Adding vendor name to Position part in report Payment List - s_p99_41000099

How can I add Vendor Name to detail level of the Payment List report (transaction s_p99_41000099). Change Layout window allows to add Vendor Name to the header level and Vendor Number to the detail level. Users want to export report into Excel and then sort/filter it by vendor name at the detail level.
Is there any way to add vendor name to the list of columns available at detail level?
Thanks in advance.

Resolved by using Check Register

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    If ur selection creteria by g/l account,u can display customer/vendor name by including
    offset account from form settings.

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    You may develop a Query like this
    SELECT T0.CheckNum, T0.PmntNum, T0.VendorCode, T0.VendorName,  T0.TaxDate, T0.CreateDate, T0.PrnConfrm, T0.CHECKSUM FROM OCHO T0
    WHERE T0.Canceled = 'N' AND (T0.CheckDate BETWEEN  '[[%0]]' AND '[[%1]]') OR (T0.CheckNum BETWEEN '[[%2]]' AND '[[%3]]')

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    Please help me.

    In the Standard Reports, you cannot add a new column.
    As mentioned by me earlier, please check 'Offset Account Name' column in the Form Settings if the same is of help in your case.
    You can check Note No. [1045356|] regarding the issue. The same has been fixed in 2005 A PL23.
    Kind Regards,
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • FBL3N adding vendor name to line item display

    Our users require the vendor name to be displayed on the G/L line item layout when they execute FBL3N.  I was able to get the vendor number to display through the use of Offsetting account number.  Is there a way through standard config to also pull in the associated vendor name?
    Thanks in advance,

    Take a look at the following thread: adding a field to FBL3N
    Edited by: Jaroslaw Cichon on Feb 19, 2009 3:15 PM

  • Adding vendor name to 0FIAP_M30_Q0003

    I need your expertise as I'm fairly new to BW. Our users want to add the vendor name to the 0FIAP_M30_Q0003 BW BEx reports. Do do I go about this?

    Hi Teo,
    Your report name it self - Vendors: Overdue Analysis.
    Means your report mush and should the vendor,
    please explore your report by checking rows,free chars area and filters.
    Check in rows, you may see info object 0creditor - its vendor.
    So you don't need add any extra objects.its standard report.
    if you maintained text data for 0CREDITOR info object then you can set display properties as key and text at bex level.

  • FI Report to display Profit center and Vendor name

    We are using 6.0 version.
    Can you please suggest a Standard report which can give me the Actual line items with GL line item detail with Vendor name & Profit center.
    FAGLL03, is not giving me Vendor name.
    Please advise.

    This FAGLL03 for GL account line item display.
    Here you can see all the GL account for example if you are looking Salary accout how you will expect th vendor name over there.
    Vendor display is different area right
    If you want add vendor in the FAGLL03, the go to SHD0 added vendor name there and complete the steps

  • Display Vendor name in vendinvoice Report

    hi expert i have little query , in ax 2012 R3 there is report vend-invoice Report, actually i want to display vendor name on that report,by default there is no vendor name,for this i just added vendor name(extended data type) in vendinvoice temp table,and
    then just reference that field in class of vendinvoice,rebuild the ax,and in vs2012  add that field in report design ,and depolye ,but still the vendor name not does not showed in report...plz guide me..

    Hi Munsifuv,
    Is this a question about Power Query? If not, I'd recommend directing your question to a Dynamics Ax forum.

  • Vendor name field in FBL3N report

    Hi Experts,
    Requirement : In Fbl3n report Vendor name required for vendor code in vendor field and not in offseting account field.
    Action taken : Through spro vendor field has been added to fbl3n report.Now BTE 1650 has been activated.In function module ZF_INTERFACE_00001650 in importing parameter i_postab there is no field for getting vendor codes that are displayed in vendor field in FBL3N report.So i cannot get not get name of vendor codes.
    One option i know is i am getting PO no from i_postab,so from PO NO i can get vendor code and hence vendor name.
    Is there any other way of getting vendor codes in function module mentioned above.
    Please suggest.
    Kaustubh Kabre.

    Refer the below link
    [New fields in FBL3N report]
    Surendar Reddy.

  • To bring the Vendor name & Code in FBL3N Report

    Hi Friends,
    As we need to bring the Vendor name / Code in FBL3N report, we have given the settings in the SPRO ( SPRO>Financial Accounting>General Ledger Accounting>G/L Accounts->Line items>Line items Display-->Define special fields for finding and sorting data ) by putting of BSEG table and assigned the same with LIFNR field and transported the same to Development server for testing, but after transport, the above requirements are NOT coming while we run the FBL3N report,
    Please guide me to bring the same in FBL3N as it is important requirement for us.
    G. Jana

    If you are on ECC 6.0 you can use report FAGLL03. However, if you need to get vendor name also, you need to do refer to link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • Vendor name in FBLN Report

    Hi Experts,
    How can i add the vendor name in FBLN standard reports. I have checked in hidden fields but vendor name option is not there.
    Please .....
    Thanks in Advance

    You can refer the below link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Hope this will help you

  • Supress Vendor name in std report S_ALR_87012103 - Vendors: Items

    Hi ,
    I am using report 'S_ALR_87012103 - Vendors: Items -> List of Vendor Line Items' to list the vendor open items and in the output the vendor name with address is displayed, I want to supress name and address so that when I download to excel it will easier for me to change the columns.

    Try using FBL1N instead of this report, which does not show address.

  • Report GL Account Line Item with vendor name and VAT registration number

    Is there any standard SAP report/inquiry for GL Account Line Item like FBL3N, with information vendor name and VAT Registration Number (field STCEG) without using ABAP.

    We can get purchase register through T.Code: 'J1I2' by specifying condition types and tax codes.
    We can't get 100% report from this T.Code.
    Check it once.
    Padmaja N.

  • Report for vendor no., vendor name for good receipt documents on KSB1

    My client needs vendors on KSB1 report. I told them about offseting  account, but it doesn't show vendor for good receipt documents.
    Is there any place else they can view vendor, vendor name for those good receipt documents .
    Any MM report or AP report .

    Please go to FBL1N, In Dynamic Selection give document as "WE", this will give and enable Purchase Order Number
    This will give you Vendor Name, Purchase Order and  FI Document number or u can try MB51, there you will not get Vendor Name, but you will get Vendor Code, Material Document Number and Purchase Order Number
    Edited by: View_taurian on Oct 22, 2011 12:01 AM

  • Cost center report with Vendor name

    Hi All,
    I need a cost center report which shows Vendor name and number.
    I tried with report S_ALR_87013611 but it is not displaying Vendor name for the expenses which is posted in MIGO.
    It is showing the offset A/c as GR/IR clearing a/c.
    Any other report or query I can make this.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Shanu
    There is a workaround
    When you post expense Dr to Vendor Cr - Use substitution exit RGGBS000 and populate Vendor no / name in a Text Field like SGTXT/.. You need to write FI Substitution in OBBH for this
    After this, implement the exit COOMEP01 to fetch SGTXT in CO Line item reports KSB1... It will also be visible in S_ALR reports
    Include SGTXT in the Structure CI_RKPOS
    Sample code of COOMEP01 is as below
    The code is written in include ZXKAEPU01 of EXIT_SAPLKAEP_001
      INTO (cs_record-vbel2, cs_record-SGTXT)
                 WHERE bukrs = cs_record-refbk
                   AND belnr = cs_record-refbn
                   AND gjahr = cs_record-refgj
                   AND buzei = cs_record-refbz.
    br, Ajay M

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