ok. But the problem is going to next step.
    I need to call this imported service in the method of application service. I know 3 way to do this:
    1. Mapping the external service with this application service. In this case i have a problem - the method of external service is expose as web service, and i don't want this. Just the method of modeled service must be expose.
    2. Create another application service, map the external service with this application service, and create a depency between this application service and the application service created by modeled service. I think this work fine and resolve the problem of expose the method of external service. However i think this isn't a good way to do.
    3. Instantiate the service class of exernal service. From this class i can call the method of external service in application service. But now i have another problem. If i see the implementation of this class, it have a static block which call a URL class, and pass as parameter a wsdl file located in one directory of my computer like
    url = new"file:/D:/SAP7110Workspace.jdi/LocalDevelopment/CRVP/
    when execute the application in the server it don't find this file and i give one error.
    I think the best way to do is the 3° way. But why did the caf generate the URL with My computer directory instead of in directory of application? There are some solution to this problem?
    I've change this line manualy, but all the time when i generate the project, i need change this code again.

    You may consume external service via JNDI
    Context context = new InitialContext();
    <JNDI OBJECT> local = (<CAST JNDI OBJECT>)context.lookup("<JNDI OBJECT>");
    //Call the method
    If you are using CE 7.11, go to NWA -> Problem Management -> JNDI browser  > ..... -> ObjectName for <JNDI OBJECT>
    - julius

  • Error to import  RFC (ABAP) service in CAF

    I am trying to import a ABAP service  (as an external service) BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL and getting the following error after selecting  BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL  checkbox
    cannot load R/3 descriptions.
    Env. -
    NetweSAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Version: 7.0.0
    Please help

    Mmmh, in general case the import mechanism for external services in the CAF perspective works really stable and reliable. So I'm wondering if this is a general problem or does this message occurs only if you use the BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL?

  • RAW import parameters in external service

    Hi all,
    I'm extending an application that has been written by somebody else.
    I need to connect to an RFC using CAF external services.
    In this RFC one of the input parameters (GUID) is of the type RAW. When I import an external service (based on this RFC) into the NWDS. I then add is as a dependencie to my Application service, generate a webservice of my application service, build and deploy the CAF project.
    When I now go the the wsnavigator, open my application service and select the operation I want to test. I fill in the paramters and send submit but the RAW import parameter GUID is not being passed on to my RFC.
    In fact when I look at the SOAP message that is being sent, the GUID parameter is empty (it fills in 'AA==' while I inserted '4A53589C71132123E10000009959C278' as value).
    POST /CRMActivitiesWS2/Config1?style=document HTTP/1.1
    Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
    Connection: close
    Cookie: <value is hidden>
    Cookie: <value is hidden>
    Cookie: <value is hidden>
    Authorization: <value is hidden>
    Content-Length: 416
    SOAPAction: ""
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="">
    <pns:ReadOfferData_R xmlns:pns='urn:CRMActivitiesWS2Vi'>
    I think this has something to do with the conversion of the input field to the RAW dataformat. Does anybody know how I can solve this?
    Kind regards

    Solved on my own...

  • External Service Exception

    Hi All
    I have created an entity service with remote persistensy.I have imported a web service as an external service and i am using this in the entity service.I have configured the external service in the external service configuration(service registry,business entities).Whan i am    testing this entity service in the service browser the fallowing exception is coming. Problem in server response: [Unauthorized].
    Caused by: Problem in server response: [Unauthorized].
    at com.hcl.xiprcas.besrv.ipentity.IpEntityServiceBean.findByMultipleParameters(
    ... 45 more
    Caused by: Problem in server response: [Unauthorized].
    ... 47 more
    Caused by: Problem in server response: [Unauthorized].
    ... 52 more
    Can you plz tell me what is the problem?.

    It looks like you are not authorized to execute the webservice. Check the webservice authentication settings.

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