Adding older podcast to iPod.

I wish to add an older podcast to my ipod. How do you add older podcasts to the iPod instead of only current ones?

Download the podcast either using podcast subscription or directly from producer. If you have to download from producer's website then add the files to your library. They will not go to podcast section in iPod.
Correction. Using one of the scripts available here a Mac user can put manually downloaded episodes into podcast area.
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  • Unable to check/uncheck older podcast episodes in iPod sync to iTunes 11.0

    I have a few podcasts in my iTunes where I have saved a large number of episodes. Now I have upgraded to the new version of iTunes I unable to check/uncheck older podcast episodes from iPod syncing - the finder window won't scroll to the bottom of the list, and just 'bounces' after scrolling past a certain number!
    Not sure if this is a bug, or I'm overlooking something.

    I have the same problem.  Scrolling does not work in the iPod podcast list panel, but it works in every other panel or window in iTunes...

  • How to add back older, played podcasts to iPod?

    I cleared out some room from my nano and now I'd like to put back some of the podcasts that I removed to sacrifice for others. However, when I add them back iTunes says it's copying them but they don't show up on the nano. I'm assuming this is because it's still set to sync all unplayed podcasts. But when I remove that preference it deletes all the podcasts from the nano. When I put back on any variation of podcast sync, I can't get these back in because they're not recent or unplayed. Uncheck the sync button and I get nothing again. Can I really not add any older podcasts back in while any kind of sync is checked (since unchecking it kills the whole deal) ?
    These podcasts exist in the iTunes folder, but I can't manually or otherwise get them back into the nano. : )

    Well, I've discovered this much: If I drag it from the library onto the iPod icon it will say it's copying but not actually put it in the iPod. They're videos but iTunes will not let me drag them onto the video folder...
    If I create a new video playlist in the iPod it will allow me to drag it in there as if it were a normal, non-podcast video.
    So that gets me part of the way there. Now, how can I put it back with the other podcasts from the same show? iTunes won't let me just drag it there from the video playlist.

  • Cannot delete podcast on iPod

    I need to add me into this AD, I cannot delete Podcast from my iPOD, using different computer and manually sync, deleted Podcast on my computer (all), but older Podcast still appear in my iPOD and even if I re-subscribe to the Podcast, the Podcast will not be visible in iTunes or even is able to be deleted. Please get a workaround done.

    By accident (I have read the manual), and I have found a solution.
    You've saved some Podcast on your iPod but these Podcast doen't appear in your iTunes Libary so you're not able to delete them from your iPod.
    Just opoen the Folder Movies/Podcast on your iPOD
    The Podcast will be shown on your iPod
    Swipe with your finger from left to right or rigth to left over the podcast; you will see that your iPod will open the "Edit" menue were you're able to delete selected Podcast.
    Have fun.

  • Sync podcasts with iPod touch 4gen

    my iPod touch 4gen will no longer sync podcasts without the podcast app. app store says it requires iOS7 to get podcast app. iPod update says it has the latest iOS, 6.1.6. i have tried to manually update, keeps saying i have the latest. any suggestions? a workaround the still get new podcasts? thanks!

    You should be able to download the app by:
    Starting when iOS 7 was released, Apple now allows downloading the last compatible version of some apps (iOS 4.2.1 and later only)
    App Store: Downloading Older Versions of Apps on iOS - Apple Club
    App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app
    You first have to download the non-compatible version on your computer. Then when you try to purchase the version on your iPod you will be offered a compatible version if one exists.

  • New podcast format - unable to download older podcasts

    It seems they made a change to the podcasts setup.
    Previously, when I wanted an older podcast there was a button to 'get episode'
    now I don't see this option. Many podcasters do 3 a day. OK the thing is that i Unsubscribe each day, so when I subscribe again the next time, I only get one episode.

    Philky001 wrote:
    For space reasons.
    How does that work if you re-subscribe _each day_ and you're trying to get the episodes you missed?
    But the issue is, take someone new, you just discovered a new podcast. How do you get all the previous podcasts to your ipod?
    It depends upon the Podcast. In Windows XP, right-click the Podcast title in your *Podcast Library* after you have downloaded at least one episode. On the context menu is *Update Podcast* and selecting this will download the latest episode while other episodes will be displayed (greyed out as you don't have them) in your library list. Click on Get or *Get All* as required. Now - here's the difference - some Podcasters remove older episodes after a time and this time varies. For instance, the BBC (here in the UK) make only the current episode of weekly programmes available, removing older ones. One Podcast I follow leaves the current and the one previous episode available. There are several and reasons why they do this, but it usually boils down to copyright.
    Tiesto's Podcast - forget it - once again, it's removed for copyright reasons beyond Tiesto's control. In this situation, you (usually) cannot get the old episodes, although for Tiesto, he does make them available on YouTube, but it's not quite the answer you want, is it?.

  • Playing manually added Video Podcasts?

    I have a 5th Gen (60GB) and I update some podcasts manually and other automatically.
    When I manually add a Video Podcast to my iPod, it does not add to the Videos>Video Podcasts directory, nor to the music directory. I've managed to get around this issue by creating a podcast playlist which finds the video and allows access through Video>Video Playlists>
    Is there another, more reasonable option?
    P.S. I assume my issues are related to my desire to automatically sync some podcasts and add others manually (an option "available" in the iPod Preferences, right?) and my solution may ultimately be to do everything automatically or manually, but I'd rather not.
    Thanks in advance for all replies!

    I have exactly the same problem with a 5th Gen 30GB. The onlyu way to view manually-added video podcasts seems to be the way you suggest: to create a playlist. It's the same for audio podcasts, incidentally.

  • Podcasts on iPod 30GB, not showing up in iTunes

    A long time ago, I downloaded some Podcasts onto my iPod 30GB Video. The Podcasts do not show up in the Podcast directory on the iPod, but rather in the Artists directory. When I go into iTunes (latest version), the podcasts do not show up anywhere. I want to delete them because they take up a lot of memory, but since I cannot find them, how can I delete them?

    I have essentially the same problem with my 120GB iPod. Managing from iTunes 9 in XP, some of the podcasts that I add end up in the podcast section of the iPod and some don't. When they don't, the only way I can access them is by searching for their title. They don't show up as "music" "audiobooks" or "podcasts"--they just don't exist until I search for them. In iTunes they do not show up at all. I have no way to delete them and listening to them is a big pain.
    This has happened under two different sets of circumstances: (1) adding a downloaded mp3 to my library and manually defining it as a podcast and (2) manually adding a podcast link and dragging over the file once it downloaded. Obviously, I have sync disabled and manually manage everything.
    This is a strange problem and I'm not optimistic that a solution exists. If one does, I'd be anxious to hear about it.

  • Video Podcast on iPod Classic vs iPhone 4

    Some video podcasts will not load onto my iPod classic but WILL on my iPhone 4. I'm using iTunes 10 on a macbook. i read on this forum about converting video podcasts to iPod format, and that it doesn't always work. I'm just trying to find out why there is a difference between the iPod and the iPhone.

    I have also noticed that of the 4 video podcasts I have tried to download on my iPod classic, the only one that was successful had a bit rate, total bit rate, and size in MB that was approx double of what the other three had. I also have, since my last post, tried to convert the podcasts to an " iPod version" from the ADVANCED drop down menu in the iTunes toolbar, but it made no difference.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Where can I get an older copy of IPOD software?

    Where can I get an older copy of IPOD software?

    Which is it you want? I have older versions of the iPod software updater and now via this website: I think I can send it for you to download.

  • Adding new podcasts - not showing up in iTunes music store

    Is there some sort of manual process that must be undertaken when you add a new podcast to your site, to get it to show up in itms?
    I successfully added my podcast series (had two of them ready to go) and submitted to ITMS. They accepted it, and it shows up just fine there. But after adding a third episode last night, it still only shows two episodes this morning.
    Is there something more I must do?

    OK, I got it to work by running the feed through
    feedvalidator and fixing all the errors. The wierd
    thing is that the xml file was created by a program
    called RSSBuddy, so it shouldn't have been messed up.
    Interesting. I suspect that the XML parser used by the iTunes Store is fussier than the iTunes software itself!
    I guess I need to find a new program for editing the
    RSS feed. Any recommendations?
    If you're on a Mac then Podcast Maker is a great choice. For Windows there's a product made by Feed4All.

  • Re-adding old podcasts after not being able to back up library problem

    Due to some PC problems, I was able to backup my iTunes folder manually via copying to a external hardrive but was unable to backup the library - what is the best way to re-add properly all my old podcasts so they accessible properly? I have tried to the method listed in but this added the podcasts to my main music library but not all of the podcasts are available in iTunes but are present as their files

    well, have you tried renaming the files? sometime videora does this to you and i found taht if you just rename the files for sakes of converting, it'll actually convert it and not just abort the conversion. give it a try
    oh and how do u like lost? i'm can't wait for the next episode right now. i wonder what jack's going to do to anna lousa for shooting shannon.

  • Trying to add kgo podcast to ipod nano

    tryingtoadd kgo radio podcast to ipod nano using itunes

    You can only transfer music and videos through iTunes. If computer/laptop music folders is what you mean of "existing library", then it would not be possible. Add your files first to iTunes then sync.

  • HT204074 I need to de-authorized older macbook and iPods. I went through manage my account, read support, but there is not a choice to list devices and select to de-authorized device, only de-authorize all! I have several old devices and need to add new p

    I need to de-authorize older macbook and ipods. I read support for Itunes via my account. Directions to "manage devices", but only choice is to deauthorize all computers.  How can I get list of all devices?  My account says four devices are alread authorized under my ID, but does not list them. Please advise. thanks.

    The title of my initial post is a bit misleading. I already took a chance deleting one of the iPhones, hoping if I deleted the wrong one, I can still reauthorize it (all with the same Apple ID acct, so not subject to 90-day waiting period, right?) The iTunes database just updated itself, and it says I have 4 "devices" "in the Cloud", but 5 "computers" associated w my account. How can I find out what computers are associated? Isn't there a list I can see? I dont have a clue what computers they might be. If I use the  "Deauthorize All" option, is it a pain to add them all back in. I assume I would have to log in from each computer to reauthorize each one. Would I have to be running the newest OS or version of iTunes to reauthorize? I think I have a PowerBook G4 Titanium with an older OS and iTunes. I'd like to keep that authorized, if possible.

  • Downloaded podcast with ipod touch 2g showing like video

    I have ipod touch 2g. When i download audio podcast with ipod touch its showing like it is video podcast. After connecting ipod touch with PC all ok showing like audio podcast. What could be wrong? Sorry if i posted in wrong place.

    I already have the Radio Tiesto episode 110 on my Touch (2G), it does not show as video and when I started it running, it played as audio only, as I expect. So why yours should show as video, I've no idea. Episode 80 of the "State of Trance" is no longer showing up in iTunes, so I'm currently downloading ep81, which looks as though it is an audio file. I'll post again if I discover it's not. I already have ep77, but that's on my Classic. However, in iTunes it shows as audio.
    So, I've no idea why this should be, although as you noted, it only happens when you download directly onto the Touch. Perhaps you need to report a bug via feedback, sorry, I can't find the page to link to at the moment.
    The best workaround for now would be to subscribe in iTunes, let iTunes download them when you are there (but you can set iTunes to automatically download when you are away) and then Sync episodes.

Maybe you are looking for

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