"Add-On Software" CD for LV6.1 won't install.

Following NI Forums Knight Dan Knutson's advice to install a LV version earlier than 8.5 in order to convert 40 VIs written in LV5.1 to LV8.5.1, I attempted to install LabVIEW 6.1. There is a CD that won't install. It is the "Add-On Software" LV6.1 CD. The CD does not autoinstall when it's put in the CD drive. When I right-click the Autorun > Install icon, the installer returns, "Error. Installation failed." The CD has LabVIEW, and Measurement Studio folders, an autorun setup information file and and Eagle icon. There is no setup.exe on the installation CD main directory. Could anyone please suggest how to install the LabVIEW and Measurement Studio folders?
I tried to go into the individual sub-folders of the "Add-On Software" CD, but when I reached LabVIEW\Enterprise\SPC\Install\disk1\ and click Setup.exe, I get "Setup Installation Error. Setup has detected that UnInstallShield is in use. Please close UnInstallShield and restart Setup. Error 432." Running MSCONFIG to remove isUninst.exe from the Startup folder fails because no IsUninst.exe application runs on startup, rebooting does not help, it's not an Administrator issue because my account already has Administrator privileges, and searching the Internet does not give useful clues.
Could an expert please solve either of these two problems?

Hello All,
I may be confused on the topic of a Compact RIO integrated with LabVIEW version 5.1? Version 5.1 pre-dates the release of Compact RIO hardware. The Compact RIO platform uses neither NI-DAQmx, nor the Traditional NI-DAQ driver, it is built on a separate driver platform in NI-RIO. May I inquire as to why version 8.5.1 was selected for the upgrade process, and not the latest version in 2009 SP1? 
As you may have experienced already, the process of upgrading across 10 releases of the LabVIEW development environment may present issues, as the environment has been significantly changed through the years. For additional information on the upgrade process please see the following information:
How to Upgrade or Revert a VI to a Different Version of LabVIEW
Upgrading to the Latest Version of LabVIEW
More realistically, does this application contain highly customized code, or functions, that are not integrated into the newer platform? With regard to hardware integration, if you intend on working with the Compact RIO platform, you will be working to develop brand new code using the LabVIEW Real-Time (and possibly LabVIEW FPGA) Module, as any code written in LabVIEW 5.1 will not support the Compact RIO platform. With respect to any additional hardware that may have been used, you will need to verify the device support in either the NI-DAQmx or Traditional DAQ releases, this information can be found at http://www.ni.com/support. I believe time spent developing on a supported platform, for the new hardware set, may be more effective than looking to directly upgrade the 5.1 code.
Please post any additional questions you may have. 
Patrick Corcoran
Application Engineering Specialist | Control
National Instruments

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    You can download the trial version of the software thru the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.
    Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Note: Very Important Instructions section on the download pages at this site and have cookies enabled in your browser or else the download will not work properly.
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          Macs that can be upgraded to OS X Mavericks
             1. iMac (Mid 2007 or newer) - Model Identifier 7,1 or later
             2. MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer) - Model Identifier 5,1 or later
             3. MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) - Model Identifier 3,1 or later
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             6. Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer) - Model Identifier 3,1 or later
             7. Xserve (Early 2009) - Model Identifier 3,1 or later
    To find the model identifier open System Profiler in the Utilities folder. It's displayed in the panel on the right.
         Are my applications compatible?
             See App Compatibility Table - RoaringApps.

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    I'm using a Thinkpad R52, 1.5G ram, XP pro SP2. I have uninstalled my antivirus and terminated everything from the process list it will let me terminate.
    My user is an admin. I've rebooted, tried several times, still no good.
    Help! I need to back up my phone, it's stopped doing any audio indication of incoming messages, and I need to backup so I can wipe the whole thing.Message Edited by tankslappa on 26-Dec-2005
    08:51 PM

    Tried on another XP SP2 pc, that wouldn't install either.
    Tried again on the thinkpad, and for once terminated the setup.exe first, normally I terminate the pcsuite exe... That seemed to free it up and it completed installing.
    After the reboot it said it had completed installing, and that i should connect to my mobile using the systray mrouter thingy... It showed 3 different bluetooth "com" ports. com5,6 and 500. I tried them all. Individually and one at a time. Each time it says it can't find anything.
    I can pair with the 6600 no problem using the built in XP bluetooth software, so what gives?
    Also the pcsuite it installed says pcsuite for 6600 versio 1.1.0! What happened to version 6?! I downloaded this install from the link provided in this forum at the top in the "sticky" message!
    Should I give up and try and find some other software and just write off the nokia offering as cr*p?

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    hello CambridgeChris, even if it's not available through the google play store, you can download all versions of firefox for android dirctly from mozilla's FTP server. details are available at: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android
    however, since you device is rather low-spec and firefox on android is a full-fledged browser with its own rendering engine, it will require quite a lot of system resources - so you might not get the best experience out of it at your current setup...

  • Software Update for MBA Won't Show Up

    I tried to find the update to the MBA 2010 and it doesn't show up in my software update. I went to the direct download page and downloaded it and ran it and it says it cannot install because it is not relevant. It is a new (late 2010) 13.3" MBA with the latest version of OSX.

    Tony T1 wrote:
    smartpuppy wrote:
    Same happened for me. Late 2010 MBA 11" running 10.6.6
    The macbook air update is not applicable if you're running 10.6.6
    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.6.5
    I don't think it means that. I think it states that you must be running 10.6.5 or later for system requirments.
    Apple just released this software update today.
    If 10.6.6 fixed the problem they would not have issued this update.
    Message was edited by: marconiusrex

  • Calendar Sync for Palm won't install Conduit

    Hi, I'm trying to install Calendar Sync for Palm 10.1 on Windows 2K. Installation proceeds with no errors, but the conduit does not appear in the Hotsynch conduit list. It does remove the default conduits for Calendar, Date Book and To-Do. I've tried uninstalling Palm Desktop and Calendar synch, and reinstalling them, no luck. HotSynch works fine with the conduits that are left, and works with the default conduits if I don't install the Oracle Calendar Synch. I can't find any mention of this problems on the forum, does anyone have an idea of what could cause it?

    There's a bug on the conduits as to were to find needed DLLs. It depends on setting itself in the path via environment variables.
    The thing is that the conduits are not compatible with other Oracle client installations, which also add themselves to the path. An example is Oracle's Instant Client.
    Check your system's path to see if you have any other Oracle client directories before CalSync's directory.
    I had a TAR created for this and supposedly they will be 'patching' it for next version...

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    When PSE 8 was released for the Mac, I bought a copy from Amazon.  I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on two 24" iMacs and one MBP 15.3.  The Adobe installer would hang about three quarters through the installation.  I'm running PSE 6 for Mac without a problem.  I returned the software to Amazon without a problem.
    A month or two later I downloaded a trial version from Adobe's web site thinking perhaps the DVD I had gotten from Amazon was possibly defective.  Nope.  Same problem trying the trial version.  It just hung about three quarters through the install on all three machines.
    I'm running Photoshop Extended CS 3 with Snow Leopard and have no problems.
    What gives?
    Linnie K

    I wouldn't know.  The first copy I bought from Amazon and returned.  The second one was downloaded from your web site as a trial and I removed all the bits and pieces after killing an hour with the installer.  I didn't think I could download the trial version a second time.
    I'm using a Mac with Snow Leopard 10.6.2.  My Photoshop Extended CSS3 and PSE 6 work just fine.  I'm afraid that if I deleted all you had suggested, I would have trouble reinstalling the two apps I just mentioned.  From what I've read on various forums,, Mac users (not all) are still having difficulty installing PSE 8.
    BTW, this is the only app I've had any problem installing on my system.  I deliberately waited for v. 10.6.2 to install the newer OS as there were earlier incompatibilities.
    [email protected]
    Putting the fun in dysfunctional for more than half a century...

  • HP Deskjet 3052A Software downloaded but drivers won't install (windows 7 home premium 64 bit)

    I am trying to re install my Deskjet 3052a.  I have uninstalled the software and upon trying to reinstall I get a message that says cannot install drivers.   I have used the HP Print and Scan Doctor with no success. I was sent a troubleshoot file by HP-- didn't work. I have disabled start up apps, I have disabled firewalls, and antivirus... still NO solution!
    This is the error message I get. 
    call to driverpackageinstall returned error 1627 for package 'C:\Program Files\HP\HP Deskjet 3050 A J611 series\DriverStore\Pipeline\hpvpl09.inf'
    What do I do now?
    Please help.

    Are you receiving this message when trying to open the software, or trying to install the software?

  • Software update for A2109A - how to install from external sd?

    I bought my wife and son an A2109A tablet each just a few days ago. I immediately did an ota update. When I checked if there any further updates it said the tablet had the latest software from 297 days ago.
    I see everyone on forums talking about a jellybean release for this tablet so I had a look on Lenovo's site and sure enough, there is an update released on 20th Feb 2013 with the filename a2109_jb_gpl_rc1_227.tar.bz2. I downloaded this, put it on an ecternal sd card and booted into recovery mode. The tablet did a search for an update, found it but couldn't verify the update. I chose the "install from external storage" option, but it couldn't see the file. I renamed the file to "update.zip" and tried again but it aborted again both automatically and manual install.
    What do I need to do to install this update?

    MichaelMc wrote:
    I bought my wife and son an A2109A tablet each just a few days ago. I immediately did an ota update. When I checked if there any further updates it said the tablet had the latest software from 297 days ago.
    I see everyone on forums talking about a jellybean release for this tablet so I had a look on Lenovo's site and sure enough, there is an update released on 20th Feb 2013 with the filename a2109_jb_gpl_rc1_227.tar.bz2. I downloaded this, put it on an ecternal sd card and booted into recovery mode. The tablet did a search for an update, found it but couldn't verify the update. I chose the "install from external storage" option, but it couldn't see the file. I renamed the file to "update.zip" and tried again but it aborted again both automatically and manual install.
    What do I need to do to install this update?
    You tried to install the kernel source on your tablet? You can't do that, What OS are you running? if you don't have jb, the system update should allow you to update.

  • Desktop Software 5.0.1 won't install

    Hi All,
    I've got a customer with a blackberry who tried to reinstall the Desktop software to resolve an issue with it not launching. However, the software woudl not install because an old version was still partially present and could not uninstall (it could not find the original MSI package, which it was searching for in a temp folder that doesn't exist).
    I ran through the official "Clean Uninstall" procedure (deleted RIM reg keys, program files folders, etc.), and now all traces of the old software are gone, but the 5.0.1 installer refuses to run, stating that it was interrupted on the first page of the install wizard.
    Has anyone run into this issue before? I'm running out of things to try to sort this out.

    Please do not cross-post the same question to several boards!
    You have replies in two other threads you have started.  I am closing this one since it is off-topic, and another duplicate.
    I am a Volunteer here, not employed by HP.
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  • Win 7, 64-Bit, p6630f, #BM421AA#ABA. Installation Pkg for HPSolCenter won't install .msi?

    Somehow my Windows Installation pkg for  The HP Solution Center for my desktop Pavillion has been lost and the error message I recieve is; Error Code #2761 and, in the past it has come up as an .msi issue, which I have found to be a network issue.  It seems to be a sensitive issue w/warnings I receive.  Can you help me get my installation pkg for this issue up and running?

    Hello and thanks for joining HP forums.  Please go to the link below and enter your HP printer product number.  Download and install that latest software and any updates suggested.  This should correct this error.  Alternatively if you have the disc that came with your printer you can install the software from the disc and it should resolve the issue.
    I am an HP employee.
    Please post rather than sending a Private Message. It's good for the community and I might not be able to get back quickly.- Thank you.
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  • .271 for IE won't install

    Vista x64 IE8
    Clicked Download then Run and Run. Page said "Preparing Installation, Please Wait" with the striped bar. Message and bar vanished, then nothing. Tried again and a window came up and said "Only a single instance of this application can run." Clicked okay and nothing again. I downloaded the package and tried to run it but I got the "Only a single etc" message. I tried to delete the package that's in my Temp folder but it won't allow me to even if I check "Run as Administrator."
    I should add that I currently have version .268 and I tried again with my anti-virus off.

    Most likely your .268 version will automatically update within the next 24 hours.
    If you don't want to wait, download the offline installer from http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player- windows.html#main-pars_header

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    I have the latest version of the PocketMac yet when I try to sync I get the "Error 1" message saying "Unable to Connect with BB; skipping.  Don't know what to do?  BB is connected by USB cable.  I am a new user and the BB is 8330C.