Activated iPhone 4, but can't get any service...just says "Searching..."

So I purchased an iPhone 4 and activated it with my number.  Verizon account says phone is activated with my number, and I set it up with iTunes and all that good stuff.  However, I can't get any service at all.  The rest of my family all has iPhone 4 and they get 3G coverage in our house no problem, but I can't seem to get service anywhere.  I have tried everything in the book; reset network settings, reset all settings on phone, soft reset, updated to newest IOS, dialed *228 and pressed 2 to get new PRL, turned it on and off multiple times, etc .  Still can't seem to get service, just keeps saying "Searching.." where the bars should be.  Just wondering if there are any other steps I need to take.  Appreciate any and all feedback.

    Hi Snyder23,
I am sad to hear about the problems with your new iPhone 4! That is a great device. Thanks for all the troubleshooting your have done so far. It appears your phone might be faulty. Are you still within your 14 day Worry Free Guarantee? If so, we can exchange it for another device. If not, you can visit your local Apple store for a hands on evaluation. Keep us posted.
Thanks, BobbyS_VZW
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