Adding field in Additional Tab page in CRMD_order

hi all,
        i want to add a field in the additional tab page in crmd_order Tcode,
i did it by modifing the screen the strucutures are filled ex CRMT_SALES_BADI,
in the CRMC_MAP Tcode i have seen the field is added .
wat are the further steps do i need to do to get saved and poped in the field value when reterive.

As standard the field is set to 1 decimal place.
You cannot change this value without modifying your system (not recommended)
I think you can enter more decimal places in the confirmation documents e.g. IW41

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  • CProjects 4.0  Show Additional Tab Page in cProjects

    1, Enhance CI_DPR_CHECKLIST_I (Checklist ITem - ITO) with customer fields
    2, create Customer Long texts which appear on the customer tab page.
    3, Achieve the above in an additional tab page on checklist item level.
    Using “Show Additional Tab Page in cProjects” node in SPRO  I checked the example Webdynpro ABAP this does not have any relevance to the CI structures for Customer fields and simply retrieves/updates the field value DATA1 in table DPR_DEMO.  This will work fine for the data captured outside of the CI structures (in my case longtexts), it is not clear on how the customer fields in the CI structure will be updated?
    1, I have made a copy of "DPR_CUST_EXT_INTF_DEMO" now  -  How can I save custom fields in CI_DPR_CHECKLIST_I using a Web dynpro component?

    Can you guide me to add a new tab in the C projects, I tried creating a new wda component with DPR_CUST_EXT_INTF as implemented interface.
    The view in this component has a tabstrip having a single tab in it, Then i went to spro as mentioned:Collaboration Projects->Global Enhancements to Project Elements->Show Additional Tab Page in cProjects.
    I added a new entry here
    Project Elements: Project Definition
    Proj Type : Blank
    Tab Page Active: checked
    Tab Page title: Additional Tab
    Web Dynpro Component: zcomponent
    Still The tab is not displayed, Can you let me know if I am missing something?
    Shitanshu Sahai

  • Reg: additional tab page in cProjects

    Hi all,
         My requirement is to add a new tab in the cProjects screen .How can I have this. Either I have to use user exit or  any other code in Se80. Could any one reply me.
    Thanks in advance,

      All you have to do is first
       1) Go to spro and under collaboration projects-> Additional tab page
       2) Give the object type ie for example if you want to have an additional tab page in phase of cprojects or checklist etc..
       3) Then give the project type for example deveopment project or consulting project etc
        4) Then check field tab active so that the additional tab page will be displayed
         5)Give a title eg. additional tab page for phase in tab page title
              These will be enough to get a additional tab page in cprojects screen But if you want to design the layout then you have to create a webdynpro component and give the name of the webdynpro component in the webdynpro component field.
      Buy strictly following all these steps will definitely get the additional tab page in cprojects 4.0 version.
    In cprojects version 3.0 you have to implement the badi for additional tab page with the method GET_ADD_TAB_DATA

  • Problem in additional tab page in cprojects

    hi all,
    i have created one additional tab page through spro settings in cprojects application.
    trasaction : spro
    collaboration projects -> global enhancements -> Define field groups for customer fields.
    here it is giving me option to apply this field group to a particular object (like project, phase, task) only where as i need to apply it only to a particular phase and not to all the phases in the cproject(like i want to show that customised tab page only when i click on the first phase of the project and i dont want to show it in the rest of the phases.) right now it is not giving me the option for that.
    plz have a look into the problem and reply me.
    it is urgently needed.
    thank you very much.

    Hi Hetal,
    maybe I have a dirty modification idea.
    Maintain the customer fields like described in customizing.
    Then in CL_DPR_CUST_INCL_REPOSITORY in method GET_GROUPS it determined the fields to be shown on customer fields tab.
    If you make there samll modification and remove the fields, if you are not on the first phase, then it could work too.
    Or in CL_DPR_BSP_S_PRO_TYPE METHOD show_ci_fields you can control the rv_show_ci_fgroups variable !!!!
    Problem here is the ls_show_ci_fgroups table, which is buffered.
    But there is anothe possibility.
    make a copy of the PHADETAIL.BSP See details in note to add customer own fields to BSP views.
    In the BSP logic of the PHADETAIL.BSP you will find a position where the system determines if the TAB will be shown or not.
    In variable controller->mr_phase you have all your necessary information about the phase
    I guess whis will be modification free too. See note 859551

  • Without EEWB Is it Possible to adding field to standard tab.

    Hi Experts!
    Without EEWB and enhancing Screen Is it Possible to adding field to standard tab. Any body can help out in this.

    Yes it is possible, but we are talking a modification of SAP standard here. Also the effort needed will be at least 10 times higher than using EEWB as you have to reprogram all generated code / screen helps that SAP provides. Moreover these fields are then still not exchanged with the interfaces / BDocs etc which will be also some more days of work. There is no usable documentation on this - at least not by SAP and I am not aware of another one. It is much easier to create an EEWB enhancement and then move the fields from one tab to another.
    Doing this all by hand is like adding a second processor to an existing motherboard for more performance compared to exchanging the existing one with one of higher specifications.This is possible, but requires a) more work/time/material b) more experience c) you lose warranty d) in the end you do not know for sure what the outcome will be
    Regards, Kai

  • Adding Field in standard Table control in crmd_order (standard order)

    Hello All,
            I want to add a Field in standard table control in Crmd_order - standard order general tab. Please Let me know it is Possible to add, if Possible Let me know how to achieve this Functionality.

    If you don't want to access key...then only option is ,you have to search USER Exit or BADi (Try using BADI ME_GUI_PO_CUST) for me22n adding the field.

  • Adding checkbox in Additional Tab of ME21N

    One requirement we need to do is to add checkbox in additional tab of the PO header. Is it advisable to add this field in this tab (standard) or we will just instead create a new tab in the PO header and then add the checkbox here. And then once this checkbox is ticked, we are going to assign 'X' to the field we've added in EKKO table. Kindly let us know your inputs on this. What is the better solution to this requirement? Thanks a lot!

    Hi Mariel,
    add a custom field in CI_EKKODB structure and create a screen variant using the transaction code SHD0 by maintaining the new field as checkbox.

  • Implementing Badi for additional tab page & creating views in cProjects 3.1

    I am implementing DPR_ADD_SAP_TAB_I for adding new tab page in Cprojects 3.1.
    Please tell me whether we have to create any veiw?
    if it is please tell me the procedure & steps

    Implement the BAdI DPR_ADD_SAP_TAB_I
    and write following code in its method GET_ADD_TAB_DATA
      field-symbols: <tab_data> type DPR_TS_SAP_TAB_CTRL.
      data: lt_tab_data type DPR_TT_SAP_TAB_CTRL.
      constants: lc_pre_ctrl   type string value 'CTRL_TAB_',
                         lc_suff_ctrl  type string value '.DO'.
      lt_tab_data = ct_comp_ctrl.
      loop at lt_tab_data assigning <tab_data>.
        case <tab_data>-obj_type.
       project definition
          when CL_DPR_CO=>SC_OT_PROJECT.
            <tab_data>-tab_title = 'otr(zotr_cust_txt/proj_txt)'.
            concatenate lc_pre_ctrl CL_DPR_CO=>SC_OT_PROJECT lc_suff_ctrl
    into <tab_data>-controller.
      ct_comp_ctrl = lt_tab_data.
      EV_BSP_APPL = 'CST_ADD'.

  • Custom fields to Additional tab B in VA01/VA02

    Hi ,
    We have requirement where we need to add custom fields to the Additional tab B at item level in VA01 t-code.
    My doubt is to do this do we need access key? is it not possible with out access key i mean any other way to do so.
    If we add those fields in VBAP table will that automatically available in t-code, hope no............
    Please let me know the process to add the custom fields .......... 

    See these notes
    SAP Note 302497 - Additional cust. fields not displayed in 'Additional data B'
    SAP Note 209278 - Display of customer-specific fields in sales doc
    SAP Note 386694 - Additional data not displayed in screen 8459 and 8309
    SAP Note 420546 - Additional data B and transaction variants in sales order
    and related notes.
    And yes, you need to register it in SCCR.
    I hope this helps you

  • Exit to populate a custom field on additional tab b in order - inbound proc

    Hi experts ,
    I Need to populate a custom field  on the additional tab b of an sales order during inbound processing.
    I am using the function module idoc_input_orders.

    As this custom fields are not avaialble in the standard IDOC type, you need to extend the standard idoc type.
    Assign custom message type to sextended idoc type.
    Maintain Entries in WE57 tcode.
    With in the In function module idoc_input_orders, using FIND option, try for CALL CUSTOMER statement,here you will find all teh customer exits availble in the FM where you can maintain logic for filling the custom fields.
    Revert back if any issues,

  • Mail notification at value placed at approver field in Additional tab

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    in the business  based on the document (DIR ) we are creating there will be specific person responsible for approving the document.
    so we have created a characteristic values in additional tab field, having the list of names / values of approvers,
    so while creating the DIR the user will select the relevant approver who is suppose to approve the document, here the requirement is based on the characteristic field value in DIR,
    that particular person should get a Mail asking him to  approve the document.
    how to go about this, can standard work flow solve this requirement, or should we have to go for development in Workflow to meet this requirement, will the value at additional tab act as a triggering point for Mail generation to specific user? i have not worked with Work flow.
    please explain in detail the steps to meet this requirement.
    Points awaiting,
    Thanks and regards,
    Priya S

    thanks for your inputs,
    The complete requirement is the client needs  to check the values in Characteristics  (the users) with there credentials, just like the funtionality provided in field USER in document Data Tab,
    and he will place the relevant Users (one or many) and the mail has to be triggred to each of the reviewers and the document approvers based on the value placed.
    (here not placing any values in Characteristics and only ging by Work FLow, it  will not give any record in the DIR who are the Approvers or reviewers of that particular Document, so it is required for reporting purpose also)
    so it is two requirement,
    1) search criteria in the values of Characteristics just like that is available in the field USER in document Data Tab (just exactly the same no compromise)
    2) Mails to the users placed in the Characteristics automatically to review, ( which could other wise be done through Document distribution)
    there is still more to share with you all in the class and classification requirements.
    need your help
    Thanks and regards
    Priya S

  • Adding and deleting additional tab in Equipment master

    I tried to add some extra tab in the equipment master getting into set view profiles and clicked the equipment group and also click the activity and layout of views in left and added the warrant and given 110 also...then i did clicked in icons and text of views but it is no showing in IE01...also it shows some other tab which i dont want to maintain...I tried to delete the other option from view profiles...but still i am seeing the other tab in ie01.
    can anyone tell me how to add and also how to delete the view profiles?

    Hi Vijay
    Pls check both these steps are followed by u
    1. Master Data in PM & CS>Gen Data > Set View Profiles for Tech Objects>Screen grp eq data .Create the View profile by adding/deleting the tab page u want
    2. Now assign this view profile in the following step
    Tech Objects>Equipment>Equipment Categories>Maintain Eq Category .Here u can enter this view profile.I assume this step might be missing in ur config

  • Additional Tab Page in cProjects

    I just read this post which is closed that's why I'm opening a new thread.
    I use the feature to add Additional Tab using custom component because I need drop down list, alv and input field some in my CI include some in a specific table.
    Therefore, I created the class according to the documentation for the non CI fields and it's working fine. But as the thread mentioned at first, I got the same problem and can't figure out how to save automatically CI fields into database.
    Any help will be appreciated

    I think I found a way to make things work.
    in method ON_REPORT_CHANGES I call the get_data_ext, get data from my node and then call set_data_ext. But I specify on each object to call change method is there a way to do that at the change of tab ?
    It's not very dynamic though, because I add a case/when on the node_name because I manage DPO, CTO and ITO object.
    Anyway, I'm good now to continue If you have a better way to do things let me know

  • Incident/Accident Log - Create description field in new tab page

    Dear all,
    I have a question about Incident/Accident Log.
    In the Incident/Accident Log, a new tab page and fields inside it can be created using class and characteristics, respectively. The characteristic value field is limited to 30 characters length by the system.
    Is there any way a field for comments (say, of 100 characters minimum length) can be created in the tab page.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Mohan,
    I don't think there is any standard way to increase characteristic value field.  However, you may want to consider a workaround.  You may create a 'Multivalue' characteristic with 30 characters length.  This gives you an option of entering multiple lines of 30 characters.  The problem with this is... SAP automatically sorts the values.
    For example,
    if you enter
    (Please note that I am putting the word in next line if it cannot be accomodated fully in the current line.  That means, some lines may contain less than 30 characters.)
    SAP Shows it as,
    You may put numbers infront of each line to avoid this.
    I know it is not the best solution, but worth giving a shot.

  • Work field in operation tab pages of maintenance order.

    i need to enter work time in operation tab pages of maintenance order followed by two decimal digit like 2.55 mint or 2.65 H.System is not allowing to enter two or more than this decimal digits,it is allowing upto only one decimal digit like 1.5 H,2.3 min etc.How can I enter value like 2.56 min.Client is not accepting to enter after converting the unit.this is required for one of my specific scen.please suggest how I will enter 2.55 min or 2.55 H etc.thanks in advance.

    As standard the field is set to 1 decimal place.
    You cannot change this value without modifying your system (not recommended)
    I think you can enter more decimal places in the confirmation documents e.g. IW41

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