Acrobat 9 Pro can't read out loud

I've always been able to use Acrobat's "Read Out Loud" feature to help me proof complex documents by having Acrobat read the PDF aloud while I read the original to check for discrepancies. Since upgrading to Acrobat 9 Pro Extended version 9.4.6 on Windows 7, I can't get the Read Out Loud feature to work. The document is fully tagged, the sound and speakers are working correctly. After activating the Read Out Loud feature (View->Read Out Loud->Activate Read Out Loud), when I select any of the options (e.g., Read This Page Only or Read to End of Document), Acrobat crashes. It doesn't matter if I'm using a PDF generated from Framemaker or one downloaded from Adobe's site.
I've read through Adobe's Help forums and can't find a solution. Has anyone had and successfully resolved this problem?:

Just some nattering -
Maybe a "Repair" of Acrobat 9 will resolve the issue.
May have to move into Acrobat X (first fully "made for Win 7").
Be well...

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    1.  It looks fine in Form Edit mode but there is text that looks like it's behind the tool tip.  It is different words than the tooltip and larger font size.  I can't remember how I got that text there.  I just wanted to edit it a little bit but can't find where to do so.  Any suggestions?
    2.  I have made this form accessibile but is there a way to have the Read Out Loud tool actually read the tooltips?
    3.  Also, how do I add a screen shot to this discussion?

    Any suggestions on this one?

  • Read Out Loud Not Working - Acrobat Pro v9.2

    I'm working my way through the Adobe Acrobat 9 Classroom in a Book and in Lesson 6 came to a section for accessibility and the Read Out Loud feature. However, when I follow the lesson (and instructions in the Adobe Help files), nothing happens. No sound, nothing.
    I'm using Acrobat Pro v9.2 and Windows Vista.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been searching through the Forums, Help Files, and Google to try to find a solution or maybe see whay I could be doing wrong, but have come up empty.
    I have checked my volume and it is set at maximum volume, and Read Out Load is activated under View -> Read Out Loud.
    Thank you for any assistance.

    Hi Bill,
    Thank you very much, that helped. I didn't know anything opened up when it was activated and set to read so I paid attention to what was happening and noticed the bar on the bottom, but it was there only a second before disappearing. So then I thought to set my preference to a very slow speed (which I learned can't be less than 150 words a minute) and I also changed the voice to a Microsoft voice (SanSoft voices were the other choices). When I tried again, it worked. I don't know if it was the speed or the voice or both, but I never would have considered those if I hadn't been aware of the bar. It must have shown before but it was so quick and I wasn't looking for it that I must have missed it.

  • I have created PDF from hardcopy by using my scanner. After I run OCR option for my PDF by using Acrobat Pro 9. But "Text-to-speech" functionality of the PDF says that an error message comes up that says the page is empty when I turns on the read out loud

    I have created PDF from hardcopy by using my scanner. After I run OCR option for my PDF by using Acrobat Pro 9. But "Text-to-speech" functionality of the PDF says that an error message comes up that says the page is empty when I turns on the read out loud option in Acrobat. Kindly help me to sortout this problems?

    So I tried generating the same PDFs on two other computers that have Acrobat 9 Pro.  Results were reproduced.  The verdict is:
    - complex PDF files (that is, containing cross-references, tables of contents, and bookmarks) generated by Acrobat 9.x Pro are roughly 2-5x larger than the identical file generated with Acrobat 8.x Pro.
    - different PDF conversion settings make a negligable difference (less than 10% rather than 70-80%).
    - using the "Reduce File Size" or "Optimize PDF" option cuts the file size roughly in half, almost always resulting in a "image downsampling mask" warning message, which requires acknowledgement (that is a problem for batch processing or automation).
    - adding an Acrobat watermark to the file cuts the file size roughly in half.
    - just using Save As to another filename has no effect on file size.
    - generating the PDF in Acrobat 9 with links but no PDF bookmarks still results in the inflated file size.
    - generating the PDF in Acrobat 9 without any links or bookmarks results in approximately the same file size as the Acrobat 8 PDF with full links and bookmarks.
    It appears that Acrobat 9's manner of adding links is what's bloating  the files, and in my case it's probably not related to images or image resolution/print quality.  It's a shame, because Acrobat 9 seems to have made some  improvements to the Review Tracker interface, and a few other bells and  whistles which I haven't really gotten around to exporing yet.  But  unless I find a way to keep my links and the PDF file sizes comparable to what I was  getting with Acrobat 8 Pro, it looks like I'm going to stay with Acrobat 8.

  • Adobe Acrobat Read Out Loud in Spanish?

    Is there anyway to configure the Read Out Loud function in another language?
    Product Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Windows Spanish, the read out loud speaks in english.

    Is the document in Spanish? Reader is not a translator.

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    How can I change the default pdf reader from the installed (but not yet registered) Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to Adobe Reader XI? I'm having some hiccups getting Adobe to register the software, but since I set it as the default .pdf reader during setup, things try (and fail) to open in the as yet unregistered software. How can I change it temporariiy to the Acrobat Reader XI that I have installed?

    It worked! Thank you so much.
    I'd opened file with the 'Open with' feature then clicking Adobe Reader,
    but that didn't do it. When I used 'Open with', then 'Choose default
    program...', it worked like a charm.
    Again, thank you!
    On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 10:16 PM, Anubha Goel <[email protected]>

  • How can I get read out loud to work on MAC for adobe reader?

    Having trouble getting the read out loud function to work on MAC.  It keeps says "BLANK" or "Warning Page Empty".  How can i get this resolved my the read out loud function to work properly?

    That depends.
    First, be sure the pdf isn't just scanned images. Can you select individual words with the select tool? If not, you would need to use a tool to run OCR before it can be read.

  • Can't speed up read-out-loud speed

    Hi, I'm experiencing the read-out-loud making long pause between words when it is activated. I tried with "Edit=>Preferences=>reading=>words per minute" but it didn't not really work. It only made each word being read faster, but it didn't shorten the pause between words. Does anyone have similar experience and know how to fix this?

    do people want to use adobe reader while driving? jogging? working in the kitchen, etc.?

  • Accessible PDF not reading out Loud

    After tagging in Adobe InDesign and creating the accessible PDF and running accessiblity full check and document passes.
    Adobe Reader automaticly starts reading the cover then on next page its not reading paragraph, but If I select a line it reads that line only.

    If the Accessibility Full Check in Acrobat X says everything is fine, then you are all set.
    Likely you were already practicing flowing threaded text frames, along with the careful use of paragraph and character styles. If you have also ALT-tagged the images, then you are doing essentially 99.99% percent of what you can do. ALT tagging can be done either in InDesign or after the fact in the Tags panel of Acrobat Pro.
    I recommend that you upgrade to Acrobat XI (Acrobat DC is too new to have an opinion on it yet). And if you are going to do a lot of Accessibility fussing, do so on a Windows version of Acrobat XI--it is stabler.
    Reading Out Loud is wonkier on the Mac version, for some reason, and is not necessarily the same way a true speech reader would go through the file. OTOH, if you get it to read out loud correctly, and the Tags panel is in the correct flow sequence, then you are fine.

  • Read Out Loud Doesn't Read

    Need help troubleshooting why Read Out Loud feature doesn't work. Sound on PC works fine. PDF can be read by JAWS (screen reader) but I can not get the PDF to be read using Acrobat 9 Pro or Adobe Reader 9. I just received an email from someone else having same problem. I'm assuming software conflict but am wondering which program is causing the problem. Any insight? FYI - I am selecting "Read This Page" after activating Read Out Loud.

    we are having the same problem. Using Win XP SP 2, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. Will not read the document. Sound works on the pc, other programs play sound. Looking for a resolution.

  • Read out loud speech rate

    The "read out loud" feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI for mac does not work.  I have tried adjusting the settings in accessibility and in the reader preferences with no luck.  This feature works great on my mac for other applications (preview, text edit, etc.) using the system voice over settings and selecting speech > start speaking.  Acrobat uses my default voice selection but I'm not able to adjust the rate of speech no matter what number I put in.  It's stuck on "painfully slow" and I can't figure out how to change it.
    Can someone help?  Alternatively, is there a way to use mac OS system speech > start speaking feature in Acrobat? 
    Mac OS X 10.9.1
    Acrobat Pro 11.0.06

    Take a look at the "Screen Reader options" in Preferences>Reading.

  • I need help with a PDF file that is an image, the "Read Out Loud' option does not work, please help!

    I need help with a PDF file that is an image, the "Read Out Loud' option does not work, please help!

    You mean an image such as a scanned document?
    If that is the case, the file doesn't contain any text for Reader Out Loud to read. In order to fix that, you would need an application such as Adobe Acrobat that does Optical Character Recognition to convert the images to actual text.
    You can also try to export the file as a Word document or something else using ExportPDF which I believe offers OCR and is cheaper than Acrobat.

  • Read Out Loud won't read tags, reads content instead

    I have a PDF generated through a third party library, and it is a tagged PDF (running it in PAC 1.3 and 2.0 says it passes accessibility test) and when I use the Read Out Loud feature on it in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Adobe Reader, it ignores all the tags (including any Alternate and Actual text fields) and reads the content of the PDF instead of the tags. It even reads the header and the footer which are marked as Artifacts, which is strange as Artifacts should never be read out loud. When I run NVDA and have it read the PDF, it reads it normally as expected (reads only the tags, and follows the Alternate/Actual text fields).
    Here's an example of the file. I would expect the Read Out Loud feature to start with "I don't know", but instead it says DEVELOPMENT (an artifact) and then I D N, then I expect it to get to the last line of text before the footer and then simply continue to the second page, but it will instead read the header and the footer before it moves on to the next page. Any reason why it behaves like this? Why it ignores the tags and why it doesn't ignore the artifacts?

    Hi "a C student",
    Thank you for your reply.
    In order to make a sample of the pdf I changed actual code to produce the PDF I have linked to in my original post, and I didn't actually check that it passes PAC 1.3 and 2.0, as I simply believed that my code change did exactly the same thing that the production code does. It of course did not, and I gave you a "possessed" PDF Sorry about that. Here is a new sample, this time done a bit better
    In PAC 1.3 it only warns about bookmarks, in 2.0 it fails the font embedding which should not be an issue and says PDF/UA identifier is not set - this might be the issue, but I do not know how to set it, I understood that all I need is to have the Title, Language and some other metadata fields set for the PDF to be PDF/UA compliant.
    Anyway, I hope this sample works out better for you

  • Form field tool tips & Read Out Loud

    I know that having tool tips for form fields in a PDF is a requirement for accessibility. When I use View > Read This Page in Acrobat, the reader does not read the tool tips for the form fields, even though I've turned on Read form fields in Preferences > Reading. I have a both check boxes and text fields on the form.
    What do I need to do to have the Read This Page feature read the form field tool tips?
    And, if the Read This Page features does actually read the form field tool tips, wouldn't it be rather redundant that it reads the tool tip and then it also reads the text label printed on the form?
    Are certain types of form fields considered 'not accessible?'
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    What do I need to do to have the Read This Page feature read the form field tool tips?
    Sorry, to the best of my knowledge the Acrobat Read Out Loud feature cannot be coaxed into reading form field tips. But you have other options like the PAC 1.3 preview feature and the Callas pdfGoHTML plug in - that let you see the form fields and tips in the context that an assistive technology user would hear them. Or you could use the excellent free screen reader NVDA. Or pay for JAWS.
    And, if the Read This Page features does actually read the form field tool tips, wouldn't it be rather redundant that it reads the tool tip and then it also reads the text label printed on the form?
    Yes, form field tips can be repetitive. Accessibility rules can be dogmatic. If a form field is labeled and tagged properly and it would be annoyingly repetitive to include a tip, and if you are not constrained by a must-pass-the-dogmatic-accessibility-checker rule, feel free to use your good judgment regarding when it makes sense to leave out the tip.
    Are certain types of form fields considered 'not accessible?'
    My understanding is that XFA-based PDF forms are problematic from an accessibility standpoint. Standard PDF forms should always be made accessible.
    Hope this helps.
    a 'C' student

  • Read Out Loud in two languages

    Read out loud in two languages
    stewart tower - 06:52am Feb 17, 2009 Pacific
    I work in an office that prepares many reports in both english and french. A common document will have the english and french running side by side; english in the left column, french on the right. Each language will be one story that flows throughout the document.
    A PDF is exported from InDesign. Tags are applied to the PDF and a check of the TAGS panel in Acrobat shows that each language is one story.
    What we need if for this document to be able to Read Out Loud, english in its entirety and the same for the french. However, when the document reads out loud it reads the full english column on each page but then goes to the french column on the same page.
    How can we make the PDF file read each language completely without reading both english and french for each page?

    ilhanbalamur, I am not sure what you are trying to draw my attention to on this page. As I said in my post, I KNOW how to activate the Read Out Loud feature, and my PDFs are fully accessible. Perhaps there is something in the page you suggested that I am missing, but I see nothing there that will help me  troubleshoot Acrobat's crashing when I select Read to End of Page or Read This Document. Please be more specific in your comment.

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