Acrobat "Send for Shared Review" - Reviewing with Adobe Reader?

Hello all,
I am experimenting with Acrobat's collaboration function and I think I am almost there...
1) I built a webDAV server
2) Authenticated the document with the webDAV server.
3) Tested making edits to the document locally... in both Acrobat and Reader (I had to Save As Other the PDF as a Reader Extended Document)
4) Now, I think I have one last hurdle to overcome.
   When another user received the test file, I was dismayed that PDF asked the user for the webDAV user name and password. Why? This security information should be stored in the document. It should automatically log into the webDAV server.
Anyhow, once the login information was provided, the reviewer can successfully enter comments into the document. So... sort of success. :]
I just need to solve that login problem because I can't be giving out the user name and password to the webDAV server.
Any ideas?

Sabian Zildjian wrote:
Yes,  it is.  Especially just about every WebDAV interface uses SSL/HTTPS to authenticate for access. 
I understand that. Perhaps I am not explaining myself (or not understanding your reply)
What I am bothered by is that when the reviewer opens the PDF document, in Adobe Reader, the reader is asked to enter the user name and password of the webDAV server and then they are asked to enter their user name, email address, etc. That is a lot of steps I would love to eliminate in order to make the review process as easy and seamless as possible.
If anything, I would love to embed the webDAV authentication into the PDF.
Shall I presume that you are using PDF Shared Reviews with a webDAV server? Do your reviewers have to first enter the webDAV's user name and password and then second, enter their personal information, every time they wish to review a document?

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    Thank you,

    Could you please email me the document on which you are seeing this issue at [email protected] ?
    Please mention the forum thread link as well in the mail for the reference.

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    thx! Anja

    With Acrobat 7 you can only send out Browser Based Review, (which is replaced by shared reviews in version 9).
    The reviewers will need to open the PDF inside a browser, and have access to the location of the PDF to be reviewed.
    Acrobat 8 can do both types still, have a look here: b-8C0D-58C7B2063B1D.html
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    When sharing the link for people to review use the same link but just give instructions to use the one specified for 7.0 (mac or windows).
    Sorry to ask again but want to make sure before I send this out to people.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you

    Thanks CtDave.
    I ended up building a WebDAV server and I am now encountering a bunch of new issues. Such as:
    From my workstation, working with Acrobat.
    - After making comments. I click the top button "Publish Comments" - this works well - no errors. But when I attempt to exit the PDF, Acrobat wants to save the document. Attempting to Save results in a read-only error. After trying this, Acrobat gets into a loop where there doesn't appear to be a way to exit Acrobat (other than by Save As new file name):
    Even worse... I understood that reviewers only required the Adobe Reader in order to comment. This doesn't seem to be the case.
    When I emailed a test document for review, this is the message that pops up:
    All that is available is the original content (none of the review comments are available).
    Any ideas?

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    Every time I try it by clicking in the menu "Send for Shared Review", I'm asked for my user name and password to connect to I type it in (I know it's correct because I can go to using my browser and the password works), the dialog box comes up telling me it "can't connect to server." It has my correct log in information. If I use my browser to go to, I can log in fine, but then of course I can't get the mark-up feature for my shared pdf files. Any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot? I'm at a loss.
    I'm using Acrobat 9 and Mac OS 10.5.8

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    Please repost in the Acrobat Scripting forum.

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    I've to use a interactive form which has an interactive button that is supposed to send that form by email. If I open that PDF with my iPhone or iPad with the PDF Expert App, it works perfectly, but for any strange reason, when I try to open that same PDF in my Mac with Adobe Reader or Acrobat pro, that button doesn't do anything.
    Can this be a configuration error?

    The problem is deeper than that. It's not reader. Now the same form I was creating in LifeCycle Designer ES2 yesterday, with the actions working perfectly, no longer work. None of the actions are working.
    Could it be realted to me trying to set the default version compatibility to Adobe 7. It gave me warnings, so I set it back to 9.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Extend/modify deadline in Acrobat Pro 8 shared document review

    Is it possible to extend or modify the deadline for an Acrobat Pro 8 shared document review?

    No it's not possible to extend/modify the deadline in Acrobat 8 shared reveiws. These features have beed added in Acrobat 9. In Acrobat 8, the reviewers can add comments even after the deadline has expired. The review file can however be checked out of the review by saving a copy of the file using the 'save an archive copy' option under file menu(File> Save as archive copy), when the reveiw process is complete.

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    That suggestion makes sense and likely works, but only if the user is on a machine that will allow them to use Reader. I'm sending this out to a lot of teachers, who are using machines either at school, or are school-issued machines, and they don't have the admin privileges to install software-- even Reader.
    so my problem is, if they are stuck on a machine without Reader, and without the possibility of having Reader... it's just not going to work because Preview can't handle these functions.
    And, since that is not an acceptable answer with what I'm trying to do... I will find another way to create/submit forms. I think there are some online possibilities I will have to make work.
    very, very disappointing and frustrating.

  • Will Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Standard Work With Adobe Reader 8.2.4?

    I have a question, but haven't found an answer to this yet.
    Can anyone tell me please:  Will Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Standard work with Adobe Reader 8.2.4?
    I had Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard on my computer & it was working with Adobe Reader 8, but don't remember what the version it was.
    I was using Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard to scan very old family pictures & documents & I realize that this version of Acrobat is outdated.
    To make a long story short, my computer had crashed, so we built another computer & just replaced the hard drive.  When I went to Adobe, I had to download the newer version of Reader 9.0 & it didn't work with Acrobat 6.0., so I removed Adobe Reader 9 & I found Adobe Reader 8.0 & have downloaded the patches, so now I have Adobe Reader 8.2.4 back on board.
    Thank you.

    Adobe doesn't recommend any version of Reader with any version of Acrobat on Windows. It will cause problems. It just is a matter of how and when. The problem has to do with shared resources causing conflicts. If you have Acrobat 8, you can update it to Acrobat 8.2.4. You must apply the updates sequentially.

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