Accounting Balance of Secondary Higher Education Cess on selected Date

We are in the process of the developing CENVAT Register.
We are using ECC 5.0 & CIN activated.
For closing accounting balances on the selected date, we are identified one table called "J_2IACCBAL". However this table does not have the entries for Secondary & Higher Education Cess.
Please suggest any other table where we can able to get the closing balances of secondary & higher education cess.

Dear Sai,
Thanks for immediate response, however our requirement is to know the closing un-utilized balance lying in Secondary & Higher Education Cess. We have verified the J_1Ipart2 is giving the transactional data.
Please suggest any other finding

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  • Secondary Higher Education Cess on Service Tax in Taxes on Sales/Purchases

    Hi All
    I have configured the basic service tax, Edu.cess and Higher Edu.cess in Taxes on Sales/Purchases as CIN is not implemented. All service tax elements (ST, ECS and SHECS) are defined with different condition types and also assigned the GL accounts to Account keys.
    while posting an entry, three different line items for ST, ECS and SHECS with respective GL accounts should be posted. But one line item for Secondary higher education cess is not posting in document entry.
    This is very urgent issue.
    I will assgin the full points, if I get immediate correct response.

    HI RK,
    Pls check the Tax code used and see that the correct G/L accounts are assigned in the tax codes.

  • Secondary Higher Education Cess is not calculated in Tax Amount in MIRO

    I am facing a problem with SHECess which is implemented in recent budget changes in INDIA through SAP Notes.My problem is that when I made PO all duties and other taxes are calculated  and showing correctly in PO as well as in Print Preview in PO.
    But when I am trying to post the MIRO the system is not taking in to account the SHECess and also SHECess on CST.I checked several times but the results is the same.This is happening only for Depot Purchases for goods procured locally.
    Plz help me if any one encounters this situation and give me the solution as early as possible becz it is utmost very urgent.

    Check condition type for Secondary education cess is there  in following path where you specify which condition type is used for which sort of tax, if not add with tax procedure
    SPRO --> Logistics general > tax on Goods Movements> India >  Classify Condition>Condition-Based Excise Determination Types
    Also check TAX Procedure in t.code: OBYZ  & see condition type for Secondary education cess is there   with all condition types and all are placed with a logic to calculate taxes with total price.
    Biju K

  • Secondary higher educational cess displayedi n form16

    calcculating part is perfect, educational cess 2%+1% but displayed only 2%  in form_16.
    how it is to be rectified pl. suggest for the same.

    First of all check whether you have mentioned Proper condition type CVD Cond.--> JCV1 in excise default if not please
    it is the prerequisite for capture of CVD and all in J1IEX
    If you have maintained ,J1CV is maintained under A/P AT1 CONDITION--this is wrong assignment
    if you have already enhance the budget -2007 then in this field must be condition type for secondary education cess
    J1CV doesn't have relation with this field please remove from excise default and assign JA1S that is for secondary Education Cess
    i hope this will clear you a lot
    Kedar Kulkarni

  • New Secondary and Higher education Cess  does not apply to all business!?

    I know that for New Secondary and Higher education Cess we need to apply OSS Note (1032554 - Secondary and Higher Education Cess on Income Tax) as per the new legal change in India, an additional surcharge has been introduced for purposes of the Union, to be called the #Secondary and Higher Education Cess on income-tax#, calculated at the rate of one per cent.
    I think this new cess is applicable across all industries.But, got feed back from client (project) that it does not apply to their business (Import and Trading) and this new cess can be rejected during passing the budget as bill.
    Could you let me know reasonable justification  to implement this oss notes?
    Thanks in advance

    Please go thru the following link specially the clause 129. May be helpful. It speaks of imports.

  • Problem in new 1% higher education cess as per budget 07

    we have done the configuration for the new 1% higher education cess in SAP.we have uploaded the relevant patches, done the required manuel changes, also completed the changes in MM and SD module.All the changes were done as per SAP notes.But still we are getting an error "<b>balance in transaction currency</b>" while posting excise invoice in J1IEX in MM and same error in SD also.
    The problem is when i do simulation of excise invoice in J1IEX the new cess is not displayed as a line item, but its value is included in the total which is credited in the CENVAT clearing account.
    can u guys help me out on this??
    thanks in advance,

    as per as i know this happens in case of capital goods with non inventorised excise duty since 50% refund is possible in current financial year,next 50% in next financial year. suppose for example
    bed is calculated on gross price of a capital goods as 1200.25 inr
    so while posting the excise invoice the system break it as 600.13 inr one on clearing account and another onhold. so .01 price differance exist in account document and system not allowing to post it. so u click on the error "balance in transaction currency" to no the differance and make appropriate change manually in j1iex_c to balance the account document properly since .01 rs has no effect on the system

  • Higher education cess not posted while doing migo

    When I do goods receipt(MIGO) higher education cess is not posted to financial accounting. I am using taxinn.
    I face same problem when i do excise invoice capturing for billing document. Balance in transaction currency.

    There is no relation ship between your tax procedure (eg: TAXINN) and withholding tax confirguration.  Please check the does the higher education cess is getting posted or not when you post FI invoice.  If it's fine, it should post when you do MIRO.
    Withholding tax will not be posted when you do MIGO, it will be posted when you do MIRO only.
    Please use the same vendor for FI & MM invoices posting.  If still there is any issue in higher education cess posting - please check withholding tax configuration.
    Kiran Yelamarthy

  • Higher education cess not appearing in the excise invoice

    Hello experts,I am presently in a support project of a big aluminium project in india,
    my question is while i am creating the excise invoice using the transaction j1iin then with respect to the proforma invoice,what is happening is that the excise invoice is appearing in the create mode of the excise invoice,but once while we are going to save the document and after opening in the change mode,i see the document does not contain the higher education cess.and also the transactionis not hitting the gl account
    pls guide me as soon as possible
    Thanking you,

    Dear Anshuman
    Please make use of the search option b4 posting any question as this particular topic was discussed repeatedly in the last one week.
    Meanwhile answering to your question, please ensure that your system is loaded with latest patch updation.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • BED & Higher education cess are not appearing in J1IIN in export sales

    Dear Experts,
    we have scenario, 
    - 1000 & 2000 Plants are excisable
    - Excise group is same for 1000 & 2000 plant
    - Serial Group is different for 1000 & 2000 plant.
    we enter materials from 1000 & 2000 plant for creating a export sales order ( IN one export sales order we enter material from different plant), in which excise duties are showing correctly even though we enter different plant in sales order. even commercial invoice also properly generated with proper excise duties but when we try to create  excise Invoice (J1IIN),  BED ,Education cess and  Higher education cess are correctly appearing for the materials of plant 1000, but only BED and Higher education cess are appearing for the material of plant 2000, +not appearing the Education cess in the excise invoice moreover that excise accounting entry too+
    But when try to create same scenario in domestic sales , all the documents ( Right from sales order to Excise invoice are working properly ,all the BED,Cess,Hcess are also properly appearing and accounting entry too.
    please help me to  resolve the urgent issue.
    Shibu Chandran

    As i said above you can not see those accounting entries for excise invoice in export.
    you can see the accounting entries for excise invoice in domestic sales process.but not in export process
    to see this difference you can just go to v/08 and select your pricing procedure for export sales,here you can see the tick mark for statistical field for all excise conditions.but you can not see this tick marks in domestic pricing procedure.
    and also as i said above you check those settings in J1ID T-code
    for this in J1ID select cess rates-click on change icon-here check whether you maintained plant-material-check AT1 field along with other fields like BED%,CESS%
    and also check EXCISE TAX RATES in that J1ID there you should have excise rates for chapter id combination
    and finally check material and chapter id combination
    Try this and let me know

  • Higher Education cess problem in excise invoice.

        While creating excise invoice using the transaction j1iin with respect to the export commercial invoice, what is happening is that the higher education cess is appearing in the create mode of the excise invoice, but once while we are going to save the document and after opening in the change mode, the document does not contain the higher education cess. And also the transaction is not hitting the G/L account
    What might be the reason. Please give suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Anupam,
    As Rithvika has suggested......the coding if done in user exit will solve your problem and here you need to put Suppress Calculation=X. There is no other way to solve your current problem.
    Would suggest that whenever you face any problem, you should check the existing threads on the same first and then only go for the new thread.

  • Higher Education cess not displayed in J2I6 when posted through J1IH

    We have passed an Excise JV through J1IH.
    BED, ECess and HECess accounts are credited and Excise Duty paid A/c is debited.
    All the values are posted properly. We have also checked the accounting document for this.
    But when we run the report J2I6 (after J2I5), HEcess value is not showing, where as all other values are displayed properly.
    Where may be the problem?
    Is there any SAP Note we need to apply?

    There is no relation ship between your tax procedure (eg: TAXINN) and withholding tax confirguration.  Please check the does the higher education cess is getting posted or not when you post FI invoice.  If it's fine, it should post when you do MIRO.
    Withholding tax will not be posted when you do MIGO, it will be posted when you do MIRO only.
    Please use the same vendor for FI & MM invoices posting.  If still there is any issue in higher education cess posting - please check withholding tax configuration.
    Kiran Yelamarthy

  • CIN Higher Education cess condtion type for service

    Dear All
    SD CIN Experts Pls let me know the Tax condtion type for Higher Education Cess for service

    There is no condition type for Higher edn cess in the standard system. SAP suggests creation of a neew one and assiging it to AT1. So go ahead and create a condition type by copying the ECS condition type and renaming it. Ensure that you tick the laible for At1 to be ticked  and also in the deafault condition types put the Condition type in the AT1 field. Also do the account detemination for AT1 accounts for Rg23A,C and PLA. This will configure the S&H ECS.

  • Hai guys reagrding cess and higher education cess

    hai this is swamy i want know b contition record b cess and higher education cess and acess sequence and in princing procedure . how we maintian in pricing plz give me answr

    Hello Amit,
    I am checking for ADDTAX1 field for Higher Secondary Education cess and ECS for Education cess
    Thanks & Regards

  • Secondary Higher edu cess

    Dear friends
    Does the above relate to AT1 (RG23A) & AT2 in RG23C?
    Pls confirm...   Is there some thing called "higher edu cess... in addition to Secondary Higher Edu cess.

    Yes basically Excise duties are
    Higher Education cess & which is 2% of BED &
    Secondary & Higher Edu cess which is 1 % of BED
    In order to have S&H Edu Cess you have to check the box AT1

  • CVD 1 % Higher education cess

    Dear all,
    We are having a problem in import purchase where in the 1% Higher education cess on CVD does not default during MIGO. As a result of which the system loads it on to the material during MIGO.
    Have done the following settings maintained in pricing procedure for the condition and maintained in A/P AT1 condition in excise defaults.
    Secondly my 1 % Higher education cess for excise does default during MIGO for local purchase. The problem occurs during import purchase.
    We note 1033731 have already been updated.
    Request to kindly do let us know if we have missed out on any settings.

    Ensure that you are using the condition type J1CV ONLY. This condition is hard coded in the program and hence you cannot use anything else. There is no column in the excise default table to enter this condition, so please do not remove/replace the AT1 tax condition from there.
    Ensure that the note 1033731 has been applied fully. YOu can check this by doing a search for the condition J1CV in the function module - J_1I4_CVD_GET_IN_GR and  J_1IEX_DEFAULT_EXCISE_DUTY

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