Active window property/m​ethod?

Is there is property or method that will return whether or not a specific VI is the active (has focus) window?

(That's just the way code snippets work, nothing was done wrong)
back on topic:
In LV 8.2, the code "works", i.e. @ Floating, Frontmost = True
In LV 8.5, the code does not work, i.e. @ Floating, Frontmost = False.
I noticed in the Help re: Floating behavior, something was changed in 8.5. It says Focus will not immediately be relinquished when a floating window is selected (or something like that) and 8.2 does not mention that.
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  • Batch won't run unless Illustrator CS3 is active window?

    I'm hoping someone can help me out with this as it's driving me nuts. Basically I'm trying to batch an action I made in CS3 to run on about 700 illustrator files.
    Everything runs just fine and dandy until I switch from Illustrator to another program (Firefox, photoshop, bridge, anything other than illustrator), once illustrator is no longer the active window, the batch process stops. When I make illustrator the active window again, the batch starts again. This worked perfect in CS2 and I never had this problem until CS3.
    This is a huge pain as I can't work on anything else while keeping the batch running in the background.
    Here's the nitty gritty details:
    XP SP2, Illustrator CS3, smoking fast machine
    Action was created in actions palette to do the following:
    Unlock All > Select All > Create Outlines > Convert to Grayscale
    Ran the batch via the actions palette, choose "Save and Close" and "log errors to a file".
    I've restarted Illustrator, restarted the machine, recreated the action, broke the folder into smaller folders with less files. It's making my Tuesday feel like a Monday.
    I've search all over and found nothing. There was one post here on the adobe forums, but it was from October and it never got answered. If you have a solution you will be my hero!

    Yes, I have absolutely seen this! At our office we batch process Illustrator files to JPEG very frequently, and it's a huge nuisance to have Illustrator block the system during the batch processing. Everyone here is on XP SP2 as well, and we all have this issue. In fact, trying to switch in and out of Illustrator while it's batching can cause the application to crash fairly regularly for us.
    I can confirm that the Mac version of Illustrator CS3 does *not* have this problem, as I am batch-exporting right now with Illustrator in the background on my Mac. (Mac OS X 10.5.2, Illy 13.0.2)
    A fix for this would be most appreciated, Adobe!

  • Snagit v10 build 788 - unable to capture input - scrolling active window

    I use Snagit v10 build 788.
    I cannot use the "Scroll Active Window" option on Firefox 4 Beta.
    It does not work.
    I get the Snagit message : "Unable to capture input".
    Using Internet Explorer or on an other PC the Firefox v3.6, the "Scroll Active Window" option of Snagit v10 is working.
    How to solve it ?

    Guys, you will not believe how easy this is to fix! After hours of frustration I finally discovered a Firefox add-on called '''Screengrab'''. Install Screengrab, then right click in Firefox, choose Save, Complete Page - and you get a perfect scrolled page capture!
    Even better, you can open it in Snagit to work on it further (Screengrab saves it as a png)

  • How do I get the activity window in safari 6.0.2?

    How do I get the activity window in safari 6.0.2?

    Safari 6
    Activity Window is no more available in Safari 6.
    Apple removed that feature.

  • I tried to open a bookmark and it opened in an active window as a frame, not a separate tab or window. What's going on?

    I've been having problems with Firefox hanging (seems related to Flash on a particular website). Through hours of troubleshooting yesterday, including on the phone with my ISP's help desk, it was recommended I "refresh" Firefox. I've done that before, and I did it yesterday again. This morning I opened Firefox to my home page (my ISP's portal), checked my email, logged out of email, closed that tab, opened two other forums and Photobucket--three tabs open in the window--to post photos and contribute to discussions in both forums. When done, I logged out of both forums and Photobucket, closed each tab separately, then quit Firefox. (While in Photobucket, Flash crashed several times....but that's not unusual with Photobucket in my experience. It's a different problem I am still dealing with....but forget it right now....) As part of yesterday's "refresh", I set Firefox to empty the cache and cookies and other files upon quitting.
    Later in the day today, I opened Firefox, my ISP's portal opened as usual and expected (my "Home page"). Sometimes, rather than close that window/tab, I just open a bookmark and it opens in that same window, but replacing the previous window and its contents. That is normal operating procedure for me. You know, rather than having two windows open where I'll have to close the first one, I just have the bookmark open in place of the original window/contents.
    Today (and it's happened before today, but only infrequently), the bookmarked page opened as if it was a frame in the active window....that is, my ISP's portal occupies about 3/4 of the window, but over on the left side of the window (not another tab or window, but in the very same window) is a slender partial view of the bookmarked page. This new web page--totally unrelated to the original page--has a scroll bar at the bottom, but can't be made to fill the window....the previously opened web page acts as a barrier to seeing the "new" frame/web page. While I can grab the right border of this "new frame" and drag it to the right, it still can't push the "old" original web page out of the way....the old page reaches some minimum limit and I get a split screen view of two entirely different web sites contained in exactly the same active window.
    The "new" frame has an "x" in the upper right corner, so I could close it.....but my question is, why did it open in a completely different company's web page/ can two web pages from completely different organizations/companies/websites occupy the same active window in Firefox? I have screenshots.....attached. And, oh yes, besides the HOW and WHY of it, how can it be prevented (or is the best thing to just right click and open it in a new tab or window.....??????) That still doesn't satisfy me....I'm someone who needs to know WHY something happened that should not have happened. It makes me crazy when something strange happens and the "solution" is to change MY behavior. (You know, like if YOU were the problem, but I have to change MY behavior instead of fix what's wrong with YOU.....when fixing YOU might render the entire situation obsolete.)
    Thanks for whatever you can suss out.....

    You do not have the properties in the Bookmarks Manager (Library), but you should have it if you right-click a bookmark the Bookmarks Toolbar or in the bookmarks sidebar.
    On Mac you probably do not have it if you right-click an item in the Bookmarks menu (this menu is under control of the Mac OS), but I assume that this should work if you click the "Show your bookmarks" button on the Navigation Toolbar that is next to the star to bookmark the current tab and right-click an item in the bookmarks list that opens.

  • The Background File Activity Window Is Annoying. Any tips on removing?

    So, I just started using Dreamweaver CC after having been on hiatus from the program for nearly a decade. I have to say, most of the things I hated it for, and stopped using it because of, have been corrected. Kudos, Adobe, for fixing what was everyone's least favorite program in the suite.
    Anywho, all that said, I am still annoyed on a very VERY regular basis by the program issuing an extremely pesky pop-up window anytime I attempt to Put files to my Remote or Testing server. I took a screenshot of the nasty bugger and have attached it here. The Background File Activity window closes when the Put action results in no errors or warnings. That's fine, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I put an HTML file that has references to external files (**so ya know like ANY HTML FILE EVER**), the window stays up and requires me to take action on closing it. THIS IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING. The error message displayed in the window doesn't even seem to be accurate (- error occurred - Access denied.  The file may not exist locally,  may be open in another program, or there could be a local permission problem), because it DOES put the HTML file in question. Perhaps the worst characteristic of this window is that is floats above everything else on my desktop. That means if I want to do a local>remote sync or just upload a bigger bunch of files, and then jump back into Photoshop to keep working on assets in there, I eventually am interrupted by this window popping up. This thing is worse than my cat trying to lay on my hands when I'm typing.
    So, if anyone has any suggestions on how to turn this frustrating dialogue off, I would be very grateful.
    My system specs are: Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10.1) and Dreamweaver CC 2014.1 (

    its not FTP information, the site is defined as Local
    Network. I have a drive
    lets say M:\ mapped to \\machine\webroot or whatever and then
    point my DW8 site
    to M:\webroot
    It can synchronize all it wants, all day long for all I
    care...... just lose
    the focus so I can switch windows??? You don't name something
    'background' file
    activity when its in your face and causing nothing to respond
    appropriately in
    the 'foreground' lol.

  • Formatted Search - Restrict to Only One Customer on Activity Window

    Hello Experts:
    Am trying to create a formatted search to provide a suggested RMA Number on the Business Partners > Activity window in a UDF.
    While in Activity, the user should get a list of ONLY the one customer they are currently working with.  So if C0001 is being used in the Activity window, the list should show all suggested RMA numbers just for that customer of C0001, not any other customer. 
    When I use the following it shows all customers.
    --FMS 6BP Automated RMA Number
    T1.[CardCode] + ' - ' + ltrim(str(T0.[ClgCode]))
    ON T0.CardCode = T1.CardCode
    T1.CardCode Desc,
    T1.[CardCode] + ' - ' + ltrim(str(T0.[ClgCode])) Desc
    When I put in WHERE T1.CardCode = $[$ 9.0.0 ] in the right place it shows nothing...
    Any ideas on how to make only the one current customer in Activity window appear in the list???
    Thanks in Advance - Zal

    Thanks Istvan and Gordon...
    Istvan - that is the same as my SQL - just do not know how to show the $[$... correctly in this forum - it always goes to that http thing.
    Gordon - tried to use your SQL but it gave me an error of "Internal Error (-1003) Occured [Message 131-183] every time I tried to click on the magnifying glass.  However, due to your last line in the SQL it gave me an idea that eventually they were OK with - namely, the highest number to the top of T0.ClgCode...
    Thanks again guys - Zal

  • How to open a paramter form in a active window

    I am calling a report from a form but the parameter form of the report does not show in active window . its been displayed but in the back ground. how to show this in active window.
    thanks for your help.

    when i looked in the code there was no code present for any triggers . the code is empty. I am using oracle 10g release 1 version.

  • How can I get that which one is currently activated window

    I created a frame. The user may be minimize that frame and he may use some other window like internet explorer or Notepad or something else. Then I want to know that which window is the currently activated window. Is it possible. Please help me.

    you can use Javascript functions/varibles.
    In any page you can insert a special form like this:
    <form name="myNameWindow">
    <input type="hidden" name="myName" value="Ivan_pag01">
    and in the other reading that value.
    Obviusly you have to save a reference in a variable of the other window.
    This is possible only if:
    1) other page is in the same browser window but in an other frame
    2) you have generated the other page via an "" function (or your page is generated from it via that function)
    -- Ivan

  • How do I stop iTunes from starting up in the other active Windows sessions?

    I have multiple (3) user accounts on a windows (Vista) computer. When I start iTunes from one account iTunes wants to also start up on each of the active windows accounts and continues to attempt to start iTunes after some time period (90 seconds?).
    I get a error screen on the attempts for the User that should not be starting iTunes that reads:
    You cannot open the application "iTunes" because another user has it open.
    Ask the other user to quit the application, then try again.
    I want iTunes to run within only one account. How do I stop iTunes from starting up in the other active accounts?

    Connect iPhone - iTunes will launch
    select iPhone in iTunes' left column
    in iTunes' main window untick "Automatically sync ..."

  • How can I make Reader the active window when opening documents?

    I am having trouble with this because right now documents open in the background and Adobe Reader does not become the active window.  This requires an extra click on Adobe to bring the opened document to the foreground.
    Nowhere to be found in Preferences.
    My system is Linux RedHat 2.16.0
    Adobe Reader 9.3.1
    Thanks a bunch.

    Inspect the following methods (all available to, say, a JFrame) - they might help you out:
    setState (to (de)iconify)
    toFront (request to bring to front)

  • How can I get Expose to show only and all active windows, regardless of app

    Sometimes I have two applications running with several finder windows hidden on the dock. I'd like to know how I can (or if I can) get Expose to show only the Active windows - not the ones on the dock. With this new upgrade, it seems that all open windows that are on the dock appear in a row at the bottom of the screen, which takes up real estate - can I turn that function off so just the open, undocked windows of all apps show?

    Sounds like you opened a message in a new window. Have you tried closing that window and see what happens?
    If that is not it maybe you can post a screen shot of what you are seeing.

  • Why doesn't the file progress show in the Activity Window

    In Dreamweaver CS6 the file progress in the Activity Window doesn't show.  In DW CS5 and before you could monitor the file as it uploaded.  You could see how much of the file in increments was uploaded. Now the blue progress bar displays but I have no way of knowing how much of the file has uploaed until it's done.  Is there a way to put that back yo how it was?

    I found the answer to this problem at this link:
    Seems the activity window has in fact changed in CS6.  To see the progress you hold your cursor over the file you are transferring.
    Not sold on DW CS6 so far to be honest...

  • Mail activity window "writing changes to disk" slows iMac

    So like many others, Mail is working very slowly with gmail. I even took my iMac to the genius bar, and I was told to just let the Mail program run. That once all the messages were copied to the iMac in All Mail then it would be done. Problem is it does this process every day. While this activity is ongoing it dramatically slows the computer. Here is what the Mail activity window looks like. It greets me each morning when I open it up.
    Why does the mail program have to go through that process each day? Basically, I have to drink a cup of coffee and wait until it's done.
    I'm surprised Apple would release an update with so many problems in native programs. (My Safari always crashes when I quit but I'll leave that for another day).

    I've been having the same issue on my MBP since upgrading to Mavericks. Multiple times per day Mail seems to re-sync everything across my 8 Google Apps accounts (happening right now).
    Nothing has resolved the issue, but here's what I've tried:
    Verify All Mail settings in Google
    Let it perform a full sync
    Rebuild inboxes
    Repair inboxes
    Remove and re-add everything (they're all IMAP, so not a big deal)
    Remove all Google accounts from the machine through System Preferences
    Delete the entire ~/Library/Mail/ folder
    Re-add accounts through System Preferences
    Open Mail
    Let it sync everything
    Try with 1 account active versus all 8
    And a few other things, I think, that I can't recall. I upgraded to 10.9 the day it was released and it's happened every day since no matter what I do.
    Mavericks is great but Mail has some serious issues. I understand that Google has implemented some non-standard IMAP tricks that need to be accounted for, but I don't have any problems on my iPhone (iOS 7) with these exact same accounts -- so someone has it right in some way somewhere.
    Attaching a screenshot of what it's doing right now along with the about window.

  • "Activity window" in Safari no longer works to download YouTube videos. Why not? Workaround?

    For years I have used Apple's recommended standard technique whenever I wanted to download a Flash video embedded in a YouTube page to my hard drive:
    - Open a YouTube page and click on the video's "play" button to get it started;
    - Press command-option-A to then open up Safari's "Activity Window" which lists all the components of the page;
    - Find on the list the component for the loading Flash video, which is usually much larger (measured in MB rather than KB) than all the other components, and also is usually still in the process of loading, so it's easy to spot;
    - Double-click the component's name on the list in the Activity Window, and voila, the video downloads to my hard drive.
    This "trick" is described everywhere as THE standard way to download YouTube videos (and similar page components); and I have used it successfully for many years.
    HOWEVER, sometime very recently (not sure when, exactly -- a few weeks or months ago) YouTube has changed the way its pages are coded, so that this technique no longer works. When I open the Activity Window, instead of seeing one large loading video file that's easily identifiable, I see a whole series of large files, all exactly 1.7mb big (no matter how large the file size of the actual video in question is), and they constantly increase in number -- at first there are two such files, but over the seconds and minutes more and more appear. Furthermore, many files with no named size are constantly loading and then disappearing. And here's the whole point: I've tried double-clicking on ALL of these files, dozens of ways on dozens of YouTube pages, and none of the are the video file I seek and none of them cause the file to  download to my hard drive.
    If I click on one the mysterious 1.7mb components, I indeed get a ".flv" downloaded to my hard drive, but it's not actually a Flash video; clicking on its downloaded file icon just brings up a blank box or an error message saying that it's not really a video file at all. I think it's some sort of "decoy" file or something to do with streaming Flash code.
    To see what I mean, just go to YouTube, load any random video page, and then open Safari's Activity WIndow and try to download the video that way.
    This happens on an iMac running Safari 5.1 on OSX 10.6.8, and also on a MacBook Pro running Safari 5.0.2  on OSX 10.6.5, and on a few other new-ish Macs I tested it out on, but failed to note their version numbers.
    I'm presuming that this problem is not specific to my computer, but is caused by the way that YouTube altered the background code for their pages. I don't know if the glitch is an intentional attempt by YouTube to prevent downloads, or if it is an accidental "bug" of the new code. Either way:
    How can I fix the problem? Is there some other lesser-known built-in way for Safari/Mac to download the new kind of YouTube videos? Or is there some reliable freeware or shareware or plug-in or extension or whatever for Safari that would enable YouTube downloading?
    I tried a freeware program called "Evom" that was highly touted, but it too was thwarted by the new YouTube code and failed to extract any videos from the YouTube page, even though that's what the application was designed to do.
    As a side note, I will say that I also have (though rarely use) FireFox for Mac, and the "Unplug" plug-in installed on it, and that ALSO "broke" recently and no longer has the capacity to recognize or download YouTube videos, even though previously it worked fine. This is why I think the issue is not specific to my set-up or computer, but is due to a change in YouTube's underlying code.)
    Any help with an explanation, solution or workaround would be much appreciated (by me and by millions of others who I assume are facing the same problem!).

    I just now did exactly as you recommended. Result? No change.
    Even after trashing the files and restarting and everything else, the Activity Window and YouTube behave exactly as they did before.
    (I had actually previously tried something very similar to your recommendation, and it didn't have any effect then either.)
    In case it's helpful, here's an example of what one of the mystery components that load endlessly in the Activity Window is listed as: 0.829&tsphab=1&st=69.939&tspne=0&tspfdt=262&nsiabblmin=62945.000&nsidf=2&tabsb=1 &ad_flags=0&h=360&nsiabblmean=72646.865&md=1&docid=zPxFu7taftE&bc=15194849&csipt =watch5ad&ad_event=3&el=detailpage&hasstoryboard=1&vid=72A5TVVpDgRoXDV3HvMeKPjLx BFdU61DC&fmt=34&cr=US&sd=BD075E8E6HH1336502192683396&vtmp=1&nsiabblmax=79054.000 &hl=en_US&ns=yt&nsivbblmax=774478.000&referrer=None&sidx=0&hbd=7790924&w=480&hbt =2.751&cid=6&sendtmp=1&sst=0&cfps=25.974025974025974&screenw=1440&mt=0.6&vq=auto &playerw=640&playerh=390&slots=sst~0;sidx~0;at~2_3&scoville=1&at=2_3&volume=100& art=1.842&mos=0&plid=AAS_iqoqfi0mjNc0&fs=0&nsivbblc=208&nsivbblmin=561638.000&bd =931267&allowed=1_1,1_3,2_1,2_3&bt=7.441&fvid=bNz97ILtwqc&screenh=900&len=127.92 &vw=480&nsivbblmean=668895.024&nsiabblc=208&vh=360&fexp=912001,914050,913539,919 306,907217,901802,906507
    And here's one of the 1.7MB components: =1781760-3563519&expire=1336524839&id=ccfc45bbbb5a7ed1&burst=40&cm2=0&sver=3&upn =I_VxE0Lmh4Y&keepalive=yes&ipbits=8&algorithm=throttle-factor&itag=34&sparams=al gorithm%2Cburst%2Ccp%2Cfactor%2Cid%2Cip%2Cipbits%2Citag%2Csource%2Cupn%2Cexpire& source=youtube&signature=6F9B5B2CA58ACBA6AFE02FB8A54F1F74EE2B0F16.8E421BC37C3019 E806C22CF3E8866847D033565C&factor=1.25&ip= lxNTVmbm1vcDlO&key=yt1&fexp=912001%2C914050%2C901802%2C906507%2C907217%2C919306% 2C913539

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    I hadn't used Access in a few months, and when I did, it decided to reinstall itself.  All other MicroSoft Office software is running fine.  I went to open my file and it gave me the runtime 429 error with the statement shown above.  When I use Debug

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