Acrobat SDK 9: how is AVAppOpenDialog a replaceable method in DMSIntegration sample?

When I try to replace the Open Dialog call in PluginImportReplaceAndRegister(void), the error received is: "Attempt to replace an unreplaceable selector" and indeed, it is not in the list of replaceable methods in the Core API reference. 
gcbAVAppOpenDialog = (void *)ASCallbackCreateReplacement(AVAppOpenDialogSEL, ECAVAppOpenDialog);  REPLACE(gAcroViewHFT, AVAppOpenDialogSEL, gcbAVAppOpenDialog);
However, the DMSIntegration sample replaces AVAppOpenDialog as follows:
ACCB1  ASBool   ACCB2   PluginImportReplaceAndRegister  ()
                // Create the replacement function callback(s)
                // Replace AVAppOpenDialog
                gcbAVAppOpenDialog  = ( void *)ASCallbackCreateReplacement(AVAppOpenDialogSEL, 
                REPLACE(gAcroViewHFT, AVAppOpenDialogSEL,  gcbAVAppOpenDialog);
Am I missing something or is the sample wrong?
Many thanks,

Actually, I was using using Acrobat 9 SDK with Acrobat 8.  When I tried the same code with Acrobat 9, it worked so I assume the method was added to the replaceable list in version 9.

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    It is a big SDK and to learn its features requires a lot of reading. But to start with I guess I should start with "Introduction to SDK".
    Since you want to control Acrobat from another application you should consider this under "Interapplication communication". You will be using OLE/COM.

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    Please let me know how to determine the changes in an Acrobat SDK version w.r.t. the previous one.

    The easier way is to read the SDK documentation : What's New for Acrobat SDK.

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    How to call GUI/Dialog in Acrobat sdk Plugin using VC++ here is my code
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    You can, with care, use Windows API calls in a plug-in. But you have to understand the process of loading resources. In particular, the calls you use try to load resources that belong to the main executable, which is Acrobat.exe. Plug-ins have their own instance handle, which is conveniently stored in gHINSTANCE. 
    In certain cases, especially modeless dialogs, there may be extra calls to make things work properly.
    You do need to know how to use the Windows API, and your sample lines seem confused, unless you intended to first display a modal dialog then open the same dialog as modeless. That's something for another forum,

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    It is a very good tip, but to be honest, the information in the Documentation folder is overwhelming.
    First of all there are two pdf files: pdf_reference.pdf (140 pages) and U3DElements.pdf (48 pages)
    Second there is a zip file which contains around 3500 html files.
    Third there is a folder called Javascript that contains 5 other pdf files (batch_sequences.pdf, js_3d_api_reference.pdf, js_api_reference.pdf, js_developer_guide.pdf, Tracker.pdf)
    What should I start reading first and how far should I read in order to be able to install the SDK?

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    We are creating several PDF Form on the server, is there any way we can use Acrobat SDK to enable form's extenstions programatically on the server after the PDF is created.
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    Not using the Acrobat SDK, no.
    However, Adobe sells the LiveCycle Reader Extensions Server that can be
    used on a server for exactly this purpose.

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    There are no “event handlers” for C# in the Acrobat SDK.  You will have to “poll” for things such as selected text.
    Also, I don’t know what sort of “additional attributes” you are thinking about, but that may or may not be possible from C#.

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                        reader.SetPageContent(i, reader.GetPageContent(i), PdfStream.BEST_COMPRESSION);
                    stamper.Writer.CompressionLevel = PdfStream.BEST_COMPRESSION;
                    stamper.FormFlattening = true;
    Any assistance is appreciated.

    You can't use Adobe Acrobat on a server.

  • How do I work in Acrobat SDK?

    I have never worked with Acrobat SDK before.  I need to develop a plugin for Acrobat Reader 9.  Can someone please point me in the right direction and tell me what to do?
    After I have installed the SDK I want to develop a custom search plugin that will limit the search to only selected bookmarks in a PDF document.  Are there any examples of this available?
    Thanks so much!

    Welcome, Linda:
    I wish somebody would have given me this advice when I started dealing with the Acrobat SDK, a decade ago.
    (1) The SDK contains a MSVS Solution called "All". You will find plenty of examples there.
    (2) One of the projects is specially important: SnippetRunner. It contains a wealth of functions. Back in my day it was weird and I avoided it, but now it is based on Adobe Air, and is much simpler to install. After you have Air installed, just double click on the file CommonInterfaceAIR.air. With that interface you will be handling Acrobat with a soft of remote control, and testing all kinds of functions.
    (3) I had no idea that DLLs are so easy to debug. Boy, is my face red!! You probably know how to do it. (Plugins are just a DLL with a different extension)
    (4) Keep these links handy (actually, update them to your version): p.htm?&accessible=true eference/
    In addition to this Adobe site, we developers have this one:
    Best of luck

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  • How to use Acrobat SDK with C# and how much is it?

    I just want to know these info because I'm new here and I can't seem to find any answers to these here in the forums and on the Documentation.

    The Acrobat SDK is free and can be downloaded from\devnet\acrobat. Please note to use the SDK you require Acrobat/Reader to be installed.
    As for using it with c#, there are a number of sample files in the SDK that can be used to learn. There is also documentation online and in the SDK.
    Hope thie helps

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