Accounting Document not Cleared using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST

Dear Experts,
I am Using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to post the GL'S , Accounting document is getting created successfully . My Doubt is whether this bapi will clear the Accounting document automatically or we have to use any other function module to clear the Document?
Please let me know how to clear the document.
Thanks & Regards,
Hemant Gulati(A1)

Documents are not cleared; their line items are.

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  • Accounting document not cleared when billing document is cancelled.

    In ECC 6.0 when we cancel a billing document through vf11 in vfo3 we find the status as accounting document not cleared.
    The general process is manually going to f-23 and clear customer line items of that invoice. After doing this the status become accounting documet is cleared.
    My requirement is how to cancel the billing document without getting this message (accounting document not cleared) and not clearing the customer line items manually.
    Can it be done through user exit/enhancement or by copying requirement vofm.
    Please suggest.
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    They directly want the accounting document to
       be cleared when billing document is cancelled.
    Though you can achieve this with the help of ABAPer, why dont you consider having a Posting block for your billing type so that as and when the billing documents are generated, you can release it via VFX3 in bulk or VF02 for individual billing document release to FI.
    In order to achieve this, go to VOFA, select your billing type and execute.  There you can see a field "Posting block" where maintain a tick there and save.  With this control, first of all, you can ensure that before releasing F2 billing documents to FI, it is not cancelled.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Accounting document not clearing even after payment posting.

    In document flow of may cash sale process showing the accounting document 123-- Not cleared.
    After payment receipts in FBCJ and posted & saved, eventhough the accounting data not clearing, but in FBL5N the report is updating, what can be the step i am missing to update the document flow TOP to BOTTOM cleared.
    Waiting for your replies
    Thanking you,

    Kindly use the transaction F-32  (Clear Customer).  Select both Uncleared items or document numbers.

  • Accounting Document not cleared while billing

    Hi Experts,
    I am not an abaper!
    I tried creating a sales order (sold to party is taiwan)  Had a credit hold , Released it , created delivery ,
    Performed PGI, and finally i try to do the billing via VF01.
    When i do the billing account docment got generated but says not cleared.....
    I find these entries exactly.
    cocd   itm       pk       account          amount        profit center     partnerpc         trprt             plant.
    131     2        50       501210          1,000.00-      24002     24002          121             2075
    131     1         01       12100099          1,000.00                                          121     
    I am tryin to understand what went wrong?
    Is there some information available from this to find a fix?

    The accounting document is not cleared because you hav not received the payment from cutomer.
    1)Go to T.code F-32 give the customer number in the account field, Company code & Currency.Then click on on process item.
    2)Then search for your accounting document, then click on select all icon the line items it will be highlighted.
    3) After that click on deactivate items, all the highlighted items will now be deactiveted.After that double click only on your accounting document, then click on document overview button.
    4)After clicking on the document overview button you will taken to another screen, there you give the "PstKy" & "Account".After doing that click on process open items.
    5)There you will give the amount you have in billing document or accounting document.
    6) Then go to Menu bar click on  Document--> Simulate
    7)After that save the document .
    Then go to VF03 & click on the document flow you will find the accounting document is cleared.

  • Accounting document not cleared

    I am saving the vf01 and going to document flow there it showing  "accounting document not cleard" what i need to do. and vkoa is done..

    Hi Anand,
              Pls check ERS & ERL keys are assigned to your sales org in VKOA and also proper G/L Account exists for this     assignment. Pls let me know, exactly what message ur getting for this error.
    Sandip M

  • Rerturns (RE) order Accounting document not cleared

    When you do a cash sale (BV) the accounting document that is generated by the billing document is cleared automatically, but when you do a return on the same item, the accounting doculent is not cleared automatically. What do i have to do, and how will i do it, to clear the accounting document that is generated by the billing document for a return (RE) order.

    you can clear this document against original invoice by FB05,then it will show status as clear

  • Accounting documents not cleared - sales return being procced

    Dear Experts,
    In sales return process, material was received by Movt.651, credit memo raised, while seeing the document flow the sales return document showing as "being processed" and Accounting documents showing as "not cleared". how to clear the  accouting document.

    Hi experts,
    Withholding tax was deducted, challan was prepared by j1inchln, bank challan was updated by j1inbank, checked all details are flowing in j1inmis. while printing the tds certificate  tds-basic and ecess amounts are not appearing in the certificate. Can you suggest what could be the reason.

  • PO history not populated using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST

    I am using the BAPI u2013 u2018BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POSTu2019 for simulating down payment requests(F-47).
    I have successfully posted the document using this and related tables are also updated.
    However in the associated PO, the PO history tab do not show any entries using this method. Please note that on manual posting using F-47, the PO history tab is populated.
    Please let me know how to achieve this ?
    Please note that I have already implemented a BTE - RWBAPI01 to achieve F-47 posting.
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    please see if the below thread helps you..
    Accounting Document not cleared while billing

  • Accounting document not complete

    Create a sales order
    Create a delivery
    Create a invoice
    When I look in document flow and I have done all of the above I see accounting document-not cleared can you confirm that this does not show as complete until a cash posting occurs from the customer?  I am uncertain.

    Hello Mary,
    You are right. The status will show as "cleared" once the payment is received from customer and cleared against the invoice document.
    Cheers !

  • How to check if the accounting Document is cleared or not. Need a FM

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a requirement which I need to know if an accounting document is cleared or not.
    My requirement is: from an invoice (VBRK-VBELN), I need to know the correspondent accounting document number which I can get from table BKPF (accounting doc number - BELNR). After that I can go to table BSEG to check the status, then I will know if the document is cleared or not... But this will take a lot of time, and the performance will not be good. I need to implement this functionality in a program.. And I would like to know if I can get all this information using some Function Module.

    Hi again,
    IF you have the invoice document + BUKRS + GJAHR, try this:
    Search in the BKPF with the following:
    GJAHR = Fiscal Year (get from the dates)
    BKPF-AWKEY = (INVOICEDOC Concatenated with GJAHR. Example 54002230392009)
    I tried that on my system and it was pretty fast.
    PD. I have checked with a trace and SAP works the same way, it uses the fields described before + AWTYP (If you know it, In my case I used RMRP) to obtain the Accounting Doc.
    Gilberto Li
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  • Accounting document not posting in production using FIPP

    hi all,
    I had copied a workflow to post the accounting document. i am using release and post methods in that. it is working fine in development. initially when the document is parked, in the header of the document in  workflow control i found that release necessary check box is checked which is same in the production. in the development whenever i am releasing the document the document is getting posted, but in production i am getting the status as released only(relesed check box is checked). and complete check box is not checked( though the document is complete) and document is not getting posted. i noticed in the workflow log that the post block is executed succesfully. the binding are similar to that in the development.
    can any one help me out where the problem is.
    Thansk & regards
    sreehari p

    Hi Sreehari,
    Test the Post method of BOR FIPP separately using SWO1 transaction for the same Accounting Document. And check if it  posting. If it is not then debug the method and try to figure out why it is not posting.
    Devananda A J

  • External Document Number assignment using Bapi_acc_document_post

    Hi All Experts and Max,
    We want to post th same external document no using BAPI_ACC_document_post, but we are unable to post thatexternal  Document no.
    Note: If we are posting the same no using transaction FB01 , we are able to post the document , if we are passing the Acc_do_no field as the external Document no.
    Our requirement is to post the document no of the e.g A system to B system with th esame document No .
    Kindly provide what value we need to pass in the obj_type , obj_key and obj_sys fields of BAPI_ACC_Document_post.
    I am aware about the scenario that in case of internal document no creation we will get all these 3 fields from th eBAPI, but we need the values in case of external document no assignment.
    We tried with obj_type as 'BKPFF' but we are not able to post the document with that obj_type, In that case Bapi is clearing the exterbal document no acc_doc_no field in the first subroutine.
    Note: We are uploading a file in different system  with the .dat format and we are using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST method.
    Please refer the below link for more issue details.
    Link:[External Document Number assignment using Bapi_acc_document_post;
    Kindly provide the solution.
    Rahul Sisodia

    Hi All,
    Please suggest if you came across such situation. <removed by moderator>
    Rahul Sisodia
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  • Accounting document not generated for cancled credit memo

    its related to rebet
    den cancled credit memo.but accounting document not generated.
    after that created new rebet and accounting document in document flow status showing open for cancled credti memo. how to delete or clear this? or how to cancle this?
    kindly help me on this,
    Minesh Soneji

    Error message:
    validation user has got error " Doc.Date<=Post.Date and  Postind Date <= Current date"
    kindly help me on this..
    global docs creaetd.........................................completed
        global invoice created... ...............................completed
             accounting document created.............not cleared
                 cancle of credit memo
                     global docs created........................cleared
                          accounting docs created ........cleared.
    i need to remove this status cancle of credit memo , status is open, there should be accounting docs...
    kindly help me on this..
    this is related to rebet.
    minesh soneji

  • GL Account Should not be used

    Dear Friends,
    For PO-4111127913, GL account 726234 was used in the PO - item details, invoice tab.
    The user now says that the GL Account should not be used untill 2010.
    What is the most simple way of blocking the GL? If any user tried to select the GL in the PO, he must not able to use it or the system should issue a warning or error message  " you cannot use this GL Account".
    Already Some POs with this GL Account 726234 has been posted. IR and FI Documents were posted. How to reverse everything from po,IR and FI Documents.
    Please suggest?
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    Edited by: Sridhar M on Dec 8, 2009 1:25 AM

    Blocking an account is usually done for closing and reconciliation purposes so that no further activity can be posted to that account. The account can be unblocked when activity can resume.
    Menu Path
    From the SAP R/3 screen, select the path:
    Accounting >> Financial accounting >> General ledger >>
    (new menu) Master records >> G/L Accounts >> Individual Processing >> Centrally
    Fast Path
    At the Command Line, enter:
    Block G/L Acct: Request Screen
    Key Fields (Complete or Review)
    Account number
    Enter the G/L account number to be blocked / unblocked.
    (F4) to access a matchcode.
    Company code
    Enter CUR for MIT.
    Next Step...
    (ENTER) to access the Block G/L Account Screen.
    Block G/L Account Screen
    Use this screen to block / unblock the account for different postings.
    Key Fields (Complete or Review)
    Posting block
    All company codes
    To block the account from being posted to CUR, the MIT company code, click in the box beside this field.
    Planning block
    All company codes
    To block the account from planning, click in the box beside this field. Note: To unblock the account, click in the box to deselect.
    Next Step...
    (F11) to save the blocking / unblocking changes made to the G/L account. The Block G/L Acct: Request Screen reappears with a message that the changes were made.

  • SAP R/3 in order status showing accounting documnet not cleared

    Hi All,
    SAP R/3 in order status showing accounting documnet not cleared but when i checked in billing document and customer account its showing posted but order showing...same error.
    Thanks in Advance..

    Hi Venkat,
           Please Check the Billing Document its Transfer Status must have been Indicating Not Transferred to R3,Since the Order has Errors in it the Billing Document, Error Order's does not replicate to R3 so the Sales Order need to be made Error Free and Then try to Repost the Billing it shall get Transferred to R3.
    Please Suggest the error in Sales Order for Further Help
    Hope is Answers your query
    Thanks and Regards,

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