Adding A Goods Receipt PO Docement it shows G/L Account is missing

In a Goods Receipt PO Document there are 4 items we can't able to add the document it shows some error.
The exact error was
07/07/2008  15:56:54: G/L account is missing [Goods Receipt PO - Rows - Warehouse Code][line: 1]

Hi jafesas
try this in test DB
if your Set G/L account by is warehouse then select all account code in warehouse tab then try to add , your problem will be solve
major account code as follows:
1.Inventory Account
   Allocation Account
2.In taxcode check A/P Tax account

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  • Goods receipt FI doc- wrong plant

    Hi gurus
    We have a situation where a purchase order is created automatically for intercompany stock transfer deliveries.
    On the PO when we default the plant to be P001. But  the plant on FI doc, created by the goods receipt,  is different than the one on PO. Can you please let me know where in the configuration I can find the related settings.
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance

    check the Po , item level. Po historyt tab. click on the mat doc  for mvt type the gr doc number.
    Click on the accounting entries. plzz see it.
    he plant wont be diffrent.

  • Goods Receipt Screen: Not to show PO's with no more items to be confirmed

    Dear SRM Gurus,
    The Goods Receipt screen is supposed to list your PO's that are opened for receipt. When I have a po for 10 items but I only received 8 and that's the final delivery, I check the "Final Delivery" flag as I create the confirmation in SRM. For me the receipt is complete and no more delivery/receipt is expected.
    The next time I go to confirm goods, the po is still listed in the list of opened po eventhough I'm not able to receive any more goods against it. Is there a way to 'remove' or hide this type of PO from the goods receipt screen?

    if its a material PO, the PO should have been removed from the search list. however the service PO continue to exist and you would be able to do any more confirmation.
    To remove it from the list implement BADI BBP_WF_LIST
    Iftekhar Alam

  • Goods Receipts & Issues without any financial impact - (No accounting Docs)

    Hi Experts,
    We have this new scenario to manage some goods which we do not own or manufacture in any of our plants, but only store them in our warehouse for another Company and release them upon a shipment notification from them to one of our common customers. Furthermore our own products against this customers' orders are combined with the non-owned pruducts and shipped as a strategy to cut freight & extra transit cost.
    We intend to have visibilty over these non-owned products but do not want it to have any financial impact in our system as we Receive and Issue them in and out of inventory.
    I have been thinking of consignment, subcontracting etc. but will like to get more ideas on how to do this.
    Your ideas will be appreciated.

    there is no corresponding goods issue movement to a 501 receipt.
    you can issue with any suitable goods issue movement, like goods issue to cost center 201, or goods issue to scrap 551, or 601 goods issue to outbound delivery.
    Hi Jurgen,
    As there is no direct matching GI for 501 receipts other relevant GI Mvt types could be used but in my case I get errors when trying 201-  (Update control of Movement Type is incorrect (entry 201_X_L) msg. # M7226). I have tried to create a new Mvt. Type copying from 201, but the system defaults the Mvt. Indicator field and won't let me add an L on the new custom type.
    When I tried 601 it also refereced the cost & profit centers associated with the plant in the material documents and we do not want any financial relevancy here. Could you suggest a Mvt. Type that could be ideal here.

  • Accounting Document after Goods Receipt.

    I have put to condition types ZVAT & ZBTT. I dont want this to be shown in the accounting document after goods receipt. It should show only Inventory account & GR/IR clearing account. Right now ZVAt & ZBTT has accounts whose posting keys are 40 & 50 ie debit & credit. what settings need to be done so that the ZVAt & ZBTT accounts do not come in the accounting document after GRN.

    How should it happen that without creating accounting socuments while posting GRN, GR/IR clearing & inventory documents are hit?
    If the posting to accounting document at GRN is done, then only GR/IR clearing account will get updated.
    If posting to accounting document at GRN is done, then only Inventory posting can be updated.
    I think you shold check the logical step first.
    Prashant Kolhatkar

  • GR/IR Clearing-Goods Receipt Accounting Doc - No cost center or IO

    Hi All,
    For the GR/IR Clearing Account, users did the Goods Receipt. GR document post to FI and created Accounting Document. When we look at GL line item display of GR/IR clearing account (FBL3N), we cannot see the cost center or internal order on Goods Receipt doucment ( document type WE).
    When we look at Invoice ( document type RE), we can see cost center or internal order on invoice accounting document.
    Anyone know how to capture cost center / internal order from Goods Receipt to FI accounting document during GR time ?
    Thank You
    Alex Lee

    Thank your for reply. We don't have invenntory.
               Dr. Expense ( cost center )
                      Cr. GR/IR Clearing Account
    IR :
                Dr. GR/IR Clearing Account 
                      Cr. Vendor
    In the FBL3N , GL line itme display for GR/IR Clearing Account, it shows cost center on  invoice document (doc tyep : RE) , but we cannot see cost center on goods receipt document (doc type : WE) .

  • Adding a goods reciept for production sets no unit price

    Hey All,
    We are performing a goods reciept for production using DI API.
    We use a non continuous stock system
    On the Bom we have set te price to 5 EUR.   When we report a completion using the Business one client the unit price of the goods issue has a value of 5.
    When we add the goods receipt using DI API the price is not set.  After some investigaton we have seen that the DI API automatically uses the last purchase price of the Parent item.  According to me, this means that DI API is using the same logic as the SAP Business one Client
    This is a code example of how we are adding the goods receipt:
    SAPbobsCOM.Company m_company = new SAPbobsCOM.Company();
                    //Set the company properties
                    m_company.Server = "Server";
                    m_company.CompanyDB = "TEST";
                    m_company.UseTrusted = false;
                    m_company.DbUserName = "sa";
                    m_company.DbPassword = "******";
                    m_company.UserName = "manager";
                    m_company.Password = "manager";
                    m_company.DbServerType = BoDataServerTypes.dst_MSSQL2005;
                    Documents doc = (Documents)m_company.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.oInventoryGenEntry);
                    //doc.Lines.ItemCode = "383100";
                    doc.Lines.BaseType = (int)BoObjectTypes.oProductionOrders;
                    doc.Lines.BaseEntry = 20035;
                    doc.Lines.Quantity = 1;
                    doc.Lines.BatchNumbers.BatchNumber = "TEST";
                    doc.Lines.BatchNumbers.Quantity = 1;
                    doc.Lines.WarehouseCode = "01";
                    int error = doc.Add();
                    if (error != 0)
                        MessageBox.Show("Error occured with code: " + m_company.GetLastErrorCode() + " " + m_company.GetLastErrorDescription());
    Kind regards
    Tom Baeyens

    no replay, clossing threat.

  • Good receipt problem for subcontracting purchase order

    Good receipt problem for subcontracting purchase order
    with account assignment type ‘E’.
    After update to ECC 6.0. Do good receipt for subcontracting purchase order with account assigment 'E'.The system show the error message(KI235)----Two cost elements (Change in Stock (Subcontracting)&Outside processed fee) haven't CO account assignment.but the field status  for sale order is option entry , when I default cost center for the cost element  in OKB9.the system post the material document and generate the following accounting document.
    Doc.Type : WE ( Goods receipt ) Normal document
    Doc. Number    5000056065       Company code    1000         Fiscal year     2007
    Doc. date      2007.12.04       Posting date    2007.12.04   Period          12
    Calculate Tax
    Doc.currency   HKD
    tm PK Account    Account short text   Tx Cost Ctr   SaleOrder               Amount
    1 89 13500000   Stock-Work in proces                   1007823  10             274.4
    2 96 21210010   GR/IR Clearing                             1007823  10             205
    3 91 41010102   Chg in Stock(Subcon)    10901099  1007823  10            274.4
    4 86 41031000   Outside processed fe     10901099  1007823  10            205  
    5 99 13500000   Stock-Work in proces                    1007823  10            69.4
    6 81 41010101   Cost of Prod (Subco)                      1007823  10           69.40
    My problem is:
    When use MIGO to do good receipt for subcontracting Purchase order, for consumption account((Change in Stock (Subcontracting)-41010102&Outside processed fee--41031000) ,why the system don’t recognize the sale order filled as CO account assignment?

    Dear fanny chen
    Did you get a solution for your open question?
    I`m facing the same problem, so any help yould be appreciated.

  • No matching record error for good receipt

    i am having a problem ,, while adding the good receipt draft document it is showing error that "no matching records" and one more issue is there that the posting period for that draft is 31 march 2015 and they want to add that document , here the Gl account is correct only but it is showing error .
    please help me solve this.

    Check the other side (Inventory account) of the transaction, depending on your item setting. It could be at item level, or group level, etc.
    Also check your SP_TN, some times wrong code in SP_TN will cause some weird problems.

  • Goods Receipt PO Error

    I had code that add a good receipt PO with the DI API that works with SAP 2004 and 2005.
    Now, with SAP 2007, I receive this error when adding a goods receipt po with a product managed by serial number.
    -10 You should use existing serial/batch numbers for this document type
    -10 Blank string are not allowed  in row 1(in unique field)
    Thank you for your help
    Jodérick Picard

    It seems to be a version problem. At that time, using another version solved the problem, or at least told us that the problem was the version used.

  • Inbound delivery goods receipt

    G'day All,
    We have just implemented WMS and use both EDI and manual ASN's for Purchase Orders.
    Pre WMS we would receipt the Inbound Delivery via MIGO and if the receipt amount is outside the Confirmation Control Key tolerance for KG's we would receive a message. ie "PU Ordered quantity exceeded by xxx KG".
    Now we are using WMS and before we Goods Receipt, for each Inbound Delivery we also create an Inbound Transfer Order using VL06I “For Putaway”.
    BUT now when we use VL06I (instead of MIGO) to confirm and Goods Receipt in ONE step by using “For confirmatn”.
    For each inbound delivery we choose confirm in background and use option 2 in Adopt Putaway qty (Copy stock plcmt qty as deliv.qty into delivery and post GI).
    The problem is we do NOT receive the error message we did in MIGO. The Inbound TO is confirmed but the GR fails but we don’t know anything about it until we discover a negative amount in our interim GR Storage Type.
    If we do it in two steps and use option 1 (Stock placement qty adopted into delivery as delivery qty) which confirms the TO first, then use “For gds receipt” we get the error message.
    Can anyone help me with ideas on getting the message to display in VL06IC “For confirmatn” When we confirm the TO and GR in one step? We do not want to use the 2 step method as our Despatch department is already overworked and they will rebel and take the easy way out, leaving our inventory controllers with large headaches!

    If you are carrying out a Put away against the inbound delivery first and confirming the TO the negative balance is normal as IM Does not know it has arrived yet.
    Once the Put away is completed you need to go back to the inbound delivery and Post Goods receipt. This will show the stock in IM and remove the negative.
    Because you are putting the stock away before you inform IM then the stock has to come from somewhere and as the movement type is 101 it creates a negative qty in 902. The post goods issue will post corresponding qty in 902 and cancel out the negative.
    I hope that this helps

  • Report for Goods Receipt

    Hi Gurus, I want to hav create report for Goods receipt which has to show mat description, quantity Received, Date of GR, Rate, vendor name etc. Is there any standard report available? If not which tables I hav 2 use to create querry?

    Reports are.
    1. MB59 / MB51- Material Document List.
    2. ME80FN-General Analysis.
    You can try above reports.

  • Goods Receipts for GL Account of Vendor

    Hi SAP Experts,
    Good day!  Is there a report that can be generated for all Goods Receipt of a particular vendor and GL Account?  For instance, all Goods Receipt for vendor "ABC" and GL Account "XYZ?"

    you can get Vendor wise in MB51 but the Gl account it will be difficult as the GL is in accounting document of material doc
    so you need to create query for linking them
    Edited by: Kunal Ingale on Jan 27, 2012 10:55 AM

  • Can't add a goods receipt using 8.8 DP API.

    I'm having a problem adding a goods receipt using the 8.8 DI API.  It's not based on any document like a PO or production order.  It needs one line.  Here is my code:
                If ItemExists(ItemCode) Then
                    If TotalTime > 0 Then
                        With oGoodsReceipt
                            With .Lines
                                .ItemCode = ItemCode 
                                .Quantity = TotalTime
                                .UnitPrice = GetItemPrice(ItemCode, GetDefPriceList())
                                .WarehouseCode = Warehouse
                                With .UserFields.Fields
                                    .Item("U_NB_EmpID").Value = CStr(EmpID)
                                    .Item("U_NBS_BaseType").Value = ObjectType.ProductionOrder
                                    .Item("U_NBS_BaseEntry").Value = GetDocEntryFromDocNum("OWOR", PdONum)
                                    .Item("U_NBS_BaseLine").Value = PdOLine - 1  'One less than what the user sees on the PdO form.
                                End With
                                If .Count > 0 Then
                                    Err = oGoodsReceipt.Add()
                                End If
                                If Err Then
                                    oCompany.GetLastError(Err, ErrMsg)
                                    Throw New Exception("Function: ReceiveLabor - Error. " & ErrMsg)
                                    NewDocEntry = oCompany.GetNewObjectKey
                                End If
                            End With
                        End With
                        'Returning Labor
                    End If
                    Throw New Exception("Function: ReceiveLabor - Error. Item '" & ItemCode & "' is not in the item master.")
                End If
    The error message from SAP Business One is:  "[IGN1.WhsCode][Line: 1], 'Item no is missing'"
    I'm using SP: 00 PL: 04.
    The code looks like it ought to work.  Any ideas?
    Edited by: Mike Angelastro on Jan 4, 2010 10:03 AM

    I solved the problem.  The warehouse was not the correct one.

  • Goods Receipt with Multiple Stock Accounts

    We have a material X, which is to be splitted into Raw material and Value Adding at Goods Receipt time. We have the following scenario:
    Let me add more information:
    Plant A
    Material X
    Total Price - $ 10.00, splitted as $ 8 for Raw Material and $ 2 for Value Adding.
    Account A (Stock Account for Raw material)
    Account B (Stock Account for Value Adding)
    Quantity to be Receipted - 10.
    After Goods Receipt, I want to see the following on the Stock Accounts.
    Account A - Value should be $ 80.00
    Account B - Value should be $ 20.00
    How do we go about in setting up this accounts, and how do I go about this at goods receipt time. Do I do two Goods Receipt.

    Define the condition for value adding in M/06 as like freight condition (it should be accrual condition) and assign that condition in the pricing procedure after tax(in the freight condition portion)
    should be exactly like freight conditon- check statistics, enter accrual key and a/c key
    the key sould be new
    then assign the account to the key in obyc.
    now when you create PO enter the $8 is your PB00 and $2 in your value adding conditon
    once you do that you will see the two account in the GR and same as IR
    but when oyu post IR you should select goods+planned del cost

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