Active Crystal report

What is active crystal report ? How to start? How it works?

Hi Ranpoo,
Follwoing are the answers for your post
What is active crystal report ?
At present you can buy CR XI R2 and Crystal Repors 2008
How to start?
You can download a trail version of CR2008 and install in your system from below link.
How it works?

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  • Cannot Activate Crystal Reports 10

    Hi. I need help activating Crystal Reports 10. The key I am using is the key that came with the package. It gives an error saying key invalid.
    Server crashed last week. When re-installing Crystal reports10 Embedded Edition, the server gives an error, KEY INVALID.
    This is a huge issue. I suspect the key just needs to be reactivated on BO side/ reset.
    Please Assist:
    Crystal Enterprise 10 Embedded English

    Our server crashed. So the whole machine was formatted and re-done. I suspect that the key just needs to be re-set/re-activated.
    We need to find a resolution for this problem as this is actualy one of our clients that are experiencing the problem and they need to be able to view reports. Which then reflects on our company as un-reliable.
    I am personally very displeased at the "New support system" in place. In the past the proceedures we followed for support worked 100%. I would even go as far to say that service was outstanding!!
    I have been through 4 companys for help, and have been directed to these portals/forums. This move has not been for the best. We are very fast losing interest in these products.

  • Active Directory 2008 and Crystal Reporting

    My company is planning to upgrade to Active Directory 2008 R2. But before we do so, we must understand how our servers & applications interact/work with Active Directory 2008 R2. Could you please answer the following questions in regards to your application Crystal Reporting (version 10):
    1.     How does Crystal Reporting interact with Active Directory (AD)?
    2.     Is there a specific domain controller hardcoded with Crystal Reporting ?
    3.     Does Crystal Reporting support Active Directory 2008 R2?
    Your assistance and timely response with this matter is very much appreciated. Thank you.
    - Peter

    Hi Peter,
    Crystal Reports is a standalone install on the local Work Station. AD won't affect it. Unless there is some info you are telling us about how you access CR?
    Thank you

  • Crystal Reports 2008 - Report off of Active Directory

    I have found a few articles on how to do this, but they don't seem to follow my wizard.
    Can someone provide a tutorial on how to create a Crystal Reports 2008 report against active directory?
    I have been able to do the following so far:
    1) Create new OLE DB (ADO) connection
    2) From Provider, choose OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Directory Services.
    3) The fields I have are Data Source, User ID, and Password.
       - I do not have a field for "LOCATION" that is referenced in documentation I have found on here.
    4) I enter my for active directory, a valid username and password.
    5) It seems to create the connection, and wants me to ADD COMMAND. I haven't been able to find a command that actually works online. Does anyone have one? I.e.: Employee and Supervisor names.
    Thank you,

    backing up a step or two, make sure that the username you are using has a domain alias infront of it, something like "mydomain\myusername" should be the correct format. even if you don't get an error when you create the connection it may be incorrect. when entering in a command is the only time it actually tries to authenticate against the AD server. If you make a mistake when entering in the original connection (anytime before the add command part) remember that you will need to exit out of Crystal Reports and come back in. the connection can not be remade or edited once entered.
    Now, as for what to put into the query, you will probably need to talk with your windows AD administrators. the one I used for my organization was something like this (replace the stuff between the <> marks with your data):
    SELECT samaccountname, sn, givenname, mail FROM 'LDAP://OU=<yourOU>,DC=<yourdomain1>,DC=<yourdomain2>'
    remember you can not use * to get data, it seems to take what ever properties you directly name. if you need names of properties or items to call, I'd recommend a quick google search on LDAP SQL queries.
    I hope this helps

  • Active Directory Plugin for Crystal Reports Server XI

    Post Author: pkhot
    CA Forum: Deployment
    I Installed Crystal Reports Server XI on a test W2K3 R2 machine. When I try to logon using the Business View Manager or the Administrator LaunchPad, selecting the Active Directory Authentication I get an error saying secWinAd plugin is not available. How do i fix this?
    Is there a plugin available and if yes where can i download it from?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Did you lon on to the console and go to authentication-> windows ad and enter in your domain info ?

  • BOBJ Auditing - Activity Universe and Crystal Reports

    Here are the user requests.  Are these possible with BOBJ Auditor? There are some sample reports in Infoview Public folders and Activity Universe connection is working.
    1. User and Group access and type of access to all folders and Crystal reports.
    2.Develop a report of the inventory of all scheduled reports indicating report name, location, frequency/schedule and distribution list (include FTP / file location if not e-mail).
    A monthly report would probably be sufficient and would be used to facilitate management oversight of report distribution.
    3.An inventory of all reports indicating report name, location, database connection, scheduled or not scheduled, when created, when last time run, by whom
    4.Automated report for failed instances - Crystal report failures within folders.  Most of the reports are run overnight
    Environment: BOXI R2, Crystal Reports, Activity Universe

    I'll attempt to answer your question. I should point out that not everything you need is an audited event. You might be better served by the Query Builder for some of your requirements.
    1. It is possible to create a list of all folders/ reports a user/group has access to. The type of access a user/group has is not audited.
    2. This is possible (more or less). You might have to move the distribution list portion to a different tab/ report.
    3. Again, I'm uncertain how much of this info is audited. Needless to say, a report that has never been run will have no audit information. Report name and location (i.e. within BOE) are audited. It doesn't look like the database connection is audited.
    4. This is possible and relatively simple.

  • Crystal Reports 2011 IDE fails to save active report

    I've been using CR 2011 to update some previous versions of CR.  When I go to save the report 9 out of 10 times it fails to save the active report file and turns the report into a .tmp file.  I then have to save the report back to a .rpt file and it is fine and the report still works.  But this is driving me nuts.  To have to keep on saving as after the IDE fails.
    Anyone have any help/suggestions on this.

    hi Jim,
    are you using crystal reports for visual studio as the IDE? if so, please repost your question here.
    if not (i.e. you are using crw32, the regular crystal reports designer tool), please ensure that you've got the latest sp installed from here. after that, if you still experience the problem please provide a link to one of your reports (e.g. in dropbox) with saved data so that it can be tested by someone else on their version of cr.

  • Crystal Reports Active X Viewer 64-Bit

    Hi All,
    I am searching for some information regarding support of the Crystal Reports Active X viewer with 64-Bit Internet Explorer (version 8)
    We use Cyrstal Report 9, 10, 11 and 11.5 on our clients servers and have no issues with the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer (including on 64-bit operating systems). We have one client attempting to use 64 bit Internet Explorer 8 but this is not showing any reports.
    Even when having manually installed the Active X dll's it still does not work.
    Can someone advise if this set up is possible/supported?
    As I understand it, it is not possible.
    Matthew Haines

    All of those versions are 32 bit only and I doubt 64 bit IE will support 32 bit ActiveX controls. No solution for you.
    Possibly moving to CR For VS 2010 and the Cr .NET assemblies may work.
    64 bit IE is not very stable and not many people use it. I suggest you recommend staying away from it at this time. Or at lease CR doesn't like it either.
    Good luck

  • Crystal Reports and Windows Active Directory

    I am trying to authenticate using the Windows Active Directory. I have created a test group in the Active directory and added myself as a member to that group. On the Crystal reports server side, I have enabled the Windows Active Directory. I can see the group that I created on the Active Directory. But I do not see any users. I have a Java infoview and I changed the web.xml file. I changed the authentication parameter to secWinAD. But does anyone know how to restart the web application server? I restarted the service Intelligent Agent. But when I login using my user id and password it still gives me the same error:
    Account Information Not Recognized: Enterprise authentication could not log you on. Please make sure your logon information is correct. (FWB 00008)
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Infoview doesn't even need to be restarted.
    You said "I have a Java infoview and I changed the web.xml file" in your original post
    If you have .net IIS then it would be a web.config file that needs to be changed. IIS will pick up the changes as soon as you save the file and open an infoview logon page. you may also opt to set authentication.visible to true so users will have the ability to select AD when logging in.


    I have bought 2 licenses of Crystal Report and one of them does'nt work.
    Could you please tell me what i have to do to get a new one ?
    Thank's for your help.

    Have you downloaded & followed the SAP Crystal documentation for 8.8? There are a number of changes in how we need to do things.
    Also, optional parameters do not work & neither to default values in parameters. These are still to be fixed

  • 156" width Crystal Report with Visual Studio 2005

    Post Author: kunchesm
    CA Forum: .NET
    I have a requirement to design a 156" width report (for exporting to Excel). And naturally i dont have printers to support this huge width reports (as these reports are not used for printing but just for exporting to Excel).
    One of the option which i have tried to design these reports is -
    - Installed MIcrosoft XPS Document writer and
    - Created a new server form (in Printers&Faxes>File>Server Properties) and assigned my custom width & Height for the paper size as per my requirement
    - Used this printer and form in my crystal report
    Now, my question... is there any better alternative or option to design huge width Crystal reports in Visual studio 2005? Any help in this regard is highly appreciated!
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Ganesh,
    So it all depends on how you created your WEB Project. If it was a CR Web App then no issues, if it was a WEB Form app then no issues except you need to copy the whole folder: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\VS2013WebsiteCR\aspnet_client
    to your app folder, maybe...
    If it was an empty WEB app then it may be an issue with permissions ( more on this soon once we do some testing, R&D may have provided a work around to get IIS Express to work, not sure about using IIS directly.
    Also search on Sessions and PostBacks, to get the second page you need to keep the session open/active. If not you may get nothing ot the same page everytime.

  • Crystal Report ActiveX viewer 11 not installing on windows 7 64 bit

    Hi We have a web application which calls Crystal reports. If the Active doesnot exits on the user machine it tries to download it and intall. This works find on Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit. But on Windows 7 64 bit the activex is not getting installed.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Crystal Reports 11 is not supported on WIN 7. Update to CR XI R2 (11.5) using the directions here:
    Where did all the Crystal Reports XI R1 and R2 fixes go?
    Then, see this blog:…
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • SAP 8.8 Crystal Report Layout problem in client workstation

    Hi Experts,
    We have import crystal report to SAP Business One as Form Layout or AP Invoice. We have already created the token [email protected] so it would automatically be printed and will not ask for the document number. The layout works fine using the server workstation but in the client workstation we cannot proceed with the printing because when we click on the preview button, a login window appears with this details:
    Database Login
    Server Name : gray out or not active
    Database: gray out or not active
    Login ID: active
    Password: active
    We tried to enter the SQL login but fails.
    Is there any components that we need to install in the workstation before it could function the same way as PLD?

    You can try creating the ODBC connection, which is the same as on the server.
    Assuming this is the scenario:
    1. You write the invoice using crystal report on the server
    2. On the server, Control Panel--> ODBC, you have created an ODBC link eg; SAPB1.
    3. The report is connecting to ODBC link and pointing to database OECUS
    On the client workstation, you need to create:
    1. Control Panel--> ODBC, you need to create an ODBC link as on the server.

  • Crystal Report for SAP B1 8.8

    Hi All !
    I can not finish for designing template layout for Sales Quotation by Crystal Report 2008 for SAP 8 8
    I have already done for template of sale quotation but when i print preview in SAP for this one, system did not understood and it get all data from Sale quotation in database. I would like to assign specify Sales Quotation Doc number which i want to Print preview on my template.
    How can i assign or how can i have to create what parameter.

    Try this:
    For Sales Order
    The [email protected] token is mandatory in a Crystal Reports .rpt file that you want to use as a
    layout. The [email protected] token is used to identify the current active document. SAP Business One
    populates its value when you preview or print a layout.
    When you apply the [email protected] token, in the Select Expert window, you need to specify a filter
    condition, such as:
    {ORDR.DocEntry}={[email protected]}
    If the [email protected] token does not exist, create a new parameter with the following settings:
    In the Name field, enter [email protected]
    In the Type dropdown list, select Number
    In all other fields, leave the default settings
    Then Save report as layout to B1
    Try previewing this layout as you will notice it will no longer ask for a parameter.
    This likely behaves as a standard layout
    Try searching forums or channel portal regarding Parameter Tokens

  • Crystal Report Layout

    Hi Expert.
    I created a report layout in crystal report that I will be attaching in an add-on program which is a document type for report viewing via PLD.  However, as i was setting up my layout in the report layout manager, I cannot point my layout in the document addon that I created.
    Is there a way to add my addon in the list of modules in the report layout manager?

    No it is not possible.
    What you can do: import you crystal layout as "normal report" and active the menu when you would like to print out the document. You can pass parameters, and show the print preview. then you can click on print button via code.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi Is possible to disable the functions to delete row in Sales Order and Purchase Order. How can we made that? by SDK or exist anything else? Regards VS Edited by: Vasco Silva on Jan 8, 2009 8:24 PM

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