Adobe Creative Cloud application manager asks for daily login

While I am I am at home or work, I can easily login to my Adobe Cloud services, in two months I'm going to be on a boat in the middle of nowhere with little, if any, Internet access. I will need to use this software offline for about a week and I need to nip this problem in the bud now.
Why am I being asked to login daily? This started after the credit card I was using for the monthly fee was stolen and I waited for its replacement. During that time my account was suspended but has since been updated, charged, and things should be back to normal with my new credit card but they are not.
Can anyone please tell me how to fix this?
Thank you,

well Jeff...nothing changed. I am leaving at 0600 tomorrow morning for 10 days and i have no use of the adobe tools when i am not connected to the internet. i told the rep khahil or whatever his name was and he said something along the lines of the problem with my account does not matter because i have a payment due in june and i asked him twice what that has to do with anything and he never replied.
i am sick to death of the good for nothing reps. they do not understand english. they do not seem to care (at least the ones I've had the misfortune of working with). when i tell one of them to call me at 10am CDT and he calls me not once, not twice but 4 times after I've told him when I am available and he cannot seem to do it.
I updated the installer. I have done everything I was told to do or suggested I do and this 'cloud' service is not what i am paying for. i am paying for something that works as advertised and this comes no where near it. no where does the plan's fine print say that i must maintain a constant connection to the internet for the tools/applications to work.
no where does the terms and conditions say that i need to log in every time i reboot my computer or lose my internet connectivity. if this is the future of adobe...i am not looking forward to it. forcing all users to this rental software model is insane especially when it does not work...and mine clearly does not work.
so now i am leaving on a trip with no lightroom and no photoshop and after i began working on this a month ago with you. i made the mistake of trusting your technical support people to know their business and to handle your clients with some sense of urgency.
when i return, i will be calling your executive offices and i will tell them in detail how frustrating this whole process has been which has only been aggrevated with your poor technical support team. Jeff...I honestly feel like you're the only Adobe representative that I have talked to up to this date that actually gives a flying flip about my experience. the people i have been handed off to both in chat, on the phone, and the other tech i've talked to on this forum who told me that my problem "doesn't matter" and never responded to my last question posted yesterday afternoon, clearly do not care about anyone. 
count me as VERY UNHAPPY with Creative Cloud as a product and my opinion is it is a failure and a waste of my money. I should have bought the disc version and not gone down this 'rental software' route.
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  • Creative cloud applications keep asking me to login every time I launch an application

    Creative cloud applications keep asking me to login every time I launch an application on a same machine.
    How to solve this problem?
    Windows 7 Professional.

    Or it could be patially related to typical pains when a company makes an enormous transition like this. Ironcially, just as i said in my post, my issue resolved the next day.
    Listen, I undertstand the concern and certainly the frustration. I spend nothing short of 14 hours per day with Adobe apps open. primarily After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. I know the hassle and I know the frustration of constantly having to sign back in, which i did for a bit too. But it's just a little melodramatic when people make idle threats they aren't going to follow through with anyway, about using a product that does what this does, and is such an enormous productivity tool that people say silly things. that's what I'm referring to. If you're going to choose an entire platform different than Adobe becuase theyr'e having issues on a brand new method of service and delivery you're an idiot anyway. Wouldn't you agree that the statements of ' i don't have time to test something' are a litle ridiculous? name any product, or purchase in any part of your life that has never failed at anything? and then saying thigns like it's suddenly an unstable environment, when the problem they're complaining about (and the complaint of course it legitimate) has absolutely nothing to do with the stability of the product?
    it's the overblown, silly statements that make people look foolish, do nothing to help the issue, and offer nothing that crack me up. When I read someone saying things like that i pretty much ignore anything else they say because reason isn't something they are using at that point anyway.
    See what you said? that has nothing to do with anyone I'm talking about. You made a valid point, didn't make silly comments like what I'm referring to. you said something I don't agree with, but you dind't go overboard and get all dramatic about it. I don't agree that it's an ongoing degredation of their rep. there is nobody even remotely close a valid competitor out there for this in the first place (depending on what software yoiu're referring to, but since we're in the CC forum i assume that's what you mean). The fact is, their reputation is so strong, no other software company can even compete. But even so I still see progress and innovation. Intel had a cushion with no competitor at one point, then AMD came in, and if you notice, within a couple years of AMD getting very popular, Intel started releasing their upgraded technology in less than a third of the time. But I don't think I see that laziness from Adobe. I don't honestly know that the reason is they moved to a subscription based environment but I know that almost all big software companies are at leasdt considering it. heck Microsoft was talking about changing their licensing and doing it the same way. And it's not for greed I'd guess, it's to comabt theft. At least that's my guess, i have no idea, but i don't believethat it's done and they would change their entire business model for a reason lefss important.
    While we're on that topic I'd like to point out i bet this new process makes an enormous dent in the piracy, at least short term, so for me I applaud it. because when so many people steal the software, it means people like me, and i assume you, pay much higher prices for our legit licenses. So anything that can be done to thwart that has my full approval. But it also just happens to have some nice benefits, in that the pricing is pretty ridiculously low IMO for the entire suite of apps for 50 bucks per month. let' be honest, anyone using them for business which is primarily what this softwre is geared to, understands that while it might seem high, it's tiny compared to the montly cost of doing business, to keep an up to date, suite full of apps that would cost thousands were it not for the subscription. I'll admit, I bought the full suite on the montly just because it made sense. And it actually paid off. Recently I had a client that desperately needed ihs forms migrated to interactive. they were word docs, excel and plain pdfs, but because I happen to have a license for Acrobat, i was able to import those into pdf files and convert them to interactive forms. Then recommend he use the online service to manage them, and frankly it paid for 6 months of licensing for 10 hours work. were it not for the subscription based licensing i'd not have even been able to offer the service because I wouldn't have paid for acrobat.
    Complaining about a piece of software you buy that doesn't work in an area, regardless of where it is, makes perfect sense. But the statements I'm referring to equate to someone buying a house, finding out the key doesn't work, or the doorknob is broke, throwing their hands up and saying 'i'm finding anohter house'. it's silly, and everyone knows there's no merit to it. But i get frustrated seeing it over and over, frewquently by people that hven't even paid for the software. Sometimes I post thing I shouldn't but hey, don't we all?
    I like to browse these forums becuse I'd say i've learned as much of my knowledge by reading tricks, tips and resolutions posted in forums as I did through my classes and education. That's possibly an overstatement but not by much. I do get just as frustrated at the people constantly trying to belitte the company as they do with their issues.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Extension Manager CC for Vista 64bit OS

    Hello I discovered that I do not have Adobe Creative Cloud Extension Manager CC installed and tried to download it from your site.  When I hit the download button it says that it is not compatible with my OS Vista 64bit.
    Do you have a link to a compatible version that I can download and install to work will all of my Adobe Creative Cloud Applications such as photoshop etc.

    Hi Susan,
    Extension Manager and most of the other Creative Cloud application are not supported on the Windows Vista.
    You can download and install Extension Manager CC from
    However it may work or not.
    Manish Sharma

  • Creative Cloud Application Manager error/unable to update Lightroom

    I am currently on a Mac and my Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager (AAM) is having some issues. 
    I ran the update this morning when I heard that camera raw had been updated.  The updated completely successfully for camera raw. 
    AAM is showing that my current version of Lightroom is 4.4.  When launching the Lightroom application it is still showing that it is 4.3 and that the update for 4.4 is available.  I checked the application manager in OSX and it shows that the current version is indeed still 4.3. 
    Since I am using creative cloud and not stand alone products, I thought that the AAM would update my programs and why is the AAM not updating my Lightroom from 4.3 to 4.4.  Is it because camera raw updated and it is erroneously reporting that Lightroom has been updated?
    I have never used a beta or RC version of lightroom on this computer, only final products and updates that have been provided with creative cloud.
    Is Lightroom a program that you have to manually update outside of creative cloud application manager? That doesn't make sense to me since it is one of the programs included with the subscription and was installed with the application manager.
    My hopes are that I'm not the only one having this issue and by posting this Adobe becomes aware of this.

    Thanks for the reply. 
    To clarify for the community and to make sure I understand you (Adobe Staffer) correctly you are saying right now the current fix action (update path) is for us to update the same way we were if this was a stand alone lightroom install outside of creative cloud and seperate from the Adobe Application Manager.  Which is downloading the 427MB file from the Adobe website and installing/updating?
    I just want to verify before I do this and it causes future conflicts with my subscription and future updates. 
    Thanks for the help.

  • Application manager ask for serial no

    I payed my subscription for Creative Cloud on 1. June and downloaded Photoshop Extended and InDesign.
    Every time I start either program Application Manager starts with the message that the program is a trial version and I need to licence it. When I try to do so by inserting the serial no that I find under "My products and services/Creative Cloud" on, I get the message that the serial no doesn't match.
    Why? What do I have to do to register the programs within Creative Cloud?
    Truls Nord

    Yes I know… and I have done that, and done that, and done that… Every time when I have used the "Licence this Software" and logged in with my Adobe account details, I am asked to fill in a serial no. I fill in the only serial I have (Serial for Creative Cloud, according to my account at Adobe), and I get the message that the serial is wrong.
    It shouldn't be like this, no, but it is.
    Why did I pay for this when it doesn't work?!
    I have now unistalled PS and try to download a new trial through Adobe Download Assistant (not through Application Manager), as is recommended in this thread:
    After having downloaded the .dmg, the Assistant have now been extracting the file for more than 30 mins…
    It's night here in Stockholm, I have an important deadline tomorrow (I need PS!), don't want to stay up much longer to look at the message: "Extracting… this may take a while" so I go to bet and hope it has been extracted during the night.
    Adobe has created some great tools, but right now I am SO sorry that there aren't any real options to PS.
    4 jun 2012 kl. 22:45 skrev David__B:
    Re: Application manager ask for serial no
    created by David__B in Adobe Creative Cloud - View the full discussion
    Trial installed products like Photoshop Extended CS6 and InDesign CS6 shouldn't need a serial number to be included with CCM, you should just need to log in with your Adobe ID that you use for you subscription. There generally is a "License This Software" button you would use.
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  • I cannot download Lightroom CC because it does not show up  on my Creative Cloud Application Manager. How do I fix this?

    I cannot download Lightroom CC because it does not show up  on my Creative Cloud Application Manager. How do I fix this?
    I have Windows 8 and am currently using the entire Adobe Suite Package for my account.

    do you have a 64 bit os?

  • Creative Cloud Application Manager Corrupted

    Attempted to install Photoshop and Creative Cloud Application Manager and received a message that the latter was "Corrupted" and that I should contact Customer Service.
    Where is customer service?
    Do they have a telephone number?
    Do they have an email address?
    On the website you follow the links and go around in circles.

    You can download the latest version of Adobe Application Manager from the below link:
    If you are still facing any issues, please let us know the exact error message that you are receiving and the System details like the Platform and its version.
    For the contacting the adobe support please refer the below link:
    -Harshit yadav

  • Adobe Creative Cloud applications

    Has anyone else had trouble with downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud applications? I got everything I needed onto my iMac with no problem; now I want to get the programs onto my MacBook Pro, but I can't sign in with my ID on Adobe's website from my MacBook -- it says:
    "The Adobe ID and/or password provided does not appear to be valid. Please try again."
    I checked my ID and password countless times; I'm entering it in correctly.
    Argh! Things of this nature NEVER go smoothly for me.   Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

    OMG... I feel like a dork. All I did was forget a period in my email address.
    Jeez... I think I need to go to bed and call it a day. *LOL*
    Anyways, thanks for looking guys!

  • Creative cloud application manager is blank

    When I run the Creative Cloud Application Manager, it is blank with nothing to download.  Can anyone help?

    BLANK Cloud Screen may help
    -and step by step

  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2015: When Adobe Creative Cloud restart its trial for this year?

    When Adobe Creative Cloud restart its trial for this year?

    Does your Cloud subscription show on your account page? for subscriptions on your Adobe page
    Some general information for a Cloud subscription
    Log out of your Cloud account... Restart your computer... Log in to your paid Cloud account
    -Sign in help
    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

  • My Photoshop will not open when I open my creative cloud application manager. Can anyone help?

    My Photoshop will not open when I open my creative cloud application manager. Can anyone help? I am using a mac and all the specifications should be right...

    Simonfals543 do you receive any specific error messages when you try to open Photoshop?

  • Creative Cloud application manager shows none of my installed apps

    I've searched through more threads in the community than I care to remember but I'm still none the wiser ... so here goes:
    I have a mix of CC apps installed (Encore CS6, Premiere CC, Photoshop CC & CC2014 and more) some for quite a while. Suddenly, a few days ago the CC apps manager decided that I have none installed. This is what I've tried so far (I'm on Win7 Ultimate 64-bit):
    1) Deleted the %AppData%/Local/Adobe/AAMUpdater directory. Didn't help
    2) Uninstalled and re-installed CC Desktop app. Instead of the Install button next to all the apps I now see Trial! A restart seemed to fix that but still it's pretending I have nothing installed
    3) Renamed the opm.db file in %AppData%/Local/Adobe/OOBE. No change even after another re-install of CC Desktop app.
    4) Quit the App Manager opened Illustrator CC 2014 and checked for Updates (this seems to fire up Adobe Application Manager but maybe not the full-blown CC desktop app, not sure).
    5) Uninstalled and re-installed the CC Desktop app. Before launching it I open Encore CS6 and check for updates. When I launch the CC desktop app it now decides that it wants to install Premiere Pro CS6 for me! I disagree and close the CC desktop app.
    6) I open a few more apps and check for updates. Re-open CC desktop and ... no installed app listed (but at least it doesn't try to install Premiere CS6 any more).
    I noticed one thing: when I check for updates from within an app and click on Preferences from within the Adobe Application Manager window it shows me the correct list of installed applications. So the information on what apps are installed are on my stystem somewhere. Somehow, this abomination of an app that is CC Desktop can't read it.
    I have read posts about the CC Cleaner tool. Don't even go there. Un-installing all my apps just to get CC desktop to work is putting the cart before the horse. Apart from the time and download allowance involved in that I also have no confidence that the CC desktop app will offer all the versions of apps other than the latest CC2014 releases. I still need Encore CS6 and I haven't tried all the 2014 versions yet on my existing projects, so I need to have the CC versions installed in parallel. After all, that was the whole point of the CC desktop app initially installed the latest release in addition of existing apps and not upgrading them.
    I apologise for the somewhat lengthy post but I'm hoping it may save time in the long run.
    Any suggestions gratefully received.
    Many thanks

    Similar problem just happened to me with the Creative Cloud Update—slightly different so I thought I'd share. I have multiple Adobe Creative Cloud programs installed on my computer, all working just fine. I updated the Cloud App to the latest version and then it shows me that I have only one program installed! All my previously installed programs (Photoshop and the like) still work but show as "install" instead of "Up to date". Initially I thought I'd have to re-install the Cloud app or recreate the OPM data base but then I noticed that some of the Cloud app preferences (Apps > Settings > App Language) were different to what I had set previously. I use English (International) language, the update had reverted the app back to English (North American). I flicked back to my previous language and bam, all my apps now show as being installed correctly.

  • Creative cloud does not ask for sign in

    I renamed the opm file to old and reran creative cloud.  It just created a new file and did not ask for a login????
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    I can't download any programs from the web site

    Hi Ckxian,
    Please refer the following help document on the error message " You have been signed out"
    If it does not resolve the issue then try to rename the OPM.DB file from the following location.
    Win: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE 
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE
    Note: Please make sure your login ID does not contain any special character in it.
    Please let me know in case still having problem.
    Sumit Singh

  • Is an Adobe Creative Cloud active subscription needed for the Adobe Photoshop streaming trial?

    Hello Adobe community,
    I am here on behalf of the Manhattan College ITS department.
    My supervisor has asked me to look into the free trial for Adobe Photoshop Streaming (APS) and we would like to try it out because it is free.
    However on the website for the APS trial, it says you need an active subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) in order to participate.
    On the APS trial page, it states that an ACC account is needed for an individual signing up for the trial but it is not made clear for the institution.
    I'm assuming that it is required, but I would like to hear back from an Adobe rep.
    Thank you,
    Tanvir Khan
    Client Services Technician (ITS)
    Manhattan College

    Adobe Resellers
    - atrix.pdf

  • Creative Cloud Premiere pro asking for serial?

    Why is it asking for a serial and says I'm on trial? I paid for the subscription and would like to know what's going on. Also what happens If I'm using the software on one computer and I try to use it on another computer at the same time?

    Yup. Welcome to a club none of us want to be in. Look to =>   
    Adobe Forums > Adobe Creative Cloud > Discussions
    for more with same problems.

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