Adobe Creative Suite Cloud on a MacBook Pro

I need to upgrade my ancient Adobe Creative Suite 3 and just learned that Adobe is now offering just one upgrade option - Creative Suite Cloud. I don't have much choice but upgrade, but before I take the plunge, I'd like to find out what I'm getting in to.
I found an unanswered thread on an Adobe forum where someone on a Mac complained about CS Cloud taking up far too much space on his hard drive. He also said something about having to move his websites into a different folder for some reason.
Anyway, I'd love to hear from others who are using Creative Suite Cloud on a Mac, especially if you upgraded from CS3. Do you have any tips to share?
I should add that I'm using MAMP to power my sites.

Are you talking about adobe creative cloud? 
If you are, the Adobe Creative Cloud give you most of Adobe's tools (and all that most would need) to do anything.  I will warn you about this though, is that it is a subscription, and you are basically renting it.  that means you really do not own it.
About the hard disk space, all Adobe apps seem to take up at least a GB (and this does not matter if you get the master collection or the Creative Cloud).  so ether way, it will take some space. 
Also, if you want to try-before-you-buy, you can go to, and get a free account and try out all of he adobe apps available for creative cloud.  The best part of it, your apps will be updated to CS7 (if or when it comes out) instead of buying the apps again in your subscriptions.  if you need even more information, you can go to adobe's site to find out more (

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    How do I activate/download my Adobe Creative Suite onto a new macbook? My previous computer and download was for Windows on a Dell.

    The answer depends on which version of Creative Suite.
    install Windows on your Mac using Bootcamp or Parallels then install Creative Suite in the Windows Virtual Machine on your Mac.
    Or, if you want to install natively on your Mac:
    If CS6 then you can apply to Adobe for a platform swap
    Order product | Platform, language swap
    If CS5 then you must pay to upgrade from CS5 Win to CS6 Mac
    Creative Suite 6
    If CS4 or earlier then you're out of luck. You'll have to buy a new copy of CS6 for Mac or pay to join the Cloud.

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    How can I activate Creative Suite on my new macbook pro... they weren't deactivated on my old computer which is in for repair and will be restored to factory settings?  Thanks.

    Reinstall the software properly, don't use Migration Assistant/ Tmemachine.

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    I wanted to purchase 6 Adobe Creative Suite Cloud Subscriptions under single name. And i will distubuite 6 licenses to different systems in US. Suppose if i want to deactivate the one licenses from from that system (No physical access to me ) . How do i deactivate the license from my account

    You can only have one Adobe ID per subscription unless you purchase Team Ready.
    Adobe currently has a Team Ready offering for customers interested in a volume license for Creative Cloud. This is a TLP volume license to Master Collection CS6 and includes licensing for Lightroom and Muse. Customers with this will transition to Creative Cloud Team once available later in 2012. Team Ready only uses a single serial number and Adobe ID and is not the same as Creative Cloud Membership, like what is currently available for single subscribers. Team Ready is sold through Adobe authorized resellers. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact a local Adobe Reseller for more information.
    This link has more info:
    This link can help someone find a reseller in NA

  • Is the Adobe Creative Suite - cloud version the new updated version of CS?

    Is the Adobe Creative Suite - cloud version the new updated version of CS?  Also, I have (6) users, and need to know if this is the only way to purchase Adobe CS.
    I am in need of updating our version of CS, currently we are using 16.0.5.
    Thank you,

    Thank you,
    Jay Avrett, Director of Graphics
    email: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
    cell: 615-924-1316
    office: 613-632-4051;1161
    Montebello Packaging
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  • Want to run adobe creative suite 5.5 on macbook

    I want to run adobe creative suite on a macbook pro - which one is most suitable - i do want portability so i am looking at 15' and 13" - please advice

    Which programs are you going to use in CS5? Some are more intensive than others, particularly Premeire Pro, After Effects, and Flash Builder. Everything else shouldn't give you a whole lot of trouble. I would get the 15 if possible, since it is quad core. That will help out quite a bit. If you can, boost it up to the i7 for even faster performance and hyper-threading for 8 virtual cores. Boost your memory to 8GB (use third party RAM), and you will be screamin fast

  • Can't install Creative Suite CS5.5 on Macbook Pro

    I recently purchased a new Macbook Pro and tried to install the trial of Creative Suite CS 5.5 Master Collection.
    After pressing the "Download Now" button, a new window opened up saying "Install Adobe Download Assistant."
    When I double click that, the download window opens up. But the whole download bar has been loaded, nothing happens. No window pops out or whatsoever.
    I tried to contact Apple to see whether they could help me, and the person told me that a possibility is that the system reuirement states that it's compatible for "Mac OS X v10.5.8 or v10.6; Mac OS X v10.6 required for Adobe Flash Builder™." Apparently the one I bought is a newer version of 10.7.
    Do you maybe have an installer for the 10.7 version? Or any other solution to this problem?
    Thank you.

    You need Snow Leopard. If your MacBook can be update -

  • We need 3 seats for adobe creative suite cloud

    How much is three seats and ALSO we run 2 intel  imacs running 10.6 plus an older G5 running 10.4 is this an issue ? currently running CS4 on ALL of them

    Pricing for the various plans is covered on this page

  • How do I add Adobe Creative Suite to my MacBook Pro...?

    @Forgive me for asking what may be a really silly question.... but here goes..!
    I currently have the Adobe Creative Suite on my Mac desktop and now I'm wanting to add it to my new MacBook Pro.  How do I install all the apps without having to purchase them again?  I'm logged in and searching but guess I'm missing the info I need to do this.

    Just install it like you normally would - like you did with your desktop.  You are allowed to have it installed and activated on two machines.  If you need to download it you might find a link for that thru your Adobe account online.
    Other download links might be available thru...
    Download and Installation Help -

  • How do I install a purchased CD of Adobe Creative suite onto a new 2013 Macbook Pro?

    Dear Apple Community,
    I recently purchased a 2013 Macbook Pro, and I was not aware that it was going to be difficult reinstalling Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 onto this computer, since the Suite is from a CD I purchased a little over a year ago. I would like to know how I can reinstall the adobe creative suite 5.5 onto this laptop which doesn't have a CD slot built into it? Is there a way I can contact adobe and just download the suite and provide my serial number without having to purchase. Keep in mind, I'm a student. How do I get adobe on this laptop?

    Most Adobe products are identical between downloaded and physical media, requring their registration keys to enable them.
    You can try downloading a trial version from Adobe, if available, or here and then you would authorize it with your serial number.
    If you need to install it from disc, you can simply purchase the Apple external USB SuperDrive or try to find someone that has one.

  • How do I install Adobe creative suite cs6 design and web premium on macbook pro 15 with retina display?

    I have a macbook pro 15 with retina display. It has no disc drive. How do I install my adobe creative suite cs6 design and web premium

    Hi macrouch7,
    Please find the download links in the link given below:
    Download CS6 products

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    Moving this conversation to Photoshop discussion forum

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    'Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium'.  When I try to open the file it just creates a CPGZ file.

    Licenses are platform specific, so the Windows version will only work on the Mac if the Mac has Windows emulation software installed.  The other option would be to trade your Windows version for a Mac version, but then you lose the use of it on the Windows machine.

  • Hello I wolud like to redownload my adobe creative suite 6, I just got the Macbook pro back from the shop where they put in a new hard drive

    Hello needing help re installing adobe creative suite back on to my macbook pro, just had to replace the hard drive in the  computer

    Download CS6 products

  • I have a new macbook pro and I want to reinstall my adobe creative suite 5.5

    I have a new macbook pro and I want to reinstall my adobe creative suite 5.5. How to process?

    Hi philipperahm,
    If you do not have the download/DVD for CS 5.5 then you may download it from the direct link:, enter your serial key to activate the software.
    Kindly follow the very important instructions before download.
    Romit Sinha

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