Adding new field (ie Goods Recievd date ) at item level in MIRO tcode.

Hi Friends,
I got on issue on screen exits.
I have to add one more field in the transaction mir4 and that field is
   '  Good received Date '. So please explain me how to add this field in the screen and what is the process to do this one. i dont know about user exsit.
So please help me for this issue and its very urgent....
Thanks in Advance.....

Try the user exit
LMR1M001  this contains a screen exit in which you can add an extra field at header level of MIRO.
You can also try the BADI
reward points if useful

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  • Added new field to cube but data not passed from DSO

    Hope someone can help.
    (BI 7.0) We added new fields into a cube. The fields already existed in the DSO. When we ran the process chain in development for the first time after making this change, we notice that the 'historical' data for these fields is populated in the cube. When we do this in our quality system only new data passed to the cube is updated. In development in the sub-chain DTP request we see all previous requests listed under selections. In quality it is only the latest request. The only difference is that the DeltaInit flag in the DTP request in development is ticked (extraction mode) - but not in quality. Does anyone know whyb this is?

    hi peter,
    Adding fields to cube doesn't affect delta status...The delta DTP should be able to handle delta requests automatically.
    I guess in you quality system, the cube already got all requests updated from ODS before you importing the change request. And in develop system none of the requests in ODS were updated before the change.

  • New field in sales order screen at item level

    Hi Friends,
    I need to insert a new field at the item level in the sales order screen (additional data tab). Please let me know how to do the same.

    you can add fields of self-defined tables on the "Additional Data B" tab
    . Those fields should be added onto the respective screen and the flow
    Logic should be adjusted. Additional item data is on screen SAPMV45A 0459. This screen contains
    Include SAPMV45A 8459 as user exits.
    This should involve not only appending a structure containing customer-
    Specific fields within the table VBAP but also using the
    userexit coding:
    a)MV45AOZZ for PBO (i.e. module zzmodify_uas_pbo output);
    b)MV45AIZZ for PAI (i.e. module zzmodify_uas_pai input);
    c)MV45AFZZ (sub-routine USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP) for defaulting the
    values from the customer master and further processing.
    Best regards,

  • New field in Enjoy PO (ME22N) on item level. not changable.

    I searched the forum for this, but hmmm was kinda flooded with stuff not belonging to my subject. Maybe we should have Search courses...
    So dudes this is the first time i have to adopt/enhance SAPLMEGUI.
    I Appended include CI_EKPODB.
    Since this is included in MEPOITEM i didnt had to append MEPOITEM.
    My field is on the business-tab on item level. (Dynrpo 1322).
    So i appended MEPO1322.
    Then i modified Dynrpo 1322 (as it was already modified) and added my new field.
    For testing issues i took a PO and used SE16N and &sap_edit to get some value into my new field for a certain PO-item.
    When i then tried ME22N with my PO i saw my field on the right position and even populated with the value i had just set.
    The thing is that even tho i´m in ME22N it is not changable.
    Are there any documentations on how to modify/enhance/whatever PO items in enjoy scenario?
    Having a look at MEPOITEM it has 2 big includes:
    MEPOITEM_DATA "according to comments those should be changable
    MEPOITEM_TECH "according to comments those should NOT be driectly changable
    But since CI_EKPODB is included in MEPOITEM_DATA i get the idea that my field should be changable.
    Sorry if i didnt search properly, i tried, maybe you can give me a hint how to imrpove my  searches

    Probably the metafield is missing, this is set by fm MEMFS_BUILD_MAPPING_PO_VIEWS
    Here the form mepo1320 is called:
    FORM mepo1322 CHANGING ch_mapping TYPE mepo_t_metafield_mapping.
      gf_tabname = 'MEPO1322'.
      map 'AKTNR' mmmfd_promotion.
      map 'ABELN' mmmfd_alloc_tbl.
      map 'ABELP' mmmfd_alloc_tbl_item.
      map 'SAISO' mmmfd_seas_cat.
      map 'SAISJ' mmmfd_seas_year.
      map 'AUREL' mmmfd_at_relev.
      map 'KOLIF' mmmfd_prior_vend.
      map 'BSGRU' mmmfd_reason_ord.
    ENDFORM.                               " MEPO1322
    Probably you should enhance it
    Try to check class CL_MFS_MM, method REGISTER

  • Adding new fields to the data flow

    I am currently planning to add some new fields in one DSO and map it (with info source) in the update rules.
    Will adding new fields to Info source - Comm. structure affect all the update rules connected to it?
    The info source is connected to multiple DSO.
    (The data source is currently under enhancement for these fields). Once this is done, we have to replicate it to BW.

    Once the enhancement is done for data source in r/3 side, you will have to replicate the datasource in BW.
    Adding new fields will deactivate the update rules. You have to map the same in update rule and activate the same.
    This will require activation of  transformations, update rules, etc for related DSOs. Try to find out the where used list for the DSO where you want to add the new objects. Then check each objects whether these are activate after the changes. If these are inactive, you will have to activate all the objects.

  • Adding new field to existing CO-PA data source

    Hello BW gurus,
    i was asked to add a new field vv531 in COPA data source, in order to do this when i was deleting the data source it is giving message "you are not allowed to change cross-client Customizing" .our bw development has 2 clients 20 & 40 . Generally wat ever changes are done in 20 are visible in 40. But now am not able to see the particular CO-PA data source in client 20.It is visible only in client 40. when i am trying to delete it from 40 it is giving the msg. Please suggest me over this bcause my dead line to complete this is nearing.

    hello manfred,
    thanks for the reply. i know for the fact tht we shud delete n recreate but when i am trying to delete it it is saying "you are not allowed to change cross client customising" . when the development was going on they have done it in development server client 20,which is also visible in client 40 with out transportation . 20 is whr changes are made ,40 is the one which is connected to BW development server. Now as per the requirement i shud make changes in 20 ,but when i am trying to do this it says "data source is defined in a different client" .pls help me out resolve this problem.

  • PLz Help me its urgent, how to add new field in mm01 basic data screen

    Hi everyone,
         plz tell me how to add new field in mm01 basic data screen,i added that field in basic data screen but when i create a material the data for that field will not save in database table.

    Hi Murali,
    when created added a field on the screen by using user exit then after that you have add the field in main table where you will be getting these table in the userexit only, please make sure about this. And i am sure defenitly it will get updated in to the table.
    reward if useful.

  • Adding new fields to assignment block, what are the steps to do this.

    CRM 7.
    Could someone tell me what the steps are to add new fields to specifdic assignment block. Assume that these fields do not already exist in any given structure/table.
    My understanding is that I need to use transaction EEWB and then somehow use the component  "BSP_DLC_FS" and view "factsheet". But having never used EEWB before I'ma tad lost.  I'm in EEWB and have crfeated a project and believe that I now need to create an extension. When doing this I am displayed a box with 4 fields, being: Name, Description, EEW Bus object and Extension type. What are my next steps?
    I assume that the EEW bus object is 'BUPA' and the extension type is 'ADD_NEW_FIELDS'. However, how do I know for sure that the EEW bus object should be 'BUPA', bearing in mind that I'm adding new fields to the Account (BP) main address communication data Assignemnt block?.
    I wondered if anyone has a link to any guide docuemnt about how to do this?.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    I attempted to use EEWB to add new fields to BUPA but am hitting the error: BDT-DC is Not Prepared for This Application Object
    On searching I can see that there are ways around this, via SM30 against table/view V_TBZ1_DC, changing the BDT BC settings, whatever they are. But it gives me a warning when this happens and mentions that only SAP are allowed to do this, but it will allow me to create a transport if I press on past this. Should I need to make this change though, or have I just done something wrong within EEWB I wonder.

    Hi Jason,
    You can try using Application Enhancement Tool (AET) to create new fields instead of EEWB,
    Best Regards,

  • Adding new fields mara

    hi friends,
    adding new fields to mara by using append structure .
    how will insert data to that fields.

    if u just want to add data to table use sql statements like insert,
    modify and update,but if
    u want for the screen to pick it up u hav to add a screen for that tcode using badi or exit.
    reward if helpful.

  • Adding new fields from CI Include to Standard SAP Screen

    Hi All,
    I am enhancing Infotype 0487. I have added new fields to the CI include and created the screen fields in subscreen 0200 with reference to the data dictionary fields. When I test the subscreen alone, the new fields are displaying correctly and F4 help is active. But when I view the whole screen(2000) in PA30, the new field is inactive and I am not able to enter data. Also F4 help option is present for the field but when it is selected, a message 'No Values Found'  is displayed. Please suggest some solution.
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: Julynila on Oct 7, 2010 10:41 AM

    This might be the standard transaction, so there is a possibility of adding the fields using the Screen variants using SPRO, get in touch with your functional consultant. there you can copy an existing screen and add the required fields and rename the screen to different number, and in the config this new screen can be added.

  • Adding new field in the table for Output

    Hi ,
    I need to add a field catalogue as Payment method in the condition table for Output, but the payment method field does not exist in the table. Can this be done?

    Hi Refer below link on sdn for adding new Field
    Adding New Field to Catalog
    Adding New fields to field catalog

  • Adding new field in Billing due list in CRM

    What are ways to add new fields to billing due list in CRM.
    Can we use any badi
    Is there any configuration of layout.
    Any other way
    Thanks in advance for your help

    Adding new field in CRM can be done by AET.
    AET is able to add new field from Web UI.
    Please this blog for more details: /people/tzanko.stefanov2/blog/2008/11/26/application-enhancement-tool-creating-and-reusing-custom-fields-with-crm-70-part-2-of-2

  • Possibility of adding new fields to migo transaction

    Is there a possiblity of adding new fields in migo transaction so that we can enter the base price of items in po.
    Also Can we send mail to relevant authorization if there is difference in price entered in the po and the value entered in GR

    Hi, You can use BADI 'MB_MIGO_BADI' for adding custom fields at item as well as header level .
    or Check SAP Note 339448 - MIGO: settings of table control
    2-You can not do any thing related to price in MIGO, since you cannot enter any manual values in MIGO, it will always pull from PO or MIRO (in case of Imports).

  • Adding new fields in Custom Infotype

    I need to change some fields of Custom Infotype. But project is already gone live for 1 country. will making changes to infotype affect for existing live country?
    Safe side....We are thinking Adding new fields in Custom Infotype. & displaying corresponding fields for countries in another tab
    & hiding the old tab.
    Please let me know procedure for  Adding new fields in Custom Infotype for displaying in new tab.
    Edited by: Sachin Thigale on Aug 23, 2010 7:04 PM
    Edited by: Sachin Thigale on Aug 23, 2010 7:05 PM

    Please search. Lot of Threads on this.
    Follow these steps.
    Go to Transaction PM01.
    2) Enter the custom Infotype number which you want to create (Should be a 4 digit number, start with 9).
    3) Select the u2018Employee Infotypeu2019 radio button.
    4) Select the u2018PS Structure Infotypeu2019.
    5) Click on Createu2026 A separate table maintenance window appearsu2026
    6) Create a PS structure with all the fields you want on the Infotype
    7) Save and Activate the PS structure
    8) Go back to the initial screen of PM01.
    9) Click on u2018Allu2019 push button. It takes a few moments.
    10) Click on u2018Technical Characteristicsu2019. Infotype list screen appears
    11) Click on u2018Changeu2019(pencil) button
    12) Select your Infotype and click on u2018Detailu2019 (magnifying glass) button
    13) Give u2018T591Au2019 as subtype table
    14) Give u2018T591Su2019 as subtype txt tab
    15) Give your subtype field as subtype field
    16) Save and come back to PM01 initial screen
    17) Click on u2018Infotype Characteristicsu2019 u2026 Infotype list screen appears
    18) Click on u2018Changeu2019 (pencil) button
    19) Click on u2018New Entriesu2019
    20) Enter your Infotype number and short text
    21) Here we have to set different Infotype Characteristics as per the requirement. (Better open another session with some standard Infotypeu2019s infotype characteristics screen and use as the reference to fill yours)
    22) Save your entries.
    23) Now the Infotype is created and ready to use.
    24) If you want to change the layout of the Infotype as per your requirementu2026
    25) In the PM01 initial screenu2026Select u2018Screenu2019 radio button and give 2000 as the screen name, then click on edit.
    26) In the next screen.. Select u2018Layout Editoru2019 and click u2018Changeu2019.
    27) Screen default layout appearsu2026here you can design/modify the screen..change the attributes of the fields..etc.
    28) Save and activate. (Donu2019t forget to u2018Activate at every level
    i think u have to select CI_INCLUDE while enhanceing the Standrad Infotype
    The above details are from the following link
    Re: How to add fields in custom infotype and update its screens

  • Question regarding adding new field to an infoset.

    Hi all!
    Actually i am not a programmer but HR functional, but i need to add an additional field to my infoset.
    I wanted to do it myself without ABAPers help.
    I have already added new field to an infoset and included a code:
    TABLES HRP1000.
           FROM hrp1000 WHERE objid = p0001-orgeh.
    And it almost works. The thing is, when on the report (sap query) a person have value '00000000' in the p0001-orgeh the report enters value into ORG_UNIT_SHORT from the previous record (of another employee).
    How to avoid this? i suppose i have to assign this field an initial value at the begining of the code (how?).. or?? as i said i just try to make first steps in abap programming...

    Ok, i have found a solution (clear statement)

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