Additional field in standard MSS iView

Hello all,
We have created a new custom infotype (IT9915) in which we intend to hold some disability information.
We would like to display one of this infotypes fields within MSS in the 'Employee Profile' page, 'General Data' iView.
I have little JSP development knowledge but I can find and read the JSP program for this iView.
Within the code I can see that you can extract field values from a call to a 'Resource Bundle' component request.
My question is:
Where and how do I add code so that the field (eg PA9915-DISABILITY) is added to the resource bundle and enable me to subsequently reference and extract it within the 'General Data' iView program?
Many thanks in advance,

U can create a new table view like V_TKZU3_CO, insert your new fields and create the maintenance view program for it.

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    Hi All,
    I need to add one more field in my standard solman iview which gives only 4 fields and 1 radio button. I require 5 fields and one radio button.
    How can I add an additional field in standard iview?
    Is there any other solman iview which I can use?
    Please Advise.
    Thanks & Regards,

    you should have system administrator role to work with par file.
    go to system administration -support-portal runtimeBrowse deployment-look for something and download it.
    you can import that into NWDS and start modifying the jsp files.
    When you import par files into NWDS jar file will be missing in the directory strucuture so you need to add it manually.once you do the changes deploy the par file from NWDS and upload it Portal using system administration-support-portal runtime-administration console-upload
    check these links for more info
    If any issue revert to me
    Bala Duvvuri

  • Additional Field in standard maintenance view

    Hi Experts,
    I would like to add an additional field plant in maintenance view V_TKZU3_CO (SPRO PATH: Controlling --> Product cost controlling -->Product cost planning --> Basic settings for material costing -->Overhead -->Define costing sheets ).
    What I'm planning to do is to modify the standard maintenance view V_TKZU3_CO and regenerate the table maintenance generator so that the new field will be added and populate a ztable a copy of table TKZU3 + plant...
    However what I'm afraid of is when I regenerated the table maintenance generator using the standard function group OCOE, it might impact some other standard object included..
    Do you have any idea on how can I add the additional field without modifying the standard? Or if I will apply the standard modification I'm planning.. what are the possible impacts?
    Thanks in advance!

    U can create a new table view like V_TKZU3_CO, insert your new fields and create the maintenance view program for it.

  • How to add Additional fields in standard SAP Report RMCLOBJVN ,TCODE CL6BN

    i am facing problem in Report RMclobjvn , TCODE is CL6BN
    i have to add some additional fields on the result screen.
    but when i search inside the report i could not retrieve any user exits but through a search utility i got 4 user exits of which 2 seem to be useful.these are
    <b>Exit name
    CLCLRS01  Additional Fields on the Result Screen
    CLCLRS02  Fill the Additional Fields on the Result Screen</b>
    i activated the these exits and have tried putting in break point in side the include.
    But the problem is this that
    [<b>b]that CL6BN Tcode is not triggering anyhow these userexits.</b></b>
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    Hai Manish
    Check the following Links
    You can do it in two ways using append structure or include structure of that standard table.
    once you added , you need to adjust it and activate using the menu utilities->data base utulity-> Activate and Adjust .
    check this SAP help..
    for append structure
    for include structure.

  • Error in the Standard MSS iview?

    I am using "startprocess" mss iview from Content Provided By Sap,when click on preview it shows bellow error.But same iview is working in my Development System.
    com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException: Failed in WD JNDI lookup. javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: No child found in WebDynproContext with name mss~hras
        at com.sapportals.portal.ivs.iviews.IviewServiceObjectFactory.getObjectInstance(
        ... 40 more Failed to load page
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at Method)
    Caused by: javax.naming.NamingException: Failed in WD JNDI lookup. javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: No child found in WebDynproContext with name msshras [Root exception is com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException: Failed in WD JNDI lookup. javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: No child found in WebDynproContext with name msshras]
         at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(
         ... 31 more
    Caused by: com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException: Failed in WD JNDI lookup. javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: No child found in WebDynproContext with name mss~hras
         at com.sapportals.portal.ivs.iviews.IviewServiceObjectFactory.getObjectInstance(
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.jndisupport.DirectoryManager.getObjectInstance(
         ... 38 more
    Please guide me to solve the problem

    No child found in WebDynproContext with name "mss~hras  "
    check the code where you define that.
    see the thhread below which is similar issue
    Description attribute of PCD element
    Points are welcome if it is helpful
    Koti Reddy

  • Bringing additional field in "Personal Data" iView

    Hi All,
    This problem might have been discussed on SDN, but I could not locate any concrete solution so posting new question.
    We are implementing ESS for multiple countries including US, UK , Japan. Language is english only.
    For ESS > Personal Data application, we would like to have Suffix field avaialble on the iView.
    There is a field for Suffix in Infotype 0002, but there is no field on the iView.
    Questions are :
    (1) How this can be brought in the iView?
    (2) Can this be done using any configuration or need customization using NWDI ?
    (3) Does a single process or config will make it available in iViews of all countries?
    Thanking in anticipation.

    Hi Rajesh
    Each ESS service is country specific therefore it has to be customizied by country
    Regarding adding fields you would normally do this by "Inserting a child" into the relevant views transparent container
    - modifying by NWDS is only part of the customization - you still need to ensure the model recognises the
    field and passes values to and from the Portal with the correct business logic
    I also found the following which may be of interest -->
    Best wishes

  • Adding additional fields on standard SAP pop up box

    Hi Experts!!
    I have to enhance IT0378(Adjustment Reasons) with additional fields. Same time I have to enhance a pop box wich is generating  in IT0171( General Benefits) in CE workbench.
    ( if you click on workbench, we get a popbox with a statement ' Benefit data for other Personnel assignments' . Selet green right mark with name 'work bench'. It will take you to Concurrent Employment Benefit Workbench screen. Choose any position in the left side then select create Adjustement reason button. you will get a pop box. Exaclty here i have to add the fields whatever i am going to enhace in IT0378 )
    Could you please give some easy steps to get it done.
    Ravi Visarapu.

  • Changing MSS iviews

    Hi All,
    We've installed the MSS business package and some of the components don't have the required functionality. We'd like to add an additional field to an MSS iview. I've found the PAR file which has the JSP, images, xml files and the class files but doesn't contain the Java code itself ( unlike the components we've written ).
    What is the recommended method to add the new field into the iview / component ? Do SAP provide the Java code for each component on request ?
    I suppose I could decompile the class files but this is messy.

    Hello Richard,
    My impression has been that more or less, if you want to add  functionality to an existing SAP MSS iView you are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.  To my knowledge, SAP does not provide the source for the iViews and somewhere in this forum there was a discussion about the legalities etc., regarding decompiling SAP iViews.  But really, when it comes down to it, if you are adding minor functionality to an existing MSS iView... do you really want to recode the whole thing?  Probably not...

  • How to add additional fields to zreport which contains standard report code

    Hi Experts,
    In order to add additional fields to standard report i copied the code into zreport but i am unable to  add additonal field into report because the code is looking so complex.
    standard report:AQZZ/SAPQUERY/FKF1============
    sapmenu->accounting->financial accounting->accounts payable->information system->reports for accounts payable accounting->master data->S_ALR_87012087-Addresslist.
    Additional feilds to add is :Region,company code,country
    Please let me know how toidentify ALV and guide me how to solve this.

    Hello Naresh,
    First check whether these three fields are available in the text elements area.
    Please write your code in the subroutine %comp_ldesc.
    Repeat the code for your three new fields
    perform ldesc(rsaqexce) using 'G00010000X010       00  A1'
        %txt1 %txt2 %txt3 'LFA1-LIFNR' LFA1-LIFNR 'LFA1-LIFNR'.
      read table %textpool_langu into %textpool_langu_line
                                 with key ID = 'I' key = 'A01'.
      if sy-subrc is initial. %txt1 = %textpool_langu_line-entry.
      else. %txt1 = %txt_unknown.
    So this subroutine will give you the basic list. Now Program is creating ALV with this basic list. So I think you don't need to worry about that. Please have a thorugh look at the code over this perform, and write accordingly.
    I think this is enoogh.
    Please update if you got the solution, which will be informative for others.
    Antony Thomas
    Edited by: Antony Thomas on Jul 27, 2010 7:57 AM

  • Additional field in report S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet

    This is with reference to report S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet .
    I want to add quantity, location etc in this report.
    can anybody guide me how to add these additional field in this report as in configuration no such option available.

    this is decribed explicitely and detailed in the WIKI entry Include additional fields in Standard Fixed Asset ALV reports.
    That´s much faster then enhancing the report. Further more you would still operate on a standard report, not a copy based on the standard report.

  • Modify standard Java Iview ?

    I would like to modify in our system (EP 6 SP 2) the standard MSS Iview "General Data" by deleting some information and adding some specific data.
    I have questions about the following steps:
    - with a Java Developer Role, where can I get the .par file in the portal?
    - with the .par file, could I import it in NWDS or could I modify it directly by decompiling the java classe?

    Hi Jerome,
          Changes to the MSS business package should be performed using NWDI as these iViews were developed using webdynpro.Please refer my blog for more details,
    <a href="">ESS/MSS iView Customization</a>
    Hope it helps.
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  • Additional Fields in Organizational Assignment Info type

    Can we add additional fields in an organizational info type?

    Yes you can add new fields in the standard info types also.
    Through transaction PM01 can you specify that additional field is standard field or customized field. if it standard you can do with the help of screen modifier. if it is custom then use PM01.
    if it is custom field, this will help you:
    Additional fields on Infotypes form of MasterData application
    if standard field, check this:
    How to add a new field using PM01 Transaction
    Best Regards,
    praneeth kumar

  • Empty MSS  iView

    Hi all,
    We are currently implementing portal project with EP7.0 (ESS Business package 50.4 and MSS Business package 60.1) connect to R/3 4.6c. The ESS iview and customised WDA iview are working fine without any problem. However, we stuck with the problem that the standard MSS iview display empty.
    Based on our understanding, this could be the issue that we are lack of EA and PI plugin in R/3. However, it seems that the EA and PI plugin are only available for 4.7 but not 4.6c.
    1) Any idea what could be causing the empty MSS iview?
    2) If R/3 plugin indeed is the issue, any idea what plugin should we use for 4.6c? 
    Appreciate for any feedback or idea!

    Is the iView empty when you preview it?  I had this problem and then assigned the iview to a role so it loaded when a user logged on and it worked.

  • Additional field in MSS Leave Application

    In standard Leave application the leave request is sent to a person and he approves, i need a two step approval, so here are my questions,
    is it possible to add additional fields in the portal application for leave which is a standard. are there anyways to do this.
    secondly i think i have to make a new workflow am i right?

    File has the list of columns to display, almost at the end.
    Add your text attribute here, e.g.
    This works for other columns, like WFTaskConstants.ASSIGNEEGROUPS_COLUMN,
    but I'm currently struggling with WFTaskConstants.TEXTATTRIBUTE3_COLUMN.
    Even if this is the only change I make, the WorklistApp crashes in my environment.

  • Addition of extra fields in Standard report

    Hello Friends,
                  I just wanted to add some extra fields in the standard report MB51, MB52 & MC.1. I wanted to add some of the fields from Basic data1 & 2 screen.
                  is there any method to do this.

    Please check the folloiwng :
    For MB51/MB51 -Additonal field : SAP note 357187
    Refer this useful theard  from expert : Re: req additional fields in MB51

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