Adding custom fields to VA01 additional data tab without access key

I have to add custom fields at item level in transaction VA01/VA02.
Is  access key required to add fields to additional data screen i.e 8459 ?
Is there any way to do this without using access key ?

Hi ,
Try for any User Exit or BADI available for the tcodes.
Here are exits for VA01 and VA02.
Exit Name           Description
SDTRM001            Reschedule schedule lines without a new ATP check
V45A0001            Determine alternative materials for product selection
V45A0002            Predefine sold-to party in sales document
V45A0003            Collector for customer function modulpool MV45A
V45A0004            Copy packing proposal
V45E0001            Update the purchase order from the sales order
V45E0002            Data transfer in procurement elements (PRreq., assembly)
V45L0001            SD component supplier processing (customer enhancements)
V45P0001            SD customer function for cross-company code sales
V45S0001            Update sales document from configuration
V45S0003            MRP-relevance for incomplete configuration
V45S0004            Effectivity type in sales order
V45W0001            SD Service Management: Forward Contract Data to Item
V46H0001            SD Customer functions for resource-related billing
V60F0001            SD Billing plan (customer enhancement) diff. to billing plan

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    Hi Vishnu,
    Take look at this link.
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    Hello Experts.
    We have a requirement to add 2 additional fields in the PO header - ADDITIONAL TAB.  I have included  the fields in CL_EKKO include and activated it.  Can you please let me know the exit or BADI or sample to have this in Additonal TAB.
    I understand that we can create a custom TAB in header and bring in those fields. But i would like to bring these custom fields in ADDITIONAL TAB of  PO header only....not creating any new customer tab.
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    Edited by: Ganeshkumaran Gopalakrishnan on Oct 6, 2011 3:57 PM

    Hi Max,
    Using SAPLXM06  0101 is adding new Custom TAB in PO Header. As i mentioned i dont want new custom tab in Header. All I want is  to add the new custom fields in the existing Additional DATA TAB of the PO header.
    There is already existing TAB called Additional DATA, i need my custom fields to be available in that TAB, rather than creating a new tab for those fields.
    Please let me know how to add it to existing Additional data tab in PO header. thx

  • Added custom field to VA01 should be mandatory for a particular order type

    Hi experts,
    I have created a custom field in Additional Tab B (Screen 8459) in VA01 at the item level. Now that field should be mandatory for a particular order type. If a sales order is created with that order type then the user cannot save the sales order without putting any value to the custom field. Please can anyone suggest me how to do that?

    Sap_wiz is right. It's the same that in this [post|Re: Enhancement in VA01 Additional data B tab].

  • Making a field mandatory in additional data tab in sales area data in XD01/XD02

    Making fields in additional data tab in sales area data in XD01/XD02 as mandatory is not achievable through configuration. Also, user exit SAPMF02D was not helpful in achieving this. Kindly help me on this.

    Is this a new field you are creating or an existing field you want to mark as mandatory? My impression from your original post was that it was the second. If so then you don't need to create an implementation of CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA as there must already be one, instead you should be looking for the implementation that manages data for the screen you are interested in. This might be why you don't see your BADI get activated  when you go to  "area data -> extras -> additional data" as it isn't the right implementation.
    If you just want the field to be mandatory when the user goes into the additional data tab I would code this in the screen of the customer exit. If you want this field to be mandatory whether or not they enter other additional data then you should try the method of the badi Nabheet suggested but not in your own implementation.

  • Adding custom  fields in va01

    Hi  Experts,
    I have an requirement to add custom fields in VA01 at the header level(screen area where sold-to-party,
    ship-party,Etc shown). These custom are already available in the screen va01->goto ->header->additonal functions->
    additionl data B. I need to bring these fields in initial screen of VA01 based on order type.
    Is ther any user-exit to do this or Should I do the repair for it
    I appreicate your suggestions
    Thanks ,

    First find the program name of VA01
    then the package of the program of VA01
    the goto-. se84->click on enhancement button ->customer Exit->enhancements->give package name and execute
    now find all the Exit in this transaction
    hope this helps

  • Adding custom fields to Equipment master General tab ?

    Hi Gurus,
    I have requirement where in I need to add two custom fields in IE02/IE03.
    Completed part :
    1. The new fields are added in the EQUI table in CI_EQUI structure.
    2. Created a project in CMOD and linked enhancement ITOB0001 to it .
    3. Activated the User exits EXIT_SAPLITO0_001 and EXIT_SAPLITO0_002.
    4. Logic in EXIT_SAPLITO0_001
    E_SUBSCREEN_NUMBER = '1020'.
    I_OBJECT_TYPE = '02'.
    I_ACTIVITY_TYPE = '3'.
    EQUI-zfld1 = I_DATA_EQUI-zfld1.
    EQUI-zfld2 = I_DATA_EQUI-zfld2.
    Logic in EXIT_SAPLITO0_002
    E_UPDATE_DATA_EQ-zfld1 = EQUI-zfld1.
    E_UPDATE_FLAGS_EQ-zfld1= 'X'.
    E_UPDATE_DATA_EQ-zfld2 = EQUI-zfld2.
    E_UPDATE_FLAGS_EQ-zfld2 = 'X'.
    Now the place where I got stuck is do I need to create a subscreen to add these new fields in SAPLITO0 , 1020 screen ?
    Do I need to create a Function group ? If yes how do I link these.
    I think I need access to Edit from SE51.
    I have browsed many threads but no luck.

    No, just
    Read carefully the SMOD enhancement documentation
    During CMOD execution, double-click on one of the Customer-exit dynpro (first time, choice the first one, the other dynpros will be used later for other objects)
    In EXIT_SAPLITO0_001, pass the dynpro number in export parameter (e.g. 1000 for first one)
    NB: In this exit you receive I_OBJECT_TYPE  as imported parameter to identify Object Type: '1' = F/L '2' = EQU '3' = SER (do not try to change it ) so include may start with a CASE I_OBJECT_TYPE. WHEN 'EQU'. E_SUBSCREEN_NUMBER = '1000'... ENDCASE.

  • Adding custom field to product master general tab

    Hi All,
             i want to add a custom field in Product master creation (commpr01) ,could any one help me out on this !
    Many thanks and Regards.

    You can create field using EEWB or follow the following simple process
    1. Create the required field as " attribute" using the tcode COMM_ATTRSET
    2. Assign it to a set type using the same tcode COMM_ATTRSET
    3. Assign this set type to the product category usign the tcode COMM_HIERARCHY in the set type tab and use the view ID as "BASIC"
    The field will then be available to you in the product master to the products with are created with the named product category
    Hope this helps
    Rekha Dadwal
    Edited by: Rekha Dadwal on Mar 19, 2008 1:19 PM

  • Screen Exit for adding custom fields in Additional Data tab in ME21N

    I need a screen exit or whatever other method for adding custom fields to the additional data tab at header level.
    I also need a similar exit for adding a filed at item level.
    Thanks in advance

    1st find badi or exit and then create screen ...and assign the screen group and screen no for that implementation....some steps i can give u i did with SPRO tcode....
    please check it for VA02
    SPRO u2013 SAP Reference IMG ---  Logistics General --- Basic partner u2013 customers -- Control u2013 Adaption of customers own masters data element u2013 prepare modification of customer free enhancement of customer master record
    1)Screen group                                  description
            zs                                           creating badi      --- (save)
           click on (label tab pages) u2013 new entries
           number u2013 10 , function code u2013 zs10 ,  description u2013 func ---(save) u2013(back)
    2)select (FM_CUSTOMER_ADD) u2013 copy
         Implementation name u2013 ZAS
         (desc u2013 impl for cust) u2013 (save)
        interfaceu2014(check_add_on_active) double click on it
    3)the above screen appear --  write the code in it u2013 (save) --- (activate) u2013 (back) u2013 (save)
         -- (activate) u2013 (back)
       Business adds in customer sub screens
    4)select (FM_CUSTOMER_ADD) u2013 copy
         Implementation name u2013 ZAS1
         (description -- cust) u2013 in attribute u2013 (give screen group name)
    5)go to interfaces (GET_TAXI_SCREEN)  double click on it
       (save)  --- (activate) 
    6)(SAVE)  -- 
        Goto SE38  -- CREATE PROGRAM WITH NAME (ZQW) type module pool
         Goto SE51  -- Prog : ZQW
           Screen : 200 (Create)
          Goto layout u2013 design the screen
    7)save u2013 activate
       then goto transaction : va02
    For User Exit's
    goto to tcode->status->program name->double click on that,
    then goto to-> attribute take the package name and
    Goto SMOD tcode ->Utilities->give the package name and F8
    then a list of exits will display for that tcode as well as that package.
    u can check the table MODSAP
    u can check the table MODACT
    For BADI's,
    1)goto to tcode SE24 give the CL_EXITHANDLER and display and then double click on the GET_INSTANCE
    keep Break point at this location 'call method cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface'
    then the tcode it will trigger there and we can debugg there we can find badi'for that tcode and then remove the break point.
    2)Goto to tcode->status->program name->double click on that program will display's
    then  press crtl+F then cl_exithandler
    Thank u ,

  • Custom field on Additional Data Tab, VT0*N

    Hi Experts,
    I would like to know if there is an existing user exit or CMOD or anything that can allow me to add a custom field on the Additional Data tab of transactions VT01N, VT02N and VT03N without using the access key.
    I have a requirement that requires me to add a checkbox on the Additional Data tab of the transaction stated above.
    I place using access key as a last option on this requirment.

    Hi Experts,
    I would like to know if there is an existing user exit or CMOD or anything that can allow me to add a custom field on the Additional Data tab of transactions VT01N, VT02N and VT03N without using the access key.
    I have a requirement that requires me to add a checkbox on the Additional Data tab of the transaction stated above.
    I place using access key as a last option on this requirment.

  • Add new fields to additional data tab in customs declaration

    Hello friends,
    My requirement is to add Z fields in the additional data tab in transaction /SAPSLL/CL_CUS_02 of GTS. I would also like to know If its possible to create a new tab all together in /SAPSLL/CL_CUS_02 where in we can add fields from a custom table.
    Thanks a lot in advance. Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Hi Koustubh,
    As Dave pointed out, there is a BadI for extra tab on declaration Item and Header.
    There is an example implementation already available in the System. I believe that 1 BadI will no be enough for what you need.
    UI enhancement BadI uses standard CUHD and CUIT tables to store the extended data ( via table APPEND ), in order to save content to Z* table you will need a separate BaDI.
    Also, If you intend to use this extra data in outbound message / declaration Idoc, extra BadI has to be used and also the basic IDoc type will need to be extended with your Z* segment. Thats probably 2-3 BadIs working in tandem.
    Can you tell what is the purpose of the extra data / extra tab ?
    Best Regards,
    Branislav Petricek

  • Grouping field value in the additional data tab is saved with capital lette

    Whenever I change the value in the 'Grouping field' in the additional data tab, it gets saved with all letter caps.
    For e.g, if i enter 'Manager'.. it gets saved as 'MANAGER'.
    what could be the reason for this? Is there any configuration for this?

    Hi Simmi,
    For Grouping and Search Field, this seems to be the standard system behaviour in cProjects and as per my knowledge there are no settings for the same.
    Probably you can raise an OSS message regarding the same.
    Vivek Pandey

  • Regarding Adding Custom Fields to VTTK and VT01n transaction.

    We need to add few custom fields to Shipment header table VTTK.
    Also, these fields should be reflected in 'Additional Data' tab of transaction VT01n/VT02n for editing and should be available for display in VT03n.
    If anyone has done this, please provide the approach.

    Hi Arshad,
    The fields suppl.1 to suppl.4 and Addit.text 1 to Addit.text 4 are the reserve fields available in additional data tab of shipment.
    If those fields are not being used already, u can utilise those fields for your purpose. Please check the documentation for the fields ADD01 to ADD04 and TEXT1 to TEXT4 in VTTK table.
    The description of the fields can be modified from CMOD transaction.

  • Addition of new field in VA02 and VA01 in additional data tab B

    I have added a new field called delivery date to additional data tab B in both tcodes va01 and va02. Now, while creating or changing a sales order, if the Sales group is I00 then this field should be filled up mandatorily. For va01 and va02 i have done all the required coding where all this is done on pressing the save button when we are in the additional data b tab.It would throw an error message if the date is wrong and a wrning if it is empty (provided sales group is I00). I did the coding in 4462 screen.
    My requirement now is that if somebody doesnt go to the 'additional data b' tab n try to save the Sales order then also it should throw a warning or error stating that delivery date field should be filled up. Where exactly should i place the coding now? if it is screen 4900 then can someone suggest me at what place should the coding be done.

    Hi Puja,
    Seems you have added the fields at item level in sales order and for this you must have appended the additional fields
    in vbap table. So to validate these fields you can use USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP available in MV45AFZB user exit include.
    The fields you appended will be available in vbap structure, add your validation here or even in USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE  available in MV45AFZZ which is called before saving the sales order.

  • Creating customer fields in VA01/Va02 transaction in additonal tab 2

        I have to create Customer fields in the item level to va01 / va02 transaction in additional tab 2 subscreen.
    Include MV45AFZZ is used for validation. help needed for adding customer fields. thanks in advance.

    The program SAPMV45A screen 8309 is the Additional Data B tab provided by SAP to add your custom fields . In order to capture the data from your custom fields you can use the user exit MV45AFZZ, USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE OR
    USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT depening on your functionality.
    You need to append the fields in VBAP. Then use the screen painter to add the fields in the screen.

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