Adding Banner in page 101 (login page)

Hi all,
I'm using theme 10-Sand in Apex.
I placed a banner in de application by uploading the banner in the Shared Components> Images.
The problem is that i can see the banner in the other pages of my application except in the login page (page 101).
Can anyone assist?
Kind Regards,

Found it,
Thanks Varad, i tried something with which i thought was the Logo substitution string.
In the Edit page of the login, i put this piece of code in the body:
*<td id="t10Logo" valign="top" width="100%">#LOGO#
*<td id="t10HeaderMiddle" valign="top" width="100%">#REGION_POSITION_07#
And it worked.
Kind Regards,

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    APEX version 3.2
    DB version 9.2
    Browser: Internet Explorer
    I'm using the Application Express Authentication Scheme. The Page 101 Login Process calls wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.login(
        P_UNAME       => :P101_USERNAME,
        P_PASSWORD    => :P101_PASSWORD,
        P_SESSION_ID  => v('APP_SESSION'),
        P_FLOW_PAGE   => :APP_ID||':3'
        ); I'm setting Page 3 as the page to present once logged in, but it is always displaying Page 1. Why is that?

    Under Application, Edit security Attributes check your home link, to make sure it has : f?p=&APP_ID.:3:&SESSION.
    Thank you,
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    A lady came up to me on the street, pointed at my suede jacket and said "Do you know a cow was murdered to make that jacket?"
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    Has anyone ever done this before?

    If your issue is resolved, you can close the thread so that it can be helpful for others :)

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    Old Toad has a tutorial about changing the colors in the iWeb default menu...
    If you want your website to be found by search engines you would be better to follow Ethmoid's suggestion of creating your own navigation...

  • CS4 is adding a blank page, throwing off the printing

    I am creating a 40-page booklet to be printed 2-up saddle-stitch
    In the Pages layout, it says i have 40 pages in 21 spreads. 1 page on the top is the front cover and 1 page on the bottom is the back cover and 19 double-page spreads inbetween. Pages 2 and 39 are the respective inside covers. Page 1 is aligned on the right and page 40 is aligned on the left. It should be printing fine, I would think.
    But in the Print Booklet-Preview Pane, it gives a message that it has added 1 blank page to creat the booklet, and it was added before page one, so I now have no back cover, and my inside covers and page layouts are all wonky now.
    I noticed that in the Pages flyout there is a small square to the right of Page 40, where page 41 would be. A small square that I can't highlight.
    A few more items of interest, all pages have both Allow Document Pages to Shuffle and Allow Selected Spreads to Shuffle checked.
    I am at a total loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep in mind that everyone here is a volunteer. Most of the regulars, like myself, drop in at least once a day, as we have time, and offer advice and solutions when we have them.
    That said, I saw your post when it first was listed, and saw that you seemed to finding your way, and didn't have anything more to add at that point, as I suspect was the case with a lot of others. I'm sorry it never occurred to me to ask if you had any blank pages in the document, but there was nothing in the original post to suggest that, and including blank pages in a booklet print job is a pretty standard thing to do. If you know enough to have already added blanks to fix the page count, one would presume you also know enough to include them in the print job.
    As far as the forum organization, we're about to go into a new version of the forum software, and many of the regulars are looking on that with some trepidation. Most of us actually LIKE the way things are now -- functional and uncluttered with extraneous nonsense like avatars and ratings points -- but it seems much of that is going to be creeping in. An attempt to unify the Adobe and Macromedia forums last year was an utter disaster, and we've all got our fingers crossed it won't happen again, but we'll be living with it no matter what as the Webcrossing contract is up and Adobe has signed on with Jive. You might want to take another look when the changeover is complete.
    And, I'll repeat, these forums are probably the BEST source of FREE and accurate expert information on Adobe applications on the planet. You'll find users (and even some Adobe employees) from all over the world with vast experience in some pretty esoteric and specialized techniques. I find I still learn something new almost every week, and I've been making my living with InDesign since version 2.0 was released. I hope you'll come back if you have more questions.

  • InDesign CC crashes when i adding a new page

    Hi together!
    When I adding a new page InDesgin CC crashed. I tested it on two PC with Windows 7 and Windows 8. I also created a new document. Always the same problem when adding a new page. Can anyone help me?

    Having similar problem for second time (different files, different content) in the past two months.
    Using IDCC2014 ( on Mac OS 10.10.3.
    When inserting a new frame (whether a newly placed image or an empty frame) with text wrap, text reflows (as expected) but InDesign quits (no warning or error, it just quits).
    Inserting a new page and reflowing text also causes ID to quit.
    Finding earliest page in document where the problem begins (similar to above reply; in my two cases that is p. 2 and p. 23) and deleting the text frame on that page causes ID to quit.
    I work on quite a few books with many elements, but the files in question are just straight text with page numbers (not even running heads) and some illustrations to be inserted.
    Saving as IDML does not resolve the issue. Trashing preference does not resolve the issue.
    Dragging pages to a new file does not resolve the issue. But if text is copied-and-pasted into a new file then that new file will work fine.
    The problem is consistent at various work stations across three different locations/networks.
    The only fix has been to delete ALL of the document pages from the affected area on and do the work again, i.e., redraw new pages and apply the chapter opening master pages again. Deleting just the first page where problem is found or the first two pages where problem is found or first four pages where problem is found, etc., causes ID to quit.
    In the case of this second file (I don't have the first file onhand right now), it does not have a long save history; it's not from a legacy template file or something like that. Cracking open the IDML file confirms only four saves beyond the initial creation and all in IDCC2014.
    Anyone else coming across this problem? Any suggestions?

  • Adding ana archive page with a link in the Navigation bar

    I am really new to all this so don't think that I'm a 'tard. I am building a blog on '06 and I like most of what I can do, but I can't figure out a couple of things. My current blog is with Godaddy (pronounced blow-daddy) and with that blog I have archives, recent entries and a calendar. Is there any way that I can duplicate that here? If not, how about just adding a blank page that I use for archives. I know that I already have one but I can't seem to make it visible in the navigation bar. Any help?

    No, you have to have a page for it to show up in navbar.
    The work around is to use refresh tag to redirect to your email address, here is how:[email protected]/Test/Front.html
    1) make a Front page
    2) make a Contact page, link Contact page to Front page's navbar
    3) editing Front page: search for href="Contact.html" change to target="_blank" href="Contact.html"
    4) copy contents of index.html
    5) editing Contact page: replace contents of Contact the contents of index.html
    6) search for http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url= some page.html" change it to http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=mailto:[email protected]"
    7) add the following to the end of Contact.html
    <script language="Javascript">

  • HT2881 Have accidentally added a blank page to resume.  How delete it?

    Help, please for a newbie.
    In Pages, have by accident added a blank page to a resume.
    How delete?

    Depends on how the additional page got there. It this at the end of the document of somewhere in the middle?
    Assuming it isn't due to peculiar formatting of a text element, you should be able to tap in the top line of the blank page and tap the backspace key until you get back to the preceding text.

  • Adding custom message on the login page

    I have done the following to try and get a custom message to display on the oracle login page:
    In the System Administrator Responsibility, went into the System Profile Options and searched for "Local Login Mask" The default value was 32, I set it to 96. This was done because 64 is the number to display a "Corporate Policy Message" on the login page (32+64 = 96).
    Switched over to the Application Developer responsibility, and went to Application->Messages. Here I did a search for "FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT". A result came back with current message text: "Corporate Policy Message". I changed this to a test message and hit save.
    Still in Application Developer responsibility, I went to Other->Requests->Run and chose "Generate Messages", for parameters I chose:
    Language: US
    Application: Application Object Library
    while leaving the others blank. I submitted this request and it completed normal.
    I logged out of applications, closed my browser and cleared my cache. I went to login into the apps and at the login page... it does display "Corporate Policy Message" but it never updated it to my custom one.
    Question: Do I need to restart the HTTP server or something to see the updated results? I am confused why it will display "Corporate Policy Message" but the value for FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT is clearly changed. Even when you go back into it and look.
    The Generate Messages conc prog is a spawned process so I cant find out what its doing.
    Any help would be loved!
    OH PS
    I know I started a previous thread on a similar topic, but the method has changed completely and I think it merits its own thread. My apologies if it shouldn't have been.

    What is your EBS and OS?Please check below thread
    password-Lock User when enter password in wrong 3 times
    Re: Lock User when enter password in wrong 3 times

  • Control panel added to start page

    On Windows 8.1 and Server 2012R2 I can add a link to the control panel and the command prompt to the start page.
    couldn't see that I was able to do that in Windows 10 tech preview

    On Windows 8.1 and Server 2012R2 I can add a link to the control panel and the command prompt to the start page.
    couldn't see that I was able to do that in Windows 10 tech preview
    You do not say which Win 10 TP build you are now using.
    If you are using one of the latest, i.e. 10041 or 10049, you might not need a link to Control Panel or Command Prompts in Start Menu screen.
    Right click at Start button > the popup box gives you a list which, among others, includes Control Panel link and 2 Command Prompt links.
    Slightly off topic: when you login to your account, it opens to the desktop. Right ?
    So, wouldn't it be more convenient to create shortcuts to desktop ?

  • Adding a registration page in Dreamweaver

    I am interested in adding a registration and login page to a site that I am building in Dreamweaver 8. I located a tutorial from the Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev Support Center (written by Jon Michael Varese) that seems to be informative but the information was last updated in 2001. Does anyone know of a site where I can find a more up-to-date tutorial? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Here is the link I was referring to:
    Christopher Lee

    For event registration try -
    For user log-in -

  • Adding Javascript to pages

    I'm trying to add Javascript-function to the standard OIM-catalog-page. But I haven't had any success yet.
    I'm trying to do this by adding <ad:resource type=""javascript>MyJavaScript< ad:resource>in an exported sandbox. When I import the sandbox and activate it, the page crashes saying Stream Closed - ADF_Faces-60096 Server Exception during PPR#21
    What am I doing wrong? I have tried to remove everything within ad:resource. But I still get the same exception.
    Here is the xml.
    +<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>+
    +<mds:customization version="" xmlns:mds="" motype_local_name="root" motype_nsuri="">+
    +<mds:insert parent="pgl2" position="first">+
    +<af:inputText xmlns:af="" label="Label" id="e9368104424" visible="true" value="#{pageFlowScope.catStateBean.searchExpr}"/>+
    +<mds:insert parent="pgl2" position="first">+
    +<af:resource type="javascript">+
    function handleBlur(componentEvent)
    var blurComp = componentEvent.getSource();
    var updateComp = AdfPage.PAGE.findComponentByAbsoluteLocator("e9368104424");
    +     </af:resource>+
    +<mds:modify element="ph1">+
    +<mds:attribute name="text" value="#{catalogResolverBean.kekst}"/>+

    Do you need to add a js function to within the head section?
    There should be an editable region in the head section named
    "head" already.
    If not- add one in code view.
    Or- do you need to add a trigger to the body tag?
    Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro adding a blank page on conversion from Word 2010

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help.  I'm converting a Word 2010 document to PDF using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (version 9.5.4).  On conversion to PDF, a blank page is being added, throwing the entire report off.  In word, there is a Section Break (Next Page) at the end of the first page, and the text continues on the second.  On conversion, it is after this section break that the blank page apears (i.e., between pages 1 and 2 of the document).  I've been back and forth through the document, tried to use a Continuous Section Break instead (Word just converts it to a page break again), making sure there's only one break, etc., and cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this problem.  Any ideas?

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with Acrobat. Unfortunately,
    these forums are specific to the website and its set of hosted services, and do
    not cover the Acrobat family of desktop products.
    Any questions related to the Acrobat family of desktop
    products would be best suited in the Acrobat Forums:
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    does anyone have any idea if I can make a banner (8/12 x 36") using continous feed paper in my printer? I have the trial verison of Pages '08 which came with my new iMac. (I am a mac newbie) For years I easily made printed banners (using up to 5 sheets of cont. feed paper) using MS Publisher.
    Thanks in advance.

    Actually, I am still searching for an answer. i would like to know whether anyone is ware of banner creation software for the Mac...and whether there is a template (that I can't seem to locvate) in Pages '08. I poste din two places, because I was unclear about where to post! (Frankly, I still am unsure, so please suggest a different more apprpropriate location, if you wish)

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    I added an additional photo page to my site. When I click on an image to enlarge it, I  automatically see the tile of images above. I want to change the tile button to white.

    you can hide thumbnails row by:
    1) double click on any thumbnail to get to detail view.
    2) click on the thumbnail button to hide it

Maybe you are looking for

  • Conflicting information about external display resolution - please help!

    I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) with the non-reflective screen, Mini Display Port and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M Graphics processor. According to these technical specifications (, the built-in NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

  • Wireless headset nt connecting:7610

    i hav a nokia 7610. i got a nokia wireless headset n95 4 it but d 2 aren't connecting although d headset is compatible wid d model....can any1 help me out... Message Edited by kuhu98pihu on 16-May-2008 04:50 PM

  • Safari opens than closes instantly

    Process:         Safari [695] Path:            /Applications/ Identifier: Version:         6.0.5 (8536.30.1) Build Info:      WebBrowser-7536030001000000~6 Code Type:       X86-64 (Native) Parent

  • Changes in ABAP programming 4.7 - mySAP ERP 2004

    Hello, are there any changes or obsolete ABAP commands concerning the upgrade from 4.7 to mySAP ERP 2004? Are there any documentations on this topic? Thank you in advance. Best regards, M. Weiskat

  • Work flow for release procedure Email

    How is the person responsible for releasing the purchase document to be notified by email or other methord.where is in SAP R/3 define  the person responsible for approval to be notified?where are we assign the workflow of purchase is the