Acrobat 9 Pro Freezing??

Hi Guys
I have the CS4 Suite on a Windows Xp computer and all the other components work great but I have a weird issue that whenever I open any file in acrobat it opens then freezes for like 2-3minutes before I can do anything..photoshop, illustrator and indesign work fine only acrobatis having this issue...any ideas??
Samuel Daneliuk

Hi Samuel,<br /><br />The Acrobat application preferences might be corrupt.<br /><br />Try the following steps:<br /><br />1. Close all applications.<br /><br />2. Navigate to the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\Adobe\<br /><br />3. Rename the Acrobat folder in that location to something like "OLD Acrobat".<br /><br />4. Restart the application and check.<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Andy

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  • Help.  Acrobat pro freezes after 9.5.1 update

    my acrobat pro freezes everytime when i try opening a PDF. i have just updated/upgraded to the 9.5.1. i'm on a mac os lion.

    According to Acrobat 9.5.1 release notes acrobat 9 is not supported on Apple - OS X Lion(10.7.x).
    You can upgrade to Acrobat X which is supported on Lion or use acrobat 9.5.1 on 10.6.x.

  • Acrobat Pro Freezes completely so I need to Force Quit

    I hope I am posting in the right place.  Please let me know if I should move this.  I am so desperate-- I have tried everything I can think of and I hope someone has another idea I can try. 
    I am using Acrobat Pro.  When the problem started I was using Pro X.  I tried upgrading to the trial Acrobat XI to see if that fixed the problem, but it didn't.  I don't care which I use as long as it works.
    The program starts up, but I can't click on any of the choices on the "splash screen" (where you can choose Open a Recent File or Select a Task).  When I roll over the choices I see the rollover highlight, but nothing happens when I click.  I can open a file from the FILE menu, but when I do I can't do anything with it.  None of the tools on the window tool bar work.  Then the whole thing freezes and I have to Force Quit to close the program.
    I am on a Mac running Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.5 with a 3.2 GHz Intel Cose i3 processor and 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory.  When the problem started I was using Lion 10.7.5, so I tried upgrading to Mountain Lion, but it didn't fix the problem.
    Here is what I have tried:
    > Uninstalling and reinstalling Acrobat Pro X numerous times
    > Installing, uninstalling, reinstalling Acrobat Pro XI
    > Installing in Safe Mode
    > Uninstalling every other Adobe product I had (After Effects Trial, inDesign 5, Adobe Reader)
    I also tried various things I found in the Forums-- so many that I can't remember now.  One had to do with moving certain preference files and opening the program again, one was the fix for a CS6 conflict problem.
    When the problem first started I discovered that my Time Machine backup was not working because my backup disc was full and Time Machine wasn't deleting the old backups.  I didn't have a recent backup so I didn't want to do a system restore to before the problem.  I got a new 4TB external drive for Time Machine, and got a 3TB external drive to clear a bunch of large documents off my main hard drive.
    I am willing to try anything.  Please help!!!

    Well, after two weeks of pulling my hair out I finally figured it out last night!  The problem was a bad mouse driver.  I use an Evoluent mouse (which I LOVE) but it is an older model and I suppose the update from OX 10.7.4 to 10.7.5 just kicked the driver into incompatiblity.  I had tested the mouse a week or so ago and my Mac wireless mouse worked but didn't solve the problem because when I did the test I didn't actually unplug the Evoluent mouse.  Once I did that last night, and used only the Mac wireless mouse, Acrobat went back to working properly.
    I just ordered the newest Evoluent mouse which is compatible with OS X.  I can't wait for it to arrive tomorrow!!
    Thank you to everyone who viewed this question and tried to think of a solution.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro freezing on duplex printing

    In adobe acrobat pro X when printing 2 or more pages duplexed on a Canon iR-adv c5045/5051 adobe acrobat freezes and crashes and the job never makes it to the printer, on adobe reader x free edition this is not hte case and prints without a problem. any information on this would be great. thanks

    You mean there is an entry in the dock that doesn't work but it works OK from LaunchPad or Applications? Sounds as if you have an old or out of date thing in the dock. Just remove it and put the working Acrobat back. The dock is ENTIRELY under your control; Acrobat doesn't put itself there or remove itself.

  • Acrobat Pro has bitten the dust and I really, really need it - HELP!

    I'm hving some real 'issues' with Acrobat Professional nd I can't really pinpoint when they started. Adobe seems clueless. Everything works fine on my Intel iMac but the app now simply freezes on my MBP - literally freezes. All processes stop, no way to Force Quit. It opens fine - then if I try to do ANYTHING it freezes straight away. The only non-approved software I installed was the 'two finger click' keypad option available on the new 17" MBP - it worked fine, but, thinking it the culprit, I installed the 'old' trackpad configuration. No go.
    I've reinstalled Acrobat Pro from the original CS disk and let it update automatically and, when that didn't work, downloaded and installed all updates manually. Still the same problem.
    I just downloaded 7.07 Reader to see if that will at least open a document without freezing up (oh, if I double-click on a pdf document, as I had changed all from Preview to AcroPro long ago, it will open - and then everything freezes).
    I'm nearing the point of a complete re-init, and reinstall. Thank goodness I back-up regularly. This is only occurring on my main MBP - the 2GHz (why is the 2.16GHz not my 'main' machine? Too long an explanation) and it's driving me crazy. I've booted in Safe mode, I've run all diagnostics, Adobe just keeps saying 'Version Cue' and I've not run Version Cue since I first had trouble with it 5-6 months ago.
    If anyone has any ideas for fixes, I can make it through the weekend without taking any radical steps. I just want to get back to normal!

    Oddly enough, Acrobat Pro is working fine - with all updates, etc., on my Intel 20" iMac. There are those with iMacs posting on the Adobe board for whom AcroPro is not working but it seems as if the majority of users posting are MacBook (and MacBook Pro) users.
    I am truly, truly confused that if Security Update 2006-003 is the genuine and only culprit, why Pro is working on my iMac. One thing I have not tried on my iMac is using the Adobe PDF printer... on my MacBook Pro it will seem to print but the application from which I am printing will freeze just as Acrobat freezes and requires are hard reset.
    When trying to diagnose these problems, I make certain that there are no devices attached, etc., but on my iMac I have 8 USB devices connected to hubs, 6 FireWire devices chained and one in the remaining 'free' port - and that's the machine on which Acrobat Pro works! It's the MacBook Pros, in my case, that it simply freezes.
    I don't know where else I've made these observations (I've been posting all around, trying to find a solution that precludes uninstalling SU2006-03, as there are a number of holes patched that are now public and I really don't want to remain open to security vulnerabilities) but here's what I've observed trying to use Adobe Acrobat products with all Apple and Adobe updates and upgrades, including SU2006-03, on MacBook Pros (both 2GHz and 2.16GHz):
    * Acrobat Pro freezes and requires a hard reset both when the application is opened directly and when opened by double clicking on document (the document will open - but the application freezes: no damage to an open document on hard reset);
    * trying to print to Adobe's PDF printer will, after seeming to complete the printing process, cause the application from which you are printing to freeze and necessitate a hard reset
    * Acrobat Distiller works fine - if you can save as PostScript, you can process through Distiller;
    * Apple's 'built in' PDF functions work fine;
    * printing a PDF document (exporting) from InDesign works fine, and;
    * Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.07 works fine.
    If anyone has any observations that might be included to find if there is some oddball work-around (as Adobe has stated they will not support Acrobat Pro on Intel Macs and Apple seems to not be testing updates or upgrades on Acrobat Pro - and I don't blame Apple as testing unsupported applications would be a waste of time). I won't go off on my anti-Adobe tirade here - I really love the company's products but they are risking disenfranchising very large enterprise customers: if they wish to become a Windows only company they are on the right track but one would think that they would take a look at Quark to realize that tactic might lose more customers than box volume sales can reveal. Adobe's tech support has not reached the low, yet, as did Quarks, but bucking the trend toward Intel Macs is reminiscent of Quark's decision to withhold resources in OSX development. My Xpress update should arrive next week and the UB version later in the summer. I don't want to switch again but if InDesign 'breaks' and Adobe decides that they're not supporting it on the Intel Mac platform, I don't want to be left with nothing. And if the remainder of CS2 stops working? I suppose some people will switch to XP for a while? Look for other apps that may not have the full functionality yet get the job done? I don't know. But I'll formulate a plan. I learned my lesson about the insurance afforded by a good back-up policy long ago: I just never thought I'd be in a position of shipping software being unsupported (particularly with Adobe's 'commitment', early on, to Apple's switch to Intel).
    I'll stop my rant now. Sorry for the long message - this one has me worked up! Let everyone know of your experiences here, on the Adobe board, and particularly on the MacFixIt board at you can email the problems you're having to [email protected] There's an article now at MacFixit about problems with CS2 installation on Intel Macs. And they are a good source for tapping some of the best minds for workarounds.
    I'm just hoping this isn't just a taste of things to come from Adobe.
    2 MacBook Pro Intel Core Duos, 1 2.16GHz, 1 2.0GHz 2Gb RAM 100Gb 7200 RPM HD Mac OS X (10.4.6) 20" 2GHz Intel Core Duo iMac 2Gb RAM 250Gb, G4 Dual 1GHz PM & 12" 867MHz PB

  • Acrobat Pro XI Mac 11.0.10 freezes every time I open a document

    Every time I open a document in Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.10, the app freezes with a spinning beach ball. Beach ball will go for 10 minutes plus before I can't stand it and force quit. I am using Macbook Pro 15 Retina with Mavericks (OSX 10.9.5). The same document opens without issues under Windows 7 Acrobat Pro XI. I have disabled enhanced security and upgraded form 11.0.7 without any change in behavior. I have also un-installed and re-installed Acrobat from a fresh download off the internet.
    I am getting ready to ask for my $$ back!!  This is ridiculous, Acrobat is completely unusable under Mac.

    Hi David ,
    I would request you to refer to the below mentioned link and check how it goes.
    Sukrit Dhingra

  • Acrobat 9 Pro freezes at the attempt to print from IE8

    I have reoccurring problem with printing to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.1.2 (apparently the newest) from various IE8 web pages. Every now and than the little window showing the progress of printing just freezes and the only way to get forward is to end process (using Task Manager) of the printing (adobe) and IE8, (which gets stuck at the same time as well).
    Just few minutes ago I just tried to do the same on Equity Thought website from my account and it repeated the same trouble.
    I have cleared all temp files and rebooted and tried again, this time switching IE8 to compatibility mode prior, and result is the same. New Adobe Acrobat is failing to print to PDF from some websites and I am unable to find solution on my own.
    I have browsed Interent and it appers I am not alone in this problem. IE8 seems to provide a lot of trouible to users of Adobe Acrobat software. However I was unable to find any solution for my case.
    On the other PC, where I have still Acrobat Pro 7.1.0 I do not have any problem with printing to PDF. IE8 does not need to be in compatibility mode for this.
    Both PC are on Win XP pro with SP3.
    So I would assume this is not MS software problem but Adobe.
    Therefore my query is:
    Is anyone familiar with this type of problem and knows where to look for solution, or maybe even knows what the solution could be, please.

    No, I do not think I used Adobe PDF Maker before.
    I use only Adobe PDF printer that is created during the install (in my case it came with CS3).
    The “freeze” happens when the little window called “creating Adobe PDF” comes on and blue progress indicator starts moving to the right. Somewhere past half way it just gets stuck and I can wait one, two, three or more minutes and nothing will happen. Hide button sometimes works and sometimes does not. In any way after that everything freezes (means Acrobat and IE8 stuff) and the only way to clean it is to use Task Manager to end processes.
    I use Acrobat extensively to print from web, from AutoCAD and from all MS Office applications for last nine ten years (since Acrobat 4) and this is first time I have any trouble.
    What do you mean by "new hook"?
    Why would it affect Acrobat 9 and not version 7?

  • Acrobat Pro 10.1.10 always freezes in OS X Mavericks 10.9.4

    Double-clicking a PDF in the Finder launches Acrobat Pro, but functionality is limited. Turning a page freezes it. Performing a Find freezes. Performing a Force Quit shows it is Not Responding. I can re-launch it, but not open a PDF.
    This is part of the CS 5.5 package. (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro).

    Since I couldn't find an answer in the Adobe forums, I examined my installation.
    First, I used the Acrobat Uninstaller and took the plunge.
    Then I used the uninstaller in MacKeeper. To be safe, I restarted my MacBookPro.
    I opened the diskimage file DesignStandard_CS5_5_LS1.dmg and discovered in the {aylods folder a file called Adobe Acrobat X Installer.pkg. I tried installing from there and it seemed to work OK. That is, I could open a single-page PDF from the Finder, and print it. Then Acrobat would quit. The "Find Updates" command in the Help menu returned an error message.
    So I opened (without uninstalling the program) the Install application, and to my delight, found a way to select Acrobat Pro to install, without the other applications. Further, my authorization number was automagically filled in!
    Within 2-3 minutes I had a functioning Acrobat Pro 10.0.0 - it opened multipage document, I could turn the page, search, etc. I did "Check for Updates" and found 10.1.10 available. It downloaded quickly, installed correctly.
    I can now call this issue resolved. I just wish it had been easy to find instructions about how to reinstall Acrobat Pro from the downloaded disk image file. Yay! Got my application back.

  • I have adobe acrobat pro for windows and it is freezing up when I try to convert a word file to pdf... I have tried to get this done six ways from Sunday but it is just not working... help!  Chris.

    I have adobe acrobat pro for windows and it is freezing up when I try to convert a word file to pdf... I have tried to get this done six ways from Sunday but it is just not working... help!  Chris.

    It would be helpful to know what version of Acrobat, WORD, and operating system.
    Without that info, I would suggest at this point to open your WORD file and then go to the print menu and print to file using the Adobe PDF printer. Open the created file in Distiller and see if you get a PDF. If so, check to see if AcroTray is running in the background.
    You say you tried many ways. It would help to know what you tried and what worked or did not work, and at what point the failure occurs.

  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro Freezing After Install on Brand New Dell Optiplex 580

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a solution to an issue I am having.
    I installed Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 onto a brand new Dell Optiplex 580 running Windows XP (AntiVirus was not installed yet).  When launching, it freezes 3-5 seconds after opening and I need to open Task Manager to kill the process.
    I have tried:
    Repair install
    Deleteing Preferences folder and letting the program recreate it
    Manually starting and restarting the FLEXnet service
    Running in compatibility mode
    Applying the updates for Adobe Acrobat Pro (up to 8.2.4)
    Running Adobe without background services
    Manually uninstalling and reinstalling
    Thanks for your help in advance,
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    Another possibility to check is the free space in the TEMP folder. I believe Acrobat uses the TEMP folder for temporary storage. You might even consider increasing the size of the TEMP folder. At least this is something else to check.

  • Acrobat Pro 9.3 freezes and locks up computer

    Something has gone VERY wrong with Acrobat 9.3 - every time I try to save or print anything, it not only locks up and stops responding but also causes Windows 7 to come to a screeching halt. Sometimes I can recover the Windows 7 crash without rebooting while at other times, I cannot. Right now, I NEED to find out what is causing Acrobat Pro 9.3 to crash. I've tried running all of the updates and nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Help!

    When I open Distiller, I go to file>open and then change the file type to "all" - as the file I'm trying to open is a .pdf (which doesn't show up under file name in Distiller). When I try to open the .pdf, it crashes.
    Acrobat crashes when I try to save or print a .pdf. It also acts up (sometimes) when I try to change/edit the .pdf. Regardless, if I can't save or print .pdfs, Acrobat is now useless. By "freezing" I mean that Acrobat completely locks up - the title bar (at the top) will often state that it is "not responding" and the window becomes "grayed out." Even worse, is that Windows 7 also comes to a screeching halt - if the computer doesn't completely lock up (meaning that NOTHING WORKS and I have to do a hard reboot by turning off the power), everything becomes VERY slow - it's becomes impossible to change windows and, even if the task manager is already open, I often can't shut down Acrobat 9. In the event that I'm finally able to do that (which is not always possible), then most of the other programs seem to work again.
    Another problem that appears to be related is when I try to open up a .pdf in Outlook - that also seems to cause Acrobat to crash/lock up.
    Hope this helps as I've done everything I can think of.

  • Acrobat Pro 9.2 freezes my system

    Mac OSX 10.6.2 with Acrobat pro 9.2.  When I open Acrobat it will open, however when I try to do anything it will immediately freeze causing the need to restart my laptop.  If I try to open a .pdf file, Acrobat will open, but if I try to do anything with the file, such as save, edit, print or even close the file it freezes.  This has been going on for the last few days, yesterday I updated to version 9.2 in hoping that it would be the fix to the problem.  It hasn't fixed it. Anyone have any ideas?

    robb831 wrote:
    Mac OSX 10.6.2 with Acrobat pro 9.2.  When I open Acrobat it will open, however when I try to do anything it will immediately freeze causing the need to restart my laptop.  If I try to open a .pdf file, Acrobat will open, but if I try to do anything with the file, such as save, edit, print or even close the file it freezes.  This has been going on for the last few days, yesterday I updated to version 9.2 in hoping that it would be the fix to the problem.  It hasn't fixed it. Anyone have any ideas?
    Try Running Disk Utilites and Repair Permissions.
    Use a Utility such as Cocktail, or Oynx to remove Font cache files.
    Run Font Book and Resolve Font Conflicts (more than one copy of the Same Font).
    Also while in Font Book select all you fonts  (Command/apple-A) click on a Font, then choose Validate Fonts.
    Try these and come back with results. Someone else  May be able to come along and suggest something else to look at.
    (Please note information is given by an Experienced User of Acrobat. I am not an employee of Adobe.)

  • Adobe Acrobat XI Pro freezes

    We updated to Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.06 from Adobe 8.  We are using Windows Vista with IE 9.  Right away, users began having issues with IE freezing when users launched a PDF from our web-based application.  It wasn't all users but only some.  We tried a number of things including disabling protective mode, rolling them back to Acrobat 8 (which fixed their issues) and then upgrading them from there (problems resumed).   We checked and Display PDF in browser is checked.  Please help!

    We did that.  Unfortunately, it didn't work.  I had hope though.  we are using Vista which wasn't one of the things Adobe tested.  Unfortunately, Windows 7 is an issue for us because of a software application that will not work.  All kinds of fun here!

  • Acrobat X Pro freezes opening certain PDFs

    Sooooo....  Acrobat X Pro works normally most of the time, but when certain PDFs are opened either by doubleclicking or by right-click Open, Acrobat will freeze and hang.  Reader opens them fine.  I can't distinguish anything unusual about these particular files.  I don't have access to the computer in question much of the time, but I believe the properties said they were created in FileMaker Pro, and said something about Acrobat 7.
    The files will open normally in Acrobat X if there is another file already open.
    I have installed all current updates and tried changing security preferences.
    Anyone seen this problem before?
    (Windows 7 Pro 32 bit, Acrobat X Pro 10.1.9)

    Not using JS console, only at editing JavaScripts to an Action on Text Field Properties.  The script is simple, just checking if the text field's value is not empty and not equal the default value, then save to a new filename.  No circular reference or writing to console...
    if ((this.getField("FieldName").value=="FieldName") || (this.getField("FieldName").value==""))
    app.alert({cMsg:"Field name is required"});
    var FName = this.getField("FieldName").value;
    var oMyDoc = "C:\Filename-" + FName + ".pdf";
    Thank you.

  • Why does Acrobat XI PRO freeze during save or save as tasks in Window 8?

    Why does Acrobat XI PRO freeze during save or save as tasks in Window 8?  It is intermittent, but CHRONIC, and I am forced to "repair" the installation, or reboot by computer.  This has been a problem since upgrading to Windows 8 and installing the only Acrobat XI update.  Feedback most welcome and appreciated, but an Adobe FIX would be the best solution.

    10/4 to all, same problem here with Save or Save As in Acrobat XI Pro using Win 8 Pro, is it Adobe or Win 8 or both causing the problem.
    FYI, I just retired and am trying to archive/reduce my printed material and pictures to pdf, this continuing problem is really the pits.................

  • Acrobat Pro XI freezes when it starts... this can't happen

    Acrobat Pro XI 11.0.5
    Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Intel Core 2.70 GHZ 16GB RAM laptop
    Problem: Program often freezes when it starts, for up to one minute.  Almost every time.
    Since purchasing Acrobat Pro XI we can't read any company documents reliably from this computer, where before (with the free version) we could.  Have searched for my problem but did not find anything pertaining to my version.  Based on reports of similar freezing problems with prior versions using "enhanced security",  I have tried changing my security settings.  Usually this has no effect.  Sometimes the program functions once or twice, or at least I think it does, because always the issue returns with a vengeance. Does Acrobat attempt some network communication in the background when it opens documents?  If that's what's happening can I stop it from all such secret communications?

    Thanks for reporting the issue.
    Is it happening with all Pdf files or any specific category of Pdf files or only with a specific Pdf file ?
    For investigation, please attach sample  PDF file, or you may share your email id for communication.
    please specify the OS platform details and Acrobat version !!
    Which printer you are using, and also please check the behavior While using AdobePDF or other printers (if available) to give a Print ?

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