Account Balance Zeroed Out 2013-12-21

My wife's prepaid wireless account balance of $293+ was zeroed out today for some reason.
Calling either of the customer service number provided only results in prompts to add money to the account, and of course, nobody uses their phone on the weekend, so there's no humans around.
Why did I think this would never happen sooner or later with Verizon?

I figured I'd come back with an update.
I have two phone accounts, they both are on autopay, and they both draw payments from a single Amex account on the same day of the month.  This never caused a problem before.
The theory is that Verizon submitted the two transactions to Amex so close together that Amex considered them duplicates.
This is plausible given the fact that two "pre-authorization" transcations hit the Amex account, but only one ended up being paid.
So I've moved up the payment date on one of the accounts.  I made a manual payment to restore the account and Verizon has said they will restore the funds that expired; hopefully that will occur in timely fashion.

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    Hi men,
    I think tcode F-05 can solve your problem. You should make some adjustment by using this tcode.
    Good luck.

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    You can use the same conversion account that is created for GL or create a diff account , it shoudn't really matter either of the cases would work
    but why do you want to keep 2 dioff conversion accounts for zeroing the balances , accordign to me one should be enough.

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    go to settings
    then to store
    tap your id then click sign out
    then sign back in and you should be fine

  • Cash Position - Entry for accounts with balance zero

    Hello Guru,
    is there a possibility to see in my cash position one entry for each account, which is included in the structure, even if the balance of the corresponding account is zero. At the moment I get no entry for accounts whose balances are zero.
    Best regards

    I had posted a OSS note for the above question and SAP says that the  FF7A report with the option 'Delta display' will (that is SAP's intention) display 'with balance' in the first and last column and 'without balance' in the other columns.
    So when we run the report today we should use 'Current day minus 1' in the 'display as of ' field. so that in the second column we can see today's transactions without balance. That works for me.
    Thanks to all who replied to my posting.

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    Has anyone else had account balance out of date error before!  I lost almost 7 dollars off of a new Itunes gift card after redemption!

    Mine is doing the same thing, half an hour ago I redeemed 30$ in iTunes gift cards and now I'm trying to buy music and it keeps saying, credit balance out of date

  • HT1689 How do I find out what my account balance is for my app purchases?

    How do I find out what my account balance is for my app purchases?

    Log in in iTunes son your computer and it shows you balance

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    Dear Experts,
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    Hello Vadim Kalinin,
    Thanks for the very swift help.
    Merger of the client happened in 2007. ECC is using the " 20300000- change in fair value " account to record both pre-acquisition and post-acquisition values.
    Since the treatment of pre-consolidation and post consolidation reserves is different the split of the amount between pre and post-acquisition values has to be done. For the same post acquisition value is reduced from this account using a script logic as below.
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    This logic worked when the account has a figure, but in July 2014 in ECC the account had a transaction and the balance has become Zero. Until this account has a figure this pre acquisition logic is not working.
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    How do i find out my itunes account balance? Thanks

    There is no sign of my Apple ID in the iTunes Store, no matter how many times I log in.
    If I click on the "Purchase History" from my itunes receipt email, it redirect me to the itunes download page, everytime!
    ALL I want is the BALANCE - How hard can it be!?! (...and purchase history would be nice!).
    But instead the only options under Account are:
    Update your Apple ID email address and password
    Change your default shipping or billing info
    Update Express Checkout settings
    Manage email subscriptions
    And the "Store - View Order History" knows nothing about itunes order history!
    And all the iTunes links, keep sending me to the download page!!!

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    Dear buddies:
    I wanna control  that account balance isn't less than zero when entering G/L document. I remember there is a warnning message for bank account, but I forgot how to configurate it!
    Please you help me, thanks!

    Not sure what customizing you refer to but you can do this control trough a validation at complete document level.

  • HT201209 how do i fine out my account balance when i redeem gift cards

    If I redeem gift cards, where can I see my account balance?  Also, if I purchase apps, games, etc., How does it know to use the gift card vs. my credit card on file?

    My account's balance shows at the top left of the store's page on my computer's iTunes, and by logging in to view my account via the Store > View Account menu option. On my iOS devices it shows at the bottom of, for example, the Featured tab in the App Store app under my account id (or you can view your account via Settings > iTunes & App Stores and it should show on the screen that you are taken to).
    When purchasing items from the store your account's balance should be automatically used first (you can't gift content from your balance) - from :
    When making purchases, content credits are used first, followed by Gift Certificate, iTunes Card, or Allowance Account credits; your credit card or PayPal account is then charged for any remaining balance.

  • Account balance = 0 but open items exist in the accountu201D

    hi  gurus,
    while creating the g/ls by mistake i have checked the open item management which now has balances and the status shows its open which is not suppose to happen. well i cleared the balance and made it zero balance and when i go back to FS00 to remove the check and try to save it ,     
                               it says  "Account balance = 0 but open items exist in the accountu201D
    i tried to search for the solutions on the forum and figuered out an  answer which says OBA5 actually deals with solving the problem. but i am clueless as to how can i solve it with tcode OBA5...

    Hi Sayeed
    If my understanding is correct, you want to remove the open item management check box in FS00
    All standard purpose its not possible
    But you can go to a program named RFSEPA02 and command the open item management portion in the program
    The above solution is your going to create a Z program of the standard, now execute the program with the GL account you want to do the open item management check box
    Before doing this, please block the GL account for posting
    Hope this will help you
    We have done this in 4.7 & 5.0, hope the same will work for 6.0
    Warm Regards

  • PLD for Trial Balance with no Title account balance required

    Dear All,
    I have made a pld for Trail Balance and when the print out is done it is seen that Titles accounts which have zero balances are also coming. I want to hide all Title accounts which have null value. How this can be achived through PLD in SBO 2005B.
    As far as clicking in the Hide Title accounts in Trail Balance screen is concerend is also not fullfilling the requirement as I want that title account in which gl accounts have balance should come. for example means a Title account has 5 GL accounts and all GL has some balance now in the PLD the total should come through the Title account and below its individual Gl balances should come.
    Please guide if you have any solution or any formula field can be applied in which i can hide title account which is not linked to any active GL account and has no balance.

    You can try to add a few formula fields:
    F_XX1: is the account balance
    F_XX2: is the flag whether its a title or active account
    F_XX3: F_XX1!= 0 --> should retrieve value 1 if the balance is not 0
    F_XX4: F_XX4!= title (not sure how its stored in the system) --> should retrieve value 1 if it's not a title account
    F_XX5: F_XX3*F_XX4==1 --> should retrieve value 1 only if neither the previous statements are true so if it's not a title account and the balance is not 0
    Then you can link the GL account field to this last formula through the Link To option of the field, which would make them visible only if their value is not 0 and they are not title accounts. You can make all these formulas invisible just display the GL account field.
    Hope it makes sense.

  • Company Code account balance migration

    We have a merger between 2 company codes (moving from one co code to another).
    We have several balances on accounts in company code A which we want to push into company code B. Can you suggest if IC doc type is the best way to complete this?
    We do not have in SAP a document type for mergers, therefore a suggestion was to use this doc type and enter text field MERGER Document etc.

    I have done many mergers in different ways and the only problem with intercompany is that you will create an intercompany between the merged company and the merge 2 company.  If the company you are merging from has subledger balances, this is the best approach i have found:
    reverse out all open items in old company against a migration account for AP and AR with the exception of FA in document currency.  FA can be transfferred within FA but will create a G/L account balance on old company.  After this process is done than extract the balances left and make an entry for each account to zero the balance out, netting this against the migration account.
    The new company:  First decide if you want open items or only account balances.  If your moving open items, post them all on new company with the exception of FA.  You will follow the same steps as above except you post the GL open items versus just the balance.
    Best of luck.  Mergers are fun!
    Oh yeah, when you make the entries on the new company code, if you are posting to an already existing account that has balances, you might want to add the old company code to a line item field so you can easily tell what items are from what company.

  • Account Balance set to 0

    So.  I had a credit card registered to my iTunes account.  I added a $25 gift card, which gave me a $25 account balance.  I removed the credit card to use my account balance, but now I have ZERO on my account.  *** how can I get my $25 back?!  I'm pretty upset right now. lol

    You've tried logging out and back into your on the device/computer that you are using and seeing if your balance then shows ? If not then try contacting iTunes Support and see if they know where it went : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page
    (My account's balance shows at the top left of the store's page on my computer's iTunes, and by logging in to view my account via the Store > View Account menu option. On my iOS devices it shows at the bottom of, for example, the Featured tab in the App Store app under my account id - or you can view your account via Settings > iTunes & App Store and it should show on the screen that you are taken to.)

Maybe you are looking for

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