Adapter Metadata not present in SAP BASIS 7.00..

Hi Gurus,
   We hav installed PI 7.0 training server..we call it XIT...In SLD, SAP BASIS 7.00 is there in the s/w components.....but when i import it from SLD to IR its showing no objects presnet in it....specially i need where adapter metadata resides.....due to dis prb, i cant create comm channel in ID.....wht went wrong in post installation steps???....i hav seen available support packages does not exit SWCV tht causing the prob???.....we r using SP14 for DEV and QUA...our basis team told me tht SAP BASIS 7.00 has been downloaded from marketplace....should i tell them to download again wid proper support packages and patches??.....waiting for ur valuable inputs...

HI Pinangshuk ,
  The following thread discuss the similar issue .Please take a look whether it helps you out
       Re: No Objects for SAP BASIS 7.00
      Adapter MetaData problem (PI installation).
       Re: No Adapter Objects Present

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  • 997 adapter type not present in Seeburger for PI 7.1

    Hello Experts,
    We recently installed Seeburger on our PI 7.1 system. We deployed all the relevant modules successfully and also imported the meta-data to ESR after whcih we were able to see the FTP adapter from Seeburger. But we were not able to see 997 adapter.
    As mentioned in one of the blog, it is necessary to post funcitonal acknowledgements and configuration of 997 adapter is required for the same.
    We checked the installation guide from Seeburger but nothing has been mentioned in the same. any idea how to get the same in ID?
    Also one more doubt. Suppose I am getting 850 orders from 2 customers do i need to configure Identifiers in the Sender Seeburger adapter representing different customers?
    Thanks in advance.

    Identifiers are required only when the receiver channel is IDOC. 
    To summarise, you create one party per customer and the same would be done in partner profile as customer rather than logical system,.
    Then you specifiy the identifiers in parties and the same is represented in idoc communication channel . By this the idoc comms channel will know which customer in ERP it needs to post the idoc.
    This will be used only when the receiver is idoc.  Moreover in seeburger, you need to maintain an entry in the message splitter which will enable to use split 997 adapter.
    If you create party in XI, make sure to represent that party in ERP as either vendor or customer rather than logical system.  This will give you more clarity.

  • Service Not Listed in SAP Service Marketplace

    Helllo All,
    Due to mixed system information in the registration details stored for one our Solution Manager services I deleted the information that was stored in SAP Service Marketplace and successfully re-registered the service with the correct details yesterday.
    However, the service (SID) is now not present in SAP Service Marketplace when I search for it and as such SAP can not connect to the service and I can not raise messages against it.  Prior to deleting the Service it was present.
    Please could someome advise what needs to be done to ensure the service is re-listed within SAP Service Marketplace.
    Do I need to contact a specific department / contact within SAP to accept the re-registration of the service ?
    Many thanks,

    I think you should open an OSS message (using another system SID), under component XX-SER-SAPSMP. They should help you to set the services related to your installation properly.
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards

  • Syn read file adapter throwing exception when file is not present directory

    Hi Team,
    Requirment is to check for a file is present in a soa directory .If present delete the existing and write a new one.
    Syn read file adapter is throwing errors when file is not present in the directory soa local.
    Any paramter we can add to skip this exception.
    any help is appreciated.
    Thanks all
    Swetha H.

    An alternative is that , before u try to read it, u make a list directory, and search for ur file, if it is not in the list, then u don't read; otherwise, u do.
    The list operation is part of the file adapter.
    hope this helps

  • Why the JCA adapter can not be undeployed on SAP XI?

    Hi Friends,
    My JCA adapter cannot be undeployed on SAP XI using SDM tool.
    Internally, the JCA adapter use "SAPAdapterResources.startRunnable" to starts three threads. Three threads are all started and stoped in start() and stop() method in "SPIManagedConnectionFactory" class. And in the run() method of each thread, it uses "while" loop and "Thread.sleep()" to execute specific tasks in the background.
    Does it caused by incorrect thread management? Or are these any other reason that may cause JCA adapater not undployed?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Jason,
    Please have a look at these..
    SAP inbound activation on SAP JCA adapter
    JCA & external libraries
    Hope these help!

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  • SAP-JEE, SAP_JTECHS, SAP_BUILDT  not present in Check-In Tab for import

    Platform :J2ee server 6.40 SP19 , <b>NWDI 7.0</b> , XSS 100 SP 16.
    While creation of ESS/MSS track only 3 SCA(ESS/MSS/PCUI) file shows up in the Check In Tab , all the 3(SAP-JEE, SAP_JTECHS, SAP_BUILDT) remaining SAP support file is not present. 
    All 6 File is present in cms/inbox folder.
    What is the reason for the file not showing up in the check in tab? Please let me know , some has a solution to it.

    Hi Akshata,
    Let me add some more to your point, when you deploy these SCA file using SDM. The file system deployment will extract the contained Build Plugin SCAs into the directory /usr/sap/<instance name>/SYS/global/CMS_CBS/plugins. You can now copy the extracted files to the CMS Inbox.
    If you directly copy these files to CMS/inbox then CMS wont recognize them, but once you deploy it,it does recognize them.
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            Ameya Pimpalgaonkar

  • Confusion for switching my career from IT Infrastructure Management to SAP Basis or not?

    Hi Guru's,
    I am in IT Infrastructure Management and I have more than 10 years of working experience in multiple companies. I have completed MCA, BCA, CCNA and ITIL and in my last job I was Sr. Manager IT.
    I started my career as a Customer Support Engineer in 2004 and then promoted as a Network Engineer and then Team Leader and then Project Manager and then Asst. Manager IT and finally Sr. Manager IT. I switched 6 companies (ISP,IT,Pharmaceutical, Education etc.). Unfortunately my field demands lot of hard-work and payed very little(I got only 5 lac pa) on the other hand I saw several people who moved in SAP they get higher salaries and growing rapidly.
    I have good knowledge of system administration and network administration. In 2008 to 2011, I worked for a Pharma company(Production Plant) where I saw SAP implementation and was little involved in it. I was involved in client Installation, SAP Solution Manager roll-out etc. I saw SAP basis syllabus and I feel it is easy for me to learn the BASIS fast rather then other SAP modules.
    Now my questions are:-
    Is it worthwhile for me to switch my career in SAP Basis?
    Will the recruiters consider me as a fresher or they consider my experience?
    What is the future growth in SAP Basis with our without certification?
    Which is the best institute to get the training and job placement?
    Your suggestions are appreciable.
    Yours faithfully,

    Hi Basis like all work in sap is hard in begin you will receive moore with experience and knowledge.
    Please see this link of basis comunitty . You can talk with great professinals in forum that comunitty they can help you .
    <<Link removed>>
    <<Moderator Comments: Career-related questions are supposed to be asked here not in other forums>>
    About cretification please read that link.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding SAP Certification & Career Opportunities
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  • Viewing namespace in SAP BASIS 7.11

    I am browsing through the SAP BASIS 7.11 in the Enterprise services Builder. When I right click on the component and choose "Open Namespace definitions" a message pops up that states that the software component does not contain any namespaces.
    However I can drill down to some data types in this component that is defined under a namespace?!
    Whats up with this?

    HI Pinangshuk ,
      The following thread discuss the similar issue .Please take a look whether it helps you out
           Re: No Objects for SAP BASIS 7.00
          Adapter MetaData problem (PI installation).
           Re: No Adapter Objects Present

  • No Objects for SAP BASIS 7.00

    when I go to the IR and klick on the SAP Basis 7.00 then there are no entries below.
    I have also done following stteps from other threads:
    You need to import SAP BASIS Software Component Version into Integration Repository.
    You need to download it from service market place.
    In Search Term Enter "SAP BASIS <version>".
    Now click on XI CONTENT SAP_BASIS 7.00 -
    > Database independent -
    > SAPBASIS13_0-20000888.ZIP Just save this file on your machine and unzip it.
    Now put this in the import directory: \usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\global\xi\repository_server\import\
    In IR, TOOLS ---> Import design objects and import it.
    But all of the steps do not bring the entries to my SAP BASIS 7.00.
    Does somebody know why that is so? When I klick on inport then I do not see any entries in the box..
    Thx for your support...

    Login to Integration Directory and create on Communication Channel and take any adapter let say file adapter and if you are able create the
    CC then your xi contents are upto date.
    In other words, xi content is used to update the xi metadata, so if xi metadata is not present then you won't be able to find any adapter while creating the CC.
    If you do not get the success then, based on your SP download it again.
    In Search Term Enter "SAP BASIS < version >".
    Now click on XI CONTENT SAP_BASIS 7.00 -
    > Database independent -
    > SAPBASIS< version >.ZIP
    Do not dowload any other SP level content.
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  • PI 7.11 Adapter Metadata

    I have installed a new PI 7.11 system.
    According to the PI sap help at
    SAP ships adapter metadata for all the adapter types it provides. You can find the adapter metadata shipped by SAP in software component SAP BASIS, software component version SAP BASIS 7.10, in namespace
    But in our newly installed PI 7.11, under ESR-Software Component u2018SAP Basisu201D,  I see SAP Basis 7.11.  But I do not find u201CAdapter Metadatau201D under the name space 
    Is it expected?  If not, which part could have been missed.  What could be done to see the u201CAdapter Metadatau201D (which list all the sub items: BC, CIDX, File, HTTP, IDoc, JDBC, JMS, Mail, Marketplace, RFC, u2026.).
    I appreciate any inputs you have.
    Thank you very much, and best regards,

    You are amazing in response.
    The item 8 is:
    Maintenance Software Component (Current View)"
    This 8th item lists SP01, SP02, SP03, SP04 for XI CONTENT SAP_BASIS 7.11.
    Is this item what you've recommended?  Or should I down load the
    Installation Software Component (Current View)"   (which does not have download file on SMP swdc )
    Over one week ago, I downloaded the SP04 for XI Content SAP_Basis 7.11 (the file name is XICNTSAPBASIS04_0-10005649.ZIP, size of 5408393 bytes).
    I unzipped it, getting the file XI7_11_SAP_BASIS_7.11_04_00.tpz
    and then imported it using "Import Design Object" in ESR, and getting the message:
    "Import source XI7_11_SAP_BASIS_7.11_04_00_2010-01-15_10-58.tpz imported successfully
    Import file moved to server directory importedFiles
    4224 object(s) imported"
    Also, checked the component system info:
    SAP_CNT_SAP_BASIS  7.1100.20081021173332.0000
    There is one OSS note 1119255 (not sure it applied to PI 7.11), pointed to by SAP.  The note says for PI 7.1:
    24/MAR/08....III...XI_CNT_SAP_BASIS and XI_CNT_SAP_ABA stay at start SP
    Wirth SP04 import for XI Content SAP_Basis 7.11, I see our version stays at the start SP with  7.110 (instead of expected 7.114).
    This problem has been my road blocker for over the last few days.  I was not able to get much help from SAP through OSS message.
    Thank you very much for all your inputs, and regards,

  • Adapter engine not found in Integration Directory

    Hello All,
    We are having a new server installation. The problem I am having is in Integratin Directory --> Communication Channel, no option for Adapter Engine is present in the drop down. I have checked the following options:
    1) SAP BASIS Component with Adapter Mata data is present in Repository.
    2) In SLD, Content Maintenance, class XI Integration Server. There are 3 associated objects (the last column).  XI Sub-System viewed application system is also present.
    3) The Technical and Business Systems are already created for XI Integration Server in SLD.
    I have also suggested the blog /people/venugopalarao.immadisetty/blog/2007/03/15/adapter-engine-cannot-be-found-in-integration-directory , to the Basis team, however the problem still persits.
    Kindly suggest how we can resolve the issue and start executing our scenarios.
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    Edited by: Pravesh Sharma on Mar 9, 2009 10:12 AM

    I think the BASIS Team has gone through or implemented this OSS note as it is mention in the blog above. However the problem still persists.

  • SOAP Adapter Metadata Missing

    The SOAP adapter metadata is missing from the namespace. All the others are present. How can we get the adapter ?
    Does it come as part of some patch.

    Hi, we're reimporting the SAP BASIS software component (XI3_0_SAP_BASIS_6.40_00_00.tpz).
    The present our situation is:
    SAP_JTECHF  6.40 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425182200  SAP-JEECOR  6.40 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425182155  SAP-JEE  6.40 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425182238  SAP_JTECHS  6.40 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425182237  LM-SERVICE  6.40 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425182231  SAP-XIAFC  3.0 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425212631  SAP_XIAF  3.0 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425220610  SAP_XITOOL  3.0 SP11 (1000.  SAP AG  20050425222949
    But the SOAP Adatper still missing.
    Is there a newly version to install ?

  • Data Services BODI-1112015 Adapter metadata import failed

    Hi Experts,
    I am using Data Services
    I have an issue in importing functions through 'Adapter' type datastore into Data Services. I can open the datastore and see the list of functions available, but when I try to import them, I get the error BODI-1112015 Adapter metadata import failed.
    The setup and the errors are as below.
    The adapter datastore is setup as below.
    I built a new keystore called clientkeystore.jks in the ..\bin.Then created the .CSR file, and then imported the signed chained (I believe it's chained certificate) certificate of the server hosting the wsdl into the keystore.
    Thanks for the post . After changing the metadata character set to utf-8, I can see a list of functions when I open this New_Datastore in Data Services. It proves that the setup for the datastore has no problem parsing the wsdl file and give me the list of functions in it. 
    However, the error appears when I try to import them.
    Error is:
    Adapter metadata import failed. Error message: (BODI-1112015) Error parsing the <TheFunctionToBeImported> included in the XML sent by the adapter to represet a function <Error importing XML Schema from file <adapter_schema_in.xsd>:<XML parser failed: Error <Schema Representation Constraint: Namespace '' is referenced without <import> declaration> at line <13>, char <46> in < < xsd:schema xmln:xsd=" xmln:tns="" xmlns:diws="" targetnamespace=""><xsd:import namespace='' schemaLocation='C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data Services\ext\webservice\FormResultManagemenetgetRespondentsgetRespondents0.xsd'/>
    <xsd: import namespace='' schemaLocation='C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data Services\ext\webservice\FormResultManagemenetgetRespondentsgetRespondents2.xsd'/> ........
    When comparing it with the wsdl file(as below), it is worth nothing that the schemaLocation is changed to a local directory under C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data Services\ext\webservice  while it was not the case in wsdl. The schemaLocation is on the server.
    I am wondering if the redirection from the server specified in the wsdl file to the local directory has caused this error. The error 'namespace is reference without <import>' is apparently wrong as the <import> is just there.
    Or there is any other reason behind this.
    I appreciate any adivce or question from you!

    I have reached the exact same error as this post
    The error is
    [Mon Jun 18 23:14:28 2012] [error] ..\..\src\core\deployment\conf_builder.c(876) Specifyingservices and modules directories using axis2.xml but path of the library directory is not present
    [Mon Jun 18 23:14:28 2012] [error] ..\..\src\core\deployment\conf_builder.c(261) Processing transport senders failed, unable to continue
    [Mon Jun 18 23:14:28 2012] [error] ..\..\src\core\deployment\dep_engine.c(939) Populating Axis2 Configuration failed
    [Mon Jun 18 23:14:28 2012] [error] ..\..\src\core\deployment\conf_init.c(195) Loading deployment engine failed for client repository C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Data Services\ext\webservice-c\axis2.xml
    As it is identified as an version problem, this issue is not going to be investigated any further.
    As an alternative, can try to use Oracle 11g SOAP_API.sql.

Maybe you are looking for

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