Add easing to a setInterval script

I have this script set up to move my movie clip 750 px at a
time acroos the stage. There is 2 thing that I want this to do that
it doesn't.
1. I want to add easing so that the clip slides into place at
each interval.
2. theis script doesn't loop. I need it to start again
infinately when finished.
I eventually want to have this automated motion combined with
button and I am not sure how to do this either. if you have any
suggestions please let me know.

ok everyones confusing everyone else.
My stage is 752 x 284
my movie clip is 8 images stacked side by side and put into 1
movie clip which spans 7512.4 px. What I am doing is starting at 1
side of the clip and every 10 secs or so the MC needs to shift
752px to the left and ease into place. this happens as many times
as there are images and then loops back to the start.
Make sense?
I am also looking for roll overs to do this as well when a
user interacts with them. so the main movie is automated unless
interacted with. also a highlighted number of the slide to pop up
when the frame is static. any ideas on how to combine these

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    If # is coming means, that is the problem with the printer. I think u might have used your local printer to see the print preview.
    Don't use LOCL or LP01. Our local printer won't recognize those characters.
    Just change the printer name to client printer name. It will work.

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    currently your movie is running at 24 fps. to get a reasonable "pseudo ease" you will have to adjust maybe between 36fps and 12 fps (this takes experimenting)
    so you could make a layer above the layer you are showing in the screenshot and if the timeline is 140 frames add keyframes on frames 1,80,100.
    //on 1 you write
    stage.FrameRate = 36
    //on 80 you write
    stage.FrameRate = 24
    //on 100 you write
    stage.FrameRate = 12
    it will take lot of experimenting though, to get it right, don`t await wonders.
    After Effects would be my personal choice to precompose this easing effect, Flash is not exactly good at manipulating bitmaps consistently

  • Add dialog to save as script

    Hi all, I have this script
    And I want to make it to have a NAME field with the actual document name so I can change it when I make multiple versions of the file
    I have included a image to see example
    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance!
    var OriginalSize = true
    var Other =false
    var Save8x10 = false
    var Option1 = false
    var Option2 = false
    var Option3 =false
    var OtherSize = '1125'
    var Option1Size = '600'
    var Option2Size = '300'
    var Option3Size = '150'
    if (documents.length == 0) {
        alert('There are no documents open.');
    else {
            var fullPathStr = activeDocument.fullName.toString();
        //catch( e ) {
                //alert( e );
        function SaveFiles(){
            app.playbackDisplayDialogs = DialogModes.NO;
            var OriginalRulerUnits = app.preferences.rulerUnits
            app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS
            var CurWidth =activeDocument.width.value
            var CurHeight = activeDocument.height.value
            var dlgwin = new Window('dialog', 'File Save 1', );
            //Full Resolution Panel
            dlgwin.FullResPnl = dlgwin.add('panel',undefined,'  Full Resolution  ');
            dlgwin.FullResPnl.preferredSize.height = 135
            dlgwin.FullResPnl.orientation = 'column';
            dlgwin.FullResPnl.alignChildren = 'center';
            dlgwin.FullResTitle = dlgwin.FullResPnl.add("statictext", undefined,);
            dlgwin.FullResTitle.alignment = 'left'
            dlgwin.FullResTitle.preferredSize.height = 5
            dlgwin.FullRes = dlgwin.FullResPnl.add("group");
            dlgwin.FullRes.orientation = 'row';
            dlgwin.FullResLabels = dlgwin.FullRes.add("group");
            dlgwin.FullResLabels.orientation = 'column';
            dlgwin.FullResOrig = dlgwin.FullResLabels.add('statictext',undefined,'Original Size:');
            dlgwin.FullResOther = dlgwin.FullResLabels.add('statictext',undefined,'Other:');
            dlgwin.FullResForPrint = dlgwin.FullResLabels.add('statictext',undefined, '8x10 for Printing:');
            dlgwin.FullResOrig.alignment = 'right'
            dlgwin.FullResOther.alignment = 'right'
            dlgwin.FullResForPrint.alignment = 'right'
            dlgwin.FullResOrig.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.FullResOther.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.FullResForPrint.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.FullRescb = dlgwin.FullRes.add("group");
            dlgwin.FullRescb.orientation = 'column';
            dlgwin.FullResOrigcb= dlgwin.FullRescb.add('checkbox',undefined);
            dlgwin.FullResOthercb = dlgwin.FullRescb.add('checkbox',undefined);
            dlgwin.FullResForPrintcb= dlgwin.FullRescb.add('checkbox',undefined);
            dlgwin.FullResOrigcb.value = OriginalSize
            dlgwin.FullResOthercb.value = Other
            dlgwin.FullResForPrintcb.value = Save8x10
            dlgwin.FullResOrigcb.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.FullResOthercb.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.FullResForPrintcb.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.FullResSize = dlgwin.FullRes.add("group");
            dlgwin.FullResSize.orientation = 'column';
            dlgwin.FullResSize.alignment = 'fill';
            dlgwin.FullResSizeEdit= dlgwin.FullResSize.add('edittext',undefined, CurWidth);
            dlgwin.FullResOtherEdit = dlgwin.FullResSize.add('edittext',undefined, OtherSize);
            dlgwin.FullResSizeEdit.preferredSize.width = 55
            dlgwin.FullResOtherEdit.preferredSize.width = 55
            dlgwin.FullResPW = dlgwin.FullRes.add("group");
            dlgwin.FullResPW.orientation = 'column';
            dlgwin.FullResPW.alignment = 'fill';
            dlgwin.FullResOrigPW= dlgwin.FullResPW.add('statictext',undefined,'pixels wide');
            dlgwin.FullResOtherPW= dlgwin.FullResPW.add('statictext',undefined,'pixels wide');
            dlgwin.FullResOrigPW.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.FullResOtherPW.preferredSize.height = 20
            //Low Resolution Panel
            dlgwin.LowResPnl = dlgwin.add('panel',undefined,'  72 dpi  ');
            dlgwin.LowResPnl.preferredSize.height = 135
            dlgwin.LowResPnl.orientation = 'column';
            dlgwin.LowResPnl.alignChildren = 'center';
            dlgwin.LowResTitle = dlgwin.LowResPnl.add("statictext", undefined,);
            dlgwin.LowResTitle.alignment = 'left'
            dlgwin.LowResTitle.preferredSize.height = 5
            dlgwin.LowRes = dlgwin.LowResPnl.add("group");
            dlgwin.LowRes.orientation = 'row';
            dlgwin.LowResLabels = dlgwin.LowRes.add("group");
            dlgwin.LowResLabels.orientation = 'column';
            dlgwin.LowResOpt1 = dlgwin.LowResLabels.add('statictext',undefined,'Option 1:');
            dlgwin.LowResOpt2 = dlgwin.LowResLabels.add('statictext',undefined,'Option 2:');
            dlgwin.LowResOpt3 = dlgwin.LowResLabels.add('statictext',undefined, 'Option 3:');
            dlgwin.LowResOpt1.alignment = 'right'
            dlgwin.LowResOpt2.alignment = 'right'
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            dlgwin.LowResOpt1cb.value = Option1
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            dlgwin.LowResOpt3cb.value = Option3
            dlgwin.LowResOpt1cb.preferredSize.height = 20
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            dlgwin.LowResOpt2PW= dlgwin.LowResPW.add('statictext',undefined,'pixels wide');
            dlgwin.LowResOpt3PW= dlgwin.LowResPW.add('statictext',undefined,'pixels wide');
            dlgwin.LowResOpt1PW.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.LowResOpt2PW.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.LowResOpt3PW.preferredSize.height = 20
            dlgwin.btns = dlgwin.add('group');
            dlgwin.btns.orientation = 'row';
            dlgwin.btns.alignChildren = 'left';
            dlgwin.btns.bSave = dlgwin.btns.add('button',undefined,'Save');
            dlgwin.btns.bCancel = dlgwin.btns.add('button',undefined,'Cancel');
            dlgwin.btns.bSave.preferredSize.height = 30
            dlgwin.btns.bSave.preferredSize.width = 115
            dlgwin.btns.bCancel.preferredSize.height = 30
            dlgwin.btns.bCancel.preferredSize.width = 115
             // ONCLICK save button...
            dlgwin.btns.bSave.onClick = function() {
                app.playbackDisplayDialogs = DialogModes.NO;
                var docName =;
                var data = new Object();
                var fullPathStr = activeDocument.fullName.toString();
                var lastDot = fullPathStr.lastIndexOf( "." );
                var fileNameNoPath = fullPathStr.substr( 0, lastDot );
                data.extension = fullPathStr.substr( lastDot + 1, fullPathStr.length );
                var lastSlash = fullPathStr.lastIndexOf( "/" );
                var FileName = fileNameNoPath.substr(lastSlash +1, fullPathStr.length);
                data.folder = fileNameNoPath.substr( 0, lastSlash );
                data.fileType = activeDocument.fullName.type;
                if(dlgwin.FullResForPrintcb.value == true){
                    var jpegOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions();
                    jpegOptions.quality = 12;
                    var forColour = new SolidColor;
                    forColour = app.foregroundColor;
                    app.backgroundColor = forColour;       
                    activeDocument.saveAs( File( data.folder + '/' +  FileName + '_8x10.jpg' ), jpegOptions,true);
                    var FullJpgName = data.folder + '/' + FileName + '_8x10.jpg'
                    var FullJpgStr = FullJpgName.toString()
                    var fileRef = new File( FullJpgStr)
                    activeDocument.resizeCanvas(2400,3000, AnchorPosition.TOPLEFT)
                    activeDocument.resizeCanvas(2430,3060, AnchorPosition.TOPCENTER)
                    activeDocument.saveAs( File( data.folder + '/' + FileName + '_8x10.jpg' ), jpegOptions,true);   
                var i = 0
                var PrintSize = new Array();
                var PrintRes = new Array();
                if( dlgwin.FullResOrigcb.value == true ){
                    PrintSize[i] = dlgwin.FullResSizeEdit.text
                    PrintRes[i] =300
                    i = i + 1 ;
                if( dlgwin.FullResOthercb.value == true ){
                    PrintSize[i] = dlgwin.FullResOtherEdit.text
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                    i = i + 1;
                if( dlgwin.LowResOpt1cb.value == true ){
                    PrintSize[i] =  dlgwin.LowResOpt1Edit.text
                    PrintRes[i] = 72
                    i = i + 1 ;
                if( dlgwin.LowResOpt2cb.value == true ){
                    PrintSize[i] =  dlgwin.LowResOpt2Edit.text
                    PrintRes[i] = 72
                    i = i + 1 ;
                if( dlgwin.LowResOpt3cb.value == true ){
                    PrintSize[i] =  dlgwin.LowResOpt3Edit.text
                    PrintRes[i] = 72
                    i = i + 1 ;
                if (PrintSize.length>0) {
                            var jpegOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions();
                            jpegOptions.quality = 12;
                            var NewWidth = Number(PrintSize[0])
                            var NewHeight = (CurHeight/CurWidth)*NewWidth
                            activeDocument.saveAs( File( data.folder + '/' +  FileName + '_' + NewWidth +'.jpg'), jpegOptions ,true );
                            var FullJpgName = data.folder + '/' + FileName + '_' + NewWidth +'.jpg'
                            var FullJpgStr = FullJpgName.toString()
                            var fileRef = new File( FullJpgStr)
                            activeDocument.saveAs( File( data.folder + '/' +  FileName + '_' + NewWidth +'.jpg'), jpegOptions ,true );
                            for ( var i = 1; i < PrintSize.length; i++ ){
                                var NewWidth = Number(PrintSize[i])
                                var NewHeight = (CurHeight/CurWidth)*NewWidth
                                activeDocument.saveAs( File( data.folder + '/' + FileName + '_' + NewWidth +'.jpg'), jpegOptions,true);   
                        catch( e ) {
                            alert( e );
                        activeDocument.saveAs( File( data.folder + '/' +  FileName +'.psd'));
         dlgwin.btns.bCancel.onClick = function() {                                                                                                       
            app.playbackDisplayDialogs = DialogModes.ALL;
            app.preferences.rulerUnits = OriginalRulerUnits

    I am guessing there isn't.  My other idea would be saving as XML from 5.5, and modifying the XML somehow to trick 5 into opening it.  Not sure if that is possible.
    Edit -- I found the part in the XML that determines the file version, which forces 5 to load a 5.5 xml.  But it crashes, so that's not going to work.

  • How to add an error message to script?

    Hi, every one
    I got this script
    function paste in place to next master
    I want to add an error message to it, if there was no such thing as master B, C,D,E,F,G
    instead of system error.
      myDialog = app.dialogs.add({name:"Copy Selected item(s) to chosen Master",canCancel:true}),
      mStringList = ["Master A", "Master B","Master C", "Master D", "Master E","Master F", "Master G"];
      staticTexts.add({staticLabel:"Select a Master you want to copy to"});
      var mySelection = dropdowns.add({stringList:mStringList, selectedIndex:0});
    app.doScript('main()', ScriptLanguage.JAVASCRIPT, undefined, UndoModes.FAST_ENTIRE_SCRIPT, "Paste in place");
    function main(){
      if (!app.documents.length || !app.selection.length)
      alert( "Nothing selected!" );
      if ( == true)
    function copy_to_next_master() { 
      mChoice = mySelection.selectedIndex,
      mMsg = "Done.\rWhat you select is pasted in place to next documents - " + mStringList[mChoice],
      nSel = app.selection.length,
      mDone = false,
    for ( i = 1; i < app.documents.length; i++) {   
      nextDoc = app.documents[i];   
      targetMaster = nextDoc.masterSpreads[mChoice];
      if (!targetMaster.isValid) {
      mMsg += "\rCan't detect " + mStringList[mChoice] + " in a doc: " +;
      mDone = true;
      for ( n = 0; n < nSel; n++ ) { 
      curSel = app.selection[n]; 
      curSel.duplicate( nextDoc.masterSpreads[mChoice] ); 
    mDone ? alert(mMsg) : alert("Nothing copied");

    Sorry Jarek
    I made a big mistake
    I want add an error message in to this:
    var curSel = app.selection[0]; 
    for ( var i = 1; i < app.documents.length; i++) { 
        var nextDoc = app.documents[i]; 
        if (!curSel) { alert( "Nothing selected!" ); exit(); } 
        curSel.duplicate( nextDoc.masterSpreads[1] ); 
    in case of I just want to paste in place to only on choice

  • How to add new fields in sap scripts using itcsy structure

    hi guys,
               could u provide the screen-shots for adding field in scripts. copied standard forms .
    thanks& regards

    you cannot add new fields using ITCSY. It is the interface structure between a SAPscript an a value-changing form-routine.
    Need example anyway?
    Good luck!

  • Add hyperlinks to pdf with script

    We have some pdf's in which we would like to add hyperlinks to a bunch of specific words. We would like to do this with a script.
    Just, I have no clue on how to do this with Adobe Acrobat. For the Word documents I can use VBA...
    Could somebody help me?

    To develop with Acrobat you will need the Acrobat SDK. Forum here: Acrobat SDK

  • How can we add a checkbox in form (Scripts)

    Hello Experts,
             i want to add a checkbox in the form. how can v add a check box in the form. i tried with sap scripts symbols like sym_checkbox but it's not working.
    and i can print a small box by using Box statement. but i need exactly a check box. how can v create it in scripts.
    thanks in advance.

    Please refer the links,
    Check Box With Tick Mark on Sap Script
    putting tick mark into check box in smartform
    Reward points if it is useful.

  • How can add a progress bar into script?

    I got a script for gen pdf
    I want put a progress bar, and make it working
    but I don't know where I can put the progress bar
    and how
    var doc = app.documents; 
    app.findTextPreferences = null; 
    app.findTextPreferences.underline = true; 
    for(var i=0;i<doc.length;i++) 
            var found = doc[i].findText(); 
            var _pages = []; 
            for(var j=0;j<found.length;j++) 
                    var txfms = found[j].texts[0].parentTextFrames; 
                    for(var k=0;k<txfms.length;k++) 
            for(var j=0;j<_pages.length;j++) 
                    if(_pages[j] === _pages[j-1]) 
            if(_pages.length != 0) 
                    app.pdfExportPreferences.pageRange = _pages.toString(); 
                    doc[i].exportFile(ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE, new File(doc[i].fullName.toString().replace(/\.indd$/i,".pdf")), false); 
            _pages = []; 
    //=================================================================== Can I put progress bar in here?
               var counter = new Window("palette");
               counter.prompt = counter.add("statictext",[0,0,80,20]);
               var cells = app.activeDocument.allCellStyles;
               for(var i = cells.length-1; i > 0; i--){
               counter.prompt.text = String(i);
               cells[i].verticalJustification = VerticalJustification.bottomAlign;
    app.findTextPreferences = null;

    Hi Harvey,
    Try this,
    var doc = app.documents;
    app.findTextPreferences = null;
    app.findTextPreferences.underline = true;
    for(var i=0;i<doc.length;i++)
            var found = doc[i].findText();
            var _pages = [];
            for(var j=0;j<found.length;j++)
                    var txfms = found[j].texts[0].parentTextFrames;
                    for(var k=0;k<txfms.length;k++)
            for(var j=0;j<_pages.length;j++)
                    if(_pages[j] === _pages[j-1])
            if(_pages.length != 0)
                    app.pdfExportPreferences.pageRange = _pages.toString();
                    doc[i].exportFile(ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE, new File(doc[i].fullName.toString().replace(/\.indd$/i,".pdf")), false);
            _pages = [];
        var counter = new Window("palette");
        counter.prompt = counter.add("statictext",[0,0,80,20]);;
        var cells = app.activeDocument.allCellStyles;
        var w = new Window('palette');
        w.pbar = w.add('progressbar', undefined, 0, cells.length);
        w.pbar.preferredSize.width = 300;;
        w.pbar.value = 0;
        for(var i = cells.length-1; i > 0; i--)
            w.pbar.value += 1;
            counter.prompt.text = String(i);
            cells[i].verticalJustification = VerticalJustification.bottomAlign;
    app.findTextPreferences = null;

  • How to add an exclude to this script I'm using

    I'm using the following script to parse out data from an input file.  It's a list of computers that will be moved in our Hyper-V environment to their respective hosts.
    I want to add an exclude statement to not add in certain computernames to the output file if they exist in the input file.  Here is my script:
    # Split Function to read Move_script.txt file and create files of 25 records by Host name.
    Set-Location '.\'
    $Cluster1 = "\\Cluster1\d$\ClusterGroup\Move_script.txt"
    $Cluster2 = "\\Cluster2\d$\ClusterGroup\Move_script.txt"
    #Select the Host you want to create files for. The user input is not case sensitive:
    $HostName = Read-Host 'Please provide the full name of the Hyper-v Host'
    #If/ElseIf/Else method to determine the location of the Move_ClusterGroup_script.txt file:
    If ($HostName -eq 'Host1') { $clusterFile = $Cluster1 }
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host2') { $clusterFile = $Cluster1}
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host3') { $clusterFile = $Cluster1}
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host4') { $clusterFile = $Cluster2}
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host5') { $clusterFile = $Cluster2}
    Else { Write-Host 'Host name not found' }
    #Read through the clusterFile and split the results into files of 25 each. Remainder into the last file.
    Function Split-File{
    Process {
    Remove-Item .\$($_)* -Force #remove existing files
    $currentfile=Get-Content "$clusterFile" | Select-String -Pattern $_
    For($i=0;$i -le @($currentfile).Count;$i++){
    $currentfile[$i] | Add-Content ".\$($_)_$($filecounter).txt"
    $HostName | Split-File
    #Get back to work
    Thank you.

    Sorry to resurrect this question again.  I'm finally getting back to working on this task.
    Thank you for the reply Rhys but I'm having trouble with getting this to work. I've added the line you suggested and I added the variable to define where to read my Exclude file.  Turns out I must not be defining it correctly or the line you've suggested
    is not being read by Powershell.  When I add this line no exclude is done and I'm now thinking it's because of what the script is doing.  Here's the scoop:
    My script reads in files that look as follows:
    Move-ClusterGroup "SCVMM hypervvm1 Resources" -Node Host1
    Move-ClusterGroup "SCVMM hypervvm2 Resources" -Node Host1
    Move-ClusterGroup "SCVMM hypervvm3 Resources" -Node Host2
    Move-ClusterGroup "SCVMM hypervvm4 Resources" -Node Host2
    My script asks the user to select the host name (Host 1 or Host2).   The script will read through the input file and find all lines with that hostname and write out new .txt files with 25 lines each. 
    Now I'm asking that we still read through the input file to find all lines with the hostname the user selects, but also to read the exclude file to remove any lines with a VM name (ie:  hypervvm1 or hypervvm2, etc).  Not sure if this changes the
    solution provided but I thought I should expand on what the input files look like to assist with my question.
    Here is my full script with the addition of the lines from Rhys:
    # Split Function to read Move_script.txt file and create files of 25 records by Host name.
    Set-Location '.\'
    $Cluster1 = "\\Cluster1\d$\ClusterGroup\Move_script.txt"
    $Cluster2 = "\\Cluster2\d$\ClusterGroup\Move_script.txt"
    $Exclude = "C:\Apps\Powershell_Scripts\ClusterGroup_scripts\excludevms.txt"
    #Select the Host you want to create files for. The user input is not case sensitive:
    $HostName = Read-Host 'Please provide the full name of the Hyper-v Host'
    #If/ElseIf/Else method to determine the location of the Move_ClusterGroup_script.txt file:
    If ($HostName -eq 'Host1') { $clusterFile = $Cluster1 }
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host2') { $clusterFile = $Cluster1}
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host3') { $clusterFile = $Cluster1}
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host4') { $clusterFile = $Cluster2}
    ElseIf ($HostName -eq 'Host5') { $clusterFile = $Cluster2}
    Else { Write-Host 'Host name not found' }
    #Read through the clusterFile and split the results into files of 25 each. Remainder into the last file.
    Function Split-File{
    Process {
    Remove-Item .\$($_)* -Force #remove existing files
    $currentfile=Get-Content "$clusterFile" | Select-String -Pattern $_
    $currentfile = ($currentfile) | %{If ($Exclude -match $_){} Else {$_}}
    For($i=0;$i -le @($currentfile).Count;$i++){
    $currentfile[$i] | Add-Content ".\$($_)_$($filecounter).txt"
    $HostName | Split-File
    #Get back to work
    Thank you.

  • Add pages to wiki with scripts

    I just upgraded to OS X Lion Server. Does anyone know how to script the creation pages in the wiki (say from a database)? I have several hundred to add, and doing so manually isn't an option.

    I have now run into another problem that follows the same general idea.  I now have a page that will only have the dropdown box and a submit button.  When the submit button is pressed, the form is generated based on the selection made in the dropdown menu.  My problem is that after it generates the form, the page with the dropdown box and submit button is still there.  I need a way to make that page dissapear once a selection has been made and submitted.  I had not used templates until you mentioned it on here and I have researched them to get to the point I am at now, but I can't seem to find a good way to remove that page.  Might there be a way that you know of that I could do this?  I'm sure this can probably be done with the templates, but I haven't been able to find how.

  • Is It Possible to Bates-stamp (or add header/footer) USING A SCRIPT?

    I need to Bates-stamp (or add a header/footer) to >1000 docments. The Bates-stamp (or header/footer) needs to contain ONLY the first four characters of the filename. Is there a way to do this using only the tools that are part of Acrobat X Professoinal?
    If not possible using the toold of Acrobat X Pro, is anyone aware of a third-party plugin that would do this?

    You can use a Javascript function to place something onto one or more files as a watermark, which visually is the same as a header/footer even though internally it won't be tagged as such. For example:
      cText: this.documentFileName.substring(0,4),
      nTextAlign: app.constants.align.right,
      nHorizAlign: app.constants.align.right,
      nHorizValue: -72, nVertValue: -72
    paste it into the JS console to test it (Ctrl-J or CMD-J), to run it against a bunch of files create a new Action and use the "run a Javascript" step. See the SDK documentation for the parameters you can set on the function.
    There's no script access to Bates numbering or the H&F creation dialog.

  • Add ease in/out to curves when animating scale?

    Im trying to animate the scale and position of a clip to go from full screen to the top corner. The position keys seem to have an automatic ease in and ease out to their curves. Scale seems dead linear. Needless to say the finished effect looks awful. The Video Animation editor doesnt appear to allow me to access the curves for transform. This is ridiculous! Am I doing something wrong? Anyone know of a workaround?

    Yes, it should be more flexible. But all is not lost.
    You just have to add a few more keyframes along the way to get a more nuanced variation. Not as elegant nor as easy as handling some Bezier curve, for sure. But you don't have to resign to setting one keyframe at the beginning and one at the end and let FCP X scale linearly.

  • How to add easing in Flash CS4

    How can I add bounce easing to a classic tween in FlashCS4 ?

    You've gotta do that in code. If you make a motion tween, you can use the motion editor to do this.

Maybe you are looking for

  • HT4623 How do I find my emei number in iTunes when I've lost my phone

    How do I find my emei number in iTunes when I've lost my phone

  • Safari: Autofill "clear all" button not working

    Hi My iPhone4 is on iOS 4.2.1(8C148). I have had autofill enabled for some time and now I want to clear all the usernames and passwords it has saved, but using the "clear all" button under the autofill settings is not doing it. An example is the Goog

  • Toplink JPA + Postgis

    Hello, Does TopLink JPA supports PostgreSQL together with Postgis extensions? As far as I know, for Hibernate, there is the Hibernate spatial plugin that handles geometric features. Does TopLink provide support for Postgis by default? In Google, ther

  • Workflow Parked Post Document

    Hi We have confired standard FI workflow for Parked post document. When we parked the document email is sent to the approver at his SAP inbox. When he releases the parked document still it does not post and he has to call again the document and click

  • Dragging new tab results in distorted window

    When I drag a tab out from Safari and drop it to create a new window, the windows thus created is distorted and has various display artefacts. Check out the images below to see what I mean. (1) The toolbar has various problems including protrusions a