Add Podcast link to HTML page

I want to put a link to my podcast on a regular HTML page. I want my users to be able to click it and have the link redirect to iTunes on their computer and have it download there. How do I do that?

I figured it out. I neglected to say that the podcast was from iWeb.

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  • Adding link to html page

    How do I add a link to html page through java code?
    If I want to see some text in the code as a link to some web page,then please let me know the changes I'll have to make in ordre to get the desired result.

    According to there are only two types of scopes APPLICATION_SCOPE  and TASK_SCOPE.
    My guess is that they both rely on browser cache somehow.

  • How link from html page to a specific frame in flash cs5 as3

    I'm kinda new around here. I am interested in knowing how to link from a specific html page to a specific frame in flash cs5 as3.
    I have a website that I originally began to design in flash but later started developing new pages for it in html. The flash part of it has several pages on different frames and I have created links from the flash part to the other html pages, but, I can only link the html pages back to the main flash home page, and not the other pages in the flash part of the website.
    I have read that in cs3 it was possible using the flashvars skip variable, but I don't know how to do it. I have not yet seen any working examples and I could not find any instructions / tutorials online for cs5.
    Can someone help here?

    add a query string, to the swf's embedding html, with variable/value indicating the frame you want to display in your swf.  add a javascript function to return the query string (or entire url), call the javascript function from flash using the externalinterface class.  and finally add code to your swf to parse the returned url or query string, parse it and then direct your timeline to the appropriate frame.

  • Can a menu link to .html pages?

    I want to make a DVD that will start with a video introduction, and upon finishing the brief minute or so intro, it will display a menu screen.
    1.) I would like the menu buttons to link to .html pages saved on the DVD. So after clicking on a link from the menu, it will open up a full-screen .html page.
    2.) Each .html page will link to other .html pages and have embedded images, and short quitcktime video clip links that will open up in small windows when links are clicked.
    3.) I need to have a link on each .html page that links back to the main dvd menu.
    Can this be done? Any issues with doing something like this?
    Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!

    Mark - you need to read up on [email protected] if you intend doing this through DVDSP. Yes, it is all possible, but you haven't quite got the way it works correct.
    What happens is you embed a URL into a menu. When the menu is accessed (typically by a button from a previous menu) the link is activated and the resource is launched. This opens in a window in front of the DVD playback window. The DVD player continues to run in the background - so you need to allow for that when returning. The viewer will simply close the web browser window and be back at the DVD window - by then you should have made the @ccess menu 'time-out' and return to the previous menu.
    You set up the HTML file (or whatever file you are using) in a folder on your Mac, and place it all within a parent folder. From within DVDSP you then use the property Inspector for the disc itself (click not he disc icon in the outline view) to specify a ROM folder. You browse for the parent folder you just created. Everything inside that will get added to the root level of the DVD, which is why you place your HTML inside a folder within that parent folder (unless of course, you don't mind your HTML file/s being scattered all over the root of the DVD).
    You set the URL for the @ccess link by using the following path format:
    So if your html file is called 'index' and it is in a folder called 'ROM' on your DVD called 'Project' then the URL you set in the menu would be:
    This should then get activated (as long as you have enabled [email protected] links in your DVD Player software).
    However, there are some caveats.
    Whilst this will work quite well on a Mac, a PC user will have a wildly varied experience - for some the links will work. For some the links won't work, and for some, all links will launch the moment the first link is encountered... ALL PC users will need to install the [email protected] software (which will be on the built DVD by default (DVDSP includes it there for you), unless they have already done so previously (unlikely).
    In order to maximise the experience for PC users and Mac users you should consider using Sonic's 'eDVD' to add the hyperlinks. This makes use of the Interactual player which has a far higher installed base in PCs, but will need installing in Macs. Again, this gets included on the disc when you use eDVD.
    eDVD is a PC only app - you'll need to build your project and transfer the VIDEO_TS folder to a PC, add the links and then burn it to disc or use software such as Gear Pro to create a DLT. Hopefully Jim (WTS) will see this and give more advice on how to use eDVD.
    Getting [email protected] working on a PC is a tricky thing to do - a lot depends on the PC software spec, and since you can't govern the user's choice in this, you are walking a tightrope of compatibility.
    Of course, you could simply set some text into your menu to say that there is additional content on the disc, and let the user browse to it at their leisure instead of relying on embedded links...

  • Trying to link a html page in AS3

    I made a flash site with a button I want to link to a html page I made. But I don't know what I'm doing. I tried this:
    where cele1 is the button name, but that don't work.  I know what I need to do to navigateToURL but I want to link a HTML page I created.
    Any help would be great. Thanks.

    THis is likely a literal case of helping yourself... See your other posting and leave out the part where you try to size the window...
    I'm trying to make the window size smaller in flash actionscript 3.0

  • Add RSS to my HTML page

    i was under the impression that you have to design XML pages
    in order to allow viewers to RSS that page. but i notice that works in HTML and you can still subscribe via RSS.
    can i set this up in DW so someone can subscribe to my HTML
    page with RSS? or do i need special software?

    .oO(Deaf Mike)
    >i was under the impression that you have to design XML
    pages in order to allow
    >viewers to RSS that page. but i notice that
    works in HTML and you
    >can still subscribe via RSS.
    The RSS file ("the feed") is written in XML, but the page it
    is used on
    doesn't have to be written in X(HT)ML. Both are completely
    > can i set this up in DW so someone can subscribe to my
    HTML page with RSS? or
    >do i need special software?
    You just have to find a convenient way to create the RSS. You
    can write
    it by hand if it doesn't change too often or use some
    software to create
    it. Of course it also depends on what the feed should contain
    and where
    all the data is coming from.
    Then linking the feed to a page can't get easier. Just add a
    element to the page head:
    <link rel='alternate' href='...'
    type='application/rss+xml' title='...'>
    That's it. Modern browsers will then usually show an RSS icon
    in their
    address bar. Of course you can also add an explict link
    somewhere on the
    page itself for users to click on.
    Just ask the search engine of your least distrust for more

  • Need to Add Help links to ESS pages

    I have a requirement to add helps links to ESS services like address etc.
    The services have the roadmap element. Is it possible to add the link besides the roadmap element and right aligned?
    Which component should the link be added to?
    Is it possible that all the personal info services will have the link pointing to respective URLs?
    I figured that I might have to change the sap.compcui_gpxssutils DC. Am I right?
    But here I face a problem, that the DC is not modifiable in the DTR.
    Please let me know your suggestions.
    Thanks and regards,

    In Homepage Framework for ESS, there is a help service with every service. Check if this will help you.
    You can create a service as a help service. EIC_SERVICE_REQUEST is an example of help service provided by SAP. Then you can configure this help service to any service you want. This way you can provide access to help informationm without changing the code.
    To create your own help service, you can upload the help documents(say HTML) in portal KM repository. Create a KM document iView for the document. Create a page out of the iView and configure the PCD path of the page in the Hompageframework service.

  • How to add new links to a page

    Hello Community
    In Sharepoint 2013 Server can you create:
    A Link in the left navigtion bar  or Quick Launch
     when clicked it can open a new page  and on that page there is an “Add New” type of 
    Then on that page you can add as many links as the page will allow, each 
    of those links can contain a url
        Thank you

    To add a new link on the left nav:
    You can go to site settings> navigation> add a link under "current navigation".
    For the second requirement:
    You can create a "links" list and add it to that second page. This way you can have that "Add Links" option and add links.

  • Help with getting links from HTML page

    Hello all. I found the sun tutorial for getting HREF values from a tags in an HTML document at <>. My question now is how would a person add the ability to get the text of the link to this code?
    For example:
    Provided the HTML code:<a href="link.html">example</a>Returned is: href=link.html text=example

    I think the TechTip you've linked too is quite old (1999). I would write a simple SAXParser that uses TagSoup ( as its input source. In your handler, simply set a flag and reset a StringBuffer to collect the contents of any <a>...</a> element. Simplified:
        public void startElement(String uri, String localName, String qName, Attributes attributes) throws SAXException {
            if ("a".equals(localName)) {
                currentHref = attributes.getValue("href");
                if (currentHref != null && currentHref.length() > 0) {
                    inLink = true;
                    //reset the string buffer
        public void characters(char[] ch, int start, int length) throws SAXException {
            if (inLink) buf.append(ch, start, length);
        public void endElement(String uri, String localName, String qName) throws SAXException {
            if ("a".equals(localName) && inLink) {
                inLink = false;
                //add link to the stack
                links.add(new Link(currentHref, buffer.toString()));
        }Completely untested, of course... .Good luck...

  • How to add a link to another page

    I am new to Adobe Designer 7.0, I'm liking it so far, I had a question though, I was wondering how I could make a link from one page to another. For instance, I want to have a table of contents and I want the user to be able to click on the word whatever that may be and for it to go to the page which they chose.
    I appreciate your responses!!
    Mac Mendez

    Mac, the best way to do this is use a Button and change it to look like a hyperlink (color, etc.). Add a setFocus JavaScript on the Click event to a field on the page you want it to go to; e.g.,"Page3.TextField1");
    If there is not a field on the page, make a hidden field for it to jump to.

  • Flash button - linking to HTML page - weird problem

    There could be a really easy solution for this, but I can't
    figure it out. I have a simple button that links to an anchor
    within an HTML page. Here the actionscript for the button:
    on (release) {
    getURL ("test.html#two");
    when the button is pressed, the HTML page comes up but only
    to the top of test.html. The '#two' is not passed to the URL .
    Seems like everything after '#' is ignored. How can I get around

    getURL("path of html page");

  • Apple Script/Program start through link on HTML page

    Dear Apple Gurus
    Probably I'm asking something silly, but I don't know any other way to solve my problem.
    I have to do some training videos about the finder and system tools. To have it easy, I would like to ad some buttons to the project where you can start an apple script which does execute some commands just explained in the video. Untill know I'm intend to do the hole thing inside QT but maybe a HTML page does the job too.
    My problem is now, how can I start a AppleScript out of a Movie or HTML page.
    Is this possible at all or are there any other solutions to to the job?
    Best regards
    Thomas Thaler

    Hi Thomas,
    Yes, you play movies in a smil presentation.
    You can define as many regions as you want. You difine regions in the layout:
    <root-layout background-color="blue" width="320" height="290"/>
    <region id="videoregion" top="0" left="0" width="320" height="240" fit="meet"/>
    <region id="textregion" top="240" left="0" width="320" height="30"/>
    <region id="linkregion" top="270" left="0" width="320" height="20"/>
    I got part of this from the internet, but here's a quick explanation. The root-layout part defines the whole area. Within this area you have regions. The first region defines the video region and you can give it any id. The origin of the screen is upper-left. fit="meet" means the the movie will be proportional to fit the whole movie. You can change it to other parameters (read the link from the last post). So here, three regions are defined. The first is for the movie (I used a slideshow from iPhoto), the second is for captions in the middle, and the third region is for the link region at the bottom of the screen. You can use any region as a link. Within these regions you place your movies, text, etc. (see the link for more types).
    You next place your types in the body:
    <!-- VIDEO -->
    <video src="" region="videoregion" id="mov"/>
    <!-- CAPTIONS -->
    <textstream src="caption.txt" region="textregion" system-language="en" system-captions="on" title="english captions" alt="english captions"/>
    (a href="file://localhost/Users/kel/Desktop/linkapp" show="new")
    <text src="text.txt" region="linkregion" end="id(mov)(end)"/>
    video src says what type of object, is the name of my movie. If you place the movie in the same folder as the smil file, you can use just its name like I did. Then you enter what region you want the movie in. The id="mov" part is to give this video a reference for later use. I used it to keep the text in the link area running until the movie ended. You don't need captions if you don't want, but if you do here's an example of my captions.txt file:
    {QTtext} {font: Arial} {justify: center} {size: 12} {backcolor:0, 0, 0} {timescale: 30} {width: 320} {height: 60}
    Kelvin: Here is my movie.
    {justify:left} {italic} Here is more text. {plain}
    After 4 15/30 seconds the text changes.
    So altogether, I had five files in the same folder: the smil file (slidshow.smil - plain text), the movie (, the caption text (caption.txt - plain text), and the text file for the link region's text (text.txt - plain text). The script application was on my desktop:
    It's easy to get a local file url through applescript:
    set f to choose file -- the script app
    tell application "Finder"
    set the_url to url of f
    end tell
    and the the local file url is returned in the result.
    The movie needs work. I was playing around with the colors. blue is not a good background color.
    One thing I forgot to say is that you need to read more about the timing (duration). There are a lot of examples and tutorials on the Internet also. It's not that hard though. One thing you might have trouble with is getting repeats to work. I don't think they do.

  • Attempting to link to html page

    I have made an fla for an intro but I want to create a link
    to click on that will take the viewer to the next page of the
    website, which is a regular html page. I have used the help example
    to apply the following actionscript to a button with a named
    instance of "enterBtn".
    // Attach to frame
    enterBtn.onRelease = function () {
    However, with the above code I get the following syntax
    **Error** Scene=Scene 4, layer=Glow Behind FrameBTN,
    frame=309:Line 2: Statement must appear within on handler
    enterBtn.onRelease = function () {
    Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1
    >>Am I on the right path? Or do I need to use the:
    var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
    listenerObject.onLoadInit = function(target_mc:MovieClip) {
    target_mc.onRelease = function() {
    Can anyone help me please?

    The error probably is because you wrote the code on a
    "button" type clip.
    If you selected the enterBtn in stage then typed your actions
    then try to change
    enterBtn.onRelease = function()

  • [wiki] Request to add i18n link on protected pages

    Hi wiki admins,
    I and the others requested to add the i18n link on protected pages (Main page, Arch Linix, and The Arch Way). Please see each discussion pages.
    I already sent a mail about it to two admins but not done yet
    Could someone do them?
    Last edited by blowback (2009-08-05 13:12:57)

    I'm Korean, and I also request to generae i18n links on protected pages.
    1. Main_Page (i18n navigation links at the top and links "In Your Language" section at the bottom)
    2. We've got the a few of pages written in Korean at this point:
        * ContactList (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * Table of Contents (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * Getting Started (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * Arch Linux (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * Pacman (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * Main Page (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * The Arch Way (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * Arch Compared To Other Distros (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * FAQ (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
        * Archie Live CD (한국어) - … %EC%96%B4)
    I would really appreciate if you help us.
    Last edited by mairoo (2009-09-05 18:59:31)

  • How add a link of other page web

    Good Night,
    How can add a link in the ESS in the area of travel that can call other application WEB external?
    Kind Regards.

    FOr Adding services check following link
    ESS / MSS Configuration (SAP Best Practicesfor SAP HCM V2.600) (N06)

Maybe you are looking for

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    Audio stops playing on page change if horizontal sliding only is checked. But it works when it is unchecked (InDesign CC)  I would like it works in both cases. Is it possible ? I know it was not possible a few months ago... Have another question : au