Add new key figure with characteristics in report painter

Hi expert,
I am create a new report painter in GRR2 under report group 8A2 (EC-PCA: Standard Reports) and i would like to create a report show on G/L amount with segment.
When i click on first column to assign "key figure with characteristics" i am not able to find characteristics "segment".
Please kindly advice how to create in new characteristics in report painter?
p/s : profit center number is same with segment number
ng chong chuan

"segment" is not a characteristic of classical profit-center accounting (libraries 8A*). Its a New GL characteristic, thus create a report painter report for New GL library.
best regards, Christian

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  • Add new key figs or characteristics and "Repair full request"

    Hi Gurus, here are my questions
    1.If I add new key figs or characteristics(which are not Key fields) to ODS and Cube containing tons of data, Will the transport for structure changes fail due to presence of data?
    2.The extractor to the ODS which inturn is feeding the cube, is delta enabled. So the newly added objects wont have entries for historical records. If I change this extractor to "Repair full request" after adding the new fields, will the new fields then get populated?
    3. After the "Repair Full Request" activity, Can I change the Infopackage setting back to delta update mode?
    Thanks for the help in advance!!

    Hello Simmi,
    1. Transport should go fine. As you are not changing the key fields, it should not cause any problem even if data is present.
    2. Yes. But make sure what data you want to laod. As with full repair, system is not going to check for duplicate data. The responsibility lies with you.
    3. Sure. if you mark the full load as repair, the delta settings will be unaffected.
    Hope it helps.

  • How To Add New Key Figure in Manual Planning

    Dear All
    Please Help
    I Already implement BPS for 2 year.
    Now user want to add new key figure in Cube.
    I already add new key figure to cube and activated it.
    But in Manual Planning, The new key figure not show in selection
    what I must do?
    Please Help.

    not all key figure types are supported in BPS.
    1. All key figure types must have aggregation SUM, SUM.
    2. Supported key figure types:
    - amout
    - quantity
    - number (integer, float, dec)
    - time, only type DEC
    - datum, only type DEC
    All other key figures are filtered out and are not available in BPS.

  • To add new key figure in existing info cube (BI 7.0)

    I m using BI 7.0
    How can I add new Key figure in my existing info cube?

    check the following the links
    thread's regarding remodeling
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    Remodelling option in 7.0
    hope this help you
    happy new year 2008
    harikrishna N

  • Add new key figure to an Infocube

    Hi Experts
    I need add two new key-figure to the Infocube with data.
    Can I do this, or I need have an empty cube in order to made the changes?
    Thank you in advance!

    Yes the same, no need to delete data unless you recategorize the existing characteristics the same is true for the ods too. Adding is not issue, only removing.

  • Hi Gurus, To Add New key figure in BW 3.5 flow ODS- Infoset

    Hi Gurus ,
    I have rquerimennt to add a new  keyfigure in ODS and then into  Infoset .  The histrorical data for this keyfigure is not needed . Can you please let me know what the are changes needed to be done in Transfer structure -> cs->updaterules->ods->infoset.
    should i delete data from dso before I add keyfigure?

    are going to get the values for the new key figure from source or is it going to calculate in BW side?
    If yes, then add that key figure in source DS, replicate the same BW system.
    Now add this key figure to your ODS and activate.
    create transformation for this. and activate.
    as this is key figure, you will get data for this in info set automatically.

  • How to use Restricted or Calculated Key figure with Characteristics?

    Query has characteristics 'Indicator' which has values  'X' and 'Y' depending this value, the Key figure Quantity(which is always +ve) has to be shown on the report either as -ve or +ve.
    Do I use Restricted Key figure if so, how? Or can I manage with a Calculated Key figure?

    Hi Kamala,
    You can create 2 RFKs each in which you are restricting the KF with char value X and Y. For the one that needs to be -ve, create a CKF with this RKF and multiply it by -1 in the formula. Then you can create a new CKF that will add this CKF and the other RKF.
    Hope this helps...

  • Key figures between Characteristics in Report

    Hello All,
    I have report like below.
    Old Material - New Material - Old Desc - New Desc - Old Qty - New Qty.
    ABC - BCD - AABC - BBCD - 10 - 20
    But the client require format like below.
    Old Material - Old Qty - New Material - New Qty - Old Desc - New Desc
    ABC - 10 - BCD - 20 - AABC - BBCD
    I am working in BI 7.0 environment.
    Have any one faced this type of issue.  If so please help to resolve it.
    Sankar P

    Try to create Formula Variables with Replcament path on Old Material & New Material and then use it in Columns.
    For Formula Variables with replacement path see ..
    Calculating the Ageing of the Materials

  • Add new key figure and characterstic into cube without touching historical

    Hi ,
    I have cube in prodcution which has historical data of last 4 years .
    Now buisisness is asking me to add one keyfigure and and one characterstic to cube without tcouchingand next load these 3 fileds to be populated .
    is it possible to this ?
    Please let me know

    check the blog by Nagesg Ganisetty regarding remodelling option available in 7.0.
    thats a good blog and very informative.

  • Add of new key figure.

    is it possible to add new key figure in the planning table of the ICH.
    for ex. there are key fig like demand, planned receipt, firm order in the SMI Monitor (Supplier view of ICH) i want to add new key fig in that it possible..
    Plz suggest...
    Thanks in advance..

    Hi Rupesh,
    Were you able to achieve this? I would be really thankful if you could jot down the steps you followed towards achieving this.

  • Addition of new key figure in ODS

    Dear all,
    In ODS, delta is loaded everyday through process chain. Now according to business requirement, we need to add one more key figure in it. I don't have to map it with any of the R/3 field. Only i have to create update routine to assign value in it using already existing key figure.
    Can i directly add new key figure in the ODS? Will it affect my data present in ODS as well as daily delta load process?
    If i can do this, can i assign exact 'key figure' value for the existing data also?
    Please guide me for the same. We are using BW 3.5.

    I am not sure that it is true that you need to delete data.  I am sure one can add a field to the ODS without deleting it.  The field will remain blank after creation, unless you fill it:
    1.  manually using a flat file for past data; mapping will work for subsequent data
    2.  Use a self reference if the value is already present in another key figure.
    The change may take a long time to activate depending on the following:
    1.  Size of the ODS
    2.  Existence of indexes.
    However,  as you are running a delta you need to be careful of the delta queue if you also intend to touch the datasource.

  • Added new key figure in the report

    I have added new key figure in the report .If i display this key figure value in the report it is populating correct value with ERROR(example 22.5 ERROR).The report is on the multiprovider .i have check the value for this in multiprovider it is populating correctly .There is no calculation in the report for this .While extracting in to report i am getting this. Help me to resolve this issue.

    I have already created a formula like NODIM(Key field).that only i am using .
    and mapping I did in this way. I went to multiprovider and I have selected this key figure and right click and select (assign) then I have click on create proposal for all infoobjects option.
    Please suggest any thing need to do.
    I am sorry .I did not understand the lonterm solution suggested by you .what is UOM .Please tell me how to map.can you pls tell me clearly please

  • Add update rule for new key figure in one info struc

    Hi, everyone
    I would like to know how to add update rule for new key figure in one info struc.
    Thanks ahead.

    1)I have created the update rule for one info structure
    2)add one key figure in the info structure due to business requirement
    3)then I use MC25 to add update rule for the new key figure, but I find that there no relevant menu to do such operation.
    Can anybody tell me how to do with it?
    Any answer will be appriciated.

  • Combine two reports in query designer using key figure with sap exit

    Hi experts,
    i want to combine two reports in query designer using key figure with sap exit
    in the report 1 key figure calculation based on the open on key date(0P_DATE_OPEN)
    to calculate due and not due in two columns
    in report 2 key figure calculate in the time zones using given in variable Grid Width (0DPM_BV0) like due in 1 to 30 days, 31 to 60 days...the due amount based on the open on key date(0P_DATE_OPEN)
    to calculate in 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120, 121-150 and >150 days in 6 columns
    now i have requirement like this
    not due, 1-30, 31-60, >60, due,1-30, 31-60, >60 in 8 columns
    not due, due, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120, 121-150 and >150 in 8 col
    thank you

    Hi Dirk,
    you perhaps know my requirement,
    for the management to make used in one report,
    we have in reporting finacials Ehp3.
    Vendor Due Date Analysis - which show due, not due
    Vendor Overdue Analysis - show only due and analysis in time grid frame
    i want to combine in one report that show NOT DUE, DUE, DUE time frames in grid.

  • Adding new key figure in Info structure

    Hi all,
    I am in a need to add a new key figure to our info structure here in my company.
    The way I understand it is, it would be best to create a NEW info structure and copy all existing key figure and characteristic and then insert my new key figure into this and rewrite the macro if required.
    So my question is
    1. How to determine which info structure is currently in use in my company? If i check in MC89 - the key figures match what is in Info structure S076. So is it safe to assume that we are using standard S&OP in my company? Is that a correct way to identify the currently used info structure?
    2. For our KMAT, when i open a planned order I see that there in another info structure (not S076) under configuration tab. So can we have diff info structure in use at a same time ?
    Please guide.

    Hi Nisha,
    1. First of all, How would I determine which info structure is being used at this time in my company?
    I need to know this so that when I am creating my own custom (S500 - S999) info structure, i can copy the existing KFs and Characteristics and add them to my info structure and then Add a specific key figure on top of that.
    Info structures are nothing but tables so in se16 you can check which are Info structures are having update values.
    Yes you can add the specific key figure on existing self defined info structure in MC22 after that you need to generate it.
    2. Can multiple info structure be in 'use' at the same time in any scenario? 
    For self defined info structure are application specific you can not have multiple info structure for same scenario. If you take the example of flexible planning with self defined info structure then you can transfer the demand from only one info structure.

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