Adhoc Query report not working fine

We have a customized infotype  9222 which stores the previous experience of the employees.
Now I have created a adhoc query in which I have added this infotype.The problem which I am facing is when I put the Indian company codes and run the report, the report is working fine . But when I put a Ukraine Company Code and then run the report ; the report does not picks the experience details of the employees and it shows Zero Yrs and Zero months.
I have checked in PA30 the experience details are maintained  for the Ukraine employees.
Is their any setting in the system which allows the infotype for a particular company? or what may be the reason for the strange behaviour of the report towards a specific compant code. Please reply asap

Hi ,
Pls check do you have authorization or not for to create Object Directory entry.
Thanks and Regards,

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    I have a region as the type
    "SQL Query (PL/SQL function body returning SQL query)".
    The query works fine for reports if I query two columns. Select 1, 2 from table.
    For some reason if the returning query has more than three columns (select 1, 2, 3 from table), I get an error:
    "report error:
    ORA-01403: no data found"
    Any help would be great. Thanks.

    I've been trying all sorts of things on a test report and the only way that I get extra columns is by including derived columns in the report. Otherwise, even with custom headings, adding or removing columns in the report's PL/SQL adjusts the columns as I would expect.
    Are your extra columns derived or can your report return a varying number of columns?

  • Query not working fine

    db version is
    in dev the query is working fine.But in qa the query is not working fine(hanging).I had checked the explain plans.
    Both are different.This is due to difference in volume of data.
    I am pasting the explain plans of both the queries in qa and dev
    qa explain plan
    | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes |TempSpc| Cost (%CPU)|
    | 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 606M| 118G| | 107M (1)|
    | 1 | SORT GROUP BY | | 606M| 118G| 524G| 107M (1)|
    | 2 | HASH JOIN | | 1869M| 363G| | 50748 (1)|
    | 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_GEOGRAPHY_HIER | 9066 | 318K| | 331 (1)|
    | 4 | HASH JOIN | | 2474K| 408M| 2232K| 50400 (1)|
    | 5 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_GEOGRAPHY_HIER | 54396 | 1593K| | 330 (1)|
    | 6 | HASH JOIN | | 2474K| 337M| | 31791 (1)|
    | 7 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_PRODUCT_HIER | 206 | 3296 | | 25 (4)|
    | 8 | HASH JOIN | | 3162K| 382M| | 31745 (1)|
    | 9 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_PRODUCT_HIER | 3087 | 27783 | | 25 (4)|
    | 10 | HASH JOIN | | 3162K| 355M| 2952K| 31699 (1)|
    | 11 | MERGE JOIN CARTESIAN | | 62930 | 2212K| | 14627 (1)|
    | 12 | INDEX FAST FULL SCAN | SYS_C0013071 | 2923 | | | 4 (25)|
    | 13 | BUFFER SORT | | 22 | 792 | | 14623 (1)|
    | 14 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID| CURCY_CONVERT_RATE | 22 | 792 | | 6 (17)|
    | 15 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | XPKCURRATE | 22 | | | 5 (20)|
    | 16 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | SHIPPABLE_BACKLOG_FACT | 321K| 25M| | 15494 (1)|
    dev explain plan
    | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes |TempSpc| Cost (%CPU)|
    | 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 17M| 2978M| | 927K (1)|
    | 1 | SORT GROUP BY | | 17M| 2978M| 6504M| 927K (1)|
    |* 2 | HASH JOIN | | 17M| 2978M| | 2726 (1)|
    |* 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_GEOGRAPHY_HIER | 4992 | 180K| | 416 (1)|
    |* 4 | HASH JOIN | | 41051 | 5852K| 2872K| 2309 (1)|
    | 5 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_GEOGRAPHY_HIER | 69888 | 2047K| | 415 (1)|
    |* 6 | HASH JOIN | | 41051 | 4650K| | 1504 (1)|
    |* 7 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_PRODUCT_HIER | 206 | 3296 | | 37 (3)|
    |* 8 | HASH JOIN | | 52460 | 5123K| | 1467 (1)|
    | 9 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DIM_PRODUCT_HIER | 3087 | 27783 | | 37 (3)|
    |* 10 | HASH JOIN | | 52460 | 4661K| | 1430 (1)|
    |* 11 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | SHIPPABLE_BACKLOG_FACT | 7718 | 414K| | 513 (1)|
    | 12 | MERGE JOIN CARTESIAN | | 48941 | 1720K| | 915 (0)|
    | 13 | INDEX FULL SCAN | SYS_C0060330 | 1827 | | | 7 (15)|
    | 14 | BUFFER SORT | | 27 | 972 | | 913 (0)|
    | 15 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID| CURCY_CONVERT_RATE | 27 | 972 | | 2 (50)|
    |* 16 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | XPKCURRATE | 27 | | | 4 (25)|
    Here is the query
    , SUM(NVL(backlog_FACT.GC_SCHEDULED_AMT,0) - NVL(backlog_FACT.GC_biilled_AMT,0)) AS billing_backlog_AMT
    , SUM(NVL(backlog_FACT.GC_SCHEDULED_AMT,0)- NVL(backlog_FACT.GC_DELIVERED_AMT,0)) AS delivery_backlog_AMT
    , SUM(NVL(backlog_FACT.GC_SCHEDULED_AMT,0) - NVL(backlog_FACT.GC_REV_REC_AMT,0)) AS rev_rec_backlog_AMT
    FROM fact.shippable_backlog_FACT backlog_FACT
    I analyzed all the tables involved in it.
    can anybody give me suggestion in crating indexes or anything else?

    Modify your post and enclose your code and output between \ tags for formatting
    \Your code or output goes here
    \Now, are table stats are upto date on all the table on QA machine? If not, analyze your table and indexes and re-run your query
    Edited by: OrionNet on May 7, 2009 3:35 PM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • OSD: SCCM 2012 collection which should exclude Windows 7 clients (query not working fine)

    We have an SCCM 2012 collection to which we deploy Windows 7.
    Vista clients get a SCCM 2012 client in SCCM 2007 and once they have it, they get a Windows 7 deployment.
    The group is populated by an AD query and that works fine. However, when we try to exclude Windows 7 machines (query = not Windows NT ... 6.1) the query does not return any result.
    Please advise.
    Jan Hoedt

    Please check your query. It should be like the following.
    select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM on SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM.ResourceId = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM.Version != "6.1.7601"
    Juke Chou
    TechNet Community Support

  • If one period is selected,Report is working fine, not for  range of periods

    Dear All,
    i have a problem in nearly 3 reports of Finance
    1)  <b>Working Capital Requirement Report,</b>
    if one period is selected, Report is working fine, but when range of periods is
    given in selection screen, amount is showing wrong value.
    2)<b>Balance_Sheet and  3) P&L_Statement report</b>Same problem
    E.g Mar07 period will give the results for March08 period and Mar06 period will give the results for Mar07.
    Ur valuable suggestion is rewarded.

    check for your variable restrictions in the report key figures.
    It will show up according to the rsctriction put there.
    Try to verify the vlaues with the key figures and if they are amtching then you have some issues with the data loads.
    But with your explanation it seems its just the you are looking at the wrong key figure( for actuals you are looking at previous year values)
    Or you are using wrong restrcition values at the key figure level( indicators indicating prior values used for actual values).
    Hope it helps

  • Automating ADHOC query reports to generate Emails

    Hi Experts
    Hope you guys are doing fine.
    I have a requirement where we need to automate the ADHOC query reports to trigger emails with the Excel attachment of the report to a set of users.
    To explain in detail,we have some adhoc queries which are run manually on monthly basis(by our functional guys).Once the output report is generated,they used to download them into Excel document and send that to a set of users as an email attachment.
    Now we are planning to automate the entire process,so that these query reports once set to run on monthly basis should trigger emails to set of users with the excel attachment.
    Now,i am looking for solution on how to proceed on this.Since the program behind the query(which starts with AQ*) is not be a modifiable program,i can write any custom code here.Alternately,i planned to set a background job which runs the query and then use a  custom pgm which reads the spool no for the pgm and then to read the data from the spool into an internal table and then use a FM to send the internal table data as an email attachment.But wasn't sure of what FM's to use to read the spool no. and data from the spool.
    Is there any alternate way to work on this or any suggestions on my assumed process would be really appreciated.

    Ok, here's what you do:
    - Go to T/C: SQ01 and find your query
    - From the menu at the top select Query>More functions>Display Report Name (copy the report name)
    - Go to Transaction SO23 and create a new shared distribution list - give it a name and title, click the dropdown on folder and click the create folder button, give the folder a name and save/green tick.
    - Click on the Dist. list content tab and enter all the external email addresses that the report should go to ( the recipient type should be internet address or via internet or something like that)
    - Go to Transaction SM36 and click on the Job wizard button, go through the wizard entering the program name we copied earlier. In the print parameters section make sure it is set to print immediately, then on the spool list recipients button select the dropdown box, select distributions lists and find the one you created earlier. Define the variants, periods, time etc etc
    - When the job runs it will process the output via SAPConnect (transaction SCOT) you will be able to see the status of the emails by going to transaction SCOT and selecting the menu option Utilities>Overview send requests.
    Job Done, Chillax
    PS: remember the output type of the query in SQ01 needs to be set to excel or whatever you require otherwise a PDF/html attachment will be created in the email.
    PPS: If SAPConnect is not set up in your system speak to your basis guy to set it up - If you don't have any basis resource, it is really easy to set up, plenty of guides around.

  • Discoverer report not working on R12 !

    We have just migrated to R12 from 11i and some of the discoverer query is not working, but the same is working fine when we ran thru SQL Developer or TOAD.
    Is there any context (mo_global.set_policy_context) needs to be set in Discoverer report to get the data?

    Thanks Srini,
    There is no any specific error message, the strange thing is if I run the Discoverer report is not returning any data, but if I set the mo_global.set_policy_context ('S',111) in SQL Developer or TOAD and then run the discoverer report it return data...
    Any pointers?

  • Report not working on web server iis7

    I have just designed a website and added a sap crystal report. The report is working fine when i am running it using VS 2010. But when i am publishing it on iis7, .net framework 4.0, windows server 2008. I have also tried with latest version of crystal report. But it does not showing any thing when i am trying to run it on published server.
    The report shows nothing in Mozilla Firfox but in ie it shows an error 'bobj' is undefined. in both browser the cr viewer adder form's post back of dropdownlist not working.But when pressing submit button it's post back happening but no report showing.I have tried with several solution on net but it does not working when i publishing it on server but doing well with vs2010 debugger.
    I am using vs 2010 professional, but service pack not installed.
    Pls help me in this regard

    Top right cornor has a text box. Type "bobj is undefined" & you would find many KBs, forums & blogs.

  • Crystal Reports not working at client Machine

    We developed few reports through crystal report tool .All the reports are working fine at server but when we go into client workstation than reports are not working and it also not showing any error.
    I already Install Microsoft Framework 2.0 service pack 1, Crystal runtime and crystal prerequisite at client workstation.
    Please reply ASAP.
    With regards
    Amit Tyagi

    I think you should go to the following link for your query about SAP Business One and Crystal Reports
    SAP Business One and Crystal Reports

  • Crystal report not working on 64 bit machine

    Hello friends,
    Hope everyone is doing good.  I have an issue and you all are requested to help me out.
    I have build an Application using VS 2008, i used Oracle 10g as database and Crystal report 2008 for reports. The Application and reports are working fine when i deploy it on 32 bit machine, but when I deploy it on a 64 bit machine, my Application works fine but reports are not displayed, when ever i run report it ask Db credential with the following message
    "The report you requested requires further information."
    then Server, user ID and password filed, I off course supplied credential but no results.
    For resolving the issue i installed VS 2008 on 64 bit machine with redist CR Viewer and tried to verify database for the report thinking this might be an issue, but in CR designer it gives me following error when i tried to verify database or create new connection using OLEDB provider for Oracle
    Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer
    Logon failed.
    Details: ADO Error Code: 0x
    Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle
    Description: Oracle client and networking components were not found. These components are supplied by Oracle Corporation and are part of the Oracle Version 7.3.3 or later client software installation.
    Provider is unable to function until these components are installed.
    I tried the following fixes as well:
    - Installed CR viewer for 64 bit machine
    - Registering ORAOLEDB10.dll
    - Reinstalling VS 2008
    The Application works fine but Crystal reports are malfunctioning. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a ton in Advance
    Happing coding and resolving issues
    Danish Mustafa Khan

    Also, see [this|] article.
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  • Bex Query is not working in portal

    Dear Experts,
    i have uploaded BI master role into portal, By default Bex Queries are assgined to Master Role. when I clcik on preview for particular Bex Query, it's working fine. but after assigning the master role to end user, that same Bex Query is not working. it's showing Below error..
    Portal runtime error.
    An exception occurred while processing your request. Send the exception ID to your portal administrator.
    Exception ID: 05:22_18/08/10_0002_7116150
    Refer to the log file for details about this exception.
    please give me suggetions...

    Hi Venu ,
    Can you please check the logs for details -  http(s):<host>:<port>/nwa . This may be a permissions issue . Check if the iview has read permission for everyone group and then test . Also post the error details here .

  • Crystal report not working when setup is made in VS 2010

    Hi, i am new to SAP Business objetcts as well as in this forum.
    I have made an application in VS 2010 (C# /WPF) and made its .exe file too.
    The Crystal reports are working fine when i am running from Visual Studio.
    But it gives error message while i am running the .exe.
    I have made the .exe as normally we do.
    Please help me out.

    Adam assumed you were using Enterprise as the thread was posted to the ".NET - SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, SAP BusinessObjects Edge, SAP Crystal Reports Server" forum.
    Since you are using WPF viewer, I'm pretty sure this is not the case.
    I am not sure how you are loading the report, so a code snippet from your app will help. Also, in your code as a test, hard code the path to the report. Does that work?
    Looking at the [WPF|] demo is going to be worthwhile also.
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  • Temporary Table In SAP Query - Does not Work?

    DECLARE @date DATE
    DECLARE @delrows INT
    DECLARE @delquan INT
    DECLARE @recrows INT
    DECLARE @recquan INT
    SET @a=0
    IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..##tab) IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE ##tab
    CREATE TABLE ##tab
    [Date] date,
    [Delivery Rows] varchar(40),
    [Delivery Total Units] varchar(40),
    [Receipts Rows] varchar(40),
    [Receipts Total Units] varchar(40),
    WHILE @a!=7
         SET @date=DATEADD(day,[email protected], getdate())
         SELECT @delrows=ISNULL(COUNT(DLN1.[LineNum]),0), @delquan=ISNULL(SUM(DLN1.[Quantity]),0)
         FROM ODLN
         INNER JOIN DLN1 ON ODLN.[DocEntry]=DLN1.[DocEntry]
         WHERE ODLN.[CreateDate] = @date
         SELECT @recrows=ISNULL(COUNT(PCH1.[LineNum]),0) , @recquan=ISNULL(SUM(PCH1.[Quantity]),0)
         FROM OPCH
         INNER JOIN PCH1 ON OPCH.[DocEntry]=PCH1.[DocEntry]
         WHERE OPCH.[DocDate][email protected]
         SET @[email protected]+1
              INSERT INTO ##tab VALUES(@date,@delrows,@delquan,@recrows,@recquan)
    SELECT * FROM ##tab
    Can anyone explain why this query does not work in SAP? It works fine on SQL but gives me this message in SAP:
    1). [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ')'.
    2). [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Statement 'Service Contracts' (OCTR) (s) could not be prepared.
    Edited by: Chris Candido on Feb 2, 2011 8:38 PM

    There are several areas in your code which needed changes. 
    1. On the field name for your temp table you had spaces.
    2. The SAP table name ODLN, OPCH, PCH1 had to be fully referenced like
    3. You really need not have ## in front of your temp table, it could just be #
    The select at the end is actually what causes the most problem as for some reason from within SAP it does not produce the result.  I would suggest you put the whole code into a Stored Procedure and call the SP from SAP.  Corrected SQL below.  If you remove the Select line at the end the query would work with in SAP, but keep it give give you an error. SP is the best option for this.
    DECLARE @date DATE
    DECLARE @delrows INT
    DECLARE @delquan INT
    DECLARE @recrows INT
    DECLARE @recquan INT
    SET @a=0
    IF object_id('tempdb..#tab') IS NOT NULL
       DROP TABLE #tab
    [Date] date,
    DeliveryRows varchar(40),
    DeliveryTotalUnits varchar(40),
    ReceiptsRows varchar(40),
    ReceiptsTotalUnits varchar(40),
    WHILE @a!=7
    SET @date=DATEADD(day,[email protected], getdate())
    SELECT @delrows=ISNULL(COUNT(DLN1.LineNum),0), @delquan=ISNULL(SUM(DLN1.Quantity),0)
    FROM [dbo].[ODLN]
    INNER JOIN DLN1 ON [dbo].[ODLN].DocEntry=DLN1.DocEntry
    WHERE [dbo].[ODLN].CreateDate = @date
    SELECT @recrows=ISNULL(COUNT([dbo].[PCH1].LineNum),0) , @recquan=ISNULL(SUM([dbo].[PCH1].Quantity),0)
    FROM [dbo].[OPCH]
    INNER JOIN [dbo].[PCH1] ON [dbo].[OPCH].DocEntry=[dbo].[PCH1].DocEntry
    WHERE [dbo].[OPCH][email protected]
    SET @[email protected]+1
    INSERT INTO #tab VALUES(@date,@delrows,@delquan,@recrows,@recquan)
    SELECT * FROM #tab
    Suda Sampath

  • Adhoc Query Report

    Hi SAPients..
    I have a n issue in Adhoc Query
    In Adhoc query report ( PQAH ), X person having authorization to see the folder Additional Personal Data (IT0077), but Y person can access the Adoc but could not see the folder (IT0077). Please guide what should I do to make the Y person can view the (IT0077) folder??
    Appreciate your support on this, Please guide me.

    Hi Shan,
    What I undertand is as follows:
    Person is having access to view IT77 and Y person is having access to t code - PQAH (Ad Hoc Reprot). you want to give Y person access of IT77.
    In this case you would need to add the concerned role to y person's SAP user id by which he ll get acces to maintain IT77 ands also can download the report. The role name you can get from your security team or GRC team.
    Hope this solves your query.
    Sarang Kulkarni

  • Excel 2010 MS Query is not working

    Hi, I am in the process of upgrading all my Excel 2003 spreadsheets to Excel 2010.  I am running into problem with the MS Query.  Spreadsheets have MS Query linking to MS database.  However, when I open some of the spreadsheets, the MS Query
    is not working ie. the blue circle keeps turning and then not responding.  It is very weird that this MS Query is working fine with some spreadsheets but not couple and they are all linking to the same database except a small different in criteria.  I
    tried to re-create the Query in the spreadsheet in Excel 2010 by going to Data>From Other Sources>From Microsoft Query and select the database.  Once I set up the criteria and click Return data, the Query gets stuck.
    Please help! Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated.

    There are many possible causes that can crash MSQuery in Excel 2010.
    First, please make sure we have installed the latest Office 2010 and Windows patches.
    Second, Please read the Blog, it explains one typical crash scenario.
    AppName: msqry32.exe AppVer: 14.0.4750.1000 ModName: msvcr90.dll
    There are several possible resolution you can try to resolve the above crash:
    1. When you launch MS Query, just disable the option "Validate queries before saving or returning data", this is the fifth box in the options menu.
    The only problem is that if you have made any mistake in your query, you'll only be noticed when receiving the data in excel.
    2. Repair all the keys into registry at the following place:
    For example:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    Third, start the Excel 2010 with
    safe mode, it helps us confirm if some add-ins cause this issue.
    Hope it's helpful.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in
    Office programs.

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    I have following trigger and based on the some condition, it should inser a row in to a table using the procedure: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER RSSC.RR_SERV_ADD_ON_REQ_bu before update on RSSC.RR_SERV_ADD_ON_REQ for each row DECLARE lr_appr_trans_hdr AP

  • How can i customize portal's Approval Detail Page?

    Hi there, I wonder how can i customize the portal Approval Detail Page? I got to know tat the package script is wrapped and cannot be unwrapped. So I am thinking to add smth like a link in the page for the mailto function. I was asked to send an emai