Adding a Standard Field to iView

I know this seems like something that may have been in a couple iof threads, but going back upto 5 or 6 pages after search I did not find anything, so I have to ask this here
I am working with the Witholding Screen (W4)(IT 210) for US. I see that there are standard fields such as Personal Exceptions (PEREX) and Dependant Exceptions (DEPEX) that are not available on the iView. When I looked at the structure: HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0210, I saw that these fields are present in the structure (Fields: PEREX & DEPEX).
How would I be able to get these fields to display on the iView?

Thanks Jay,
So this is what I did:
Reuse Country Specific Applications -> Assign Screen Structure to Infotype Version
IT210, Version: 10
Assigned Structure: HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0210 as Main Infotype
Setup the Active Subtypes and Use Cases for IT210 ST FED & MO
Tabke: V_T588MFPROPC (Maintain)
Added entry for Structure: P0210, Field: PEREX (No Checkbox Selected)
Upto this point, I am still unable to get the Field: Personal Exceptions (PEREX) on the iView. Any suggestions on what else needs to be done?

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    You will have edit the standard code, by REPAIRS.
    This is not advised.
    Suggest you to raise a OSS note to SAP explaining what are you trying to do.
    note : please mark the helpful answers

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    No answers found. I am closing the thread

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  • Adding a new SAP standard field to complaints result BOL

    Hi Experts,
    There is a requirement to add SAP standard field 'Posting date' to Advance search result BOL of complaints.
    This field already exists in search BOL and visible on WEB UI advanced search.
    The field is added as attribute in result context node of BT120S_CPL/AdvSearchComplRL through wizard.
    But, unable to see the values getting populated. Could you please let us know if any code to be written for getting values populated.

    Hi Santosh ,
    My previous post was based on the fact that you have added a model attribute. Since you have added the field as a value attribute and you want to use it for querying , then you would have to do the following
    a) Extract the value from the value node.
    b) Add the selection param so that 'posting date' is passed to the GENIL. You can use add selection param method in the Advanced query. Use the name of the field in the BOL & the value as yours.
    c) Get the result & show it on the way you want.
    This is same as it would have been when you had a model field. In that case also you would have extracted the value from model node. I see no difference here except that fetching the field. Rest of the steps remain the same if the field is available in BOL for advanced query.
    Yes the difference lies in showing it in the WebUI as now you would have to fill this value node manually. If you had a model node , the framework would have done this for you.
    But don't base your choice of model/value node on the ease of coding but on the business case.

  • FBV1 - missing standard field and adding customer field

    Hi there,
    I am in a process of developing a batch input program based on RFBIBL00 to upload preliminary posted documents.
    The problem is some fields are not there. A standard field BKPF-REINDAT is missing. Also there is a requirement to add a customer field from BSEG (on vendor screen).
    I have searched SAP notes for possible solutions, most of them include modifying screens by hand and adding the required fields there (i.e. Note 1347046 - VATDATE: Field missing in batch input parking (FBV1)).
    This is quite a serious modification, requiring access key to change SAP objects. Before I decide to change SAP standard objects I kindly ask whether anyone tried that ? REINDAT might work, as it's a standard field, but I'm note sure about customer fields.
    Has anyone tried modifying FBV1 or any of FI posting screens by hand and can provide some input on this ?

    Dear Bart ,
    as You know the field in question is  intended only for US-Federal customers.
    The field is not availble into the standard system using the parking transaction; therefore You should run se51 at Your own responsability and do the changes.
    If You need to be completely sure about the impact on the customer System, please kindly open a message on the marketplace.
    I hope this can help.

  • Regarding adding a Custom field to Standard Table

    Hi ABAPers,
    Can any one explain the below spec-description.
    "The purpose of this design is to provide the foundation for a more automated solution to the invoice reconciliation process.  This design calls for adding a custom field to the standard SAP table EINE as well as a data maintenance tool for the same.  There will also be a new custom table for storing values associated with the new EINE field.  These new tables will also provide users with the ability to determine which PIR are soon to expire."
    We have to add one custom field to standard table EINE, how we can add this custom field to STND table.
    According to me we can add it through append structure. is it correct or not.
    and what is data maintenance tool.
    Pls.............Explain in details.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ramana Prasad. T

    Goto SE11 ,give ur table name.Then press display button.Then in the application tool bar press on append structure ...Now create a zstructure and add ur custom field and then activate the table.

  • Lost Append structure on adding standard field in exctractor 2LIS_13_VDITM

    In 2LIS_13_VDITM i have appended structure. Now i required to pull in another standard field from from the extractor from LBWE maintenance.
    One doing that and activating ii somehow lost the custom appended structure from the extract structure.
    I came to know this while replicating it into BW where it gave error about missing fields from the extractors.
    Have anyone faced similar issue. If yes can you please let me know why this happened and how can i get those fields back in to the structure.
    One way i know is by comparing it with the Q system i can manually append that structure again.
    Please let me know.
    Thanks a lot for responding.

    Hello Ritesh,
    Are you adding the new field through append structure of the existing one or new one (Only one append structure is possible).
    If in the same append structure , then check whether that structure is active and consistent.
    If everything is ok, then check the hide option in the datasource (RSA6) whether its unchecked.
    Hope it helps

  • Adding standard field (CTNUM) in screen in pa30

    Hi Experts,
    How to add standard field in PA30 transaction.
    Moderator message: please do more research before asking, show what you have done yourself when asking.
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    Can you please tell me how I can creat a custom field for CTNUM and show it like the standard one?
    I'm not a progremmer, so I must manage this via standard basis.
    I've tryed to add some custom fields for IT 0016 in PM01 but something is missing.
    After I add to the IT 0016 a custom field, I get the message:
    "Changing PS Struct. without generating code can lead to inconsistencies
    Message no. PG455
    If the PS structure is changed by adding, deleting, or changing fields, then
    this change must also be reflected in the associated screen structure. As the PS
    structure is not included here, but rather is copied, the screen structure must
    be edited accordingly.
    If you have not yet made any changes to the screen structure, simply choose
    "Generate Code". The screen structure is then deleted and created again as a
    copy of the new PS structure. The other objects of the infotype remain
    If the screen structure no longer corresponds to the (relevant part of the)
    PS structure, perhaps because you have included new fields, you must modify the
    screen structure manually on the "Screen Structure" tab page using "Edit".
    If I go to "Generate Object" I reach to "BADi Builder" screen:
    Tranzaction : SE19
    Program : SAPLSEXO
    Enhancement Spot : HRPAD00INFTYBL
    And from here I don't know what to do.
    Can someone please help me?
    Thank you!

  • Adding a new field in a standard ALV reort

    I have a requirement of adding a new field to Standard ALV report. The TCODE is CN50N. When you execute it and gives the project as input it will display an ALV report. i want to add another filed to that ALV report. The program it 's using is RPSISKB000. How to do it???

         Check in the ALV output whether these fields are already there and not displaying in the ALV output, if the fields are not at all printing in the ALV output,then copy the Program to Z program and change it.
    write the Code to add the new fields to the internal table and change the Field catalaog to come your fields in the ALV output then print it

  • Adding an asterix(*) in the standard field in the shopping cart screen.

    Hi all,
          In the Delivery address of the shopping cart screen, I need to add (*) in a field text, saying that it is mandatory field.
    So, I need information that can help me change the standard field text, to add(*) in prefix.  can you please help me find the information to add the same.

    Hi Abhinay,
    if you are in SRM 7.0 , then you can  do it through the below configuration else  you will have to modify the relevant HTML template.
    SPRO->IMG->SAP Supplier relationship managemnet->SRM Server->Cross Application basic setings->extension and Field control(personalization)-> configure field control->configure control of field of substructure->Metadata for Fields of Substructures and Table-Like Enhancements
    In your case if this is delivery address field , then choose  Bus. object set type as  07 ,  Business object as BUS2121 ,  set level as Item ,  set subtype as 00000027.
    you have to  finnd the field name and select that and make the option as Field Visisble, Fiels enable 'Field required' tick.
    As far as i know  it will make a red asterick in the screen but you will have to  write that check in DOC_CHECK_BADI to throw error message.
    Iftekhar Alam

  • Adding Standard field in SC POWL result in SRM 7.0

    Hello Experts,
    We have Upgraded the system from SRM 4.0 to 7.0. Here, we have a requirement  to add a standard field(BE_OBJECT_ID = PO Number) to the SC POWL result list. I know to procedure to do for Custom fields.
    Could any one of you help me in this.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Vishnu Reddy

    Hi! To add columns to POWL result, you can accesthe path below in SPRO:
    -> SRM server
      -> Cross-Application Basic Settings
       -> POWL and Advanced Search
        -> Adjust POWL Layout, Search Criteria and Pushbuttons
    After this, select the POWL (Feeder Type). For SC, you can use SAPSRM_FEEDER_SC, for example.
    Then click on Field Catalog (right menu). Set a value in the Position column for the field you need to add.
    I hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Christian Zeuch

  • Delete standard fields from template repository

    We've created a repository based on standard repository template, which contains several fields that we don't use and we want to delete.
    The problem appears after deleting different standard fields like:
    As it seems the system is using these fields when displaying the catalog into the portal through iviews.
    I've checked the UI Configuration into the web finished with .../MDM_SRM_UI_App, but I cannot find the fields I've deleted anywhere.
    I've been reading different threads on this forum, but I'm not sure if I need to delete the deleted fields from an XML structure.
    If I have to modify any file, where can I get the file to be updated?
    If not, how should I proceed?
    Thanks & regards,
    Carlos Santamaría.

    Hi Carlos.
    Are you looking forward to  1.  Revert back the fields which you have deleted  or
                                                  2.  Remove the fields from the XML data structure.
    If (1)  - Check the Note: 1171711 where you will find a PDF attached about the repository information which gives you more details about the fields which are available so that you can manually adjust your repository by adding those fields accordingly.
    If (2) -  In the configuration screen, provide your user credentials by selecting the repository and click "Transport Configuration" button where you can get the XML file to view the fields and edit the file by removing those fields and update  back to it.
    Note: SAP doesn't recommend you to delete fields from  its delivered repository. Especially its price fields. So try to achieve your solution without deleting it if you can.

  • Display value in custom field selection of standard field

    I want to display the country value based on the Account selection, that is the country associated with the selected Account.
    I created Contact extension BO and added country field with data type CountryCode. Account is a standard field.
    I am able to fetch country value but assigning the value to Country field can be done in only BeforeSave.absl
    I have also provided validation for this country field.
    Issue here is:
    First Validation-OnSave.absl gets called and then BeforeSave.absl.
    I want the country value to be displayed once the user selects Account.
    Vijaya Chavan

    Hi Vinod,
    I got the issue.
    AfterModify.absl gets called when the Contact Quick Create screen gets loaded and not after selecting the Account field value.
    So I tried geting the value directly from the following path without firing a query in BeforeSave.absl.
    But BeforeSave.absl gets called when I click on "Save". I wanted the value to be displayed soon after the Account Value is selected.
    Vijaya Chavan

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    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Akira,
    Please check the below threads.
    [how to create F4 for the standard transaction]
    [F4 HELP for standard field..;
    [Re: Adding a field in standard search help;
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