Adding object links to Document types

I tried adding the following object links to a document type
1. STKO_DOC  BOM header   258
2. STPO           BOM              266
3. STPO_DPC   BOM item      259
After adding when i create a DIR against this doc type, the object link tab for all these above object links are greyedout. Its not accepting any user input for these object links.  Can anybody suggest me a solution?
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  • Condition type link to Document type

    Dear all,
    How to check that if cond type AM02 (Amortztn payable) is linked to doc type ZAM (Scheduling agrt - amrtztn) properly??
    If not, how to link them?
    What is rel between Gross price, net price, Amortztn payable qty?

    Hi Acharya,
    There are no linked config regarding the two Condition Type and Document type..
    1. Use of Condition type click here -
    2. Doc Type is a combination of transaction (ie Scheduling Agreement, PO, PR) programs forms and message transmition medium (ie Printer Output, Fax or email) and patner function to print a certain form or document.. <b>SPRO-> Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG)-> Materials Management-> Purchasing-> Messages-> Forms (Layout Sets) for Messages-> Assign Form and Output Program for SA Delivery Schedule</b>
    Check this out for patner function.. <b>SPRO-> Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG)-> Materials Management-> Purchasing-> Messages-> Output Control-> Message Types-> Define Message Types for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter-> Maintain Message Types for Forecast Delivery Schedule/Expedi</b>
    Award points if useful

  • Object link after Document release

    Dear all
    Can we restrict user to link the DIR before it is released?
    I mean user should not be able to link document to any of the sap object until it is having released status.

    I think the above method can be used to restrict user to create object link.
    i would like to know weather it is possible to configure such that
    user must at least enter one object link.if object link is not entered the system should not, allow the user to save DIR.

  • PFCG: an authorifation object for Financial Document Types

    Hi All,
    I've to create a role (PFCG) in which I've to avoid that the user can display some Financial Document Types.
    Is there an authorization object for this?

    Hi ,
    First of all you will have to activate the document display authorization in IMG .
    SPRO - Financial accounting new - financial accounting global settings - check display authorization for document type .
    Active this by keeping the tick on document authorization .
    Secondly , in SUIM go through the Authorization objec F_BKPF_BLA which is the authorization for dcoument type .
    In the OBA7 maintain the authorization group for document type and in FPCG for the authorization object F_BKPF_BLA give the value for BRGRU as the authorization group value .
    Regards ,
    Dewang T

  • Adding -Object Link

    Dear All,
    Is there any way to add "Inspection lot" as an Object link in DMS ?
    Kindly let me know.
    Best Regards,

    It was found that as sap std. object you can have "Inspection method", you can check if it solves your problem.

  • Adding XML Declaration and Document Type Declaration.

    I'm using Oracle's XML Class Generator C++ version I can create classes from a defined external DTD and create my XML document. But the document does not contain the XML Declaration <?xml version='1.0?> nor does it contain the Document Type Declaration <!DOCTYPE root-element-name SYSTEM "system-identifier">. What do I need to do to get these as part of my XML document? Does the class generator have methods to do this? Could someone show me an example?

    If you invoke the print method on the top-level ELEMENT, you get
    just the body of the document with no DTD or XMLDecl. if you invoke
    print on the top level NODE (the DOCUMENT node), then the output
    document will contain the XMLDecl and DTD.
    So please try to print from DOCUMENT node.

  • Object Link to Batch Number (MCH1 & MCHA)

    I am trying to link a DIR to Batch Number.
    For this i tried object MCH1(Batch Number without Plant) & MCHA (Batch Number with Plant).Screen Numbers for MCH1 is 264 & for MCHA is 265.
    After making the reqd. configurations, ie. defining object links for Document Type as MCHA & MCH1 when i go to transaction CV01N i can see the tab for MCH1(screen number 1264) and no tab is available for MCHA(1265).
    And when i go for CV04N, and try to search for same document type with the help of object links then both tabs are visible there. But now in these tabs material column is not visible, only Batch column is visible for MCH1 and Batch & Plant column are visible for MCHA. I have already checked the Table settings - there is nothing wrong with it.
    Please guide me why such problem is occurring instead of maintaining all configuration properly. Is there anything that i have missed?
    Points for helpful answers.

    Hi Christoph,
    Thank you for quick response.
    Looks like I was not clear in my query.
    What I have done is as following:
    1.Maintain Screen for Object Link: Here I maintained the objects MCH1 & MCHA with screen numbers 264 & 265 respectively. And also maintained value “1” for Authorization.
    2.Define Document Type >> Define Object Link: Then I have assigned these 2 objects to the particular Document Type with DC10 along with respective screens.
    Now when I go to CV01N and go to object links I can see only 1 tab which contains Material & Batch which I guess is visible because of MCH1 (Screen number 264).
    But I am not able to see the other tab which should contain Material, Batch & Plant as defined in the screen 265 for object MCHA.
    Second problem is when I go to CV04N, and enter the Document Type and go to object link tab, I can see 2 tabs. But one of these tabs has Batch & Plant Column and the other tab has only Batch column.
    Please help me out with this. Thank you.

  • Link Archive documents to PO & PR ITEMS

    Hi All,
      We are able to link Documents stored in Content Repository to PR & PO at Header level using FM ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT using  object BUS2012 and BUS2015
    We would also like to link documents at item level , Please guide on how we can link documents stored in Content Rep. with PR & PO Items.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Kumar,
    Kindly check it's in standard objects list in SAP DMS. For item level you need not any development. It's available in standrad SAP DMS object links.
    There is a object Purchase Order Item and you can link to it while defining object links for document types in DC10.
    Hope this will resolve the query.

  • Custom Object Link in DMS

      I need to create Object Link For Inspection lot (table QALS). I followed the steps like Maintain Screen for Object Link, Maintain Key Fields ,Define Object Links for Document Type and implemented BADI DOCUMENT_OBJ. And the object link record is successfully creating in DRAD table. Where as the record is not updating in QALS table(Inspection Lot table). I have a question here, Do i need to save explicitly in QALS table through coding?

    When you are saving the object link in the Document Info Record(DIR), at that point of time itself, it can be updated in the QALS table via User exit / BADi.
    secondly, you had to get some coding for displaying of DIR  as additional data in the display screen of inspection lot.
    The technical consultant will help you in doing the coding and identification of user exit/ BADi.

  • Screen Numbers required for object links

    i am unable to add few object links to a document type as i dont have the screen number for the object links.  Can anyone give me the screen numbers of the following object links
    L     Object     Object Desc.     Screen Number
    EN     AENR     Change Number     
    EN     AFPO     PROD ORDER     
    EN     ANLA     Asset     
    EN     ESTLP     Subst.rep.gen.var.     
    EN     ESTRH     Substance master     
    EN     NFAL     Case     
    EN     NORG     Organizational unit     
    EN     NPAT     Patient     
    EN     PLPO     TASK LIST     
    EN     PMQMEL     PM notifications     
    EN     VORGNET     Network
    Also, it would be of great help if i can get how to find these screen numbers and also the comprehensive list of all the possible default SAP object links a Document type can have!
    Edited by: sujatha sirobhushanam on Jan 15, 2009 8:07 AM

    In IMG settings you will find required link
    Doc. Mang.->control data->Maintain screens for object link
    & req. screens are
    AENR Change Number -218
    ANLA Asset -225
    ESTLP Subst.rep.gen.var. -232
    ESTRH Substance master -231
    NFAL Case -208
    NORG Organizational unit -209
    NPAT Patient -203
    PMQMEL PM notifications -235
    VORGNET Network-226
    consider points if useful...

  • Copying Documents Object Links attached to BOM Headers & Items in Prod Ord

    Dear Gurus,
    I've created a BOM for an assembly. This BOM has document assignments at 3 places -
    1. BOM Header level (in BOM Header overview - Document Assignment tab)
    2. BOM Item level (in BOM Item: All Data - Document Assignment tab)
    3. Document assigned as a BOM Item with Item Category D (in BOM General ITem overview - Document tab)
    When I create the Production Order for this assembly, only the document that is assigned as a BOM Item with Item Category D (point#3 above) is copied into the order.
    I'm not able to view the document links for the documents as described in points 1 and 2 above.
    The necessary configurations in Production Scheduling Profile have been done for integration with DMS.
    I need to know if there is a way (probably through some user exit, BADI or by implementing some SAP Note), the object links for documents attached to BOM Header and BOM Items can also be transferred to a Production Order.
    Please help me out in resolving this issue as it is a very critical requirement of the client.
    With Regards,

    Hi Niraj,
    If you follow following path in the Production Order Header. click on the Document Overview (SHIFT+F7) Button
    You could be able to see the Links for Material Master attached Documents. there is a Button for BOM origin documents. I tried but it didnt worked. I hope it works for you. If it works for you. Please let me know.
    Ravi S Bijjala

  • Document Object Linking with Material

    Dear All,
                  I have a small query regaridng the object linking between document and material. Whenever i create part in CAD system, i am creating a document and material for the part in the SAP PLM system using the CAD Interface. Then if i log onto the SAP PLM system under document i am able to see the linked material in object links. Where as i am not able to see the document link in the material basic data screen.
                   Where can i found the document linkage information for the material in material master screens.

    Hi Rajesh,
    in transactions MM02 and MM03 you have to go to the "Additional Data" Screen. Please use the button and then switch to the "Document Data" tab. Here you should be able to see the linked document info record.
    Best regards,
    P.S.: Please reward points for usefull informations.

  • SAP Easy DMS - Link between Document Area and Document Types

    Deat Friends,
    Is there a transaction code or a customizing available to link the Document Area and Document Types??
    For example: Document Area (DMS) is linked with Document Type (DRW)
    Thank you,

    Hello Chandu,
    We are trying to create a documents via TCODE: CVO1N
    One of the entry we need to populate is the "DOCUMENT TYPE" to create a document. If, we enter the Document Type = DRW, we are not able to see our custom Storage Category while attaching/Check-in a document.
    Where as, If, we enter the Document Type = DMO, we are able to see our custom Storage Category while attaching/Check-in a document.
    I see that the Document Type = DRW is linked to Document Area = DMS
    Similarly, the Document Type = DMO is linked to Document Area = FILESYSTEM
    My question is, Is there a transaction code or a customizing option available to link the Document Area and Document Type?
    Thank you,

  • Link DMS document to Sales Order

    Hello -
    Currenlty, our Quality Department manually opens each applicable sales order and manually attaches a required document via the "Extras/Documents" path from within VA02 menu bar. It is extremely time consuming.
    I want to know if it is possible to automatically attach a "linked document" to a sales order after it has been saved? I'd like to create/run a batch job that loops through these sales orders, and if applicable, attaches the "linked document". DMS is setup and working and the document that I need to attach is ready. I don't know where I need to put the record of this "link". I can see all of the "links" via CV03N (Object Links/Sales Document Item), but I don't know how they get there.
    Any advice or link to documentation would be greatly appreciated.

    Benakaraj ES -
    A few more questions with BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2.
    Here is the FM. Can you assist in helping me establish which parameters I need to provide?
    Sales Order: 2142342 with one line item.
    PART: 000 (DRAW-DOKTL)
    VER: 00 (DRAW-DOKVR)                                     
        documentdata                           = ls_doc
        HOSTNAME                             =
        DOCBOMVALIDFROM              =
        CAD_MODE                             = ' '
        PF_FTP_DEST                         = ' '
        PF_HTTP_DEST                       = ' '
        documenttype                 = lf_doctype
        documentnumber             = lf_docnumber
        documentpart                  = lf_docpart
        documentversion             = lf_docversion
        return                             = ls_return
        CLASSALLOCATIONS              =
        OBJECTLINKS                         = lt_drad
        DOCUMENTSTRUCTURE         =
        DOCUMENTFILES                   =
        LONGTEXTS                           =
        COMPONENTS                       =
    I see that there is an objectlinks table which I assume is used to create the link between the document and VA02/VA03. The underlying structure for the objectlinks table is BAPI_DOC_DRAD. I'm not clear on what values I need to add to this table when calling the BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2. FM.??
    Any advice on how to fill stucture BAPI_DOC_DRAD?
    Also, I don't want to create any documents. The document already exists. I just want to establish a link. Can I do that without creating a document that already exists?

  • Link DMS Document to Report

    Hello I created a PDF documentation for a report and
    want to link it with a SAP report (called by transaction SA38)
    I created a DMS document by transaction CV01N
    created document links to report, transaction and
    developement object R3TR/PROG/<report name>
    and also transaction R3TR/TRAN/<transaction>
    I released the document (status).
    But I do not know how to make this documentation
    available from selection screen of report.
    Can anybody help me with this task?
    Thank you
    [other Keywords: CV02N CV03N]

    Hi Matthias
    Whenever you create a DIR  for Example with parameters
    Docuemnt Number   - 100005
    Document Type - DRW
    Part - 000
    Version - 00
    You can Link this DIR with Standard SAP Object such as Material Master ( MARA ) , Vendor Master ( LFA1 ) , Customer ( KNA1)  in DC10 ( Define Document Types > Define Object Links ).
    In this Standard SAP Object are available that can be linked to Document Type. If the Object you desire to link to SAP DMS DIR is not available the you will have to do ABAP Developement to link your desired object to DIR in SAP DMS.
    Check this Link
    Check your Object which you want to link to SAP DMS. if not the Follow the procedure given in link.
    Hope this information is usefull to you.
    With Regards
    Mangesh Pande

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