Adding JUnit Extension to 10.1.3

I'm looking for a way to add the JUnit extension to JDeveloper 10.1.3 production release (not EA) while I don't have direct internet access from my terminal.
I read this forum posting: Re: adding JUnit extension to 10.1.3EA
and it seemed to address the issue for 10.1.3 EA, but I tried to add the extension by both suggested methods in the article.
When trying to add the extension using the local check for updates option, I got this error: "Required Updates Not Installed: The JUnit Integration update in this bundle requires one or more extensions that are not currently installed."
When extracting the extension zip file into the jdev/extensions directory, I received this error: "Severe: No class def found for addin oracle.jdevimpl.wizard.junit.JUnitAddin"
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You'll need to download the JUnit extension for the production version (you can't use the one from EA), and then just point the check for update to the zip file.

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    Is there a way to add the JUnit extension without using Help/Check for Updates? My work computer is not directly connected to the Internet.

    Yes, I do see the Oracle extensions when I do a remote Help/Check for Updates..., but I don't see the 10.1.3 extensions on the Extensions Exchange webpage. However, I just saw a previous post from you regarding the manual download of extensions in which you provided a URL to an XML file that contains, among other things, the links to the extensions.

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    A year later, but I'm facing the same bug.
    If your ever found a solution I'd be glad to hear.
    I filed a bug with more details and my own workaround: 

  • Still JUnit extension download to JDeveloper 9.0.3 doesn't work

    Still 404 message trying to download the Junit extension for JDeveloper 9.0.3

    Thanks. When I got to the link in that message, the downgraded version of Skype
    is not available. WHen I go to Google Play to get the version from Dec 9, 2014,
    "Already Installed" is displayed, even though I don't have that version.
    It won't give me the option to upgrade to the release from Dec 9, 2014

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    nope, that's it
    Assigning a Call Pickup Group to Directory Numbers
    if this helps, please rate

  • JDev 10.1.2 - JUnit Extension Does not work

    When migrating from JDev to 10.1.2 I get an error on startup the indicates that the JUnit extension is not working:
    Error: <Line 2, Column 71>: XML-24538: (Error) Can not find definition for element 'extensions'
    Converting JDeveloper 9.0.5 extension manifest to 10.1.2
    Error: <Line 3, Column 21>: XML-24534: (Error) Element 'feature' not expected.
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    Error: <Line 3, Column 21>: XML-24534: (Error) Element 'feature' not expected.
    Error: <Line 22, Column 14>: XML-24521: (Error) Element not completed: 'extensions'

    I am actually working with JDev10.1.2 and I recently created a new Extension. Since then, when I load jdev I get the error
    Error: <Line 2, Column 71>: XML-24538: (Error) Can not find definition for element 'extensions'
    Converting JDeveloper 9.0.5 extension manifest to 10.1.2"
    I followed your advice, downloaded and installed the JUnit component, but the error is still present. Moreover, if i try using the "Check for updates" functionality, I always get:
    "Unable to connect to OTN
    Details: Connection timeout: connect"
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

  • JDev 10.1.2 : JUnit extension

    While trying to setup the ADF Toy Store demo (*1) in JDeveloper 10.1.2 I downloaded the JUnit extension (*2).
    There is an extension available for JDeveloper and one for JDeveloper, there is none for JDeveloper 10.1.2 so I chose the version.
    Each time I start JDeveloper I get these messages:
    Error: <Line 3, Column 21>: XML-24534: (Error) Element 'feature' not expected.
    Error: <Line 22, Column 14>: XML-24521: (Error) Element not completed: 'extensions'
    Error: <Line 3, Column 21>: XML-24534: (Error) Element 'feature' not expected.
    Error: <Line 66, Column 14>: XML-24521: (Error) Element not completed: 'extensions'Although the RunAllTests class of the ADF Toy Store demo seems to run fine, I wonder if I am going to get into trouble if I use JUnit in JDeveloper 10.1.2 like this.
    Maybe I should wait for a JUnit extension packaged specifically for JDeveloper 10.1.2 ?
    Jan Vervecken

    thanks Shay
    No more errors, it works.
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    JDev 10.1.2 : Check for Updates

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    I tried to download the JUnit extension to JDeveloper 9.0.3 from
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    This is a JHeadStart issue, please post to the JHeadStart forum for assistance.
    Forums Home >> Oracle Technology Network (OTN) >> Products >> Developer Suite >> JHeadStart
    Kind Regards.

  • Can't download JUNIT extension via "check for updates"

    since a few weeks (with jdev and jdev I can't download e.g. JUNIT extensions via "check for updates".
    I have to enter a password but authentication is not possible.
    Even when I reset the passord (via "find password") it does not work any more.
    Im 100% sure that this worked some time ago without problems.
    I can access and download the extension manually.

    no problems on my side with my account. I did it yesterday without any problem.

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    We've got a project that requires JDK 5, and would like to run our JUnit tests using the integrated JUnit Extension in Jdeveloper 11g.
    However, we are getting the following error: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
    Presumabily, this is because the JUnit classes are JDK 6, since the tests work if we switch our project to use JDK 6.
    Of course, the problem is: Our project requires JDK 5. =)
    Anyone have a workaround?
    - Bill

    JDeveloper is on JDK 1.5, How can I configure it to be 1.4??
    I had the JDeveloper 10.1.3 also and it went ahead with some updates and now even that shows me that it's version is JDK 1.5
    The latest error I get from JDeveloper(From both 11g and 10.1.3) is here,
    Invoking loadjava on connection 'HR_CapRock_DEV' with arguments:
    -order -resolve -thin
    errors : class package1/mypackage/JavaStoredProc
    ORA-29521: referenced name java/lang/StringBuilder could not be found
    The following operations failed
    class package1/mypackage/JavaStoredProc: resolution Failures occurred during processing
         at oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.OracleDeployer.deploy(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.StoredProcHandler.doDeploy(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.StoredProcHandler.doDeploy(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.StoredProcHandler.doDeploy(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.StoredProcProfileDt$Action$
    #### Deployment incomplete. #### Jun 18, 2007 10:17:31 AM
    *** Note ***
    One possibility for the deployment failure is that the target Database may not support JDK version 1.5. Updating your Project Properties compiler Source & Target to an earlier release could fix this problem.
    How can I either downgrade JDK on the compiler(JDeveloper) to be 1.4 or, How can I resolve the error,
    ORA-29521: referenced name java/lang/StringBuilder could not be found

  • Installating JUnit extension

    I have just spent the whole morning trying to install the JUnit extension into JDev Most of that time was spent trying to find where to get the extension,when you can't use check for updates...
    OK so now I have the extension downloaded and use Check for Updates on the local file, it tells me that it can't install it because it depends on some other extension which I don't have installed. But it doesn't tell me which extension ...
    How do I find out dependencies for extensions?
    I'm on the point of giving up and using Eclipse like everyone else on my project ...

    I followed your fix and be able to continue installing it.
    However, after restarting I saw the extension has error
    Severe(0,0): file:/D:/Oracle/jdevstudio10133/jdev/extensions/junit_doc_for_java.jar does not contain an extension manifest.
    Severe(6,80): Missing required attribute 'version'
    Severe(0,0): file:/D:/Oracle/jdevstudio10133/jdev/extensions/junit_doc_for_j2ee.jar does not contain an extension manifest.
    D:\Oracle\jdevstudio10133\ is where I place my jDev.
    Please let me know how to fix it

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    I just bought a new Mac with Snow Leopard to replace my Leopard Mac and have noticed an annoying difference with the "Save As" dialog boxes in every application. In Leopard, I used to be able to select an existing file to overwrite that file. In Snow Leopard, it's letting me select an existing file, but the extension is not being added to the file name, so it's creating a new file with the same name but without the extension. I also don't have the "Hide Extension" checkbox that used to be in Leopard. I have spent all evening looking for this but haven't been able to find anything, which implies to me that I must have some setting wrong or something (or I'm just not searching the right terms, it's hard to know what to search for); anyway, does anyone know what I need to do to change this to act the way I expect it to? Thanks -

    Thanks. The /tmp and home directories are on the same partition as the main operating system. The Downloads directory is actually set up as a sub-directory of the home one but is a symbolic link to a NAS drive. It works fine for other MIME types. It is just when web sites use the application/octet-stream MIME type that I get this problem.
    I checked the permissions and the /tmp and Downloads directories have full read write permissions for everyone. The home directory is the one with the restriction that only I can write to it.
    So, I don't expect that sheds any light on the problem.
    Thanks. I meant to say in my first post (but pressed the button before it got in) that I actually created a completely new Firefox profile and the problem is still there. Sorry, I should have included that.
    The only difference with the fresh profile is that the "open in default application" isn't available, presumably because no default application has been assigned. The "save as" behaviour is still the same.
    So, if the problem exists in a pristine profile, it looks like there is something deeper wrong.

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    The problem means I have to manually alter each file name deleting the .mpg file extension (and confirming each time that I want to change it) - so it will load in quicktime. I'm assuming it may be because I have ticked the box on 'always open this file type with quicktime' - which is what I want, but how do I stop it adding the file extension each time?

    Thanks for your help. I wasn't aware you could disable that alert in the finder? I'll have to look at doing that.
    Whilst I take your comments on board - are you suggesting that Safari (web browser being used) - is adding the file extension on download?

  • Adding File Extensions - Dreamweaver

    I am having trouble adding support for a couple of extensions. I have successfully done this before (with different extensions and an earlier version of DW), by editing Extensions.txt and MMDocumentTypes.xml but this doesnt appear to be working for me this time.
    I did try chat support, who sent me to telephone support, who left me on hold.. so hoping someone can help me here.

    This tutorial was written by Greg Rewis for SASS and LESS (CSS).  But the basic procedure should work for any extension you're trying to add.
    Nancy O.

  • Hyperlink without adding file extension

    I have created a website using iWeb and have several links on it to other files on my computer.  IWeb overrides the text I put in as the link and adds the file extension to it.  I have tried renaming the file without an extension but it is always put back by iWeb.  How can I make sure the file extension is not viewable on the web page?

    Highlight the link URL and overwrite it using the Link inspector.

Maybe you are looking for

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