ADE suddenly quit working for all users on my Vista computer.  What should I do?

Please help.
Adobe Digital Editions quit working for all users on my Wndows Vista computer after I tried several times to install a book that wouldn't install.  The book is one of three I recently purchased even though the other two installed with no problem.  Other books were already installed. 
I uninstalled and re-installed ADE with the latest version and tried again after clearing out the "My Digital Editions" folders by moving the contents elsewhere.  The same problem occurs with all users on my computer.  
The program runs showing no books or bookshelves despite contents in the "My Digital Editions" folder.  If I try to "Add to Library,"  the program shuts down and shows nothing- not even an error message when re-run.  Even though I'm only able to create a bookshelf, no bookshelf appers when the program is re-run.
I even tried de-authorizing and re-authorizing my computer.
What should I do? 

Whilst your Apple ID (presumably the may have been the original and been linked to at the MobileMe period and then to iCloud ( you need to keep to the same Apple ID through out (the iMessages server seems to treat them as different IDs to some extent).
In the Finder use the Go Menu > Go to Folder and enter ~/Library/Preferences
Find and Drag to the Trash
On the iPhone remove those emails that are not the Apple ID in use.
On Restarting the Mac version you will have to re-enter the Apple ID.
If you then restart again you should get the pop ups to say what the iPhone is using (linking the iPhone number to the Apple ID)
Once you enable Text Forwarding on the iPhone then the Mac Version should generate and show you the Code to then enter in the iPhone's dialogue box to pair the devices.
If each Contact is turning red as you try to Send and reporting that the Contact is "Not Registered with iMessages" then you have a different issue.
This is caused by a partial login to the iMessages server and it seems it is one of those that only contacting Apple Support and saying you have an Account issue with the iMessages server from your Mac can it get sorted. (make sure you say it is an Account issue)
Of course it is the iPhone that is actually sending the SMS messages so it does need to have Carrier service at this point.
8:56 pm      Monday; October 27, 2014
​  iMac 2.5Ghz i5 2011 (Mavericks 10.9)
 G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
 MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
 Mac OS X (10.6.8),
 Couple of iPhones and an iPad

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    I want to purchase the FaceTime App for my MBP, but i want to be sure that it will work for all users on my MBP.  My wife and I (much to my dislike) share my MBP and When i go out of town, I want to be able to use the FaceTime app to chat with her and my son.  We use seperate App store accounts for our Iphones (3g and 4s) will this matter?
    Thank you

    You posted your MBP question to the "Intel iMac Forum."  I would recommend reposting in either the Macbook Pro Forum or the Lion OS Forum.
    Hope this helps

  • New flash player not working for all users

    I have Flash installed on a freshly built Citrix 4.5 PS.  When the administrator is signed in, everything works just fine.  When my users sign in, they navigate to a webpage that requires flash and it either tells them that Flash is not installed or it prompts them to install (but does nothing when you tell it to).
    Did flash player become profile specific with this new release?  I have and on my other Citrix servers and they work without issue for all users.  I've tried uninstalling with the utility I downloaded from and re-installing with the offline activeX control.  I've played with the security settings opening thing wide open and it still does not work.  There is no different software between the problem server and the other Citrix servers other than this version of Flash.
    Any suggestions?  Thanks in Advance

    I am experiencing the same problem on my LAN.  Administrator account the app works fine, end users sign in with non admin accounts and it will not work.
    I spent some time reading online and found the following instructions on the NET.  I tried them and I thought it worked because I was able to log on as a non admin user test account and the flash player worked just fine. 
    Log in as Admin
    2. Download the following zip file from here:
    3. Unzip this folder onto your desktop.
    4. Drag both files ‘reset_min_all.cmd’ and
    ‘subinacl.exe’ to your
    5. Run the reset_min_all.cmd file.
    6. It will open a DOS like terminal and start
    running through registry
    7. When it is finished it will say “press any key
    to continue”.
    8. At this point you can install the latest Flash
    for Internet Explorer:
    other browsers:
    9. Check that Flash Player is working for the
    10. Check that Flash Player is working as the
    other 2 users.
    I hope this information helps. Feel free to reply
    if you need further
    assistance on the issue discussed here or file
    a new case if you want to
    report a new issue in the Support Portal:
    I also found 6 different versions of Version 8 that supposedly does not require Admin priveleges but it does.  Back to the drawing board. 

  • Flash not working for all users XP

    I had much trouble downloading and installing flash player.
    Finally the install just worked but now the flash player only seems
    to work for me. The other accounts on the PC cannot see flash
    content. We are usig Windows XP home.

    Try upgrading to admin (temporarily) for each account and reinstall Flash Player under each, then set them back to regular user accounts.

  • I upgraded to firefox four on my laptop. It works for all users but me. How do I fix this conectivity problem?

    It keeps saying that is having conection problems and will return, but it hasn't. I downloaded the yupgrade today. Logged off a website and then it would not load firefox again. I have to ouse interet explorer. However it works fine on the other user accounts on my computer.

    hello scoop, since these symptoms can sometimes be caused by malware active on a system, please first run a scan with different security tools like the [ free version of malwarebytes], [ adwcleaner] & [ microsoft safety scanner].
    [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware]]

  • Does time machine back up data for all users on a shared computer?

    If I set up Time Machine backups from my own login, does this mean that all data on the computer is backed up, including that for other users?

    Good question.. yes, it should.

  • Exe created with Report Generation toolkit does not work for all users

    I created a exicutable with the report generation toolkit and it only works with some of my users. I use microsoft 2007 and anyone that has microsoft 2007 my exe works well. Most of my users that have microsoft 2010 are able to use my program as well. However, there is one user with 2010 and Windows 2007 that cant get my program to work.
    Any suggestions for troubleshooting this?

    The most likely issue is due to the fact that Microsoft changes the ActiveX object model of Office for each version of Office. The Report Generation Toolkit does a pretty good job of handling this, but it is not 100% effective. Search, for example on the "Set Cell Border" function and you will see what I mean. In these cases it's up to you to handle this issue. How you handle it really depends on your situation. For us to provide a more concrete answer you will need to provide further details, such as what toolkit function is "not working" (whatever that means), and who you "users" are. Is this an internal distribution? Are you selling this program? Is this code written for a project with a specific customer?

  • After deploy in server, integrated Security works for all users but only one user does not work for one user

       i'd like to ask for is a brief introduction.
          i publish a web project on a server(the name,"server-deploy"),(it connect with sql server datavvase with connection string  of database  "Trusted_Connection=Yes",with web config file <authentication
    mode="Windows" />    <identity impersonate="true"/>
       there are some users whose Impersonae_clients_after_authentication are enabled. and most of them can connect to database via the deployed project .
      but one user,he was told 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON', and according to even viewer("security of "windows log") of "server-deploy",it shows "Audit failure"(the Task category is "credential validation")
    and here is some information
    [ Name]  Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing
       EventID 4776
    The computer attempted to validate the credentials for an account.
      TargetUserName (user)
      Workstation (Workstation)
      Status 0xc0000064
       while when other user do login ,there is no log whose Task category is "credential validation".
    best regards

    and i made a small windows form application here
       private bool impersonateValidUser(String userName, String domain, String password)
                WindowsIdentity tempWindowsIdentity;
                IntPtr token = IntPtr.Zero;
                IntPtr tokenDuplicate = IntPtr.Zero;
                if (RevertToSelf())
                    if (LogonUserA(userName, domain, password, LOGON32_LOGON_INTERACTIVE,
                        LOGON32_PROVIDER_DEFAULT, ref token) != 0)
                        if (DuplicateToken(token, 2, ref tokenDuplicate) != 0)
                            tempWindowsIdentity = new WindowsIdentity(tokenDuplicate);
                            impersonationContext = tempWindowsIdentity.Impersonate();
                            if (impersonationContext != null)
                                return true;
                if (token != IntPtr.Zero)
                if (tokenDuplicate != IntPtr.Zero)
                return false;
      and here is the code of buttonclick
     if (impersonateValidUser(user,psw,doman))
                    if (!System.IO.Directory.Exists(this.textBox1.Text))
                        MessageBox.Show("not exist with imper");
                        MessageBox.Show("exist with imper");
                    MessageBox.Show("fail login.");
       and i was told "exist with imper"(usually if Impersonae_clients_after_authentication is not enaled would told "not exist with imper" )

  • Office for mac not working for all users after migration

    Recently purchased macbook retina display and used migration assistant to move everything over from a macbook pro 17" (late 2011). After the migration my login (admin rights) has no problem on the new macbook, but my wife login cannot use the Office for Mac without being asked to do an install.
    Problem is, the version we have goes through the install and then asks to 'register' the product and the version is no longer supported so you cannot register, therefor the program will not run.
    Am I missing something here? Everything still works on both of our sign in's on the old macbook pro, and on the new macbook retina, office works on my sign in only.
    The original install was a download version, so there are no 'disks' to do a re-install.
    Any suggestions?

    You need Acrobat 7.1
    Is your Office 2004 up to date?

  • My iphone 4s battery back up is very bad. do u ppl also facing same prob or only i am having dis prob? after full charging it only works for 6 hr not more than dat. what should i do?

    my iphone 4s batery back up is very bad. do u ppl also facing same prob? it works only for 5hr after full charging. should i go for check up or not?

  • How do I install an Add-on for all users

    I wish to user the FoxFilter addon to prevent users from visit all websites, except a whitelist. This addon works fine. I just need the addon to work for all users on the computer. Not just the one the addon was installed for. Can this be done and if so, how?

    This is very possible and you can do it in few very steps.
    <br/><br/>1-First you have to download the xpi add-on file instead of installing it.
    <br/><br/>2-Use the following command at the run prompt (type Windows + R): firefox -install-global-extension
    <br/><br/>For example if your downloaded xpi add-on is on C:\Users\Simon\Downloads\
    <br/><br/>Then you write firefox -install-global-extension C:\Users\Simon\Downloads
    <br/><br/>Note : The addon will be normally available where every addon is. Keep in mind that only administrators can uninstall it.
    Have a nice day
    Ahmed Nefzaoui

  • How do I startup an application for all users at login?

    I know about launchd, but I want an application to start whenver a user logs in and run as that user.  launchd stuff seems to run as root.
    I would prefer to set this up to work for all users, but if that can't be done, just for the current user.  I have an installer package and Id like to run this command to set this up from a bash script.

    I found this bit of code which is very similar to something else I found.
    defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/loginwindow AutoLaunchedApplicationDictionary -array-add '{ "Path" = "/path/to/script"; "Hide" = "0"; }'
    That doesn't work.  Anyone at all, even for a single user, how do I script a command to get an application to start when a user logs in under 10.8?

  • Sideloading app on 8.1 for all users

    I want to sideload a windows 8.1 app for all users on a surface tablet. What I was originally doing was running a powershell script as part of a MSI to sideload an app using the
    Add-AppxPackage command. I have found out that I actually need to install the windows app for all users and from googling, it looks like
    Add-AppxProvisionedPackage is what I am looking for. However, it seems that this command is designed to modify a windows image or modify the Online (current install) to have this app when
    a new user is created as the documentation for -PackagePath reads "This package will be added for every new user account." I want the install to add the app to all current users on the machine and to allow new users to have this app as well that
    log into the machine. How can I do this?

    According to the article below, the command Add-AppxProvisionedPackage should be work to sideload store app to all user.
    Sideload the app for all users
    DISM is a command-line tool that you can use to service a Windows image—online or offline. (If you are not familiar with DISM, see Deployment Image Servicing and Management Technical Reference.) You can use DISM to provision a Windows Store app in an online
    Windows image for all users who share the computer. To do that, you use the Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage option:
    Log on to contoso-pc using an account with administrative privileges on the computer. You must use an administrator account here, because you are provisioning an app in the image.
    On the Start screen, type PowerShell and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
    On the User Account Control dialog box, click Yes.
    At the Windows PowerShell prompt, run the following command, where SampleApp is the path and file name of the package file you created (for example, MySample_1.0.0.0_AnyCPU_Debug.appx):
    DISM /Online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath:“SampleApp” /skiplicense
    Monitor the installation, and close the Windows PowerShell window after it finishes.
    To test this example, you need to log onto to the computer using one of your test accounts. You cannot run the app by using the built-in local or domain Administrator account. In this case, we logged on to the computer as Mark. Then, on the Start screen, click
    the app to run it. (If you do not see the app on the Start screen, type the app’s name to find it, and then click the app’s tile.) After verifying that the app works for the current user account, log onto the computer using a different test account and run
    the app. Because you used DISM to provision the app in the image, it is available to both accounts.
    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Activate plugins for all users on a web-site

    Is there a way to activate or whitelist plugins for a specific web-site, for all users on a Windows computer? Each time a user logs in and visits the site, they have to click three prompts to enable content. Aside from being annoying, most folks aren't that tech-savvy to understand what is going on and that they need to do it. All they want is for their content to run in the browser.

    There are plugin.state prefs for each plugin.
    *plugin.state (0:Never Activate; 1:Ask to Activate; 2:Always Activate)
    You can use a mozilla.cfg file in the Firefox program folder to lock prefs or specify new (default) values.
    Place a local-settings.js file in the defaults\pref folder where also the channel-prefs.js file is located to specify using mozilla.cfg.
    pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");
    pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);
    These functions can be used in the mozilla.cfg file:
    defaultPref(); // set new default value
    pref(); // set pref, allow changes in current session
    lockPref(); // lock pref, disallow changes

  • How do I install a Thunderbird add-on for all users? Putting the XPI file into Extensions folder didn't work.

    I'm trying to install Enigmail 1.8.2 for all users. I thought I read somewhere that you don't need to unpack the XPI file.
    Whilst writing this, I did some experimenting and found a solution, but it's messy (see below). Is there an easier way?
    Fresh install of Thunderbird 31.6 on Windows 7 x64. Have observed the following:
    1. If I install the extension for one user via the Add-Ons GUI (from the marketplace, not from a local file), it does work. The Appdata\Roaming\Mozilla\Extensions folder is empty. Folder {847b3a00-7ab1-11d4-8f02-006008948af5} is created in Appdata\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\extensions\staged\ and moved from staged to extensions when TB is restarted.
    2. If I download the XPI file from Enigmail site and copy it to Program Files(x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\Extensions folder, then Thunderbird's Extensions screen says "You don't have any add-ons of this type installed".
    3a. If I rename the xpi to zip (e.g. then I can open it and see that the contents are similar to what was created at point (1). If I unzip the contents, then Thunderbird doesn't recognise the add-on, unless I rename the folder to the GUID above (which could be found in install.rdf or chrome.manifest, once you know what you're looking for).
    Presumably I could also have done a per-user install, copied the folder from the profile, removed the extension, then pasted the copy into the program folder. That would save looking up the GUID but is only a little less fiddly.
    3b. After renaming the folder and restarting TB, it gives me a new tab "Install Add-on" which says "Another program on your computer would like to modify Thunderbird with the following add-on: ... Location: C:\Program Files (x86)". Once I allow the add-on, it is listed in Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\extensions.ini.
    Aside: Disabling the add-on simply removes the line from extensions.ini, so how does TB distinguish between an unapproved add-on and a disabled one? It seems to be in extensions.json.

    Is Thunderbird already installed in the computers? If so, you could download the .xpi file and drag and drop it into the extensions window (after opening that) to install it in all the computers, following which you click the Install buttons when they become enabled, and you might have to restart Tbird afterwards.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Somehow the bottom columns of my cover flow window got pushed all the way up and all I'm left with is a tiny black bar. I've clicked around and can't find a handle to pull it back down and resetting safari didn't fix it either. Any suggestions?

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    Hi, It looks the database 11.1.0 is installed when R12.1 is installed, and I would like to upgrade the database to 11.2.0. When I went through notes and discussions, most of them are about upgrading from other lower versions to 11.2.0. Can anyone hel

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    hello to all guy's in a form i m having an item i.e refdate now i want to work it like this that i can insert date data in ddmmyy form and when i press tab or move to other item my date should come in the dd/mm/yyyy format in refdate item plz help me

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