ACH : Mapping of F110 to Idoc

Hi Guys
We are establishing ACH payment method in our company. When we run F110, the entries go to REGUH table. Do we have to run any program to generate a Idoc? If yes, how do we map it to Idoc ?
Thanks for your help!!

As the server probably survives (you restart your Integration Builder and can probably connect immediately), the problem will be on your side (client). Did you add one or more large xml-test-instances to the mapping ? If yes, delete them, because they lower the performance and can make problems. If not, then this is a strange problem. Even if the Idoc structure is complex, the mapping object itself cannot be that large.Is this problem only with this one mapping ?
Edited by: Christian Sy on Mar 9, 2010 6:26 AM

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