Address book names are now sorted by first name.

After installing Snow Leopard my mail it is now sorted alphabetically by the first name, not the last. How do I change it back?

I just talked to an Apple Product Specialist about the change in Address Book searching with Snow Leopard. Here is where it stands right now:
In all previous versions of Address Book, the user could simply type 'T' to instantly go to contacts with last names that start with 'T' (and businesses that start with 'T').
In Snow Leopard, Address Book can no longer search with one letter the way it did before; it uses a 'Spotlight' type of search where the user must type the full name in order to get an exact match. This type of searching is useful for finding documents on the Mac or searching the Internet, but is totally inefficient for finding contacts in Address Book.
It sounds like someone at Apple decided this was a better way to search for contacts, because this change in search method is described in the new Address Book 'Help' file; it says, "As you type, Address Book begins to search all the information on the cards, including notes, and displays matching contacts, with the matching text highlighted in each card." For example, let's say someone used to type 'T' to search for a contact named Bill Tilman. Now what happens is that Address Book stops at the first person who's first name starts with 'T', and highlights all the T's in the person's card (the T in 'telephone', the T in 'Street', etc. The user must now scroll through all their contacts manually to find Bill Tilman, or else manually type out the complete name 'Bill Tilman'. (If they just type 'Bill', they will only get the first person named Bill.)
I hope Apple will reconsider and will allow Address Book to do the quick one-letter searches by last name (as opposed to 'Sort' by last name, which it still has) like it used to. (Or at least make this a choice in Address Book Preferences.) This would also be more compatible with the way iPhone searches for contacts; when you select a letter in the iPhone's contacts, it finds contacts who's last name starts with that letter, as well as businesses, just like Address Book always used to.

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    Have you tried resetting your sort option in Address Book / Preferences? Change it from whatever you have it (e.g. First Name) to the other choice. Then try to Search a contact. If it works, then go back in and reset it to what you had it before.

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    Open Address Book, select Preferences from the Address Book menu, click on the General icon in the toolbar. You can then change the sort and presentation order in the dialog.

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    By default any outgoing email has the addresses saved in the Collected address book. You can turn this option off if you want.

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    On the phone, go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars select the account you want and scroll down to the settings for Contacts.  You can change display and sort order there.

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    Group on this formula:
    month ()
    This will group numerically 1 through 12.
    Then simply DISPLAY the month name in your group header using this formula:

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    Thanks Bob for that very fast reply!
    But neither "Modifying hal configuration" nor "Using the Desktop Environment settings" (xfce) worked. So I tried the "I don't want this crap, how do I turn it off?" solution and well it works
    Maybe I turn it back on in a month or so.. but for now i'm fine with no hot plugging but a working keyboard...
    Thanks and Bye!
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    Sorry I forgot to write what application.  I am printing from Contacts (the address book).

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    Same problem on my ipad 2...but it works well on my iphone 4s.
    Can somebody help me?
    Thank you

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    By reading this: name-firstname-format-HP001034286.aspx

  • Snow Leopard Mail Address Book does no longer sort names

    I noticed that, after I installed Snow Leopard, the address book I access in Mail does no longer show entries sorted by last names although I set the the address book I access from the dock to do so and it works fine. I thought they're one and the same. How come there is this discrepancy and is there a way to resolve the issue?

    The Address Book application opened from the Dock responds to its preference setting for this sort. Quit Mail, and then confirm the sort you want to see in the AB application -- you can choose not only Last Name sort, but whether Last Name appears before First Name, as I am sure you know.
    Now relaunch Mail, and when you access from Mail it should now have the same sort you selected in the AB app. Mail is apparently picking up the preference setting in the AB app at the time it launches, and does not change that until you have quit Mail, and then next relaunch it.

  • Apparently I inadverdently clicked on something that changed my address book listings to showing only the first three letters of each name -

    the column showing my address book now shows only the first three characters of each name
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    I have to try and decipher the name from those three characters before clicking
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    I would like to be able to read the entire name- first & last like before
    Thank you in advance

    try dragging the column heading to make the column wider

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    Make sure your default contacts account is set to iCloud. To change this go to settings > mail, calendars, contacts > default account and choose iCloud.

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    I have my address book set to sort by last name and all is well there. When I sync my contacts, the sort order changes to first name. Is there something I am missing?

    Murphy's law... As soon as you ask the question you find the answer. I found the Ipod settings for first/last and all is now ok on the iPod.

  • Contacts Issue - Several Contacts are now sorted under the '#' sign

    I had an iPhone (original) and recently upgraded to the 3G version. When I completed my first sync, the first thing I wanted to do was call my buddy to tell him I had completed activation. I couldn't find his name in my contact list. I looked and looked, and couldn't find him. Using the new contact search, though, returned his name. Weird right? Well then I realized that at the very bottom, under the '#' in the Alpha Sort-Scroller on the right, was about 150 of my 250 contacts.
    Why are these contacts sorted this way? They were not sorted this way on my old iPhone.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    I was able to fix this by doing the following:
    * Export my whole address book as vCards
    * Quit Address Book
    * Move/delete the folder "~/Library/Application Support/Address Book"
    * Restart Address Book
    * Import the vCards
    * Resync iPhone
    Hope this helps!

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